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Recap written by Christine

At Victoria’s, Nikki asked about the agenda for the video conference. Victoria said she planned to grow Newman and make it more powerful. She had her eye on five or ten acquisitions. Nikki looked concerned, and Victoria assured her she was thinking about smaller acquisitions, not something the size of the Newman Locke merger. Nikki saw the logic, but she was concerned about the timing. Nikki thought that Victoria was going at a 100 mph instead of processing things, like the closure of the investigation into Ashland’s death. Victoria said the company lost opportunities because she had to focus on Ashland, and that ended today.

Nick went to Sally’s office and told her they closed the case on Ashland’s death. Sally said the Newmans must be relieved. Sally was glad Newman Media wouldn’t have to navigate the moral minefield between what they owed the public and what was best to keep quiet for the good of the parent corporation. She knew he’d been worried about the impending media firestorm. He was glad he was wrong about that, and he appreciated her discretion and understanding. He said someone with fewer scruples could’ve exploited this.

Sally warned Nick that Adam approached her more than once fishing for information on Ashland’s death and Chance’s investigation. Nick asked how Sally responded. She said she told him she didn’t know anything. Nick said thanks. Sally said she didn’t do it for Nick, she did it because she was disgusted Adam tried to play on her feelings and tried to make her complicit in whatever move he was planning against Victor. He was sorry Adam put her through that, but he wasn’t surprised, since everyone who got involved with Adam got a rude awakening. Sally said Chloe had constantly warned her about Adam’s past. Nick had to go to his office for the video conference. Sally said he wouldn’t make it in time, so she suggested he stay and watch it with her.

Victoria started the conference, and she introduced Nick, who spoke glowingly about Victoria, the company and the division heads, from Sally’s office. Victoria stated that the company faced some challenges, but they were strong and resilient and ready to reap the rewards of their hard work. Sally played a role in the meeting – she’d be collaborating with another division head. The conference was a success, and Victoria ended the call. Nikki said Victoria was right about this video conference, and she was totally in her element.

Sally told Nick that Victoria was so poised and polished. Nick said she was a lot like Victor – her kids were her priority, but she was laser focused when it came to business. Sally wasn’t sure she could soldier on like that after breaking up with a lying bastard who suddenly died. Nick said Victoria was extremely resilient, and sometimes Nikki had to push her to take care of herself instead of just focusing on the business. Sally felt bad because she believed Adam when he painted Victoria as a spoiled pampered princess. She was embarrassed. Nick said Adam had a way to getting people to share his distorted view. Sally said it was clear after that call that Victoria wasn’t a princess – she was a warrior, a leader, and it inspired Sally to want to make Newman Media a success. Nick had no doubt Sally would, and he was glad she was on their team.

At the ranch, Victor commended Chance for closing the investigation into Ashland’s death. Chance said it wasn’t necessary. He did this to avoid putting Victoria through more turmoil, and because he thought Nick acted in self defense. However, he didn’t condone what Victor did. He said filing a false police report and obstruction of justice were crimes. He conceded that there were extenuating circumstances this time, but Victor couldn’t act outside the law with impunity. “The next time you cross the line I will be there, and I will make sure you are held accountable,” Chance stated.

Victor thought Chance should’ve issued that warning to Ashland while he was alive. Chance said they arrested Ashland for violating the restraining order, but his behavior didn’t change. Victor thought Ashland got what he deserved, but Chance felt that the end didn’t justify the means. It bothered Chance that Victor didn’t think he did anything wrong. Victor said he protected his family, and he’d do so again. However, he understood the conflict Chance felt. Victor promised he wouldn’t cause that kind of conflict again. “I’m not worried about you, Victor. I am worried about the rest of our family. Abby, Nick, Victoria, Nikki. Even Adam. Everyone adores you,” Chance said. He was sure they’d all be crushed if Victor was arrested. Victor said he’d been in jail before. Chance knew, and Abby had told him how tough that was for the family. Chance stated that Victor had more grandchildren now, and they looked up to him. Chance looked up to Victor too. He advised Victor to think about them. Victor snapped that he thought about them all the time. Chance said he wouldn’t cover for Victor again. Victor gave Chance a terse goodbye and asked him to show himself out.

Nick tracked Victoria down at the park and asked if she was avoiding the office. She kind of was, because she didn’t want to have to field questions about Ashland. He said if Sally was any indication, the department heads were willing to follow Victoria into battle. She showed him a list of all the companies she wanted to acquire. He was surprised she wanted all of them. He thought they were biting off more than they could chew. She saw his perspective, but she thought this was the time to be bold. He was concerned about the finances. She’d worked it out already. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with slowing it down and getting a feel for he landscape. He felt something was going on. She said she felt extremely confident in her position because she knew he’d always have her back after what happened that night. She thought she might have been killed if he didn’t show up. He didn’t want her thinking that way, but she said it was true – he saved her. She thought he was the best brother and colleague anyone could ask for. She had this idea that there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish together, and she intended to put that theory to the test.

Nikki told Victor that Victoria put to rest any concerns the department heads may have had about her ability to lead. She’d mapped out a ten year plan. Victor knew. He was on the call, but he didn’t put his camera on. Nikki asked what Victor thought. He said Victoria was wonderful, and he couldn’t have been happier with what she said. He’d been afraid Ashland shattered Victoria’s confidence, but it was clear she’d fully recovered. Nikki said these were aggressive moves, much like Victor might make. She thought Victoria was trying to prove that Ashland couldn’t defeat her and no one would. Victor said there was nothing wrong with that. He said he’d do the exact same thing Victoria was doing. He couldn’t be prouder.

Victor liked the way Victoria, Nikki and Nick worked together in the conference, like a well oiled machine. He felt that Victoria unified the Newman family. Nikki was thrilled to be working with Victoria and Nick. She was glad Ashland didn’t succeed in driving a wedge between all of them. Victor lamented where things stood with Adam. Nikki was sorry, for Victor’s sake, that Victoria and Adam didn’t reconcile. Victor said it was a problem he tried hard to solve for several years. He said Adam still held a grudge against Victor because Adam had been raised on a farm in Kansas without a father. Victor said it wasn’t his fault. He’d wanted to raise Adam in Genoa City, but Adam’s mother didn’t want that. Victor shifted gears and said they’d celebrate Victoria. “The Newmans are back,” he crowed.

At the park, Adam predicted that Kevin was going to get blamed for a negligent investigation and a sloppy cover up. Kevin didn’t buy it. Adam said he was just trying to help Kevin get clarity. Kevin said he didn’t need clarity. Adam said it wasn’t like the old days when Michael was the DA and could get Kevin out of jams. Kevin said even if there was a cover up, he wouldn’t be responsible, because he wasn’t a cop. Adam warned Kevin that Victor wasn’t going to protect him. Kevin theorized that Adam was looking for payback after Victor removed him as CEO. Kevin refused to help Adam.

Adam predicted Kevin would need an expensive lawyer. Kevin said that had never been a problem for him. Adam noted that Michael worked for Victor, which was a conflict of interest, so he wouldn’t be able to come to Kevin’s rescue this time. Kevin said that Adam wasn’t going to scare him. Kevin said there was no cover up – Chance went by the book, as always. He told Adam to let this go. Kevin left. Adam called someone and said he had a job for them.

At the rooftop bar, Chloe asserted that Chelsea was falling for Billy. Chelsea said Chloe was overreacting, just like she did about Rey. Chloe said she saw Chelsea interacting with Rey, and she knew how hard Chelsea took his death. Chelsea was adamant that Rey was just a friend, and she got defensive about it. Chloe apologized and said she was just worried when she saw Chelsea talking to Billy, and she was trying to be a good friend. Chelsea asked if a good friend would accuse her of trying to break up Rey’s marriage. Chloe clarified that she never said Chelsea was trying to break up the marriage. Chloe also wasn’t judging, she just saw a spark between Chelsea and the wonderful, forgiving and super-hot Rey. Chelsea smiled. Chloe said Rey was Chelsea’s knight in shining armor, and they spent all that time in Minnesota, so it was only natural for her to develop feelings for him. Chloe said Chelsea was on the rebound, and the Evil One was finally out of her life, and now that Rey was gone, she was lonely. Chelsea was fed up with Chloe calling her lonely, on the rebound, desperate and needy.

Chloe said Chelsea was pulling her words out of context. Chelsea said she was capable of making her own decisions – Billy was a friend and colleague. Chloe added that Billy was an ex and Johnny’s father, and it was easy for the lines to get blurred. Chloe knew from experience that Billy turned on the Abbott charm, and made you lose perspective. Chloe said Billy could make you feel special without being trying. Chelsea was offended Chloe was implying she was desperate. Chloe explained that she wasn’t calling Chelsea desperate, but vulnerable. Chloe thought Chelsea needed a sane, objective point of view to keep her from jumping off the edge.

Chelsea was pretty sure Chloe just called her crazy. Chelsea acknowledged she had a history of losing touch with reality, but she said Chloe did too. Chelsea said she didn’t throw Chloe’s mental struggles in her face every other day. “Just let me live my life, please!,” Chelsea snapped. Adam was walking in, and he saw Chelsea. Chloe tried to change the subject, but Chelsea wouldn’t allow it. Chelsea said she was an adult who was in control of her emotions, and she didn’t need a baby sitter. Chelsea was sorry – she didn’t mean to jump down Chloe’s throat, but she didn’t appreciate the insinuation. Chloe blamed herself for her imagination running away with her. Chloe had to leave, and she suggested they talk when things cooled off.

After Chloe left, Adam walked up to Chelsea and commented that her exchange with Chloe looked intense. Chelsea said good friends argued sometimes, not that Adam would know. He said she was being defensive. She asked how long he’d spied on her, and she took another shot at him about not having a job. He heard her podcast, and he enjoyed her poking holes in Billy’s over inflated ego. She replied that she had a lot experience dealing with arrogant men. She mentioned that Billy didn’t have time for the podcast anymore.

Adam said Chelsea could do her own podcast. She explained that Billy told her Chancellor Winters was willing to keep her on. Adam thought that sounded great – someone else would be putting up the money, and she wouldn’t have to deal with Billy anymore. Chelsea thought the podcast was good because of her banter with Billy. She said no one wanted to listen to her drone on and on, not even her. Adam said that he knew how much Chelsea loved the sound of her own voice. She laughed. He told her to get a co-host or bring on a weekly guest. She didn’t think that was a bad idea. She’d felt so inspired by the podcast, and it made her feel less invisible. He understood. He hoped she wasn’t talking like this around Connor, though. She was caught off guard and offended. She asked if he was saying she was an unfit mother if she wasn’t cheery all the time. He didn’t mean that, but he said Connor was a sensitive kid who picked up on their emotions. Adam tried not to talk to Connor about family issues for the same reason. She grudgingly said she’d put on her game face. Sally walked in and she left when she saw Chelsea and Adam. Adam got a call, and he rushed off.

Chloe went up to Kevin at Crimson Lights. He was on the phone reporting a theft. His car had been broken into, and someone stole his messenger bag, that was a gift from Chloe, and in the bag was his GCPD laptop.

A guy showed up at Adam’s hotel suite with Kevin’s satchel. He grumbled that Adam should pay him extra for having to steal from someone who worked for the GCPD. Adam took Kevin’s laptop. The thief really liked Kevin’s black leather messenger bag, so Adam let him keep it. Adam smiled triumphantly.

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