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Chad questions Will and Sonny how they plan to get a guy to come on to Leo. Sonny explains that it would have to be someone who Leo has already come on to, who wouldn’t have to sell himself. Chad questions why they are looking at him like that and what they want him to do. Will and Sonny want Chad to make Leo’s wildest dreams come true, by going to bed with him. Chad suggests a plan B of shooting Leo in the town square because spending the rest of his life in prison would be vastly better than what they are offering. Will argues that Chad was in a bed with Leo in Phoenix. Chad would rather wake up with a tarantula than wake up with Leo. Sonny thought Chad wanted to help them. Chad screams that was before he realized they were out of their minds.

Craig questions Leo wanting him to go after Kayla’s job. Leo encourages that he’d be great at it. Craig points out that Kayla is too. Leo reminds Craig that he could lose his job in New York because of Nancy’s big mouth. Craig warns Leo that they will not trash Nancy. Leo argues that Nancy is trying to get him fired. Craig understands that she is in a lot of pain. Leo thinks Nancy is overreacting horribly to this turn of events. Craig mocks the idea of that bothering him. Leo apologizes for starting a fight and says he’d be happy to spend the rest of his life alone with him on a deserted island but he knows Craig’s work is part of who he is, as he’s a healer. Craig argues that he can be a healer without taking Kayla’s job. Leo says Kayla would be losing her job on her own if she refuses to fire Marlena. Leo tells Craig that he can’t fight fate.

At the hospital, Kayla argues on the phone that Marlena is recovered and fully competent. Kayla tells Mr. Hartley that they can talk about this in the morning and warns that she does not take well to threats. Abigail arrives and asks if Kayla is alright as she heard her talking about Marlena. Kayla reveals that the board is trying to get Marlena fired.

As John prepares Belle’s exorcism, Marlena questions him wanting her to leave. John says she has to and tells her to go stay downstairs with Johnny until this is all over. Marlena argues that Belle is her daughter so she’s not leaving her at a time like this. John points out that they now know that when Eric performed the exorcism, the Devil took over Belle because she was in the room. John argues that the Devil has come after Marlena twice so he doesn’t want to give him a third chance. John declares that the only way to make sure the Devil is gone is if no one else is in the room. Marlena asks what if the Devil decides to make John his next host.

Devil Johnny calls Shawn to ask him to come over right away because something has happened to Belle. Johnny tells him to get there as fast as he can and he’ll see him soon. The Devil hangs up and declares that Shawn is going to get him in to that room because he can’t have them figure out that Belle isn’t the problem and Johnny is.

Sonny tells Chad that they understand his reservations. Chad argues that’s not strong enough for how he feels. Will doesn’t think Chad wants to do it. Chad brings up their rants about Leo and now they want him to make Leo’s dreams come true. Chad adds that he barely knows Craig. Sonny says they can talk about what this actually entails. Chad doesn’t want details. Sonny and Will clarify that they just mean going to bed with him, but his virtue is safe with them.

Leo apologizes to Craig as he sees that he’s been unfair to Nancy and he sees that he would react badly too if he ever lost him. Craig doesn’t think they need to worry about that. Leo says he’s not religious but he is spiritual and believes everything happens for a reason. Leo talks about Nancy trying to sabotage his career in New York while the Devil sent University Hospital in to a tail spine as if a higher power needs him to be the new chief of staff. Leo encourages that this could be the start of a whole new life for them.

John tells Marlena that if he’s performing the exorcism, he’s going to have God’s protection. Marlena asks if he’s sure since he’s not even a priest and technically never was. John assures that he believes in what he’s doing. Marlena repeats that Belle is her daughter too and that love is the only thing to defeat the Devil. Marlena insists that together they are stronger so she’s not leaving.

Shawn enters the DiMera Mansion and asks Johnny where Belle is and why he couldn’t tell him on the phone. Johnny responds that there’s no good way to say this but Belle is possessed.

Chad tells Will and Sonny that he’s not doing it and asks if it would ever occur to them that maybe Leo and Craig should be together and maybe Leo does love him. Will argues that Leo’s not capable of love because he doesn’t have a heart. Sonny reminds Chad that Leo is a narcissist. Will is surprised Leo settled for Craig since Craig is well off but not by Leo’s standards and he’s good looking but old enough to be Leo’s father. Will argues that what Leo really likes are young men with lots of family money. Will says with Chad’s looks and DiMera money, Leo would be in his hands. Chad says he’s not saying he couldn’t do it, but that he won’t. Sonny assures that Chad won’t have to do anything as the minute they are in bed, they will send Craig in. Chad questions having an audience. Sonny explains that Craig needs to know the truth and one picture is worth a thousand words. Chad argues that it’s not his responsibility. Chad shouts that Craig’s bad boyfriend is not his problem so there’s no reason that he should do this for him. Will clarifies that he’s not asking Chad to do it for Craig, but for Sonny.

Leo tells Craig that when he’s the new chief of staff, he could put him in charge of HR and be his right hand man. Craig argues that Leo doesn’t know how grueling the job can be since chief of staff gets blamed for everything and thanked for nothing. Craig talks about the pressure. Leo thought he loved the job. Craig says he does certain aspects. Leo encourages that Craig could help people here and Salem needs help. Craig argues that taking someone else’s job is not helping people and the last time he did it, he ended up with psycho nurses and Seth Burns. Craig says when he found out that Chloe was his daughter and then Joy was born, he realized he didn’t want to be a money grubbing, social climbing weasel. Leo insists that he wouldn’t be. Craig questions why Leo is pushing this and if he wants him to be a money grubbing, social climbing weasel. Craig asks if he was wrong about Leo wanting to change.

Abigail asks Kayla about Sarah. Kayla says they are waiting for her test results to come back before they can plan the next step. Abigail guesses she’s not allowed visitors. Kayla confirms she’s pretty fragile and extremely angry about being hospitalized against her will. Kayla is afraid Sarah will see Abigail as a stranger or an enemy. Abigail understands but just hoped to ease her conscience. Kayla asks how Sarah would have anything to do with that. Abigail explains that if she hadn’t gone after Gwen with the syringe and left it there, Kristen wouldn’t have been able to use it on Sarah and none of this would have ever happened.

Shawn argues to Johnny that he knows what Susan said but insists he would have sensed it. Johnny says he’s sorry but he saw her himself and he’s not the only one. Johnny informs Shawn that Belle attacked Marlena and had the glowing eyes and the voice like they saw at the exorcism. Johnny adds that he had to hit Belle over the head to stop her because he thinks she would have killed Marlena if he hadn’t. Shawn asks where she is. Johnny informs him that she’s upstairs with John and Marlena for an exorcism but John said that he didn’t want anyone else up there. Johnny says he thought Shawn should know and he feels terrible. Shawn responds that he should because this is all Johnny’s fault.

Belle starts to wake up. John and Marlena tell her that they are there. Belle calls out Johnny’s name which Marlena questions.

Will tells Sonny that he’s sorry but he had to, as he then tells Chad about how long it took Sonny to get over what Leo did to him. Will says Sonny got over it but now found out Leo is doing it to someone else and he can’t sleep as it’s eating him up inside. Sonny gets teary-eyed and says he’ll admit it’s true. Sonny brings up Leo saying “nice try bitches” when they tried to talk to Craig. Sonny feels that Leo liked that they were trying to stop him because he’s watching Leo do what he did to him to another man. Sonny declares that he has to stop him. Chad says this doesn’t sound like it’s about Craig at all but about revenge. Chad asks why they didn’t just say that. Sonny asks if Chad is in then. Chad responds that he’s a DiMera and they invented revenge. Chad warns Sonny that he will owe him and he doesn’t even know if it will work since Leo knows he’s straight and married. Will says that is where Abigail comes in…

Kayla asks if Abigail really thinks Sarah is here because she didn’t get rid of the syringe. Kayla reminds her that Kristen kidnapped Sarah to save herself. Kayla tells Abigail that she can’t feel guilty about this. Abigail repeats that she got the drug from Dr. Rolf. Kayla understands because Gwen poisoned her and humiliated her father and it was to get her to tell the truth. Kayla reminds Abigail that she couldn’t do it because she’s a good person. Abigail points out that Gabi stopped her. Kayla declares that the day that Kristen atones for her sins is the day that she can feel guilty about this. Kayla adds that thanks to Abigail, they have some idea of what’s in the syringe which will help Sarah. Kayla assures Abigail that this is not her fault.

Leo assures Craig that he has changed since meeting him, but this isn’t about him, it’s about Craig, his career and the people in town. Leo talks about the terror Kayla unleashed on the town by looking the other way when the Devil was around. Craig doesn’t think Kayla can be blamed for not knowing Marlena was possessed when she’s not the only one who was tricked. Leo responds that there is so much more he doesn’t know.

Johnny asks Shawn how this is his fault. Shawn blames Johnny’s movie and says the Devil would have never come back if he hadn’t dared it to. Shawn apologizes and says this is what the Devil wants, to turn them against each other. Shawn says he’s just angry at himself since Susan warned him and he didn’t want to listen. Johnny calls it hard to believe. Shawn says they have to believe they can get rid of the Devil. Shawn declares he has to see Belle, so Johnny directs him upstairs. Johnny then follows Shawn up.

Belle calls Johnny’s name again. Marlena confirms that he was there and says they are all here for her. Belle repeats that “it’s him” which John questions. Shawn bursts in to the room with Johnny. John questions what he’s doing there. Johnny argues that Shawn had a right to know, so he called him. John reminds him that he wanted no one else in the room. John explains to Shawn that they are doing an exorcism and they need to make sure that if it works, the Devil doesn’t just take over another person in the room. Shawn argues that he’s not just another person, he’s her husband. Shawn tells Belle that he’s there and wants her to say something. The Devil then possesses Belle again and tells Shawn to stop calling her Belle.

Kayla tells Abigail that she’s sorry if she’s overstating her case. Abigail understands she’s trying to make her feel better and she did. Abigail brings up hearing Kayla talk about Marlena’s job and offers to write an editorial for the paper but Kayla worries that would just enflame things. Kayla hopes things will just blow over but admits that Seth Burns told her that her job was on the line. Kayla remarks that with the way she feels right now, if someone wanted her job, they could have it.

Leo tells Craig that University Hospital has fallen since he left so it’s his duty to take over as chief of staff because they need him.

Kayla tells Abigail that she has to get back to work and she’ll keep her posted on Sarah. Abigail thanks her for listening as they hug. Kayla walks away and then Abigail gets a call from Chad. Abigail says she’s on her way home. Chad informs her that he’s at the Kiriakis Mansion with Will and Sonny. Chad asks her to meet them there. Abigail asks what’s going on. Chad calls it complicated and says he will fill her in when she gets there.

Shawn asks how long Belle has been like this. Marlena says it’s been since the exorcism. Shawn argues that he would’ve known. The Devil says he was incognito so he wouldn’t interfere with his work which they question. The Devil reveals that he turned himself in to EJ at the courthouse and stuck his tongue down Abigail’s throat. Johnny argues that he knew EJ wouldn’t do something so stupid and asks why the Devil turned Chad against EJ. Marlena says it was to destroy love, tear a family apart, and turn brother against brother. The Devil remarks that Marlena knows him so well. Johnny goes after the Devil and starts choking Belle while John and Shawn pull him off, shouting that it’s not Belle.

After Chad, Sonny, and Will fill Abigail in on their plan, she tells them that she didn’t expect to have all three of them asking her to sign off on her husband getting in bed with another man. Chad calls it extreme. Abigail asks if he’s okay with this. Chad clarifies that he does not want to do this, but Leo’s done bad stuff and is set on doing more. Abigail guesses this is a far better thing to do. Chad tells Abigail that it’s her call. Abigail guesses she’d still be stuck on the island if it wasn’t for Chad so she asks where to start. Chad suggests starting ASAP so he can get it over with. Will then calls the Salem Inn and asks for Craig’s room. Will is informed that Craig and Leo are out for the evening, so he hangs up. Chad declares that they have to come home sometime and when they do, he and Abigail will be waiting for them.

Leo asks Craig what’s left for him in New York since Parker and Joy are in school while he and Chloe are here. Craig points out that Leo is not the most popular person in Salem. Leo says it doesn’t matter if he’s liked as long as he’s loved. Craig guesses it would be nice to live closer to Chloe and if they are going to get rid of Kayla anyway, he could put his hat in the ring. Leo says that’s unless someone on the board remembers what he did and they could put his hat in the ring for him. Craig wonders where Seth Burns is.

Shawn and John pull Johnny off of Devil Belle. Johnny apologizes. Marlena insists it wasn’t Belle, it was the Devil. John says this is why he didn’t want anyone else in this room. Shawn declares that he’s staying because Belle is his wife. Marlena believes the more people in the room that love Belle, the better. John disagrees because if there are people in the room, they will never know for sure if the Devil is really gone. Johnny declares that he just got an idea.

Will wonders if Leo will take the bait. Sonny says there’s not much they can do until Chad and Abigail set the stage. Sonny guesses they are done with their workout. Will says not necessarily as he kisses him.

Chad and Abigail talk in the town square. Chad jokes that they are finally all alone and they are doing this. Abigail points out it was not her idea. Chad sees Leo coming so he and Abigail stage an argument which Leo stops to listen in on and hears Abigail claim that Chad hasn’t touched her in months and only lights up when he talks about his time in Arizona with Will, Sonny, and Leo.

Craig goes to the hospital and says it’s been a long time as he tries to figure out where Seth Burns’ office is. Kayla spots Craig and asks what he’s doing here.

Johnny explains that he’s been doing research for his movie and asks about the medal that Gabe gave John and how it’s supposed to give him power over the Devil to drive him away. Johnny suggests if Marlena and Shawn hold onto it while John performs the exorcism, then they will be protected too. John supposes too. Marlena credits Johnny’s thinking there. Johnny wishes he thought of that last time. Shawn agrees to it. Johnny says he’s the one person they don’t need in the room then so he’ll be right outside. Marlena thanks Johnny. Johnny prays that it works as he exits the room. John, Shawn, and Marlena put their hands together over the medal as John tosses holy water on Belle. Marlena notes it strange that Belle had no reaction. Devil Johnny stands outside the room and uses his power to cause the bed to shake. John prays the Our Father over Belle.

Will suggests he and Sonny take this upstairs. Sonny feels kind of guilty being alone with him here while Chad and Abigail are stuck with Leo, but they continue kissing.

Leo walks by so Chad and Abigail see him. Chad tells Leo that they were just talking about him and didn’t know he was back in Salem. Leo responds that he has a new Salem boyfriend. Chad introduces Leo to Abigail. Abigail calls Leo famous because Chad never stops talking about him, so he obviously made quite an impression. Chad says he wouldn’t go that far. Abigail says she would. Leo tells Chad that it was nice to see him again and heads in to the Salem Inn while Chad and Abigail laugh about their plan.

Craig questions Kayla working a graveyard shift while chief of staff. Kayla asks if she can help him with something. Craig explains that he and Leo were kicking around the idea of staying in Salem, so he wanted to find out if Kayla had any positions available on staff. Kayla doesn’t think she has any positions available for someone of his expertise. Craig claims he’d be perfectly happy starting at the bottom.

Devil Johnny keeps his hand on the bedroom door as John continues trying to exorcise Belle with Shawn and Marlena. Devil Johnny removes his hand from the door and the bed stops shaking. Belle then wakes up and calls out to Shawn, Marlena, and John, asking what happened and where she is. Marlena informs him that she’s in Johnny’s bedroom at the DiMera Mansion. Belle recalls being downstairs with Johnny and something happened. Marlena encourages that she was sick but now she’s healed. Belle tells Shawn that she loves him. Marlena declares “thank God, the Devil is gone forever”. Shawn kisses Belle. Devil Johnny remains outside the room with a smile.

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