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Eric questions why he would help Xander after he blew up his marriage. Xander clarifies that he’s not asking for himself, but for Sarah. Xander explains that Kayla gave Sarah the antidote so she’s completely back to normal but for some reason, she doesn’t know that their daughter Mickie died.

Nicole questions Sarah showing up at her door and saying she’s there to get her baby. Sarah tells her that Mickie was there which Nicole questions. Sarah says that Xander said she was with Eric and since Eric and Nicole lived together, she assumed she was here. Nicole doesn’t know what Xander told her. Sarah says it’s okay because she knows that Nicole told Eric that Mickie is his daughter.

Lani questions Paulina getting to make all the decisions and she has to go along with them. Paulina says when it comes to protecting her from a murder charge, yes. Paulina declares that she’s done arguing and she’s going to plead guilty while Lani lives a long, happy life with her family. Lani says she can’t let Paulina take the fall for something she did.

Eli and Abe discuss the possibility of Lani shooting TR which would mean Paulina is innocent and covering for her daughter.

Chanel runs in to Julie in the town square and says she was on her way to see Paulina at the police station. Julie feels Paulina deserves a medal for what she did. Julie knows Chanel’s love and support will mean the world to Paulina. Chanel gives Julie a package from the bakery and sends her love to Eli. Julie thanks Chanel and tells her to tell Paulina that everyone knows she did nothing wrong. Julie then walks away.

Abe and Eli wonder if Paulina didn’t kill TR but is protecting Lani. Eli points out that they can’t jump to any conclusions, but if there’s more to the story, he can’t be blindsided by it so he needs to talk to Lani.

Paulina reminds Lani that if she confesses, she will lose her career, her husband, and her kids. Lani asks about what Paulina will lose. Paulina argues that she will claim self defense and a jury might believe her. Paulina feels that what happened is entirely on her because she is the one who made the mistake of trusting TR and getting close again. Lani understands that she thought he changed. Paulina says she knew better and asks Lani to let her do this. Lani argues that she will still know what she did and asks how to do her job like that. Lani asks how to face her husband or talk to her children about courage and honesty without being a complete hypocrite. Lani doesn’t want to live like that. Lani declares that she needs to tell Rafe the truth right now.

Eli mentions that Lani just went to the police station to see Paulina but he doesn’t think this can wait. Abe questions him going there to see her. Julie arrives and says she was so worried when Eli wasn’t in his room but a nurse said she would find him here. Julie questions what Eli is doing out of bed. Eli says he just came to say hi to Abe and see what he’s been in to since he’s been asleep. Julie reminds Eli that he collapsed last time he got out of bed. Eli assures that he’s feeling better now. Julie worries that he just got out of a coma so she wants to take him back to his room to rest. Eli says he’s sorry but he has to run as he rushes out of the room. Julie questions what could possibly be so urgent.

Paulina tells Lani that she can’t tell Rafe the truth. Lani says it’s not up to her. Paulina refuses to let her do this. Chanel then arrives and questions what they are arguing about. Paulina tells her that Lani was just blaming herself for not seeing through TR sooner. Paulina tells Lani to go back to the hospital and be with Eli which Chanel agrees with. Lani decides to go then. Lani hugs Chanel and exits.

Eric is shocked to know that Sarah thinks Mickie is alive. Xander says her memory is completely fine otherwise but around the baby, there’s this glitch. Eric questions Sarah being released from the hospital then. Xander says he thought it was too soon but her brain scans came back normal. Eric asks if this glitch will wear off. Xander says it hasn’t yet since Sarah went straight to the nursery and thought Mickie had kidnapped, so he panicked because Sarah was demanding answers so he may have told her that the baby was with Eric. Eric questions why he didn’t just tell her the truth. Xander says he panicked on how to protect Sarah and he couldn’t let her go through the pain of finding out her baby died all over again. Eric warns that maybe Xander was just afraid that Sarah was going to hate him all over again.

Sarah tells Nicole that Xander explained everything about Nicole telling Eric that he is Mickie’s father. Sarah talks about keeping this huge secret in the first place. Sarah asks about taking her baby home and when she hears noise, she assumes Eric is getting up. Sarah is then shocked to see Rafe come out from the shower in just a towel. Sarah questions if Nicole is cheating on Eric and then asks why Rafe is here. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t understand. Sarah doesn’t think she wants to and says she just needs to get her baby, Mickie, which Rafe questions. Sarah asks why he’s looking at her like that. Nicole tells Sarah that Mickie is not here which Sarah questions. Nicole then reveals that she and Eric have split up.

Eric tells Xander to admit he lied to Sarah because he’s a selfish coward. Xander argues that he was protecting Sarah because she’s been through enough. Eric questions him justifying him lying about her own child. Xander feels he couldn’t put her through all of that again. Eric argues that he’s just trying to prevent his own suffering. Xander asks if Eric is going to help Sarah or not. Eric argues that Maggie cannot be okay with this. Xander admits that she’s not and is adamant that he tell Sarah the truth which he plans to do. Eric demands that he tell Sarah the truth today because Sarah is going to notice when no one brings the baby home. Xander looks over at Eric’s bag packed and says he might have a fix for that.

Chanel asks how Paulina is doing. Paulina says she’s slept in worst places. Chanel gives her comfort food from the bakery. Paulina starts to eat and praises the food while Chanel tries to tell her that they need to talk. Paulina continues on so Chanel yells at her to stop talking about the damn pastry.

Eli goes back to his hospital room and starts getting dressed. Lani arrives and questions what he’s doing. Eli responds that he was coming to talk to her. Lani urges him to get back in the bed as he’s nowhere near ready to leave the hospital. Lani reminds Eli that they waited so long for him to wake up so he shouldn’t push it. Eli apologizes. Lani says she’s here now so she asks what is so important. Eli says it’s about Paulina because he’s not so sure that she’s guilty.

Julie asks Abe why Eli was racing out of here. Abe says that Eli is concerned with the situation with Lani. Julie thinks Paulina deserves a parade, not prison time. Abe knows she feels strongly about this. Julie points out that TR nearly killed Eli, Abe, and Lani, so he had to be stopped if Paulina hadn’t blown him away. Abe then reveals to Julie that is not what happened.

Eric feels he isn’t going to like Xander’s fix. Xander suggests telling Sarah that Eric and Nicole went on a trip together and took Mickie with them which will buy him time to break the news to Sarah, since she still thinks Eric and Nicole are together. Eric reminds Xander that Nicole has moved on with Rafe. Xander tells him to pretend and says they’ll be doing a good deed for Sarah. Xander asks if he will do it, but gets a call from Maggie, who informs him that Sarah is gone. Xander realizes she must be looking for Mickie and runs out of the Pub, leaving Eric having doubts at the Pub.

Sarah questions Nicole about her and Eric splitting up and asks what happened. Nicole calls it complicated. Sarah says it doesn’t matter as she just needs to find Eric and get her baby. Sarah thanks her and quickly exits.

Julie asks what Abe means by saying that’s not what happened. Julie goes over TR attacking Abe and then turning on Paulina when Lani came in and then Paulina shot him to save the people she loved. Abe admits there was no love lost between he and TR because TR was obviously just a horrible man. Abe believes that TR convinced himself that he cared for Lani as his daughter, so he doesn’t think TR would have killed her because he loved her. Julie argues that he wouldn’t have shot her husband if he loved her that much. Abe says she’s probably right. Julie insists that TR only cared about himself and Paulina knew it, so she shot him, which makes her a hero to her.

Paulina questions what has gotten in to Chanel. Chanel complains that Paulina is going on like they are lounging at the pool instead of being at the police station. Chanel suggests that she take this seriously. Paulina argues that her lawyers are taking care of everything. Chanel says that doesn’t mean she’s going to walk away like she’s innocent. Paulina assures that she’s worrying over nothing. Chanel worries about Paulina getting put away for years and cries that she’s scared as she doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses her.

Lani questions Eli not thinking Paulina is guilty and asks why he would say that. Eli says there’s a few things and brings up Lani first telling him that Paulina “said” she shot TR. Eli finds the phrasing strange and asks why she would put it that way if she was there and why she wouldn’t just say that Paulina shot TR. Lani says she was upset and just saw her biological father get murdered, so she guesses she wasn’t forming perfect sentences. Lani asks if there’s anything else Eli wants to grill her on. Eli decides they can talk about it later but Lani insists on doing it now and says she’s ready for his next question. Eli brings up TR being shot with Lani’s service weapon. Lani sticks to Paulina’s story that she grabbed the gun from her holster. Eli then reveals that he just finished talking to Abe, who thinks he heard Paulina say “what have you done”. Eli asks why she would say that. Lani asks how she should know. Eli suggests maybe Paulina was asking Lani that question, because Lani shot TR.

Xander goes to Nicole’s in a panic, asking where Sarah is. Nicole responds that she left to go find her baby that died years ago and asks if Xander cares to explain what that’s about.

Sarah goes to the Brady Pub. Eric tells her that it’s so nice to see her and asks how she’s feeling. Sarah says she’s great which Eric is happy to hear. Eric says he’s sorry for everything she went through. Sarah doesn’t remember much of it but says she’s fine and out of the hospital, so she feels like her old self and ready to be a good parent to their child. Sarah talks about Eric finding out he is her baby’s father and that he and Nicole have broken up. Eric says things are fine between them and they have both moved on. Sarah mentions just going to Nicole’s and seeing her with Rafe. Sarah says she is desperate to hold their little girl, so she asks Eric to go get her.

Julie guesses that Abe never got the chance to tell Paulina about his feelings. Abe confirms TR knocked him out before he could. Julie argues that Abe should be running to the police station now. Abe thinks Paulina has a little more on her mind now than his feelings. Julie asks what could be more important than telling her that he wants her back. Abe doesn’t think it’s the right time. Julie asks if he’s changed his mind.

Paulina assures Chanel that she’s not going to lose her. Chanel cries that she doesn’t know that and brings up Paulina promising everything would be okay when her dad died. Paulina promises not to leave her no matter what. Chanel worries that she might not have a choice. Chanel can’t believe this is happening as they were finally in a good place after years of conflict and fighting. Chanel loved being close to her and being able to see her whenever she wants. Paulina says that’s not going to change. Chanel wants to believe her but after her dad, Johnny, and Allie, she cries that no one ever stays. Paulina insists that she’s not going to prison as she has complete confidence in her lawyers and needs Chanel to have confidence in her. Paulina adds that if the worst happened, she won’t be alone since she would still have her grandma. Chanel argues that she lives in Miami and she’s not moving back there when she has her Bakery to run. Paulina encourages that Chanel has family here too in Lani and Eli and their kids, who will always be there for her. Chanel says she loves them but they’re just not her mom.

Lani questions Eli thinking he shot TR. Eli clarifies that he’s just asking. Lani argues that it’s something Abe may have heard while barely conscious. Eli brings up the other reasons. Lani questions Eli interrogating her. Eli knows she understands as a cop. Lani remarks that she didn’t realize that she was a suspect. Eli points out that she still hasn’t answered his question. Eli adds that he’s on her side no matter what and he wants to help her, but he can’t unless he knows exactly what’s going on. Eli assures that whatever it is, they will get through it together. Eli tells Lani that he loves her but he has to know who really shot TR. Lani then admits that it was her. They sit together as Lani explains that it all happened so fast. Lani tells him that she walked in to Paulina’s apartment with her gun drawn and she saw TR about to hit Paulina while Abe was on the floor bleeding. Lani thought about all the pain caused by TR and she wanted to be the one to stop him, so she did. Lani says she went there to arrest him for what he did to Eli but she killed him. Eli argues that she saved Abe’s life. Lani points out that she also shot an unarmed man. Lani swears that she was going to take responsibility but Steve walked in and Paulina just blurted out that she shot TR. Lani says she was in shock, so she just went along with it, but not anymore. Lani tells Eli that she went to the police station to tell Paulina that she wasn’t going to let her take the blame but Paulina said she would lose her career, family, and her whole life. Lani states that Paulina begged her to let her do this for her but she cannot let Paulina go to prison for her. Lani declares that Paulina won’t listen to her but maybe Eli can help convince her that she can’t do this and that it’s crazy but Eli responds that maybe it’s not crazy.

Abe assures Julie that he hasn’t changed his mind about Paulina but he thinks the timing is off. Julie disagrees. Abe questions Julie thinking that he should declare his love while Paulina is sitting in a jail cell. Julie can’t think of anything more romantic. Abe appreciates her encouragement but thinks it’s best if he waits. Julie says she can’t make him but warns him not to wait too long because she thinks it’s something Paulina needs to hear as something she can hang on to.

Xander questions why Nicole would tell Sarah that she broke up with Eric. Nicole says because it’s the truth. Xander calls it thoughtless but says he can still save this. Xander suggests Nicole tell Sarah that she and Eric got back together and are now heading off on a late honeymoon. Nicole questions Xander wanting her and her ex-husband to pretend that they are on vacation with his baby daughter that died tragically years ago. Nicole calls it insane. Xander asks her to be a team player but Nicole refuses. Xander guesses this is payback for him blowing up her marriage to Eric, so now she wants his plan to go bust. Nicole argues that it won’t help and will only make things worse. Nicole says the longer Xander doesn’t come clean with Sarah, the harder it will be to keep Mickie’s death a secret. Rafe agrees but Xander says no one asked him. Nicole reminds Xander that he’s been down this road before and every day that he tries to keep this a secret, the more he loses control and risks Sarah finding out the truth from someone else. Nicole encourages that if Xander goes to her now, he can make sure she hears it in a caring, sensitive way, from him.

Sarah asks Eric if Mickie is upstairs but Eric says no. Sarah asks if she’s with Marlena but Eric says she’s not with his mom, his dad, or his sister. Sarah questions where she is then. Eric takes Sarah to sit down. Sarah asks what’s going on. Eric says there is something he needs to tell her and it won’t be easy to hear. Sarah says he’s scaring her and asks if it’s about Mickie. Eric declares that it’s time that she knows.

Lani questions Eli not thinking it’s crazy for Paulina to go to prison for something that she did. Eli thinks Paulina has a point that Lani has a lot more to lose. Lani argues that they are police officers and took an oath to uphold the law and be accountable for their actions. Eli argues that he took a much more important oath to her. Eli declares that he cannot let her go to prison as he and their kids need her. Eli warns that she’d be looking at hard time. Lani asks what he’s saying. Eli thinks it would be better for everyone if she just let Paulina take the fall.

Paulina tells Chanel that they’ve been through scary times before and encourages her to remember how strong they are. Chanel doesn’t feel strong. Paulina hugs Chanel as she cries and assures they’ve got each other. Paulina promises her that everything will be just fine.

Rafe helps Nicole find one of Henry’s toys. Rafe thought what Nicole said to Xander was very nice. Nicole says she kept a lot of secrets that she wishes she hadn’t, so she thought she would help him out. Rafe calls that very generous considering everything Xander had done to her. Rafe calls it one more reason that he loves her as they kiss.

Xander returns to the Pub to see Sarah crying in Eric’s arms. Xander questions what’s going on. Sarah turns to Xander and asks how could he as she then storms off. Xander glares at Eric and sarcastically thanks him.

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