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Recap written by Christine

Diane was at home. She typed Kyle’s number into her phone, but she didn’t put the call through. She flashed back to Jack saying that he wasn’t going to put her in contact with Kyle. Diane said that Kyle needed his mother. Jack snapped that Kyle needed a real mother, not Diane. Diane flashed to telling Allie how much she wanted to reconnect with her son.

Jack and Phyllis were at the cafe in LA. Kyle was supposed to have gotten back to Jack with his travel plans by now, and he hadn’t. Jack wanted to be the one to tell Kyle about Diane, and he wasn’t sure how much longer she would agree to his demand that she didn’t reach out to their son. Phyllis said Diane was a loose cannon. Allie showed up, and Jack called her beautiful and smart. He told Phyllis Allie was getting her degree in chemical engineering. Allie seemed uncomfortable with the praise, and Phyllis said she would have to get used to it because Jack loved to brag about his family. Jack was sorry if he overstepped. Allie said it was fine because her dad used to be the same way. Jack saw this as a gift, and he was grateful they’d gotten to know each other. He saw that she looked nervous, and he asked if he was going too far with the grandfather thing. Allie said it wasn’t him, it was her. Allie admitted she reached out to Diane, then she went to visit. Allie didn’t forget how Diane used her or how upset Diane made Jack. Allie had some questions about the Abbotts, and she’d wanted to hear a different side of things. Jack understood that. Phyllis was curious what Diane said. Allie said Diane didn’t share anything negative, except when it came to her own mistakes. Allie said that Diane made Kyle sound like a pretty remarkable young man, even if he wasn’t much older than her. Jack agreed that Kyle was remarkable. He wanted them to meet. Allie looked forward to that, and she joked that she wanted to see if Kyle lived up to the hype. Jack said Kyle was coming to Genoa City soon. He offered to fly Allie there to meet Kyle and the other Abbotts.

Allie wasn’t ready to commit to visiting Genoa City yet, because of her school schedule. Jack understood. Phyllis asked what else Allie and Diane talked about. Allie said not much – Diane wanted to know about Allie’s past, but she didn’t feel comfortable opening up. Phyllis said that was good, because Diane had a way of taking any little personal tidbit about your life and turning it into a bomb. Allie didn’t get it – she trusted Diane at first, and Diane was the reason Allie reached out to Jack. Allie didn’t understand how Diane could seem so kind while also manipulating her. Phyllis said Diane was very good at pulling people into her web. Allie thought Diane was sincere about loving her son deeply and wanting to fix her terrible mistake. Phyllis was emphatic that it wasn’t just one mistake. Jack cut Phyllis off and let Allie finish. Allie was struck by Diane’s love for her son and her desperation to connect to her family. Allie had a huge void in her life after Keemo’s death, and that was why she was trying to get to know the Abbotts. She said Diane bought a house just to try and connect with Jack and Kyle. Allie acknowledged that was strange, but she didn’t think there could be any intention behind that besides love. Phyllis said Diane was good at putting on an act, and that was usually when she was planning something diabolical. Allie had been thinking about what things would be like if she and Jack met while Keemo was still alive. She suggested that Diane deserved that same chance Jack had been asking for. Jack stated that he’d fallen for Diane’s emotional pleas in the past – she was good at making people think she was a friend, then you eventually found out she was only looking out for herself. Allie thought Diane seemed genuinely ashamed of what she’d done. Jack understood that Allie felt this way because she didn’t have the experience with Diane that he and Phyllis did. Allie thought that if there was any chance that Diane was sincere, she deserved this new chance.

Jack respected Allie’s kindness and optimism, and he said she was partly right, but this was up to Kyle to decide whether or not to give Diane a second chance. Jack knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Phyllis said Kyle was smart, so she was sure he’d make the right decision. Allie asked if Jack could forgive and forget. Jack didn’t think he could ever do that. Phyllis said Diane was dead to her. Allie guessed she didn’t have a full sense of what Diane did to Phyllis and Jack. Jack said that was a story for another day. Phyllis asked if Diane asked Allie to speak up on her behalf. Jack thought Allie’s motives were all her own. Allie was adamant that Diane didn’t ask for help, at least not outright. Phyllis said that was perfect Diane-manipulation. Allie said she wasn’t manipulated. She said Diane realized what she lost and regretted it deeply and really seemed to want to do better.

Allie asked when Jack and Phyllis were leaving. He wasn’t sure. She said she’d be busy next week if he was planning to stay around to spend more time together. He extended the offer to fly her out again. She appreciated it, but wasn’t sure. He said that Genoa City would be there waiting for her when she was ready. Allie asked if Jack and Phyllis were together. Stammering, Phyllis asked why Allie would think that. Allie said when they all met each other, Jack and Phyllis said they were friends, but Allie sensed a strong friendship between them. Allie also noted that Phyllis must’ve dropped everything to be here for Jack. Diane texted Allie wanting to meet. Phyllis warned Allie that this was how Diane started. Jack said he couldn’t tell Allie, or Kyle, how to handle Diane, but he advised using extreme caution. Allie decided to take the advice and not to meet Diane. Allie hugged Jack and left. Once Allie was gone, Jack let his fury show. He was angry Diane contacted Allie after he’d told her not to. Phyllis said no one told Diane what to do. “Wanna bet?,” he replied.

Back at her place, Diane was disappointed Allie didn’t want to meet. Jack and Phyllis showed up, and he accused Diane of trying to manipulate his granddaughter. Diane said that Allie came to her – it was her choice. He noted that Allie just lost her father. Diane said Allie had a big family now. Phyllis sniped that Diane, the fairy-godmother bestowed them on her. Jack was angry that Diane had texted Allie to meet again. He thought that Diane was planning to exploit Allie. Diane said not to underestimate Allie, because she was kind, smart and not bitter despite what she’d been through. Jack said the deal was that he’d connect Diane with Kyle. He told her to stay away from Allie.

Diane asked if Jack was going to go back on his promise to connect her with Kyle. Phyllis said Jack didn’t play games like that. Jack said he already contacted Kyle, and he was going to carefully tell him that Diane was alive and in LA. Jack was going to give Kyle Diane’s contact information and let him decide what to do. Diane hoped Kyle would give her a chance to explain she always loved him, and hopefully he’d forgive her in time. “Oh yeah sure you’ve always loved him. You ditched him when he was a child and now you want back in his life,” Phyllis said. Diane said Kyle was like Jack – he had love and forgiveness in his heart, even for terrible betrayals. Jack hated like hell that Kyle had to decide whether or not to forgive Diane, but he thought it was clear Diane wouldn’t give Kyle a choice. The last thing Jack wanted was for Kyle’s heart to be broken, but that was all Diane was capable of.

Phyllis thought Jack handled Diane masterfully. She also believed Allie had a good head on her shoulders and realized they wouldn’t warn her about Diane without a good reason. Jack said he needed to get home to Jabot. Phyllis noted that Jack had a good trip with Allie. He agreed, although he wished Allie had been specific about when she’d come to Genoa City. Phyllis was sure Jack would get more time with Allie. He thanked Phyllis again for being there for him. She said no one should have to go through this alone. She added that they were always there for each other when it counted. She thought they should discuss how to tell everyone in Genoa City that Diane was alive, given that half the population wanted to kill her.

Diane booked a flight to Genoa City.

Mariah had news, so she gathered Sharon, Faith, Rey, Noah and Nick at Crimson Lights. Now they were just waiting for Tessa. Faith and Noah noticed Nick was quiet and he wasn’t making his cringy dad jokes. Nick claimed things were fine, then he fired off several jokes, which eased his kids’ concerns. Tessa arrived. The news was that Tessa and Mariah set a wedding date of May 13th. Sharon thought they meant next year, but they meant next month. Sharon said that when Tessa and Mariah said there was no way they could make it by April, she though thtey were going to postpone the wedding for awhile. Mariah said that Tessa booked some summer music festivals, so they wanted to get married before that. Rey warned the couple that May 13th was a Friday. They knew, and they thought a Friday the Thirteenth wedding would be great for their unconventional wedding. Tessa said 13 was her lucky number. Faith thought this sounded like a really bad idea.

Tessa replied that the number 13 was lucky in Chinese culture – it represented defiant vibrance and growth. Mariah thought that fit, since she was defiant and Tessa was vibrant. Nick asked if they wanted to choose a date that could give the guests the heebie jeebies. Tessa and Mariah took hands and said they respected everyone’s concerns, but they knew this wedding would be the start of an amazing journey and filled with good luck. Noah thought this would be great. Mariah thanked him for being supportive. Sharon said they all supported them and wanted what was best for them and hoped they’d have the wedding of their dreams. Mariah and Tessa said this was their dream wedding. All they wanted were their friends and family – and the location and theme were just the icing on the cake. Noah was fully on board. He had an idea – a 70s glam wedding. Mariah and Tessa loved it. Faith, noting that she was too young, asked what was so glam about the 70s. Sharon said no one in the room was old enough to have memories of the 70s, but the era was about doing what you wanted. Rey was sure Faith had seen the fashion of that era. She’d seen old movies. Nick didn’t want to dress like Ziggy Stardust. Tessa said the rights to all things Bowie went to Mariah.

Sharon asked what sort of food for the reception. Rey said fondue. Faith wasn’t sure melted cheese fit with glam. Nick thought it sounded messy. Sharon reminded Nick of the time his frat threw the 70s party. They reminisced, and it was clear Rey felt left out. Back then, Sharon sprained her ankle on her platform shoe and Nick carried her home. Chelsea arrived. Sharon invited her to come join the wedding planning fun. Chelsea apologized for interrupting the family gathering. She was just there to talk about Rey’s trip to Chicago. Chelsea said she used to have a bridal line, and she’d be honored to contribute. Chelsea was about to leave, but Rey went to the patio with her.

Mariah asked Sharon if she was okay with the plans. Sharon had a moment of doubt, but the idea was inspired, and she was only concerned about the time frame. Mariah said she was Sharon’s first daughter to get married, and she wondered if Sharon hoped Mariah would wear one of her old wedding dresses. Sharon admitted that idea crossed her mind. Mariah wanted this day to be personal and about her and Tessa as soulmates. Sharon thought that this wedding should be Mariah and Tessa’s special day. Sharon said she’d be crying through her glam makeup when her daughter married the love of her life.

Chelsea said her trip got postponed, so she’d be able to take Connor to the game. Rey admitted he was a little disappointed. Chelsea revealed that she got an extra ticket – their seats probably wouldn’t be together, but the three of them could get to go, unless he didn’t want to. Rey didn’t want to be a third wheel in Chelsea and Connor’s time. She clarified that when she told Connor she could go on the trip, the first thing he asked was if Rey could still come. Rey looked inside and saw Nick and Sharon laughing and talking. He said he’d be happy to go.

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