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Recap written by Christine

Victor ran into Victoria at Society and invited her to join him for breakfast, but she was about to leave. She’d just met with one of her lawyers, and the merger was going smoothly. She was surprised he didn’t override Adam’s choice to hire Sally as his COO. He thought Sally was an interesting choice. Victoria couldn’t figure Victor out these days – he was angry that Adam almost fell for Billy’s ruse, then he made the sale of the company contingent on Adam being left in charge. She added that he’d been upset when she first told him Adam made Sally COO. Victor said he talked to Adam and Sally, and they were persuasive. Victoria didn’t buy it, because there was no way Sally was prepared for the job. She asked what he was really after. He wanted the family to be united. She asked if he thought forcing her and Adam to work together would work. He conceded that Adam made mistakes, but so had everyone else, and he wasn’t going to dismiss Adam for that. He thought Adam did a pretty good job at Newman Media, and Victor believed in Adam.

Sally and Adam were in his office. She told him about some work she’d been doing in preparation for the ChancComm/Newman Media merger. She’d done her research, and she didn’t see much overlap in services that the companies offered. She thought they should offer their existing customers subscription deals and do things to encourage them to subscribe to the new services once the merger was complete. She she felt her idea was genius. He thought it was a good, but simplistic idea, and it made him concerned she’d overlooked the complexity of the merger. She said she wasn’t underestimating anything. She’d already consulted the chief marketing officers of Newman Media and ChancComm, and they were motivated to collaborate. Adam said that was because they’d rather work together than get fired. He thought that they’d have to do some downsizing to remove overlap between the merged companies. He felt they should put a pin in the subscription idea for now. She told him he was wrong. She stared into his eyes and said she wanted to put the numbers in front of him. He got flustered and suggested they go to breakfast so they could focus on this in a public place.

Victoria told Victor that he said he wanted family unity, but his actions sometimes said otherwise. Adam and Sally walked into Society and went up to Victoria and Victor. “Your ears must have been burning,” Victoria said. She congratulated Sally. Adam was sure Victoria had better things to do than talk about him and Sally. Victoria said that was true. Adam explained that he and Sally were here to discuss some of her ideas for Newman Media. Victoria said she and Ashland would love to hear those ideas. Sally said there was no time like the present, but Victoria said she had to go. She suggested that Victor could join Sally and Adam for a family meal, since he loved those. She left. Adam asked what that was about, and Victor said it was nothing for Adam to worry about. Victor asked how Adam and Sally were settling in. Sally had nothing but positive things to say about the job and about Adam’s leadership skills. Victor wanted to speak with Adam alone, so Sally walked away. Victor repeated his request that Adam keep an eye on Ashland. He said he would. Victor thought Sally seemed to be good for Adam. Adam said they had a lot in common – they both dealt with people’s negative expectations and they both loved defying them. He said she’d be an asset to the executive team. He excused himself and went to Sally.

Sally absentmindedly swiped some of Adam’s breakfast, and he playfully called her out for stealing his food. She said she didn’t mean to be a food thief. He said he didn’t mind sharing – he could get used to it. She wasn’t used to having such a big breakfast, so she was thinking of going to the gym to burn energy. He suggestively said he had a better cardio exercise in mind. She quickly called for the check. They went to The Grand Phoenix and got a room. She was impatient with how long it was taking him to figure out the door’s key card. He was just glad they got the room, despite Phyllis’s ban on Sally being here. Once he finally unlocked the door, they began to strip down and get right to it.

Later, Adam and Sally relaxed in bed, and she said he was right – this was better than the gym. He thought she should admit he was right more often. She told him not to get cocky. She brought up work, and he suggested a rule that they put on clothes before talking business. “Since when do we follow the rules?,” she asked. He conceded the point and told her to go ahead. She asked what Victor wanted to talk to him about. He said it was a family thing. She said that with the Newmans, family was business, and as his COO, she’d be in a better position to help him if she knew what was going on. He asked if she got him naked to pump him for information. She didn’t, but she’d keep that in mind for next time. She said trust was important in any working relationship. He confided that Victor asked him to watch Ashland. She asked if he was going to do what Victor asked. He wasn’t sure. The idea of playing Victor’s game kind of bothered him. “Cause it undermines your position. It makes it seem like you wouldn’t be in charge of Newman Media if you weren’t doing Victor’s bidding,” Sally said. Adam thought that was exactly it. He resented Victor for that. “I’m not a chess piece in his game with Victoria and Ashland. I mean I earned my CEO title, and I earned the power that goes with it,” he said. She thought he should look out for himself first, because that was exactly what his father and sister would do. She said not to freak out, but she understood him. He wasn’t freaked out. He leaned over and kissed her.

Victor went home and video chatted Michael. Michael was having a delightful time in Peru, prompting Victor to point out that Michael wasn’t there on vacation. Michael said he knew how to make his job fun. He’d just had a wonderful meal with a doctor who was a former employee of the clinic. This doctor was fired for questioning some of the decisions his bosses made. This doctor had a story about Ashland, which he’d share for a price. “You pay him anything he wants,” Victor said. “I need incontrovertible proof about Locke’s deception,” he said.

Nate met Ashland at Crimson Lights. Ashland had Nate’s favorite drink waiting for him so that they could get right down to business. Nate said he should hire Ashland at the hospital to help him navigate the over-complicated rules and regulations. Ashland said he wouldn’t last two days, because he despised red tape. He asked if Nate was ready for that professional change they’d discussed. Nate said the paper shuffling took his attention from the people he was trying to help. Nate asked how Ashland was. Ashland felt great, but he stayed on the original topic. Ashland hated seeing Nate so unfulfilled. Nate knew the rules at the hospital were important, but he thought it was unnecessarily complicated. Ashland thought if they put Newman’s health care division with Locke’s communication tech, they could make something great, but they needed the right leadership. He said they could globally affect healthcare. Nate thought that was quite the pitch. Ashland said he was very good at looking at the big picture. Ashland had benefited from an extraordinary healthcare system, and Nate had been so caring and useful. Ashland wanted to give back to Nate and enable him to help more people. Ashland told Nate to imagine the changes he could make globally.

Victoria met with Ashland and Nate. Ashland brought Victoria up to speed. Nate wasn’t ready to hang up his stethoscope, but he said Ashland was a master salesman. Victoria said Ashland was used to get to what he wanted, and she felt sorry for people trying to resist his pull. She also said she’d feel bad for the patients at Memorial if he left. Ashland said Victoria was supposed to be on his side. Victoria said Nate was her friend, first and foremost, and she knew he could tackle any path, but he had to be on the right path for him. Ashland really hoped Nate considered his offer. Nate said thanks and left. Victoria asked why Ashland was so intent on convincing Nate to leave the medical field. He thought Nate would be good at it. Victoria thought there had to be more to it, since there were other qualified people for the job. Ashland thought it was best to surround yourself with allies. He trusted Nate implicitly. She asked if he thought he needed more allies. He thought you could never have too many people willing to look out for you. She hoped he considered her an ally. He did, and he always would, but he said they both knew Victor was up to something. She agreed. She was surprised that Victor supported Sally as COO, even though Victoria gave Victor plenty of reason to give Adam a hard time about it, but Victor was all smiles when Adam and Sally walked in. Victoria intended to find out what Victor was up to.

Elena and Nate were at Society. He’d talked to her about Ashland’s job offer. He told her that the last few staff meetings at the hospital had been contentious. Elena was sure that things at Newman Locke would be contentious too. She knew he was friends with Ashland and Victoria, but Ashland was the Locke Ness monster, and Victoria could be cold. Nate saw Elena’s point. He said he saw a bit of competitiveness between Ashland and Victoria earlier. Elena said that could be a problem for Nate if he got caught in the crossfire. Nate was thinking about the good he could do if he Ashland’s pitch was for real. Elena thought Nate had to think long and hard about this, because it’d be a life-changing decision, and he just made one of those.

At The Grand Phoenix, Amanda welcomed Phyllis home from Milan. Amanda was pleased to hear Phyllis was staying in Genoa City. Amanda noticed Jack standing elsewhere in the lobby on his phone. She asked if he was the reason Phyllis was staying. Phyllis said her friendships with Jack, Amanda and Michael factored into her decision. Amanda said long distance friendships worked, but long distance romances were harder. Phyllis had concluded that she wasn’t going to have a romantic relationship with Jack. His friendship was important to her. She wanted to have a romantic relationship with him, but she knew she’d inevitably do something to screw it up. Amanda thought Phyllis was selling herself short, but she wasn’t going to fight Phyllis on this. Jack walked over and said he hoped he wasn’t interrupting. Amanda said she was just catching up with Phyllis. She had an interesting job offer she wanted to share, but her sister was on the way, and she wanted to talk with her first. Amanda went to the lounge. Phyllis asked if Jack received any more mysterious texts. He hadn’t, and he never responded to the first, because he thought someone was playing games, and he wanted no part of it. Phyllis thought Jack had to be curious about the texts. He wasn’t. She was, though, and she asked to see the texts again. He handed her his phone.

Imani arrived and learned that Lily and Billy wanted Amanda to be chief counsel at Chancellor Industries. Imani was thrown that Amanda was considering it, when they’d just opened their own legal firm. Amanda said there was a place for Imani at Chancellor, either on the legal team, or working directly under her. Amanda said when Lily and Billy believed in something, they went all in. Imani was open to it, but she said the decision was Amanda’s to make. Imani thought Amanda needed to answer some hard questions to make her decision. Imani asked if Amanda was responding positively to this offer because it was flattering to be asked. Amanda said that would be superficial and shortsighted of her. Imani asked if Amanda was playing it safe because of the risk of going solo. Imani noted that Amanda left ChancComm because she said she was interested in trial work, so why go back to corporate? Amanda said she left ChancComm more because she needed time to take Sutton down. The work would be more varied at Chancellor, whereas at ChancComm, it was all media related. Heading up the legal team at a massive conglomerate would never get boring. Billy and Lily were great bosses, and the perks and pay were top notch. Most importantly, Amanda would still be able to work with Imani.

Billy came downstairs, and Lily mentioned that she’d been up for hours working. He said he woke up around 2:48, as usual and did a lot of work then. He was warming up to the idea of doing a podcast. He was interested in helping people overcome adversity, and he wouldn’t have to share anything private – all the adversity he’d faced was already public knowledge. She loved that he was excited about this idea, but she didn’t want it to cut into his COO time. He said it only took an hour a day, and the emotional release he got from it gave him more energy at work. She said she did like seeing the fire in his eyes. He knew that tapping into his subconscious could be scary, but he’d faced many demons, and he felt like he was finally finding the goodness underneath the trauma. He’d spent far too long looking at everything that was wrong in his life, and he was finally seeing the things that were right. He felt whole and well, and he thought people would connect with that. She thought that was a valuable experience to share. Smiling, she asked what if she wasn’t ready to share her COO with the public.

Amanda and Imani went to Billy and Lily’s and accepted the job offer. Billy talked about the perks of working for Lily at Chancellor. Amanda asked if there was a ledge to scream off of, and Billy said they could make it happen. Imani didn’t say anything, but she clearly took note of this exchange. Billy promised things would never be boring. Amanda said it never was when Billy was around. Imani planned to work her butt off. They all sat down to talk. Lily wanted to create a legal template for the work they were going to do with the creative teams when they teamed up with Hamilton Winters. Amanda said they had to make sure the company got ownership of the IP. Lily disagreed, because it was counter to their mission to take ownership of their creative’s intellectual property. She wanted to have a template that was beneficial for both sides. Amanda smiled at Imani and said she told her this job would keep them on their toes.

Imani and Amanda went to Society. They noted that they needed to get out of their lease for the office space and find lawyers to take their clients. Imani felt good about this move, and she said she wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it weren’t for Amanda. Amanda thought Imani had more than proven herself as a sound, talented legal mind. Amanda wouldn’t have started a practice with Imani if that weren’t true. Imani asked if there was history between Amanda and Billy. Amanda asked why Imani thought so. Imani just picked up on a dynamic earlier. Amanda said she and Billy were just friends who’d helped each other through some rough patches. Imani thought Billy seemed interesting.

Billy told Lily that she did a good job adding Amanda and Imani. He loved the way she handled the content agreement. He thought her insecurities about the job seemed long gone. She was feeling confident, and she thought she had this under control. They kissed.

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