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Li goes to see Stefan at the DiMera Enterprises office. Li asks what this is about. Stefan responds that it’s about Li’s sister, the company jet, and Jakarta. Stefan informs Li that he knows what Wendy has been up to and guesses that Li does too.

Wendy paces outside the Hernandez house and hesitates before knocking on the door. Gabi answer and thanks her for coming while apologizing for pulling her from work. Wendy responds that Gabi made it sound urgent. Gabi says it is as she has something to ask Wendy about her and Li.

Johnny tells Chanel that Ava caused the crash that killed Susan and that Ava is dead too. Chanel asks if it was an accident. Johnny doesn’t know but EJ seems to think that Ava crashed the car on purpose.

EJ answers the door at home and is shocked to see Susan’s sister, his aunt, Sister Mary Moira.

Nicole questions Eric hiring Sloan as his lawyer. Nicole says she recognizes the name and tells Sloan that Rafe is her soon-to-be ex husband so she’s heard quite a bit about her. Sloan jokes that she assumes it’s all good. Sloan says she can’t say the same since Eric hasn’t told her much about Nicole, but notes that from what she gathers, Nicole is the reason why Eric’s ex-girlfriend aborted their baby. Nicole says that’s not true and questions Eric. Nicole argues that Jada is the one who took Eric’s baby from him, not her. Nicole talks about being surprised that Eric hired Sloan. Eric questions Nicole casting aspersions when she is in bed with EJ.

EJ tells Sister Mary Moira that he didn’t know she was coming and calls it quite a shock. She asks if he’s going to invite her in and tell her what happened to her sister or not.

Johnny tells Chanel that EJ went after Ava for lying about her marriage to Jake and he guesses she just lost it. Chanel feels so terrible for Johnny and for Tripp to lose his mom. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so sorry that he lost his grandmother. Chanel hugs Johnny as Allie comes home and sees them.

Li tells Stefan that he’s not sure what he’s getting at about Wendy. Stefan tells Li that a couple of weeks ago, he was going to take Chloe on a romantic getaway to Miami but when he called to book the company jet that is reserved for executives of the company was unavailable and supposedly out for servicing. Li calls that unfortunate. Stefan says he was talking to one of their managers today, who mentioned that the plane shouldn’t be due for servicing for another couple of months, so he did some digging and it turns out the jets logs were hacked. Stefan brings up Wendy being very good with computers and the jet’s logs reflected that it was out for servicing when it had be commandeered to Jakarta by Wendy and everyone at DiMera was none the wiser, except Li.

Wendy comments that Gabi seems so serious. Gabi says something distracted her earlier but that’s nothing to worry about. Gabi says she’s just excited about something and hopes Wendy will be too. Gabi then asks Wendy to be her Maid of Honor. Wendy feels they haven’t really known each other long and figured Gabi would have a list of friends fighting for that spot. Gabi informs her that she doesn’t have that many girl friends. Wendy is not sure why she would pivot to her.

Stefan reminds Li that he was here when Wendy didn’t show up for work and Li seemed confused as to why and suggested Wendy was working remotely and then went to check up on her. Li says he does remember that. Stefan wonders what he found when he checked up on her since when he checked the plane’s logs, the plane was already heading to Indonesia. Stefan adds that every expense for that flight, the fuel, meals, and entertainment but was all signed off for by Li which tells him that he knew Wendy left town and why she left. Li stops him and admits that he did know about his sister’s flight to Jakarta but not until after the fact and he knows why she went and who went with her.

Chanel tells Allie that Johnny just told her the awful news about his grandmother. Allie says she heard all about it from Tripp and tells Johnny that she’s so sorry. Allie adds that she wanted to tell him in person but there’s been so much going on. Chanel asks how long she has known. Allie says she talked to Tripp on Thanksgiving. Chanel questions her not saying anything since then. Allie says she was going through so much and didn’t want to pile on. Allie apologizes for not telling her and promises not to keep her out of the loop again. Johnny tells Chanel not to blame Allie. Chanel agrees with them and says it’s just been so overwhelming and seems like it never ends. Allie asks what she means. Chanel responds that what’s going on with Abe is bad.

EJ brings Sister Mary Moira in to the living room as she questions his manners. EJ tells her that she’s very welcome here but he’s still surprised to see her. Sister Mary Moira responds that she was surprised to hear about the passing of her sister in a kidnapping gone wrong. She questions where EJ was in Susan’s time of need and asks if he was chasing girls or money.

Nicole tells Eric that EJ is the reason that he is walking free, no matter what Sloan has led him to believe. Nicole adds that she was with EJ when he called Melinda to drop the charges. Sloan says it seems like they have a lot to work out so she’s going to go. Eric tells her not to and that Nicole is leaving. Sloan says she has business to conduct anyway and gives Eric her business card, noting they can settle her fee anytime he’s available. Sloan adds that her home address is on the back of the card as she walks away. Nicole tells Eric that she’s not seeing EJ and she had no place to go, so he offered she and Holly a place to land. Eric questions her accepting without any hesitation.

Gabi doesn’t want to get ahead of herself but tells Wendy that this could be a real opportunity for them to have a real relationship and turn it in to something very special. Gabi informs Wendy that she had a sister named Arianna, who is gone now but she named her daughter after her to honor her. Gabi states that nothing can replace the bond that sisters can have but soon they are going to be sisters in law. Gabi hopes in time they can make it feel like they are real sisters and says that would be amazing. Gabi says she’s had a great feeling about Wendy and felt like she could trust her since she met her. Gabi asks Wendy to say yes. Wendy then tells Gabi that there is something she needs to hear.

Li claims to Stefan that it was actually Johnny who commandeered the jet and that Johnny and Wendy seemed to have hit it off. Li assumes Johnny took Wendy on a romantic getaway to impress her. Li admits that he did sign off on the expenses but after the fact and asks what else he was supposed to do since Johnny is the boss’s son.

Allie argues that Abe doesn’t have to kneel to the city council. Johnny encourages that Abe is a fighter. Allie adds that Abe will get through this. Chanel hopes they are right. Allie says the city council may be trying to avert a scandal but the only true villain here is Sloan Peterson.

Nicole questions what Eric’s problem is since EJ’s mother just died but he still took the time to call and drop the charges for him, yet he makes underhanded comments like a wounded schoolboy. Nicole says the worst part is that Eric and Sloan confront her and accuse her of killing his baby. Nicole argues that they talked about this and even Eric agreed that it was Jada’s choice about her own body. Nicole is devastated to see him behaving like this after everything they have been through. Nicole remarks that it’s like he’s not the special man she thought he was. Nicole knows EJ has an ugly history but says compared to Eric the last few days, EJ is a saint. Eric tells her that she’s right and he’ll keep his opinions on EJ to himself. Eric agrees that he’s not a saint but points out that she’s not either. Eric says they agree that it was Jada’s choice but brings up the private chat Nicole had with her about how hard it is to be a single mother raising a child on her own. Nicole complains about all of his insults and accusations just because she took EJ up on a place to stay when she had nowhere to go. Nicole argues that Jada’s abortion was her own choice but Eric is blaming her for things she hasn’t done and she’s sick of it. Eric is sorry he’s impossible to deal with. Eric then declares that her opinion doesn’t matter anymore. Nicole says he makes it sound like they are breaking up. Eric remarks that they would have to be together to break up and lucky for her, they never made that mistake.

EJ tells Sister Mary Moira that he wasn’t chasing money or women in his mother’s hour of need. EJ assures he did everything he could to bring Susan home safely but he was dealing with a lunatic. EJ says that Ava grabbed Susan and backed out of her own deal. Sister Mary Moira complains that all she’s hearing is excuses. EJ shouts that his mother is dead. EJ says he’s not trying to justify his failings but to give her the whole picture and ask for forgiveness even when he truly doesn’t deserve it.

Johnny doesn’t know much about Sloan, but he knows Chad is not a fan. Allie says no one is and that all he needs to know is she’s trying to ruin Chanel and Paulina’s lives. Chanel complains that once again her mother gets dragged through the mud for something she did. Johnny tells Chanel not to blame herself and encourages that she will get through this, hopefully very soon. Chanel knows Johnny is going through a lot too and tells him that they are here for him. Johnny thanks her and says he better get going since he did come looking for Wendy, so he’s going to try to see her at work. Chanel asks what he needed to see Wendy about since he didn’t say. Johnny claims it’s nothing important and he just wanted to see how it’s going at DiMera as he then exits the apartment.

Li tells Stefan that he’s sorry if he wasted his time looking in to this missing jet mystery. Li says he felt like he had to play dumb as he was just trying to protect his sister. Stefan assumes it all makes sense now since the pieces fit together. Li points out that the jet is back, so Stefan can take Chloe off to Miami now if he’d like. Stefan says he plans to but on a different timeline as they are thinking New Year’s. Li points out that’s the day he’s marrying Gabi. Stefan guesses that Gabi has told Li that she invited he and Chloe which Li claims that she did. Stefan adds that they’ve decided it’s not for them so they won’t be attending. Stefan asks Li if he’d really want his bride’s ex-husband and his new lady in attendance. Li assures him that he wouldn’t feel threatened since Stefan has made it clear he has no lingering feelings for Gabi and that Gabi has made it clear since he’s returned and treated her with rudeness and insulting behavior but he gets it. Li tells Stefan to have a wonderful time in Miami as he then exits the office.

Gabi asks Wendy what’s wrong and says whatever it is, she can tell her and they can fix it. Wendy thinks back to agreeing with Johnny that they have to keep Li and EJ’s secret from Gabi and Stefan even though they weren’t okay with it. Wendy tells Gabi that she just knows being maid of honor means putting everything aside to make the day perfect for the bride, so she’s worried about being up for the job. Wendy adds that she’s on thin ice at DiMera and has a ton of work to catch up on, so she wouldn’t want to let Gabi down. Gabi questions that being it and argues that she couldn’t possibly let her down ever unless she refuses to be her maid of honor. Gabi pleads with her to say yes so Wendy decides she’d love to. Gabi thanks her and hugs her.

Sister Mary Moira reminds EJ that God is in charge of forgiveness, not her. EJ explains that he wasn’t asking her for God’s forgiveness, but for her’s. She says right now she’s more concerned about the soul of her sister and asks when the funeral is. EJ responds that nothing has been arranged yet which she questions. She remarks that she’d hate for him to uproot his own schedule for something as important as the funeral of his mother. She says shame on him for failing his own mother in life and in death.

Nicole asks Eric if this is how they are doing this, bitter and spiteful. Eric feels it’s for the best or else they would make the same mistake as he holds back tears. They both go to walk away but stop and look back at one another. Nicole asks if this is really happening. Eric declares that he can’t find another way through. Nicole says maybe their mistake was trying to recapture what they once had while forgetting all the things that made them wrong for each other. Eric brings up that day in the office when they felt they had a chance and they kissed. Nicole recalls his phone rang and they learned that Jada was in the hospital.

Johnny finds Wendy at DiMera Enterprises. Wendy questions what he’s doing here. Johnny tells her it’s okay as they don’t have to keep their friendship a secret anymore since it’s their cover now, so it’s probably better for people to see them together and let them think what they think. Wendy jokes that first they are a secret and now they are drumming up wild gossip. Johnny tells her that he went looking for her to check on her as he spoke to EJ, who asked if he had any second thoughts about keeping their secret about Stefan. Johnny says he told EJ that they were both on board, but he wanted to make sure with her. Wendy responds that she was, but then Gabi called.

Gabi stands at home, holding Stefan’s RSVP that he and Chloe are not coming to the wedding. Li comes in and startles her, commenting that she was distracted by whatever she was holding. Li picks up the RSVP which Gabi says came in the mail today and that they aren’t coming. Li responds that he knows since he just spoke with Stefan, but he didn’t know that Gabi had invited him in the first place. Gabi apologizes for not telling him as she assumed he would want a number of high level DiMera executives there. Li questions if that was the only reason for the invitation or if part of her wanted to show Stefan that she’s really moving on. Gabi claims that she just wants Stefan and everyone else to know how happy she is to be marrying Li. Li responds that he’s the lucky one as they kiss. Gabi then informs Li that she asked Wendy to be her maid of honor as she came over during her lunch break. Gabi says that Wendy says yes but it took some persuading as she seemed weirdly uneasy about it.

Wendy tells Johnny that Gabi was laying it on thick about how they could be like real sisters and seemed genuinely excited about it. Wendy says the whole time, she was trying to smile but felt dead inside. Johnny is sure Gabi didn’t even notice. Johnny encourages that if Wendy can go face to face with Dr. Rolf, then she can handle anybody. Wendy talks about how she got so uncomfortable and nervous that she almost blurted out what they did. Stefan then comes out from the office and suggests they talk about what they did.

Sister Mary Moira stares at the portrait of Stefano on the wall while EJ begins planning something to honor Susan. EJ asks Sister Mary Moira to stay at the mansion while they figure it out and decides to go talk to Harold about setting up a room for her. She then looks back at the portrait of Stefano and tells him to stop staring and that there must be a room with a cross in it somewhere.

Nicole and Eric say that the call about Jada was either the worst timing possible or the best because if they actually got started, it would’ve made it harder when things blew up which they agree was inevitable. Eric guesses he will see her around. Nicole says goodbye to Eric as she starts to cry. Eric then walks away as Nicole breaks down crying.

Li tells Gabi that he can’t imagine why Wendy would be uneasy about being her maid of honor. Gabi explains that she was concerned about the responsibility but she assured that she couldn’t disappoint her. Gabi still feels there is something Wendy wasn’t telling her. Li encourages that they just don’t know each other that well yet and suggests Gabi just put that out of her head. Li bets Gabi and Wendy will end up being really good friends as he hugs her.

Stefan comments on Johnny and Wendy’s romantic getaway to Jakarta and says he figured it was Wendy to hack in to the logs of the jet. Stefan questions choosing Jakarta as their getaway destination, but he hopes they had fun because it will be the last trip they take for a long time on the company’s dime. Stefan warns that nothing gets by him as he walks away. Johnny asks Wendy if it’s just him or is this getting harder by the minute.

Chanel calls Abe but it goes to voicemail. She leaves a message, apologizing for running out before but she was too emotional. Chanel tells Abe to call her back when he can because she wants to know what’s going on with him and the city council. Allie asks if Chanel is okay. Chanel doesn’t know how they are going to do it, but they need to find a way to keep Sloan Peterson from ruining all of their lives.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment and says he’s here to discuss his bill. Sloan didn’t expect to see him here so fast since he and Nicole seemed really in the thick of it. Eric responds that they realized that they had nothing else to say. Eric then enters Sloan’s apartment.

Nicole sits in the town square crying. She thinks back to her and Eric first getting back together.

EJ finds Sister Mary Moira praying in what was Susan’s bedroom. She explains that the maid pointed her to what was Susan’s room but questions the perfume in the room. EJ explains that it was Susan’s room, but he’s been letting a friend use it temporarily. She remarks that she knew EJ was chasing girls but she prays to God that he’s not fornicating in his mother’s room. EJ says his friend happens to be a woman but she’s just a friend. She says that’s what they all say and she prays that it’s true in his case because his soul is in enough jeopardy as it is.

Ava sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion and approaches EJ’s desk where he left the plans he was writing for Susan’s memorial. Ava calls it a tasteful affair for a tacky lady. Ava then declares that Susan Banks won’t be the only one laid to rest that day…

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