Days Short Recap Monday, December 27, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina told Abe that Johnny and Chanel were married. Eli and Lani saw them so Paulina wished them a Merry Christmas. Lani kept walking so Paulina screamed out that Chanel was married. Lani was shocked and stopped walking. She thanked her for telling her. Paulina offered her a gift for the twins. It was a kaleidoscope of family pictures. Lani said her mother gave her something like that. She didn’t want the gift. Eli told her to take the gift. Lani took the gift and thanked her. Chanel let Johnny know that she was afraid his parents weren’t going to like that they were married. He said his parents had bigger problems than that. He was talking about his father being arrested for kidnapping his mother. He thought she might have had second thoughts about marrying him. She assured him that she was all in. He wanted to tell Allie the news. She was uncomfortable with the idea. Later, Johnny and Chanel arrived at Nicole’s place to see Allie. She thought they were there to talk about EJ being arrested for kidnapping their mother. They went back and forth about it. Johnny told her the real reason why they were there. Johnny and Chanel showed off their rings. Allie was upset and told them they made a mistake. They thought she would be happy for them. Allie reminded Chanel that Johnny was a player. Allie and Chanel started arguing until Johnny defended their love. He thought Allie was jealous. Johnny told Tripp that Allie wanted Chanel for herself.

Nicole went to see EJ at the station. She asked him if he kidnapped Sami. He denied doing it. He said a few people would frame him for the kidnapping. He listed the people who would have framed him. He considered Rafe his number one suspect. Nicole thought Lucas might have done it before Rafe. EJ wasn’t sure if Lucas had the nerve to do it. He realized it could have been Lucas. Nicole changed her mind about Lucas, but he thought it was possible. Nicole wanted to kidnap her too. He said he didn’t do it. They realized they had to find out who did it or he would spend New Year’s in prison. John got ready for Marlena’s exorcism. He wanted to get her back, but Mardevil refused to let it happen. Sami was at the townhouse when Lucas arrived. She told him about John and Marlena. Sami told him what happened at the Horton house. She was afraid that her mother would have turned John into a goat. He wanted to distract her so he talked to her about EJ kidnapping her. They were taking about it when they heard a noise. John grabbed rosary and the Bible. He threw holy water on her. The water burned her skin. Sami and Lucas arrived and saw what happened. Sami wanted John to stop what he was doing. John took Sami out of the room. He called Lucas to come with them. Mardevil slammed the door so he couldn’t leave. She told him that she knew he kidnapped Sami. She didn’t make him do it but she planted the seed in his head. She threatened to tell Sami what he did if he didn’t help her. John comforted Sami when they noticed Lucas wasn’t with them. Mardevil demanded that Lucas untie her. He was about to when Sami saw him. She wanted to know what he was doing. He lied and said he was retying her ropes. Mardevil said he was lying about everything. John asked God for a sign when there was a knock on the door. Eric was at the door.

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