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Stephanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Alex has set up a candle lit dinner. Stephanie is pleasantly surprised as she asks about him saying there was a work emergency. Alex responds that there is because it’s Thanksgiving and she’s been working way too hard. Alex adds that she also promised him a second date, so this is it.

Rafe continues cooking Thanksgiving dinner and thinks back to Nicole making the pie before saying goodbye. Rafe then takes the pie and dumps it in the trash.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub and thinks back to overhearing Eric announce that he and Jada are looking forward to raising their child together. Nicole then turns and walks away.

After Thanksgiving dinner, Jada asks Eric if she should help Roman and Kate clean up. Eric says that they have it covered and reminds her that she’s pregnant. Jada jokes that she’s still working as a badass police detective. Eric thinks it was Roman and Kate’s way of giving them time to talk which Jada admits she picked up on too. Eric assures that she can sit back and relax with another piece of pie. Eric tells Jada how much he appreciates that she stayed for Thanksgiving dinner and he hopes it wasn’t too awkward. Jada admits it was a little but it was nice and better than being alone on the holidays.

EJ listens to his voicemail from Rafe, asking to set up a time to record EJ’s statement. EJ deletes the message and resumes drinking at home.

Alex tells Stephanie that he knows her parents are in Seattle with Tripp, so he can’t have her spending Thanksgiving all alone. They both feel terrible for Tripp. Stephanie mentions being at the police station earlier so Alex asks how Chanel is doing. Stephanie says she’s hanging in and that Abe was able to pull some strings so that he, Allie, and Paulina were able to have Thanksgiving dinner with Chanel. Alex says he’s glad. Stephanie asks if Alex didn’t already eat with his family. Alex says he did but it was a mess because Bonnie is still traumatized over Ava and Susan and keeps going on about how easily she could’ve been killed too. Stephanie points out that she wasn’t thanks to Alex and Justin.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion to see EJ and offer her condolences to him and Johnny. EJ tells her that Johnny is out of town, so he hasn’t spoken to him yet. Marlena asks if he doesn’t know about Susan then. EJ doesn’t think so and he has no idea how he’s going to tell him, especially since this is all his fault.

Li and Gabi sit together at Rafe’s. Li asks what he can expect from a Hernandez family dinner. Gabi responds that it’s just going to be them and Rafe, so it will be low key. Rafe comes in with food and says low key is good, so there’s no drama for a change. Rafe gets them beers. Li thanks Rafe for inviting him. Rafe responds that Li is going to be family. Rafe asks where Arianna is. Gabi informs him that she stayed over with Sonny. Rafe mentions making her favorite cornbread. Gabi says Arianna wanted to watch a Christmas movie with Holly and asks if Rafe is upset. Rafe says no and it’s just that if Nicole and Holly were here, it wouldn’t be an issue. Gabi calls Nicole a ridiculously fickle person who doesn’t realize what a stupid decision she made. Gabi swears that Nicole will one day regret leaving Rafe for Eric.

Eric and Jada joke about her eating for two. Eric tells Jada that he’s really happy that she decided to keep the baby. Eric promises to be there for the baby and to be a good dad. Eric talks about never thinking he would be a father since his life went a different direction and he became a priest. Eric asks if Jada always wanted to be a mom. Jada says her and her ex-husband talked about it but they were so busy with their careers that they put it off and she’s glad they did since the marriage didn’t last. Jada adds that they could’ve co-parented like she and Eric are going to do but it would’ve been really complicated. Eric assures that they are going to make this work. Jada says she believes that, but she can’t help but wonder how Nicole is going to feel about this and what she’s going to say about her decision to keep the baby.

Nicole walks through the town square and runs in to Abe and Paulina. They greet each other and wish a Happy Thanksgiving. Nicole asks about Chanel. Paulina says the bail didn’t come through in time for the holiday but Abe and Allie made a Thanksgiving feast for them to share with Chanel at the police station. Nicole is sure she was grateful. Abe asks about Nicole and Holly’s Thanksgiving. Nicole tells him that Holly had her feast with Maggie and her family while she was supposed to host a gathering with Rafe but they are getting divorced now. Abe says he’s sorry to hear that. Nicole hates hurting Rafe and talks about packing her things at his place which was pretty tense. Nicole adds that Rafe let her help out by baking her mom’s pie. Paulina invites Nicole to join them for leftovers. Abe calls it a chance to catch up which Nicole accepts.

Alex tells Stephanie that he wasn’t exactly a hero as he just walked in to the shed with Justin and found Bonnie. Stephanie points out that he didn’t know what he was walking in to as the freak in the clown mask could have been in there. Alex wonders if they will ever find the guy. Stephanie is confident that he would protect her. Alex and Stephanie prepare to begin their meal. Stephanie says she thought she was going to spend her Thanksgiving alone with a frozen dinner but now her Thanksgiving is truly complete.

Marlena questions how EJ could possibly be responsible for Susan’s death since she understands that Ava kidnapped her and drove the car off the road. EJ explains that Ava did all that to get back at him and punish him for what he did to her. Marlena asks what he did. EJ informs her that he found out Ava and Jake’s marriage wasn’t real and she faked the whole thing as part of some scheme with Gabi, so he exposed her and took back all her shares at DiMera, leaving her with nothing. Marlena argues that Ava can’t possibly blame him for that since she was committing fraud. EJ admits that he didn’t stop there as he banished her from Salem. EJ explains that Johnny was starting to develop feelings for Ava and he didn’t want her anywhere near his son, so he threatened her with prison time but she didn’t comply and came back to kidnap Susan. EJ adds that Ava demanded a huge ransom and he arrogantly thought he could out maneuver her, but all he did was provoke her further and now his mother is dead. Marlena encourages him not to blame himself for this. EJ asks how he couldn’t and blames his ego and refusal to relinquish control being what got Susan killed, just like it got Abigail killed. EJ states that he thought he could handle Clyde on his own and was biding his time to get his revenge but now Abigail is dead because of it and it easily could’ve been Belle instead. Marlena confirms that Belle told her but says there’s no way that EJ is responsible for what Clyde or Ava did. EJ feels that he is responsible for his own action. EJ argues that he should’ve told Chad right away that Clyde threatened their family, but instead of sharing what he knew and trusting his own brother so they could neutralize the threat, he was prideful and selfish and now Chad is a widower. EJ says with Clyde, he didn’t speak up and with Ava, he didn’t listen when Tony begged him to pay the ransom. EJ complains that both times it had to be all about him and two innocent women paid the price. EJ admits that Tony warned him that Ava was dangerous and unpredictable, but he had to win. EJ says he was playing stupid games while Susan was locked up somewhere, scared out of her mind. Marlena encourages that he did the best he could. EJ disagrees and cries that he let down the one person who loved him unconditionally for his whole life. EJ adds that he could’ve saved her but he didn’t. Marlena argues that Susan would never want to see him punish himself like this. EJ says maybe she’s right, but he was a terrible son and Susan deserved so much better.

Alex and Stephanie continue their meal together.

Gabi assumes that Nicole is spending Thanksgiving with Eric. Rafe responds that he’s not sure as she didn’t say what her plans were when she was there earlier. Gabi is surprised to hear that and questions why Nicole was there. Rafe explains that she came to pack some of her things and she made a pumpkin pie. Gabi questions Nicole dumping him for another man and thinking that baking is going to make things better. Rafe admits that he did throw it in the trash after she left. Li questions there being no pie. Rafe acknowledges that Nicole was just trying to help as she feels guilty. Gabi argues that Nicole should feel guilty since she broke Rafe’s heart and now she’s going to live happily ever after with Eric, but Rafe says maybe not.

Eric assures Jada that Nicole knows how much he’s wanted a child, so she’ll be okay with it. Jada asks if he’s sure about that since the man she’s in love with is having a baby with another woman. Jada questions how that can’t be hard. Eric admits it won’t be easy but he’ll make it clear that it won’t affect their relationship and she’ll definitely be supportive. Eric questions Jada doubting that. Jada says she’s not trying to throw shade, but the Nicole that she has seen is incredibly insecure and territorial, so there is no way she’s going to take this news in stride.

Abe and Paulina point out that Nicole isn’t eating much. Abe asks if something is wrong. Nicole informs them that before she ran in to them, she had gotten some upsetting news. Abe asks what happened. Nicole reveals that Jada is pregnant with Eric’s baby which surprises them. Nicole adds that Jada found out around the same time that Eric was breaking up with Jada to be with her. Paulina calls that unfortunate timing. Nicole explains that she walked in on Eric and Jada telling Roman and Kate that they were going to raise the baby together. Paulina calls that a big decision that ties them together. Paulina asks what Eric said about their relationship. Nicole says she ran out of there before he saw her, but it seemed pretty clear that Eric is going to dump her to stay with Jada and the baby.

EJ talks about how he must have been a great disappointment to his mother since she worked so hard to mold him in to a good person but all she got was an egotistical, ruthless son of a bitch. Marlena assures that he was never a disappointment to his mother and that she was so proud of him. Marlena encourages that Susan loved him so much. Marlena talks about EJ being the center of Susan’s life from the day he was born. EJ talks about how Susan could be scared of her own shadow, but when it came to protecting her family, she was fearless. Marlena says you never want to underestimate a mother’s love for her child.

Rafe reveals to Gabi and Li that Jada is pregnant with Eric’s baby. Gabi laughs at it as Nicole getting what she deserves. Rafe argues that there’s a baby involved, so this is a tough situation for Jada. Gabi thinks it could be a great situation since Jada and Eric could get together again, leaving Nicole with no one which would make her happy. Li knows Gabi is trying to be supportive of Rafe but he’s not sure this is helping. Gabi asks if she’s the only one seeing the bigger picture here. Gabi decides she’s going to send Eric and Jada a baby gift but Rafe says no and adds that’s not something you do until a baby shower. Rafe declares they are not going to gloat. Rafe points out that it’s Thanksgiving, so he doesn’t want to be thinking about his soon to be ex-wife. Rafe suggests focusing on happier things. Li brings up their upcoming wedding. Gabi decides she’d rather talk about them anyway. Rafe then makes a toast to Gabi and Li, saying he’s really happy for them.

Nicole really thought she and Eric were finally going to be together and put all their troubles behind them. Paulina says she’s sorry that it’s such a mess. Nicole talks about Eric always wanting children so much, so she thinks he will feel like he owes it to the child to stay with the mother. Nicole brings up Eric and Sami coming from a broken home, so he won’t want the baby to become another Sami. Abe tells Nicole that she needs to talk to Eric about this. Nicole says she would’ve liked to have had this discussion before Eric and Jada told the world that she’s having his baby. Abe agrees but says not to get ahead as Eric needs a chance to explain and maybe Nicole misunderstood. Nicole insists that it’s crystal clear that she’s out while Jada and the baby are in.

Eric tells Jada that he honestly believes they won’t have a problem with Nicole and he will make sure Nicole knows that she has nothing to worry about. Jada tells Eric that she trusts him. Jada offers to help clean up but Eric says he’s got it, so Jada decides she will go finish packing upstairs. Eric questions her hurry. Jada knows she said she would stay until the end of the month, but she thinks maybe she should move out tomorrow since she has the day off. Eric stops her and thinks now that she’s having the baby, maybe she shouldn’t move out at all. Jada doesn’t get why. Eric wants to be involved with the pregnancy as much as he can like taking her to doctor appointments or birthing classes and it will be easier if she’s close by. Jada argues that it’s not like she’s moving out of state, she just won’t be down the hall. Eric notes that if she gets a late night craving, he could come to the kitchen and she’s going to need a lot more help with the baby. Jada again asks about Nicole. Eric says they will have to figure things out, but for the baby’s sake, they have to put their best foot forward. Jada knows they can, but says that Nicole doesn’t even know they decided to keep the baby. Eric assures he will talk to her soon and compares it to how wonderful it went with Roman and Kate. Jada calls that a little different. Eric comments that babies bring people together and asks her to just give it a chance. Jada then agrees to stay for now.

Abe thinks Nicole should go back to the Pub and talk to Eric. Nicole argues that she can’t just crash his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Abe thinks they’d be glad to see her. Nicole asks if she’s just supposed to say she overheard him telling his dad that he’s done with her. Nicole feels that Eric should be the one reaching out to her, since she is the one ending her marriage to be with him. Paulina agrees that this is all on Eric. Abe argues that now is not the time to stand on pride. Paulina insists that Eric will have to make the first step. Paulina then suggests maybe Abe should go talk to Eric. Abe questions what he would say. Paulina says he could start by telling him he’s being a big dummy. Abe doesn’t think it’s his place but Paulina points out that Nicole is like a daughter to him. Abe says he would do almost anything for Nicole, but he doesn’t think he should interfere in this. Nicole says she understands but Paulina doesn’t. Paulina decides if he won’t go put Eric in his place, she will.

Alex and Stephanie finish their Thanksgiving dinner, which Stephanie calls the best she’s ever had. Stephanie thanks him for doing this. Alex asks about dessert but Stephanie says she can’t eat another bite. Alex suggests an alternative as they then kiss. Alex knows this is an unconventional second date and not what she had in mind, but he promises to up his game next time. Alex suggests bungee jumping or sky diving. Stephanie calls this perfect as they continue kissing.

EJ acknowledges that Marlena and Susan had quite an unlikely friendship. Marlena talks about Susan being warm and compassionate. EJ talks about Susan idolizing Marlena. Marlena recalls Susan making a Marlena doll for her wedding and all the trouble she went through for it. Marlena calls it the most touching gift she’s ever been given and she wishes she told Susan that. EJ says there’s a lot he wishes he told her. EJ knows he inherited many qualities from his father, but any good in him at all came from his mother as she was the best of him.

Alex and Stephanie continue kissing which Alex calls better than pumpkin pie.

Rafe tells Gabi and Li that dinner should be just about ready so they can go sit at the table. Gabi says they’ll see him in there as Li jokes abuot having no dessert. Rafe picks up a framed photo of he and Nicole and puts it away in a drawer.

Nicole thanks Paulina for wanting to help but agrees that she should deal with Eric on her own. Nicole thanks Abe for dinner and apologizes for being a downer as they hug. Abe invites her to come back to their place for coffee. Nicole thanks him but thinks she wants to be alone for awhile. Paulina tells Nicole to call if she needs anything. Nicole thanks her and says she’ll be praying for Chanel. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Paulina still thinks Eric is making a big mistake if he stays with Jada out of obligation, but if Nicole loves him, she can’t sit back and let him slip away as they have been through too much for her to give up without a fight. Paulina and Abe then walk away.

Jada decides she could use a nap. Eric encourages her needing her rest. Jada asks if he’s going to see Nicole. Eric says he will, but thought he’d go see his mom first to share the good news about the baby since she just lost a good friend and he hoped he could lift her spirits.

Marlena goes home and brings out the doll that Susan made of her, then places it on the mantle.

EJ brings flowers to the cliff where Susan died.

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