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Recap written by Christine

Nick went to Crimson Lights and told Sharon that Chance was going to report that Ashland died in the car crash. Sharon thought the family must be relieved they could put the nightmare behind him. Nick was still livid with Victor, because of his constant need to control every situation. Nick had been kept up at night worrying about what would happen to Victor if Chance made a case. Sharon asked if Nick had a chance to talk to Victor. Nick said Victor blamed Nick for pressing him to admit to covering up Ashland’s death. Nick said he had to let go of the aggravation and take a deep breath. Sharon was glad Nick was feeling some relief, but she knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid dealing with having killed a man, even someone as horrible as Ashland.

Sharon thought Nick used what Victor did to distract himself from his feelings about causing Ashland’s death. He admitted that was true. She was here when he was ready to explore those feelings. He admitted he’d hated Ashland and wished him dead at times. He didn’t know how to deal with knowing Ashland was dead at his hands. He couldn’t help wondering what would happen if things had been different. She said that he didn’t intend to take Ashland’s life, even if he’d thought about killing Ashland in the past. She noted that he’d been defending his sister and protecting himself as well. Sharon said Chance was as honorable as they came, and the fact that he’d let this go proved he believed Nick was innocent.

Abby ran into Chance at Society. She could see he needed to talk, so she decided to close the restaurant. After she locked up, she sat with him and said she knew something was eating away with him. She asked if Victoria pressured him earlier. He said no. Chance said Kevin came to him with some evidence. He said he put it in his official report that Ashland died in the car accident. Abby was relieved her dad was innocent and that he didn’t stage a cover up. Chance clarified that he did have inconclusive evidence that Victor was behind the crash. Abby sighed. She’d hoped that her father hadn’t gone rogue for once. She asked if Chance closed the case because he couldn’t prove his theory. He thought he could’ve eventually found enough evidence for a conviction, but at the end of the day, Ashland’s death was an accident, so he made a judgment call. Abby asked why Chance wasn’t more relieved the case was over.

Chance was relieved he made his decision. He believed Abby’s dad orchestrated a cover up, but he didn’t have the evidence to prove it. He’d asked himself what he was accomplishing if he continued to expend department resources on this when there were so many other things crying for his attention. She knew he meant closing Rey’s cases. He said there was also a human element to consider – after everything Ashland did to Victoria, was it right for Chance to drag them through more hell. He knew no one meant to kill Ashland. He believed Ashland died as a result of the confrontation and that Victor made an ill advised decision in the moment. He said Nick would have to come to terms with killing Ashland, Victoria would need time to heal, and he assumed Victor was celebrating. Abby said she’d never be able to thank Chance enough for choosing to protect her dad and her and Chance’s family. Chance snapped that he’d made a choice, and he’d appreciate it if Abby stopped acting like it was the right one just because he came down on the Newman side of things.

Abby didn’t mean to make Chance more upset. Chance was drawn to the military and law enforcement because there were rules – right and wrong – legal and illegal. Abby apologized because she told Chance this was his decision, meanwhile she forced this family-first idea on him. She wanted to be there for him, even if he was feeling disillusioned with her family and with her. Chance apologized. He appreciated all her support and he knew he put her in a bad spot. He believed he made the right decision, and he hoped Nick and Victoria could move on.

Adam went to the ranch to get some of his things, and he dropped by the main house to visit Victor. He said he’d move out if he preferred, so Victor could give Victoria the place Adam had been living. Adam griped about being second to Victoria in Victor’s eyes. Victor said Victoria’s kids were upstairs asleep, and Victoria was at home right now and planning to move back.

Adam mused that Victoria was following her usual pattern of sucking up Victor’s hospitality then heading home. He asked if there was a reason Victor thought Victoria shouldn’t go. Victor thought Adam knew the trauma Victoria had gone through, due to Ashland. Adam couldn’t help feeling Victor had something to do with Ashland’s death. Victor wondered if Adam was trying to goad him. Adam wasn’t looking for a fight – he just didn’t want to be accused of slinking on and off the property without saying hello. He was going to leave, but Victor asked him to stay for a drink.

Adam said Connor was learning coding. Victor said he and Nikki missed Connor. He was sure the kid would be successful. Adam thought Victor was implying that Connor would be a success unlike his dad, a serial failure. Victor noted that he never said that. He said that Adam wouldn’t be able to goad him into getting angry tonight. Adam asked what major win Victor scored now. Victor said he was happy because his family was happy. Adam said the latest threat to the Newmans was Ashland Locke. Victor said Ashland was dead, and any investigations into the circumstances of his death were closed. Adam suspected Victor did something, then he got the investigation shut down.

Adam said he’d talked to Chance and others and he’d heard some things, and he didn’t think Ashland died in a simple car crash. Adam knew the ravine wasn’t near Ashland’s place, but it wasn’t too far from Victoria’s. He asked why the cops would look into Ashland’s death if it was just a car crash. Victor pretended to have no idea. When Adam was going to leave town, Chance told him to stay in case his family needed him. Victor asked where Adam intended to go. Adam said it didn’t matter. Adam also saw Sharon metaphorically talking Nick off a ledge. Victor said for someone who claimed he wanted to leave the family, he seemed very interested in their business. Abby told Adam that she thought Chance was hiding something. He also thought Sally knew more than she was saying, but she was asked not to publish anything negative. Victor told Adam to stop beating around the bush and ask his question. Adam asked if Victor covered for Nick or Victoria, how Ashland really died and how Victor convinced Chance to look the other way.

Victor didn’t mind Adam attacking him, but he said to leave Chance alone because he was an honest man. Victor said Ashland became violent with Victoria, Nick protected her, and Victor protected them. Chance decided to lay the investigation to rest, because that was what family did in a crisis. “You however, decided to leave us all, leave Newman Media, and put in charge your former girlfriend, whom none of us trust,” Victor said. Adam snapped that Victor claimed to believe in family loyalty unless it went against his master plan. He contended that he’d been loyal and that Victor just didn’t see it.

Adam maintained that he’d done nothing but work to protect his sister and the family. He brokered the deal to get Ashland out of their lives, and Victor and Victoria undermined that when she took Ashland’s money and humiliated him and Victor barred him from seeing Harrison. Adam said he warned Victoria and Nick that Ashland was out for revenge. Adam said that if Victor had just trusted Adam’s original plan, Ashland would’ve taken the money and gotten out of their lives, and maybe he still would’ve been alive. Victor didn’t see how that would’ve been a good outcome. Adam was glad Victor was out from under Ashland’s influence, but he thought Victor should know better than anyone that there was always another shoe waiting to drop.

Victoria brought her suitcase inside of her house and stopped to stare at the spot Ashland died. A rapping noise on the window, apparently caused by wind, set her on edge, and she flashed back to the confrontation with Ashland and his death. Billy showed up. He was driving by, and he saw her lights on. He asked if it was her first night back since Ashland died and learned that it was. She said when she walked in, she was struck by the fact that nothing had changed, yet everything had. He hugged her.

Billy asked Victoria why she decided to come back tonight. He said she could’ve waited until the investigation was resolved. She said it was resolved. She told him Chance informed them that his official finding was that after the fight, Ashland drove off and died in a crash. Billy thought that “official finding” sounded like a euphemism. He believed there was more to the story than the public knew. Victoria swore Billy to secrecy, then she told him the truth about Ashland dying in her home and Victor having his team remove the body and stage an accident. Billy assumed Victor did it to protect Nick. Victoria said Victor didn’t know about the fight – all he knew was Ashland was lying dead on the floor, and he didn’t even know which child he was protecting. Victoria said Nick was furious and blamed Victor for making things worse, and Chance suspected Victor had covered things up. Chance closed the case, but Victoria got the impression it wasn’t easy for him. Billy could see this was upsetting for Victoria too. Part of her was glad she didn’t see Nick punch Ashland. She worried about Nick having to live with taking a man’s life.

Billy thought Nick was strong enough to get through this. Victoria wanted to be his sounding board. Billy thought it was a minor miracle that Nick and Victoria were so close again, after how far apart they were in Tuscany. Victoria said it was about Ashland. Billy wanted to put Ashland in the past. Victoria came home because the case was closed, and she wanted to get back to her life, but when she got here, all the memories came flooding back. She was glad Billy showed up when he did. Billy recalled Victoria saying their home looked the same as it did when they moved in. he corrected himself and said it was just her home now. She said not to apologize – it was her and Billy’s house once. He said it was an exact replica of the Father Knows Best house, just like she always wanted. She laughed about how the metaphor turned out and she recalled that her father immediately had her arrested on the front lawn after she and Billy said their wedding vows, and he hadn’t stopped guiding her since. She said Billy’s dark sense of humor still cracked her up for some reason. Billy said he wouldn’t shed a tear for Ashland, but he wanted to make sure Victoria was alright and ready to move on. She said she refused to let Ashland take her hope from her.

Billy suggested they talk about good times at the house. Water balloon fights and snowball fights with the kids. He playfully poked her arm and brought up burnt cookies. He said bringing Johnny home, and she brought up celebrating Katie’s christening. He thought it was only fair to talk about the tough times, like how difficult it was when she was trying to have a baby. She brought up Delia’s death. She said the darker memories brought her comfort too, because they made it through, and here they were together, talking and they were almost friends. She said if she could get through those difficult times and still feel at home, she could get through everything with Ashland. When she first walked in here, she thought about Ashland’s death, but now Billy made her feel like she should be toasting to the future. She wondered if that was insane. He said not at all. Wine was poured, and they drank to catharsis. He said she was at the place she always dreamed about being at – she was running the family business , and she was the best mother to the most amazing kids on the planet. He said they were moving away from whats-his-name, and there was nothing she couldn’t conquer. He thought she was amazing, and he was proud of her and a tiny bit jealous. She remembered that when they were at the Athletic Club, he felt a bit at sea lately. He said he was just thinking about making some changes. She was curious, but he didn’t want to discuss it now because tonight was about her.
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