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Recap written by Christine

Chance dozed on his couch while Dominic played in the bassinet. Chance had a nightmare and woke up yelling, which scared Dominic and made him cry. Abby ran in and picked up the baby then asked what happened. Chance explained about the dream, but he claimed he didn’t remember what it was about. He just felt bad he scared Dominic. She said the baby was fine, just tired. She put him back in his basket. Chance thought Abby was great with the baby. Abby thought Chance was too and that he just didn’t know it yet. She was worried about the nightmares though. She said he tossed and turned all night and woke up screaming sometimes. She suggested therapy, but he said it wasn’t necessary. He thought that being here with her and Dom would get him through this. He said it’d take time for him to adjust, and he told her not to worry about him. He called her hot, and she thought he was trying to distract her. He said if he wanted to do that, he’d kiss her, then he did. He had some errands to run, but since the baby was asleep, Abby suggested they take advantage of this time. They went upstairs. Later, Chance came down and looked at Dominic, who was awake in the bassinet. Chance left the house.

Devon read a legal document that Amanda prepared for him. Seemingly overwhelmed, he said it felt different seeing it laid out like this. She asked if he still wanted to move forward. He wanted to have a bigger role in Dominic’s life, and he thought having legal rights was the best way to go about it. Amanda agreed. Devon loved Dom and wanted to do what was right by him. He knew Chance needed time to recover. Devon didn’t think Chance was ready to be a parent. Devon just wanted to help, and he wished it didn’t have to come to this. He never wanted to have to be forced to attack Chance and Abby’s parenting skills. Amanda said that Devon would have to make the argument that Chance was incapable of giving Dominic the love and support he needed. She warned him that it would be painful. She was ready to fight to get him the relationship Dominic deserved, but she said this wasn’t about her. Amanda said custody battles were brutal, and if Devon was going to do this, he had to be ready to do what it took to win.

Devon wanted to do this with as little insult as possible. Amanda said they could do that. Devon didn’t want this to be an attack. Amanda warned Devon that might not be possible. She wasn’t sure he and Abby would be close after this. Devon understood that. He hoped that if Abby and Chance saw the lengths he was willing to go, they might settle. Amanda said it was equally possible that Chance and Abby would be so hurt that they’d instruct their lawyers to go into battle. Devon only wanted him, Chance and Abby to be on the same page when it came to Dom. Amanda said that if Devon lost, Abby and Chance might not let him see Dominic anymore. Devon said there was no way Abby would do that. Amanda didn’t think Devon would lose. There had been some specific cases, similar to Devon’s, where donors were awarded rights. She said he’d been a constant presence in Dom’s life.

Devon said he had to do right by Dominic. He hoped things didn’t get ugly in court. He wanted to handle things civilly, and if things didn’t work out that way, he still wanted to move forward. Amanda wanted Devon to take a step back and let her and Abby and Chance’s lawyers handle this from here on out. Devon didn’t agree. He thought that he needed to go to Abby and tell her about this.

Rey and Sharon flirted at Crimson Lights, and she kissed him. Rey was about to tell Sharon about a proposal when Mariah and Tessa walked in, and Sharon focused her attention on them. Sharon thought Mariah and Tessa looked ridiculously happy. Tessa said they’d had a lot of excitement, but she wished they could pace it out a little. Mariah said they missed Rey at the party. Rey wished he could’ve been there. The ladies started laughing about Nick and the party, and Rey looked a bit left out. Rey said he’d be sure to be at the next big celebration, for Nick or anyone else.

Mariah and Tessa were going to Fenmore’s, then to Chance and Abby’s. They had a surprise planned. After they left, Sharon told Rey he had her full attention, but yet again, there was an interruption, this time in Chance’s arrival. Sharon went to get Chance’s order while he talked with Rey. Rey looked forward to his partner coming back to the force. Chance said he was taking an indefinite leave. He missed the beginning of Dominic’s life, and Abby and Devon spent more time with Dom than Chance did. Rey thought the important thing was that Chance was here now, and it wouldn’t be long before Dominic knew how lucky he was to have Chance as a father.

Sharon and Rey were alone again, and she promised nothing else would stop their conversation. He wanted to talk about spending more time alone with her. He wanted to wine and dine her. She thought that sounded nice. He suggested they go to dinner and the museum, and he wanted to go right now. She agreed, but she had to wrap up some things in the office first. She said he was the best.

Mariah and Tessa went to Abby’s house with gifts. One year ago today, Abby and Chance asked Mariah to be the surrogate. Abby thought she should be giving the gifts for this, but she opened the package, and inside were outfits for Dominic. Abby wondered why Mariah and Tessa seemed extra happy. Mariah said they decided to adopt a child. Abby was thrilled, and she was especially pleased for Mariah, because she seemed back to her old self. Mariah said this was the happiest she’d been in a long time. Mariah thanked Abby for being so understanding and supportive. They shared a group hug. Mariah thought it’d be bliss from here on out. Abby asked if Mariah had spoken to Devon recently.

Abby explained that Devon wanted more time with Dominic. This was a critical time, Abby said, because Chance was back, and they were trying to figure out how to be a family. Mariah understood. Abby hadn’t heard from Devon since she told him that she and Chance wouldn’t agree to change the arrangement. She wondered if he needed some space. Mariah guessed she could try reaching out to Devon, since he was such a good friend when she was struggling. Abby didn’t want Mariah to feel pressured into doing it.

After Mariah and Tessa left, Amanda and Devon went to Abby’s. Devon was sorry to just show up, but Abby said that Devon was welcome any time. Devon asked if Chance was here, and Abby asked if she should call him. Devon said it wasn’t necessary. Devon wanted to talk about Dominic. Abby wanted to put this conversation off until her husband was home. Devon reiterated that it wasn’t necessary, but Abby didn’t agree. She noted that he had Amanda, his girlfriend and lawyer. Devon relented.

Mariah and Tessa went to Society. Mariah was worried about Devon and Abby. She loved them both so much. Tessa said Devon and Abby would figure it out. Mariah couldn’t ignore the irony. She’d taken a healthy step back from Dominic, and Devon was holding on tighter. Tessa felt so bad for Devon, Abby and Chance. Mariah said this situation was more complicated than anyone expected. She thought she wanted to reach out to Devon.

Adam and Chelsea went to Society. She thought he wanted to open up about what Victor did, but he said there was no point in dwelling on it. The thought of packing up the penthouse was overwhelming to her. He knew she had something else to discuss besides the house. She admitted she did want to say something. He suspected she wanted to talk about getting back together, and he made it clear there was no future between them. Chelsea said she lost Adam more than once, and he came back and promised they could rebuild what they had. Now she wanted to make those promises to him. He said that their relationship always fell apart in the past. She knew it was hard to put your heart in the hand of the person you needed the most, because that was the person who could break your heart. She was adamant that it was worth the risk. She believed they could have a deep love again. She took his hand and said they should try again.

Adam recognized that Chelsea had given this a lot of thought. She knew he looked at things systemically, but not everything in the universe was logical. “Some things just feel right,” she said. “We are not one of those things,” he countered. He knew with every fiber of his being that a reunion would be a terrible mistake. He said he drove her to put a man in the hospital – she could’ve killed Rey. Chelsea reminded Adam that she wasn’t in her right mind because of her brain injury. He pointed out that he was responsible for the brain injury. He asked her to think about how toxic their love was to drive her to that point. She tried to argue her position, and he asked her to stop. He wanted to be gentle, and he didn’t want to hurt her, but he said that if she couldn’t let this go, he didn’t think they could continue to work together. He didn’t want to let her go from Newman Media, but if their proximity was a problem, he wouldn’t hesitate to do so. She thought that was cold, but he felt that this was the most compassionate and caring thing he could do for her. He wanted her to have a rich full life and be the best mother she could be, but she had to let go of the idea that they would get back together.

Chance and Chelsea bumped into each other at Crimson Lights on the patio. She heard about Spain, and he’d heard about her situation. He was surprised she was back in Genoa City. She said she didn’t have much choice, since she needed to be with Connor, and Adam wouldn’t let her take him far. Chance said Chelsea could’ve fought. Chelsea said Adam was an amazing father, and she didn’t want to keep him from Connor. They started chatting about Adam, and she shared her disappointment that they weren’t getting back together. Chance thought Chelsea knew that Adam was complicated. Chelsea grumbled that she didn’t know Adam as well as Sharon did. Chelsea apologized for bringing the mood down. She thought they should be rejoicing because Chance was alive. She asked to see a picture of Dominic, and he pulled out his phone, only to realize he didn’t have any pictures of his son. Chelsea brushed it off, saying Chance hadn’t been home for long.

Chelsea said that the first six months to a year were hard on everyone, but it got easier once the kid learned to talk. Chance noted that Chelsea really loved being a parent. Chelsea realized she never ordered her coffee. Adam showed up, and Chelsea said bye to Chance and went inside. Chance told Adam that Chelsea didn’t say much, but Chance got the gist of what was going on with Adam. Adam was sorry Chelsea was hurting, but he hoped they could move on and put the past behind them.

Rey offered to pour Chelsea a coffee. She asked him to make it to go, because she had to get out of here. He asked if she was okay, and she said she was fine. He noticed Adam outside.

Abby texted Chance to come home, so he wrapped up his conversation. Chance told Adam that life was short and unpredictable, and Chelsea and Adam had been through hell and back, plus they were connected through Connor. Chance asked if Adam had any of that old love left for her. They didn’t notice Chelsea standing by the patio door. Adam said he didn’t have any love left. Chelsea rushed out of the building.

Adam went to his office and poured a drink.

Chelsea went home. She had tears in her eyes, due to what she’d just overheard. She also poured a drink for herself. She swallowed the alcohol, then she hurled the glass at the wall.

Chance got home and asked what was going on. Devon said this wasn’t going to be easy to hear, but he hoped they’d understand his position. Devon had given a lot of thought to what Chance shared with him the last time they spoke. Devon didn’t want to take this next step, but he was doing what he though was right for Dominic and for Devon. Devon was taking legal action to get shared custody. Amanda was going to contact Christine and file the necessary paperwork. “How could you do this to us?,” Abby demanded.

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