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Recap written by Christine

As Sally packed up her office, she paused to look at a picture of her and Adam, posing cheek to cheek. Victoria and Nick returned, and Sally said they could look through her box and make sure she wasn’t stealing. Victoria and Nick revealed that they’d decided to keep Sally on, at least short term. Sally asked what the catch was. Nick said that some of the ideas Sally mentioned in her outpouring had potential. Victoria said Sally would be interim CEO for 90 days and if she met or exceeded expectations, she could stay. Victoria said that Newman Media was going to play an integral role in moving the entire company forward and if Sally couldn’t do that, they’d have no choice but to replace her. Sally said she was up for the job. Nick knew they were asking a lot of Sally, but Adam clearly had a lot of faith in her. He was sure Sally had assumed she’d have Adam’s guidance. Sally said she could do it without him. Victoria impressed upon Sally the importance of this role – millions of dollars, and people’s livelihoods and reputations were on the line, so Sally shouldn’t take the job if she wasn’t sure she was up for it. Victoria said she’d give Sally a robust severance package and a good recommendation if she left. Sally looked down at the picture of her and Adam, and then she said she was the right person to run the company.

Victoria thought Sally should hire an experienced COO who had years of media experience and knew all the players. Nick had some ideas. Sally said she already hired Chloe Mitchell – while Chloe had mostly worked in fashion, they worked really well together, and she was a smart creative thinker, which couldn’t be taught. Sally thought Chloe could learn the rest, like she did. She noted that Adam had no media experience when Victor put him in charge, but he was very successful. Victoria said this would be Sally’s first test, and she and Chloe could rise and fall together.

Nick and Victoria told Sally that they were there for her if she needed help or someone to bounce ideas off of. Sally asked if this was a diplomatic way of saying they wanted to keep tabs on her. They said they wanted to take an active role in supporting her. Sally seemed wary. Victoria was sure Adam warned Sally not to trust them. She hoped Sally saw that you couldn’t take everything Adam said at face value. Sally recalled Adam saying she’d regret getting involved with him, and that was true. Victoria said Sally was better off without Adam, because he turned on everyone eventually. Victoria also noted that Sally wouldn’t have been allowed to keep this job if she and Adam were still together. Sally said her job was a silver lining, and she intended to make the most of it. Victoria and Nick left.

Noah and Allie kissed at the Abbott mansion. They flew apart when they heard the door open. Jack apologized for interrupting. Allie thought she and Noah should apologize. Allie mentioned that they went to the rooftop pool at the GCAC, and Jack told her that she and her friends were welcome to use the pool here at the house. Jack left. Allie was embarrassed, and Noah told her that he bet Jack forgot all about it. Noah suggested he and Allie go back to Dive Bar tonight. She thought he was just trying to stall talking to his dad. She said she had her internship tomorrow, and she didn’t think Jack would approve of her going out partying the night before work. Noah wondered if Allie was trying to let him down easy because she just wanted to be friends. Allie said she just felt blown away by how fast her life was changing, but she did want to go to Dive Bar tonight. She said when they met up, he could tell her how things went with his dad. As Noah was leaving, Allie pulled him into another kiss.

After Noah left, Jack reappeared. Allie was still embarrassed, and Jack said there was no reason to be. He liked the idea of her spending time with Noah. He felt she deserved to live her life and have a good time. Allie bashfully said Noah invited her back to the pool at night. Jack sensed Allie didn’t want to go. Allie wanted to go, but things were going so well that she felt overwhelmed at times. Jack was sure Noah would understand if Allie wanted to slow things down. Allie replied that Noah said the same thing, and he was kind and sweet and thoughtful toward her. She really liked Noah, and she wasn’t sure why she was acting like a confused teen. Jack said love did that to you, and he wasn’t saying she was in love Noah, though it was great if she was. He just wanted her to be happy. She thanked him. When Allie was alone, she flashed back to the kiss.

Noah went to Crimson Lights and asked his mom if his dad was around. He wasn’t. Noah said he figured that if he ran into Nick, he’d have a talk with him about New Hope. Sharon got Noah to fix the espresso machine, and she noticed he seemed cheerful. He said something great happened.

Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley met at Society to talk about Diane. Phyllis called this the Disappear Diane Club, or the Jettison Jenkins Foundation. Nikki understood Phyllis’ need to inject humor into this, but the reality was that this situation was dire – they had to get Diane out of here before she hurt the people they loved. Ashley and Nikki agreed that Kyle was the only one who had influence over Diane. Ashley asked if Phyllis could get Summer to open Kyle’s eyes. Phyllis already tried that a million times. She said she wasn’t the best person to talk to Kyle and Summer about Diane, because she tended to get emotional, and Kyle and Summer thought she’d lost perspective. Ashley asked if that was because of what happened between Jack and Phyllis. Nikki asked what happened. Phyllis asked what Ashley knew. Ashley got the jist of it from Jack, and she told him she didn’t blame Phyllis.

Again, Nikki asked what happened. Phyllis said she was trying to send a message to Diane, and Jack felt used. Phyllis felt bad. Nikki agreed with Ashley. She said the impulse to fend off Diane was sometimes overwhelming, because she was a predator. Phyllis said that when she tried to talk to Summer and Kyle about Diane, she got emotional, and they saw it like she was trying to justify her behavior. Nikki wasn’t successful at swaying Summer either. She wondered if she and Ashley could get through to Jack. Phyllis was sure that Jack would listen to them and that Kyle would listen to Jack. Ashley wasn’t convinced Jack would be receptive to what they had to say.

Phyllis and Nikki were alarmed when Ashley said that Jack had complicated feelings for Diane. Ashley clarified that it was nothing romantic. Nikki said Jack would have more sense than that. Ashley said that she got the sense Jack thought Diane deserved another chance. That prompted Nikki to respond with disapproving groans, and Phyllis had an outburst. Phyllis insisted that Nikki and Ashley talk to Jack and convince him before Diane ruined Jack and Summer. Ashley said that Phyllis couldn’t be part of this team if she was going to go off the deep end and do something stupid. Phyllis said she was focused on bringing this woman down. Ashley said they couldn’t be irrational. Nikki said they all had to calm down and keep their eyes on the prize – getting rid of Diane.

Ashley said they had to accept that Jack, Kyle and Summer didn’t want to hear anything negative about Diane. She felt that the key would be providing them with evidence about Diane, not suspicions. Phyllis asked Nikki how the investigation into Diane’s past in LA. Nikki’s investigators hadn’t found anything yet, but she wasn’t giving up. Ashley didn’t believe Diane lived a clean life as Taylor Jenkins – there had to be a witness or victim to one of her scams. Phyllis said Allie was the only one Diane targeted from LA. Phyllis said that the other day, Diane saw her talking to Allie and accused her of trying to use Allie to get back into Jack’s life. Ashley called Diane a hypocrite. Phyllis said she’d only been having a light chat with Allie, with no ulterior motive. Nikki thought it sounded like Diane was projecting. “Maybe she’s the one who wants to maintain a relationship with Jack’s granddaughter. I’m sure she would love to have an Allie in the house,” Nikki said. Ashley didn’t like the sound of that, because the lovely Allie was not equipped to handle someone as devious as Diane. Phyllis said when they were in California, she tried to warn Allie about Diane. Allie took it to heart, but Phyllis wasn’t sure Allie really understood. Ashley decided she needed to talk to Allie.

Nikki said she’d keep the ladies posted on her investigation. Ashley said she’d talk to Allie. Phyllis said she’d steer clear of Diane, because Diane kept twisting everything Phyllis did and using it against her. Nick and Victoria arrived, and they were both wary when they saw their mother spending time with Ashley and Phyllis.

Victoria and Nick and asked what was going on. Nikki said she, Phyllis and Ashley were just working on a project. Nick asked if it was a charity thing, and Victoria reminded Nikki that she’d already used that excuse in the past. Nick added that the last time they’d said something like that, they were trying to hide a body. Phyllis said they were just working on a beautification project for the city. Ashley and Phyllis exited. Nick hoped that whatever Nikki was doing didn’t get her in trouble. Nikki shifted gears and asked how things went with firing Sally. They brought her up to speed on the decision to let Sally stay. Nikki left for the office. Nick wondered what Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley were really up to. Victoria had no idea, and she was just glad she wasn’t involved. Victoria was more concerned about Adam, because if he really broke things off with Sally, he was going to be even more emotionally unstable, and he might lash out.

Nick couldn’t wait to see how Summer reacted to them giving Sally a second chance. Victoria didn’t realize they were still rivals. Nick said Summer would never forgive Sally. He thought Summer was a lot like Phyllis when it came to holding grudges. He felt Sally was creative and fiery, and that was the kind of person they needed in the job. He was starting to think Adam broke up with Sally so she could keep the job. Victoria asked if Adam was doing something noble. Nick said it wouldn’t be the first time.

Adam went to the GCAC looking for Ashland. Adam’s knocking went unanswered. He talked a housekeeper to let him into the room by explaining that Ashland had a heart condition. They found the room trashed. The housekeeper began to clean, and she said Ashland must be a troublemaker. Ashland came home and demanded to know why they were in his suite. Adam said he was worried after Ashland dropped out of contact. Referencing the state of the room, Adam asked if Ashland had been robbed and if they should call the police.

Ashland sent the housekeeper away with a tip and a promise to clean things up himself. Adam asked if Ashland went on a bender. Ashland said he’d been in jail, not that it was any of Adam’s business. Adam realized that was why Ashland stopped answering his calls. He assumed Ashland went to jail for violating the restraining order and seeing Harrison. Ashland explained that he’d mistakenly thought he had an ally in Diane. Adam said he could’ve warned Ashland that everyone who trusted Diane lived to regret it. Ashland said that Diane took Harrison to the park, let him spend time with his son, then the cops came. Adam said Diane decided to use Ashland to score points with the Newmans. Ashland was pretty sure Victor arranged the whole thing. Adam thought that sounded like his dad. He asked what Ashland was going to do about it.

Adam helped Ashland set a couch upright and put the cushions in place. Ashland wanted Adam to leave. Adam said that his family was going to leak Ashland’s arrest to the press. Ashland found it hard to believe that Adam cared about him. Adam said it could’ve just as easily been him in the family’s crosshairs. In fact, Adam figured the family would probably target him when they were finished destroying Ashland. Adam said his dad only used him, and his brother and sister made him think he could earn their loyalty and trust, but it wasn’t true.

Ashland knew Adam wasn’t concerned for his well being. He wondered why Adam really came. Adam said he needed an ally, however tenuous. There weren’t a lot of people he could be open with about his anger toward his family. Ashland told Adam to go cry on Sally’s shoulder. Adam said that their relationship was over, because Sally couldn’t stay in a relationship with him and keep her job at Newman Media. Ashland mistakenly thought Sally broke up with Adam to keep her job, and Adam didn’t correct him. Adam said he and Ashland were in the same position, with little left to lose. Ashland said that people could say Adam was in the same position as Diane – hoping to score points with Victor to get back into his good graces. Adam understood why Ashland would be skeptical after Victoria and Diane turned on him, but he said he was done with the Newmans. Ashland recalled Victoria saying that exact same thing, right before she took 250 million dollars from him. Adam pointed out that Ashland was the one who said they’d be natural allies. Adam repeated the old saying that the enemy of his enemy was his friend. Ashland asked what Adam would do in his shoes. “That’s easy. I would wreck everything. I would burn it all down,” Adam replied.

Ashland wanted exact details on what Adam would do. Adam thought it was obvious: to really hit Victor where it hurt you had to go after the company – his life’s work. Adam noted that Ashland had experience dismantled companies and sending their founders spiraling into bankruptcy for things that were nothing compared to what Victor put him through. Since this was a personal matter, Ashland planned to go in a different direction. Adam asked what Ashland was going to do. Ashland was going to do Adam a favor and give him plausible deniability, so when his family later asked if he knew what was going to happen, he honestly could say no. adam said he could help by getting into Victor’s head. Ashland said that you didn’t have to get too far inside Victor’s head to see that the company was not the most important thing to him. He stated that Victor had gone to extremes to protect his precious oldest daughter. Adam assumed realized Ashland was going after Victoria. Ashland said he and Adam weren’t going to be working together. Adam suggested they should talk this through. Ashland wasn’t interested. He showed Adam the door.

After Adam found out Ashland was going target Victoria, he went to her office, but she wasn’t there. He thought about calling her, but he didn’t do it. Meanwhile, Sally called him and left a message saying that if he only broke up with her so she could keep the job, she didn’t want the job. Adam listened to his voicemail and heard the message.

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