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Recap written by Christine

Sally went to Adam’s office because she wanted to iron out the details of their job. It was late, but she wasn’t sure she could sleep until they talked. He wondered if she was having second thoughts about them continuing to work together. She was ecstatic and flattered about the job, but she knew he spontaneously made the offer so she could to save face in front of Chelsea and Chloe. She noted that he hadn’t been able to tell her what the job was. He smiled and said he found her endlessly amusing, in a good way, and he thought she was smart to raise these questions. He saw a lot of potential in her, and he thought she was ready to take on a new challenge. He offered her the role of COO of Newman Media. Sally was speechless.

Sally appreciated the massive vote of confidence, but she said she knew she wasn’t the obvious choice for the job. Adam said she was artistic, creative and she had a head for business. He said she’d shown herself to be smart, driven, savvy with media, and he admired her fire. She thanked him. She thought they both had a deep seated need to prove themselves, not that she’d come close to what he’d achieved. He said his father had always tested him. He was going to prove to Victor, Victoria and Ashland that no one was better to helm Newman Media than Adam was, and he needed someone on his side. He wanted to name a COO before Victoria started suggesting people, because he was sure she’d choose a spy. Sally asked if Adam wanted her to spy. He didn’t. He wanted her to be his partner. He trusted her and valued her loyalty and talent. Sally waned the job, but she wasn’t sure Victoria and Victor would like the idea. He said he could handle his father and sister. He thought there was a bright future head for him and her. He invited her out to a celebratory drink. She thought they had to discuss their personal relationship first.

Sally said she really hugged Adam earlier today, and not in a co-worker kind of way. She was pretty sure she wasn’t the only one who could feel the heat between them. He admitted he needed a moment to cool off after she left. She thought they were both trying to avoid their feelings, and she didn’t want to do that anymore. “I want you as much as you want me. But we both know that it’s not that simple,” Adam said. Sally replied that the best things never were simple. He thought they needed to get her set up as COO before acting on their feelings.

Mariah lead a blindfolded Tessa into their apartment. When the covering was removed, Tessa saw the romantic setting. Tessa loved it and she loved Mariah. Mariah made chocolate martinis, the only fancy drink she remembered how to make from her bartending days. Tessa asked when Mariah had time to do all this. Mariah said she had a little help. Tessa realized that was what Mariah and Faith were whispering about. Mariah said the first part of the night was for their friends and family, but the rest of the night was for Mariah and Tessa.

Mariah said this was one of the best nights of her life, and she’d remember it for years. She felt lucky, but Tessa said she was the lucky one. Mariah asked if Tessa waned a drink or a movie. Tessa pulled Mariah into a kiss. Later, Mariah said she loved the studio apartment, their first home, but she was glad they moved in here. Tessa said they had two rooms, one for a little kid. They looked at the notes people wrote on the lyric poster board. Tessa thought it was nice to see Mariah, Abby and Devon talking. Mariah was glad she was at peace with them. She said she had everything she needed right here. Mariah asked who drew the heart, and Tessa said Noah did it. Tessa thought it represented Noah’s love for them, and not just for Tessa. Mariah knew. She said she’d talked to Noah and got all the weirdness out, and now they were good. She still felt bad for him, though. She knew it sucked to have feelings for someone you shouldn’t, but she thought Noah was working hard to make sure everyone was okay. Tessa thought the most important thing they could do was show Noah that everything was normal. After the talk, Mariah initiated another kiss, and they fell back on the couch.

Downstairs, Sharon and Rey cleaned up after the party. Sharon was glad the party went well. She admitted she’d been concerned about how Mariah would react to seeing Devon after he got shared custody of Dominic. Mariah had seemed fine, and Sharon said she’d come a long way. Rey had thought Sharon was going to say she was concerned about Noah and his lingering feelings for Tessa. Sharon was concerned about that too. She thought Noah truly wanted the best for Mariah and Tessa, but she knew tonight was hard for him, so she was glad he went home with Nick, because he needed some support.

Chelsea moved into The Grand Phoenix for awhile because she was selling her place. She looked saddened as she unpacked and put a picture of herself and Connor on a table. Chloe texted to say she was sure they’d land a deal with Lauren.

Back at Crimson Lights, Sharon wanted to check in with Nick later. She knew Noah was grown, but she was concerned. Rey thought Sharon was a wonderful mother. She said that having the kids around tonight made her feel extra maternal. Sharon talked about how much Mariah had grown since she came into Sharon’s life – back then, Mariah would’ve scoffed at the idea of anyone finding true love. Rey found Mariah and Tara’s love and devotion inspiring. Sharon thought their love would get them through anything life threw at them. He was happy for her and her family. She said they were his family too. He didn’t mean to imply they weren’t. She wondered if someone happened to make him feel like an outsider. He said no one did. He brought up the conversation they had about how she and Nick could read Mariah, Faith and Noah in a way Rey couldn’t. When he saw her and Nick with their kids, it made Rey extra-aware he missed out on parenting. He wasn’t looking to have kids, but he had fleeting “what-if” moments. Chelsea arrived and heard Rey say he loved what he and Sharon had more than anything. She walked in and said she hoped she wasn’t interrupting. Chelsea heard about the engagement and said congrats and started to leave. Sharon offered to get Chelsea a drink anyway and went to place the order. Rey talked with Chelsea about the sale of Newman Media and what was next for her. Chelsea put a positive spin on it all. Sharon joined the conversation and learned that Sally would not be part of Chelsea and Sally’s future plans. Chelsea said that Sally was going to be working alongside Adam.

Sharon wished Chelsea the best in her new business with Chloe. Rey told Chelsea not to waste her energy worrying about Adam and Sally’s relationship. He thought it was good that she was putting that last chapter behind her0. She said she’d moved into the Grand Phoenix until she found a new place. She was optimistic for the future. He said they were rooting for her.

Nick and Noah were at Society instead of going to the movies. Nick said he was starved. Noah knew that Nick was trying to get him to eat because he was concerned Noah had too much champagne. Noah said he wasn’t drunk. Nick knew Noah was hurting, and he wanted to help. Noah sensed Nick was about to interrogate him, and he didn’t want that. Nick just wanted Noah to open up. Noah said he was going to be fine, and he just wanted to get back to eating. Nick got the message to back off. Noah didn’t mean to shut Nick down, but he didn’t want people to think he was falling apart. He was looking for a purpose. For awhile he thought it was art, but maybe he was wrong, and maybe he’d find what he was looking for working with Nick. Nick and Sharon were glad Noah was home, and they wanted him to find his center.

Nick returned to Crimson Lights to help clean up, and he wanted to tell Sharon about something. He saw Chelsea, and they said hello. Nick and Sharon went to the patio. Chelsea was surprised she and Rey had become friends. She said a lot of people in the town weren’t sincere about giving her a second chance, but he was the real deal. She said he looked past the things she did and saw her for who she really was. It meant a lot. Chelsea showed Rey pictures of Connor. “To be a kid again. Or a proud parent,” Rey wistfully said.

On the patio, Sharon said Chelsea needed some company, beccause she was dealing with Adam and the Newman Media drama. Nick said it was always collateral damage when it came to his family, and that was why he stayed out of the business stuff. Nick told Sharon how Noah basically said to back off. Sharon said Noah always wore his heart on his sleeve, and now he was shutting down. She didn’t think it was good that he wouldn’t open up to them.

Nick thought it made sense that Noah didn’t want to talk about this painful thing he was trying to get over. Sharon guessed Noah would just have to work his way through this on his own. Nick said exactly. Sharon wondered if this was Nick’s way of suggesting she back down and let things play out and making it seem like it was her idea. He said he learned form the best. She said she didn’t manipulate people, she just nudged them toward a more healthy path.

Noah dreamed Tessa told him that her love songs were about him, and they kissed. He woke up with a start.

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