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Recap written by Christine

At the ranch, Nick told Nikki that he and Victoria were stonewalling Chance’s investigation. Nick didn’t feel good about it because Chance was a good guy and he was family. Nikki said that Victor’s act didn’t change the fact that Nick killed Ashland in defense of Victoria, and he didn’t do anything wrong. Nick said he didn’t have anything to hide until Victor did what he did. Nick was frustrated that Victor wouldn’t discuss Nick’s concerns about that night. He said they were all complicit, and this could harm the two things Victor cared about the most – his family and the company. Nick thought Victor made a huge mistake creating an elaborate cover-up without talking to him and Victoria first. He believed Victor would get hurt. At that moment, Victor entered the room.

Victor was upset Nick was burdening his mother with this. He was confident he had it under control. Nick was about to protest when he got a text about a deal hitting a snag. He said it was all part of the Ashland fallout, and he stepped to the other side of the room to take care of it. Nick played hardball with the caller. Victor was impressed with the way Nick handled business in the midst of a family crisis. Victor said Nick had grown, and he hoped Nick wouldn’t let his usual self-righteous indignation interfere with things.

Abby brought a care package of food to Victoria’s office. She said she worried about her big sister. Victoria was so sorry she’d been so overwhelmed the times Abby called. Abby said there was no need to apologize. Victoria chattered about her kids, but Abby wanted to hear how Victoria was. Victoria admitted she felt like she could breathe again now that Ashland was gone. She wasn’t waiting to see what new lie would surface, or how he’d retaliate against her or her loved ones. She said if there were any decency in Ashland, she might mourn the fact that he didn’t have a shot at redemption, but there wasn’t any. She was happy to feel safe again. Abby said she was sorry about all Ashland put Victoria through. Victoria thought Abby knew what else happened that night.

Abby didn’t mean to pry. Victoria said Abby was in an awkward position, being married to the cop conducting the investigation. Victoria was grateful she could speak openly with Abby. Abby said Victoria could tell her everything. Victoria said Ashland showed up and caught her off guard. She thought they could have a rational conversation, and she could let him know there was no future for them, but he wasn’t rational, and he said some awful things. She explained that Ashland implied he was going to kill her, and Abby gasped. Victoria believed Nick saved her life. She said Ashland came after her, and Nick intervened and punched Ashland, who fell and hit his head. Victoria was shaken thinking about all the blood. She said it was a nightmare. She explained that she called Chance, and she and Nick went outside, and when they returned, Ashland was gone. She said the police found him in the ravine. She tearfully asked why Chance wouldn’t put a stop to the investigation.

Abby said Chance hated having to keep looking into the accident. She hoped this was all over soon. Victoria appreciated that. Victoria said even with Ashland gone, it felt like he’d trapped them. Victoria understood Chance had to be thorough, but she and Nick told him everything that happened and they wanted to put this horrific experience behind them. She hoped Abby could help her husband understand.

Kevin met with Chance on the Crimson Lights patio. Kevin had recovered and rebuilt the missing security footage from the gas station. He played the video. They saw Ashland’s rental car and someone getting behind the wheel and smoking a cigarette. The video wasn’t clear enough to identify the man, but it was obviously not Ashland. The video showed the car’s license plate, which matched Ashland’s. Chance said this was confirmation that Ashland’s car was definitely at the gas station. Kevin added that one of Victor’s bodyguards was a smoker.

Mariah and Faith walked into Crimson Lights with shopping bags full of new things for Faith’s dorm room. Sharon laughed and asked if they’d bought out all the stores. Tessa walked in with a big smiled on her face. The doctor had cleared her to talk, but just a little. Sharon saw Kevin and Chance striding purposefully out of the restaurant. Mariah told Tessa that this was incredible. Tessa had to go to Jabot, and she asked Sharon and Faith to look after her lovely wife. Sharon asked if it was a wise decision for Mariah to stop working remotely right now. Mariah had to go back to work – she just became the head of PR, so she was running marketing and publicity too. Sharon congratulated Mariah. She said her team would be doing PR for Marchetti as well and working with the new hires, including Diane. Sharon was surprised because she thought Diane was an architect. Faith had heard rumors about Diane and her grandma Nikki.

Mariah and Tessa talked in private. Tessa really wanted Mariah to take the day off so they could celebrate her being allowed to talk. Mariah wished she could, but she was swamped at work. Mariah suggested Tessa take this time to think about Kyle and Summer’s offer. Mariah knew the surgery and recovery had been hard, but Tessa was already in the next phase, and they’d handle it together. They hugged, and Mariah left. Tessa went back to the table, where Faith was telling Sharon about all the organizers she bought. Sharon thought that was Mariah’s influence, since Faith wasn’t a neat organized person. Faith realized she needed to take charge, since she wouldn’t have Sharon around to pick up after her. Sharon was proud. Moses texted, so Faith left.

Tessa asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon said she was excited for Faith, but it would take some time getting used to a quiet house. Sharon asked how Tessa was. Tessa was scared she might not sing again. Sharon understood. She suggested that Tessa could use this time to explore other things. Tessa said Mariah approached Kyle about Tessa doing some modeling, without asking her first. She said Summer and Kyle wanted her to be the face of Marchetti. Sharon said the new name for that was brand ambassador. Sharon used to do that for Jabot way back when. It was fun, exciting and rewarding. Tessa was worried it was a sympathy job for if she never sang again. Sharon said Mariah may have been motivated by giving Tessa something to focus on during her recovery, but there was no way Kyle and Summer would give Tessa this important job because they felt sorry for her. Sharon said Tessa’s fans would bring a desirable demographic to Marchetti, so Kyle and Summer weren’t strictly acting out of the goodness of their hearts. Sharon said that if Tessa became the face of a big brand, it would bring a lot more people to her concerts and give her more downloads and album sales. Sharon said Tessa would be working for Kyle, Mariah and Summer, which were a great set of teammates. Tessa said when it was presented that way, she’d be an idiot to turn it down.

Tessa called Sharon the best mother in law ever. Mariah texted to make sure Tessa wasn’t talking too much. Sharon suggested Tessa go upstairs to get some ice cream. They hugged, and she left. Nikki and Nick came in and ordered lattes. Sharon stepped over to the counter. Nikki asked how much Sharon knew. Nick said she knew it all, and Nikki was dismayed he shared family business with outsiders. He trusted Sharon, and he needed someone on the outside to talk about this. He said they were all so focused on Victor that something had gotten lost – Nick being responsible for a man’s death.

Nikki said Nick didn’t do anything wrong. Nick said he coulnd’t process things because Victor made them all accessories to his crime, and for what?

Chance took the security footage to the ranch and showed it to Victor. He pointed out that the man behind the wheel of Ashland’s car threw his cigarette butt on the ground. Chance had the cigarette butt, and they were going to check it for DNA. It was the same brand Victor’s security guard smoked. Unfazed, Victor said that his security team had been watching Victoria’s house for weeks. He was sure that they frequented the gas station, and they could’ve discarded the butt at any time. Chance said it hadn’t been on the ground for long.

Victor said Chance was a good cop, but wasting his time. Chance didn’t think uncovering the truth was a waste of time. Victor posed a hypothetical question to Chance. He noted that Abby had faced danger while Chance was abroad instead of being home with his family. Chance though the fact that he was overseas was irrelevant, since had no choice. Victor asked how Chance would feel if Abby had killed Stitch in self defense and Victor covered it up to protect her.

Chance refused to answer the hypothetical, because he didn’t think it was relevant. He said he took an oath with this job, and he couldn’t switch it off because it was inconvenient. He thought Victor needed more faith in the legal system and in Chance. Victor thought Chance needed to be there for his family when they needed him, and not just when it was convenient. He told Chance not to point fingers at his father-in-law. Victor told Chance good day and sent his love to his daughter.

Victor summoned Nick, Victoria and Nikki to the ranch. He announced that Chance made a discovery, one for which his security team would pay dearly. Nick asked how close Chance was to proving what really happened.

Summer and Phyllis were at Society having a business lunch. Phyllis called Summer boss, and Summer laughed. Phyllis was going to pick up the check, but Summer said it was going on the expense account. It was Phyllis’s first day at work, and after this, they planned to go to her new office. Phyllis thanked Summer for bringing her up to speed on the job. Summer said she wanted Phyllis to flourish, so she reminded her to stay away from Diane.

Phyllis hoped she didn’t have to say this again, but she was going to give Diane a wide berth, and she’d be professional if they had to work together. She claimed she planned to make this a successful, long lasting endeavor. Summer was glad. Phyllis was optimistic about the accomplishments she and Summer would have working together, and she said she wouldn’t let back-from-the-dead-zombie-trash ruin it. She was adamant that Summer and Kyle had nothing to worry about.

Diane and Jack were at the park watching their grandson play. Jack had brought a ton of toys, and Diane thought that it was more important for Harrison to engage in creative play was important at this age. She pointed out that he was having fun with the sand, sticks and leaves. Jack went over to do something with Harrison. Kyle walked up and saw Diane smiling. She said it was thanks to him letting her back into his life. Jack returned. Kyle was still getting used to seeing Harrison’s grandparents watching him. Linda, the nanny arrived. Kyle and Harrison were going to leave for work, and Jack had something to do before he went to the office.

Diane, Kyle, Summer and Phyllis all bumped into each other in the hallway of Jabot. Phyllis and Diane played nice. Mariah walked up and learned that it was Phyllis’s first day. Phyllis said she wanted a new challenge, and she was excited to working closely with her brilliant daughter. Mariah congratulated Phyllis, and Diane hoped it was everything Phyllis hoped for. Phyllis had every intention of making it that way. Mariah and Diane stepped away for their meeting. The others entered Jack’s office. Kyle thanked Phyllis for the effort she’d been making with his mom. He believed they could make this work. Phyllis had a clear view of what she planned to accomplish here. Kyle said that was great. Summer needed to talk to Kyle outside, so they left. Phyllis texted Nikki and Ashley that it was time to get the party started.

Chance walked through Chancellor Park and looked like he was deep in thought.

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