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Recap written by Christine

Kyle and Summer were at the Abbott house when the doorbell rang. Kyle was apprehensive, so Summer offered a reassuring smile and said this needed to be done. They let Victor in. He commented about being invited to what used to be enemy territory. Summer said there was a lot less bad blood between the families. Victor gave a lot of credit for that to Summer and Kyle. Victor asked to see his grandson. Summer liked hearing Victor refer to Harrison that way. Kyle said Harrison was at the park with the nanny. Summer said they didn’t want Harrison to overhear this grownup conversation.

Kyle told Victor that he and Summer were thinking of relocating to Genoa City. Victor said Summer hinted at that earlier, and everyone would love it, but it would put Ashland in close proximity to Harrison. Kyle said he and Summer decided to protect their son and get a restraining order. Victor said good – that would mean Ashland would have no one in town to relate to, so he could leave. Kyle said they weren’t doing this out of revenge. Summer added that Ashland’s departure would just be a fringe benefit. Victor said Michael was already drawing up the papers for a restraining order, and they could get a judge to sign it before dinner. Kyle said they had to prepare Harrison before they made a move against Ashland.

Kyle said Harrison had been asking about Ashland. Kyle didn’t want to rush into this and rip away another member of Harrison’s family. Victor understood all that, but he said Ashland brought this on himself. Victor didn’t want Ashland using Harrison as a pawn. Kyle wondered if that was a real possibility. Summer and Victor both thought so. Victor said they could come up with a cover story about Ashland leaving town. Summer said when they first moved to Milan, Harrison missed his mom and his father, but Summer and Kyle showed him love, and he came out of it. Kyle saw the logic in this, but he knew it was going to be hard. Summer said Ashland already discussed bringing in lawyers, so they should probably beat him to the punch. Kyle concluded that this needed to be done. He said to have Michael move forward with the restraining order. Victor wanted to have Michael draw up a restraining order against Diane too.

Kyle said he didn’t need a restraining order against his mother. She was family to him. He said that his mother had respected his decisions and followed his lead when it came to Harrison, but they didn’t know what Ashland would do. He added that Ashland lied to get his hands on Victor’s company, while Diane faked her death to protect herself. Victor asked if Kyle was staying in town because of his mother. Summer said there were other reasons for the move. Kyle added that he hadn’t given up on his mother. Victor thought Kyle should rethink that. Kyle said it wasn’t going to happen. Victor had noticed Kyle had a strong paternal instinct with Harrison. He thought Kyle would be a much better father than Ashland.

After Victor left, Michael showed up with the restraining order for Kyle to look over. Michael stepped away on a call. Kyle was still feeling conflicted about this. Summer reminded Kyle about the nightmare Harrison had about Ashland being in a graveyard. Harrison had woken up crying for Father. Summer said that was all because of Ashland’s lies. “Don’t feel sorry for him. He is despicable. He used Harrison as a part of his scam. No one could possibly think that he was lying after he told his own son that he was sick and dying,” she said. Kyle had no sympathy for Ashland – he was worried about how this would affect his son. Summer acknowledged she wasn’t Harrison’s biological mother, but she vowed to protect that boy with all that she had. She said this was the first step in revoking Ashland’s legal rights to see Harrison. She said htye couldn’t let Ashland put any more lies or poison in Harrison’s head. Kyle agreed.

Adam ran into Ashland at Society. “Well look who it is. Genoa City’s least favorite glutton for punishment,” Adam said. Adam kept snarking on Ashland, and Ashland asked him to go away. Adam quipped that he didn’t want to lose his spot in the long line of people who were waiting to come in and insult Ashland. Ashland theorized that Adam was jealous he’d lost the position of town pariah. Ashland sensed Adam missed all those people hating him because if they didn’t hate him, they weren’t paying attention to him. Adam said he got back on the radar of all the people that mattered to him when he maneuvered Ashland out of the family business. Ashland asked what the Newmans did to thank Adam for that. Adam said it was none of Ashland’s business. It seemed to Ashland that Adam was still in the same position he was in before he came up with the brilliant scheme to give Ashland half a billion dollars. Adam said he was just happy that Ashland lost his wife and his company and that he was suffering. Adam asked if Ashland was in town out of spite. Ashland said he wasn’t staying for revenge. Adam hoped Ashland wasn’t here for love, since Victoria abandoned the company and left town to nurse her pathetic broken heart. Ashland said Victoria was still in charge, and she always would be, so Adam shouldn’t get any ideas.

Ashland thought Adam was trying to convince him to leave town because Victoria left. Ashland said Victoria was going to return though, and Newman thrived under her leadership. Ashland taunted Adam by saying Chancellor Winters was going to wipe Newman Media off the map. Ashland said Adam was making terrible decisions at the division, like appointing his girlfriend COO. Ashland thought Adam had his hands full with Sally. Adam laughed. He said Sally was much more than his girlfriend – she was a force of nature, and the world would soon discover that. Ashland said a volcano was a force of nature too, but he wouldn’t appoint one COO.

Adam said in the beginning, he was rooting for Ashland and Victoria, since they were both workaholics. Adam also thought it made sense that Victoria, who had intense daddy issues, would be drawn to a megalomaniac older man with a checkered past. Ashland shot back that Adam spent his whole adult life alternating between trying to win his dad’s approval and lashing out at him. Adam continued that he didn’t realize Ashland and Victoria’s relationship was based on a lie. He grudgingly gave Ashland credit for committing to the bit. Adam said Ashland might want to head out to Hollywood and make it as an actor. Ashland wondered if Adam was trying to get him to leave town because he was worried Victoria would take him back. Adam said Ashland had a chance to win Victoria back a few weeks ago, but now she’d fled the country. Adam said Ashland would never get Victoria to forgive him. “Watch me,” Ashland replied. Adam texted Sally that Ashland was more determined than ever to win Victoria back. Sally texted a thumbs up. Ashland got a text from someone saying that Harrison and his nanny were at the park alone. Adam asked if Ashland got good news. Ashland said it was very good, and he left.

Ashland showed up at the park and approached Harrison. He got a warm response from Harrison and a frosty one from the nanny. Ashland introduced himself as Harrison’s other father. The nanny said she already knew who Ashland was. He unsuccessfully tried to convince the woman to take a break and leave him alone with the boy. Kyle and Michael showed up just as Ashland was asking Harrison to go with him to feed the ducks. Kyle asked the nanny to take Harrison to get ice cream. Harrison asked if Father could come, but Ashland said he couldn’t right now, but they’d see each other soon. Harrison and the nanny left. Ashland said he didn’t realize he needed to bring a lawyer to visit Harrison, but next time he’d bring an army of them. Michael wanted to be the one to spring this news on Ashland, but Kyle said he’d handle it. Kyle revealed that they filed a restraining order against Ashland on Harrison’s behalf. Ashland said Michael was a joke, and so was this restraining order. He vowed to fight. Michael looked forward to Ashland telling a judge how he lied to a child about his illness, impending death and stolen identity. Ashland told Kyle that he was punishing Harrison. Kyle maintained that they were protecting the child. Ashland said he had done nothing but look out for that boy – he could’ve made a scene just now, but he didn’t because he didn’t want to upset Harrison. Kyle spat that Ashland told Harrison he was dying. Ashland said he’d apologized for that. Kyle didn’t want Ashland around his son. Ashland tried to plead his case, but Kyle’s mind was made up. Kyle said it was best if Harrison didn’t think Ashland was in town ignoring him. Kyle said they’d come up with a story for Harrison, but either way, Ashland would be gone. Ashland said this was monstrous. “No, Ashland. You are,” Kyle replied.

Adam went to his office and was surprised Victor was there, sitting in Adam’s chair. Victor said he’d rescheduled his meetings because he had work to do. Adam admitted this was paranoid, but he wondered if he’d been fired. Victor said that it would be rather cold blooded if he did that without informing Adam. Adam said some people would say Victor was capable of making a move like that. Adam stated that the host of the new podcast, The Grinning Soul, said the business elites were corrupted by power. Victor thought the host was a blithering idiot. Adam said that the guy was gaining an audience. Adam thought Billy may have been on to something when he hand-picked that mystery host to be on his platform. Adam said Billy’s musings were a bit of a joke, but it was a good idea to have a podcast targeted at a particular audience. Adam had the same idea for Newman. Victor said he told Adam to run with it. Adam said he did, but then he got kicked out of the CEO job, and Nikki became co-CEO. Victor wanted Adam to stop whining about that.

Victor thought Adam’s “I should’ve run Newman Enterprises” refrain was tiresome. He said he wouldn’t have Adam tarnish Victoria’s work. Adam disputed that he was tarnishing anything. He was just pointing out that they had the podcast idea first. Victor told Adam to create his own podcast or streaming platform from Newman Media. Adam said if he did that, Victoria would shut it down, just because it was his idea. “Make it so damn profitable that she can’t,” Victor countered. Adam said he’d do his best. Victor understood this was frustrating for Adam, but he stated that Ashland was out of Victoria’s life, and things would go back to normal once Ashland left town. Adam wanted to know Victor’s plan to drive Ashland away. Victor said he told Kyle and Summer to keep Ashland away from Harrison. Adam thought Ashland’s name was on the birth certificate, which would give him some rights to Harrison. Victor said he told Kyle and Summer to get a restraining order. Adam thought Ashland could fight it. Victor didn’t think Ashland would, since he wouldn’t want the cancer scam to go public. Adam said Victor always had a soft spot for kids, and this was coming at Harrison’s expense. Victor was adamant that Harrison would be better off without Locke filling his head with lies.

At Crimson Lights, Jack told Phyllis that they should take on a vacation. He suggested the beach, a mountain vacation or a shopping excursion. She chose all three, and he laughed. She asked if he’d noticed she could laugh at herself lately. He had noticed. He also noticed she’d been laughing a lot today. She said she wasn’t distracted by the woman who’d remain nameless. Diane walked in just as Phyllis took Jack’s hand. When Phyllis saw Diane, she abruptly pulled Jack into a kiss. Diane asked if that sloppy kiss was for her benefit. Jack said they didn’t even know Diane was here, but Diane countered that Phyllis had looked right at her. Phyllis said Diane wasn’t as eye-catching as she seemed to think. Diane thought she deserved some credit for rekindling Jack and Phyllis’s romance, since they clearly weren’t together in LA. Diane felt that she’d brought love to Genoa City.

Jack didn’t think most people associated Diane with love. He had to step away to take a call. “You seem to think that you and Jack and Kyle and Harrison are a package deal. I think you’ve forgotten something. Jack hates you,” Phyllis said. Diane thought Phyllis was exaggerating. Phyllis was adamant that Jack’s hatred for Diane was so intense that it shocked her. Diane smiled and said it was flattering that Jack had such intense feelings for her – they had history, some was bad, but most of it was good. Jack returned, and Phyllis kissed him and suggested they go have an indoor celebration. As Jack and Phyllis were leaving, Phyllis turned back and stuck her tongue out at Diane.

Phyllis and Jack went to her hotel room and kissed. She told him she felt so positive, and she traced that feeling back to when they made love. She said they deserved happiness. He wondered if this sudden brazenness had to do with Diane. Phyllis admitted maybe Diane’s return made her realize she wanted Jack. “We are the endgame,” she said.

Back at Crimson Lights, Diane got an alert on her phone that made her annoyed with Phyllis. She went to the Grand Phoenix and spoke to the clerk. Diane explained that she’d had it set up so her mail would be forwarded to her at the Genoa City Athletic Club, but she got a delivery text stating that someone at the Grand Phoenix had taken possession of it instead. At that point, Jack and Phyllis were coming downstairs in the elevator. They weren’t completely dressed, so Jack was putting his tie back on, and Phyllis had been cinching up her dress. When Phyllis saw Diane, she began to loosen the top of her dress instead, and Jack looked caught off guard. They overheard Diane say it must be a nightmare working for Phyllis.

Diane told Phyllis she was a piece of work. Phyllis told Diane to leave. Diane said she would as soon as she got the mail that was supposed to be forwarded to her. Phyllis pointed at it – it was sitting on the front desk. Diane went through it to make sure it was all there. Jack took Phyllis aside and said that they were having a great time upstairs until she’d suddenly insisted that they had to get dressed and come downstairs. She asked if he was accusing him of planning this run-in with Diane. He thought the timing was suspicious. She said she wouldn’t ruin their amazing afternoon by staging an appearance of Diane. Jack asked if Phyllis was trying to impress Diane or marking her territory. She said she wouldn’t do that. He had to get to his meeting. He tried to give her a quick peck on the lips, but she pulled him into a deeper kiss. As he was leaving, she loudly told him how amazing he’d been earlier. He left. Phyllis asked if Diane heard that.

Phyllis told Diane to stop filling Jack’s head with suspicions. “I don’t think he’s getting those ideas from me. Jack’s not stupid. He can see what you’re up to,” Diane said. Phyllis denied being up to anything. Diane wasn’t sure if Phyllis was delusional or if she’d become a terrible liar. “It’s okay Phyllis. I get it. The relationship isn’t solid, so you’re lashing out at me because you feel insecure,” Diane said. Phyllis’s temper flared. She snapped that she was not insecure, and she added that Diane would never ever ever ever have a romantic relationship with Jack ever again. Phyllis said Jack ran out of here so quickly because he couldn’t stand the sight of Diane. Diane didn’t think she was the one Jack was trying to get away from.

Diane said that she might not currently be Jack’s favorite person, but she remembered times when he couldn’t tolerate Phyllis, which he’d apparently gotten over. “Well he just did a lot of tolerating of me upstairs just now,” Phyllis replied. Diane asked if Phyllis wanted a trophy for Best Sex in the Afternoon. Phyllis squeezed her breast and said she wanted a medal right there. Diane called Phyllis tacky. Diane said that she thought Phyllis would’ve named the hotel sometime like Bedpost Notches. Phyllis said Jack was more than a notch on her bedpost. Diane thought Phyllis was celebrating right now because she knew deep down this was the closest she’d ever get to happiness. Diane said Phyllis knew she and Jack wouldn’t last. “This time won’t be any different than all the others. You can get them into bed but you can’t keep them,” Diane said.

Jack was outside the hotel waiting for his driver. He wondered whether Phyllis was stepped up her pursuit of him because of Diane. He happened to come back in while the argument between Diane and Phyllis was in full swing. Phyllis revealed that she had sped up her relationship with Jack. “Yeah, I accelerated to throw it in your face. Who cares?” Phyllis snapped. “Jack and I have a deep connected relationship. Something, Diane, you will never have. So yeah, I was marking my territory and you know what? It feels good!,” Phyllis yelled in Diane’s face. Diane spotted Jack, who watching, open-mouthed. Diane shot a gleeful smile at Phyllis.

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