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Chad is at home on the phone with Jennifer, saying this makes no sense because he got a text from Abigail last night, saying she was heading to Boston because there was an emergency with the newspaper and that Jennifer and Jack needed her help to sort it out. Jennifer reveals to him that there is no emergency.

Abigail tells Kristen that she knows that Sarah is here and guesses she stashes all of her kidnapping victims here. Kristen calls Abigail annoying. Abigail asks where Sarah is because people back home are worried sick about her, especially Xander.

Xander gets out of bed and says he knows he doesn’t deserve a woman as strong, beautiful, and loyal as Gwen. Xander asks Gwen to take pity on him as he proposes to her but Gwen says no.

Abigail guesses Kristen had Sarah sent here after she figured out Kristen was pretending to be Susan. Abigail asks why she has kept her here ever since. Kristen talks about her being clever. Abigail says compared to everything else Kristen has done, imitating Susan is nothing. Abigail argues that Kristen is going to prison no matter what while Sarah never did anything to hurt her and doesn’t deserve this. Kristen tells her to shut up because she’s getting on her nerves. Kristen tells Abigail to mind her own damn business. Kristen still has Steve’s phone, which rings with a call from Brady. Abigail asks if she’s going to answer that.

Brady calls Steve, hoping that he’s found Kristen.

Chloe and her father Craig sit in the town square. Craig finishes a drink as Chloe encourages that he has to do this. Craig responds that he doesn’t think he can. Chloe says it can’t come from her, so he has to tell Nancy that he’s gay. Craig calls that not accurate which Chloe questions. Craig argues that he never said he was gay. Chloe argues that he said he’s in love with a man, so the terminology doesn’t matter. Chloe insists that Nancy has a right to know and it has to come from him. Nancy finds them and greets Craig with a kiss. Nancy notes that they both look so serious and asks if everything is okay. Chloe says yeah and she was just about to go. Nancy stops her and says she knows she came here for a terrible reason, but she thinks a higher power wanted her here. Chloe asks why she thinks that. Nancy says after the debacle with Philip, she knew Chloe was in crisis. Nancy remarks that Philip can stay missing, but she thinks she and Craig were meant to be here to help her get back together with Brady. Chloe tries to say it’s not the time but Nancy says she’s going to call Brady to invite him to dinner at the Pub tonight. Chloe stops Nancy and says she will call Brady. Chloe tells Nancy and Craig to go to dinner while she and Brady will meet them for coffee and dessert. Chloe adds that Craig has something he needs to talk to Nancy about. Craig confirms that he does and it is important. Nancy gets excited and guesses he’s finally going to take her on a cruise to Iceland. Chloe wishes Craig luck as he and Nancy walk off together.

Kate goes to the Brady Pub, where Roman notes that she looks pretty intense. Kate informs Roman that EJ was just sentenced to ten years in prison. Roman says that’s good and couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Roman brings up EJ kidnapping Sami and says he deserves 20 years. Kate thinks back to talking with Chad about Lucas kidnapping Sami. Kate reminds Roman that she and EJ were close once. Roman feels Kate and Sami are better off out of the nest of DiMera vipers. Roman says they are together now like Sami and Lucas, so he hopes EJ’s new cellmate has been lonely for a long time. Kate decides to go see how Chad is doing and exits the Pub. Roman wonders what has gotten in to her.

Gwen asks Xander not to be upset. Xander complains that she just turned him down flat. Gwen tells him that she can’t marry him and he really doesn’t want to marry her. Xander argues that he does and asks why else he would get down on one knee. Xander says it’s Gwen that doesn’t want to marry him and guesses that it’s because of Sarah.

Abigail questions Kristen not answering the phone call, assuming that it’s Ava. Abigail then wonders if it’s not Ava. Abigail says maybe it was Ned calling for more money since she and Xander are onto him. Abigail warns Kristen about how much money Maggie is willing to pay to find out where they flew Sarah. Kristen reminds Abigail that she has a gun. Abigail asks how much time she thinks she has before people catch on. Kristen warns her not to push her luck. Abigail asks her again where Sarah is.

Sarah remains locked up in a room, staring out a window.

Chad tries to keep Jennifer calm and assures there must be a reasonable explanation. Chad says he will keep her posted and call as soon as he hears anything from Abigail. Chad says the kids are good and he loves her too as he hangs up. Kate enters and asks Chad if he heard that EJ got sentenced to ten years in prison. Chad doesn’t care. Kate questions him and says that’s a little harsh. Kate says she knows EJ hit on his wife. Chad argues that his wife is the reason why he doesn’t have time to think about EJ or anyone else for that matter. Kate asks what’s going on now. Chad reveals that Abigail has gone missing.

Abigail wants to know what Kristen has done with Sarah. Kristen warns her to shut up and threatens her with the gun. Abigail reminds her that she’s also a DiMera, so if she lays a finger on her, Chad will hunt her to the ends of the earth. Abigail then brings up how Brady would feel about that.

Brady meets Chloe in the town square and says he thought they were meeting at the Pub for dinner with her parents. Chloe explains that she wanted to give her parents some time alone to talk. Brady asks what about. Chloe reveals to Brady that her dad is having an affair. Brady thought it was a misunderstanding. Chloe confirms that Craig has been cheating on Nancy, but that’s not the whole story.

Craig and Nancy go to the Brady Pub. Nancy talks about Pub memories but notes that Craig looks awful and asks if he’s okay. Craig asks if they can go somewhere more private but Nancy says no because they told Chloe that they would meet her and Brady here. Roman comes over to take their order but Nancy notices his bad mood and hopes he’s not still holding a grudge. Roman says he doesn’t feel real warm towards people who used his daughter like they did just to get ahead at work. Craig suggests they should just go but Nancy says no. Nancy apologizes to Roman but understands if he can’t let it go because her kids mean the world to her too. Nancy asks how Carrie and Sami are. Roman says they are good. Nancy says as parents, they are only as happy as their unhappiest child, so they know how he feels because they are here to support Chloe after she’s been through the ringer this year which Roman acknowledges. Nancy mentions Chloe and Brady joining them for dessert later. Nancy wants Chloe to have a normal family life. Roman welcomes them back and says dessert will be on the house. Nancy orders two clam chowders so Roman goes to get it. Nancy tells Craig that under the rough exterior, Roman is a sweet guy. Nancy remarks that in a weird sort of way, Roman sort of reminds her of Craig as he’s sweet but tough and strong while loving his kids and family. Nancy calls Roman a real man, like Craig.

Chad explains to Kate that the DiMera Pilot said someone called Sarah and paid him to fly her and an enormous suitcase out of Salem, with the theory that last month Kristen found out that Abigail and Xander were searching for Sarah, so she conjured up a fake Sarah to throw them off the hunt. Kate reveals that she thinks it’s true because it sounds just like Kristen and it’s what happened to her. Chad says he was so stupid as he listened to Abigail tell him that but he just went and read the kids a story. Kate encourages him not to beat himself up. Chad complains that Abigail told him that she didn’t think it was really Sarah and that the fake Sarah went to the airport. Chad should’ve known that Abigail would have sat and done nothing. Chad wishes he would have went to the airport with her. Kate knows it all sounds preposterous as it happened to her and she still doesn’t believe it. Chad worries about Kristen hurting Abigail. Kate tells him not to go there. Chad wonders where she is and where the hell Sarah is.

Sarah puts a book down and complains that she can’t read anymore as she tosses the book. Sarah wonders how many hours she has stared out the window at the ocean. Sarah laments that she has to get back to the man she loves.

Gwen tells Xander that of course it’s about Sarah as he just spent the last month trying to track her down. Xander says he was trying to make sure she’s okay and now he knows she is, so they can have their lives back. Gwen complains that’s just because Sarah dumped him again. Xander argues that it doesn’t matter because he loves Gwen and wants to be with her. Gwen questions how he expects her to actually believe that. Xander insists that it’s the truth as he kisses her.

Kristen tells Abigail that she doesn’t need to worry how Chad or Brady will feel because they are not going to know about this. Kristen tells Abigail to reflect on the fact that she doesn’t have any power as she’s in absolute control and Abigail will just have to make peace with that. Kristen suggests she eat something for her blood sugar and walks out of the room.

Chloe explains to Brady how she overheard Craig on the phone, minutes after Nancy was going on about what an honest and loyal husband he is. Brady is sorry she had to hear that. Chloe doesn’t know what it’s going to do to Nancy. Brady points out that he’s not the first husband to cheat on his wife. Brady asks if Chloe knows who Craig’s girlfriend is. Chloe then reveals to Brady that her dad has been cheating on her mom with a man. Brady asks if Chloe is telling him that her father is gay.

Craig tells Nancy that there is something he needs to tell her. Nancy asks if he’s alright. Craig says yes. Roman then brings their clam chowder to them. Nancy asks if Craig is sick and that’s what he’s been hiding. Craig says that’s not it. Nancy guesses he is hiding something from her and asks him to just tell her what it is. Craig then admits to Nancy that he is seeing somebody else.

Brady questions Craig being gay. Chloe responds that she doesn’t know as they didn’t exactly discuss the specifics of how he identifies. Chloe cries that Craig is in so much pain as he says he loves Nancy but also says he’s in love with this other guy. Chloe senses that maybe Craig’s been in denial this entire time, but it just feels really new to him. Chloe declares that she doesn’t give a damn about his pain because of what this will do to her mom. Chloe says she told Craig that he has to tell Nancy the truth because she deserves to know the truth. Chloe worries that it’s going to be bad.

Nancy tells Craig that she knew it all this time. Craig says there’s something else he needs to tell her but Nancy tells him to spare her the details. Roman comes over and asks them to keep their voices down. Nancy continues shouting and calls Craig a sleazy little wimp. Craig asks her to go but Nancy refuses to go anywhere with him and calls him a son of a bitch. Nancy then takes her clam chowder and throws it on Craig.

Abigail remarks to herself that Kristen probably poisoned the apple like a witch. Abigail wonders what Kristen gave her and how the hell she gets out of here.

Kate tells Chad that she doesn’t think the phone call proves it wasn’t Kristen in the Sarah mask since she has the technology to fake a phone call. Chad brings up that Abigail said Gwen entered like on cue as if it was all staged. Kate compares it to Stefano and questions Gwen being involved too. Chad recalls Abigail telling him that Gwen was there when she told her parents that she was looking for Sarah and that Gwen freaked out. Chad says Abigail thought Gwen was just trying to keep Xander from going back to Sarah, but wonders what if she knew that Kristen had Sarah. Chad calls it too much of a stretch. Kate disagrees and says they both know Kristen is capable of coercing someone in to helping her. Kate feels Gwen would be open to temptation or blackmail. Chad doesn’t see any connection between Gwen and Kristen. Kate argues that they are exactly alike as far as being vicious and vindictive. Chad thought Gwen had changed. Kate thinks that Abigail is dangerously close to the truth.

Gwen turns away from Xander in tears. Xander asks her to say again that they don’t love each other and argues that she can’t. Xander says they have both kissed a lot of people they don’t love but this kiss was different because they do love each other. Xander asks why not get married so he can do everything he can to make her happy. Gwen responds that he already does. Xander guesses he didn’t do this right by asking her to marry him without a ring. Gwen cries that she doesn’t want a ring. Xander remembers that he does have one and says it’s perfect. Xander retrieves the ring he gave Sarah and offers it to Gwen.

Sarah lays in bed until Kristen knocks on the door, asking to come in. Kristen comes in. Sarah hugs her and says it’s so good to see her. Kristen asks how she’s doing today. Sarah says she doesn’t have to keep asking her that. Kristen says she worries about her. Sarah asks Kristen when she can go home because she can’t keep taking this inside of one room and never going out. Sarah declares that she needs to go home to him as she knows that he misses her as much as she misses him. Kristen repeats to her that it’s just not safe right now, so she needs to stay here so they can protect her. Sarah argues that she can protect herself and him too. Sarah tells Kristen that she knows how much he needs her.

Brady asks Chloe if she ever suspected that Craig was gay. Chloe responds that she doesn’t know and says maybe. Chloe always knew he was different from the other dads but she was fine with that and liked it. Chloe says it was cool that he could talk to guys about sports but also talk to her about opera and Broadway. Chloe just thought she was lucky and so did Nancy.

Craig complains of the chowder being hot. Nancy remarks that she hopes it melts her privates and storms out of the Pub. Roman directs Craig to the men’s room.

Gwen questions why Xander thinks she would want Sarah’s ring. Xander admits it was stupid of him. Gwen calls it insensitive and really hurtful. Xander gets that and says he wasn’t thinking straight. Gwen argues that the last thing she would want is a ring that he intended for Sarah. Xander says he was just caught up in wanting to give her a ring. Xander asks for forgiveness and says when he has the money, he will give her the biggest ring out of her fantasies. Gwen tells him that she doesn’t want a ring as that it is not what this is about. Xander asks why she’s behaving this way and what more he has to do to prove that he would choose her over Sarah, even if Sarah walked in now and begged for him back.

Kate offers Chad a drink but he says he needs to keep a clear head. Chad says the one thing they have to hold on to is that Kristen is a DiMera and Stefano always drummed “family” in to their head. Chad says they can wage war on each other, lie, cheat, and steal from each other, but in the end Kristen isn’t going to hurt Abigail as she wouldn’t do that to their kids, Thomas and Charlotte. Chad doesn’t know where Abigail is, but he knows she’s okay.

Abigail complains about the mansion being on a deserted island. Abigail then finds Steve’s eye patch on the floor underneath the table.

Kate finishes a call with Roman, saying she hopes Craig will be okay and she will see him later. Kate tells Chad that she just wanted to let Roman know that she was going to be a little longer than expected, because they need to figure out together how to go about finding Abigail.

Abigail searches a drawer and finds Steve and Kayla’s drivers licenses, remarking that Kristen has quite a guest list.

Kristen brings Sarah food and says it’s her favorite.

Chloe talks to Brady about how Craig always said he loved Nancy so much, so he couldn’t have been faking that. Nancy approaches and cries to Chloe that her father just told her. Chloe says she’s so sorry. Nancy questions Chloe knowing and not telling her. Chloe argues that she had to hear it from him. Nancy asks if Chloe covered for him and how long. Chloe says she just found out this morning. Nancy says to hell with Craig and complains about there being another woman after the the things she’s done for him. Chloe asks what woman. Craig arrives to try to explain but Nancy yells at him to stay the hell away from her. Chloe tells Nancy that she needs to talk to Craig right now. Craig tells Nancy that they need to go somewhere where he can explain. Nancy asks what else there is to talk about and mocks him being with another woman. Chloe argues that Craig said he would tell her. Craig says he tried to explain but she threw clam chowder on him and stormed off. Nancy asks again what else there is to talk about when her marriage is over and her husband is cheating on her.

Xander questions Gwen not saying anything. Gwen says she’s sorry as she was just a bit triggered. Xander blames himself for even mentioning Sarah in her presence. Xander assures that’s over now and his feelings for Sarah are gone. Xander declares that all the love in his heart is all for Gwen now. Xander knows Sarah is in Gwen’s head but insists that she’s not in his head or heart. Xander repeats that Gwen is the only woman for him and he really believes that he’s the man for her. Gwen says she does too. Gwen then says yes to Xander’s proposal. Xander tells her how happy she’s made him as they kiss and hug.

Sarah declares that it won’t be long before she comes home to her love.

Kate tells Chad to get to the airstrip to see what he can find out while she calls the police to make sure they are there. Chad thanks her for everything. Kate assures that she’s always here for him and Abigail. Chad takes his briefcase and exits the mansion.

Kristen returns to Abigail with dessert and asks if she’d like some peach pie. Abigail tells her that she can choke on her pie. Abigail grabs Kristen’s arm. Kristen warns her to let go but Abigail says not until she tells her what she did to her Uncle Steve and Aunt Kayla, as she reveals the licenses that she found.

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