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Recap written by Christine

Adam left his office after he remembered Victor announcing his intention to take a more active role at Newman Media. He went to Crimson Lights and saw Ashland and Victoria. Adam said congratulations about ChancComm, but he added that it wasn’t over until it was over. Victoria said things were over, as far as ChancComm was concerned. Adam asked what else was in the works. Adam heard Victoria put a stop to Billy’s pitiful plot to trick Newman Media into libeling him. Adam wanted to know how Victoria found out what Billy was up to – did Billy try to bring her in on it? Victoria said that Billy’s plot was so transparent, she saw right through it. She added that a child could’ve seen through it, and she was surprised Adam didn’t. He reminded her that he told her at the ranch, over the holidays, that he didn’t see any news in Billy’s downward spiral. He had no intention of writing a story on Billy. “If you were on to [Billy] why didn’t you mention it to me and Dad then? Could’ve warned us. I mean, assuming we all are on Team Newman,” Adam stated. Victoria asked if there was any other team.

Adam wanted to know what Victoria knew about Billy’s plot and when she knew it. Victoria said she didn’t have time for Adam’s game. She thought the point was that she stopped Billy in his tracks, because she was a great defender of all things Newman, at least in business. Adam couldn’t help but wonder if there were two opposing Team Newmans; Newman/Locke and Newman Media. Victoria scoffed at Adam comparing the powerhouse, Newman/Locke to the fledgling startup, Newman Media. She said it was just a little something Ashland decided to sell off. Adam noted that he and Victor won Newman Media over Victoria and Billy. Since Victoria was saying she was responsible for protecting Newman Media, Adam couldn’t help but wonder if Victoria had a plan for the company. Victoria asked why she’d tell Adam. She said that if she had something going on, she’d discuss it with her father. “And certainly [Victor] would share that news with you, wouldn’t he?,” Victoria asked. Adam surmised that Victoria did have a plan and that her first order of attack was to turn father against son. Adam asked if Ashland was advising Victoria in this maneuver. Ashland noted that Adam was assuming there was a maneuver. Ashland added that Victoria made her own decisions. Ashland admired Victoria’s instincts, and he said she’d never allow her husband to call the shots.

Adam said he’d never underestimate his brilliant sister. He told Victoria that her attempt to turn Victor against him backfired. “Let’s just say for arguments sake that that was my plan. What makes you so sure that it’s backfired?,” she asked. He said he and Victor bond deepened after Victoria’s feeble attempt to drive a wedge. He knew she was up to something. He asked if ChancComm wasn’t enough of a win – was she so insecure she couldn’t handle little competition? She didn’t see Newman Media as competition. Adam thought, after the wedding, he and Victoria had reached neutral ground, and he thought he had Ashland’s loyalty after the thing with Gaines. Adam asked where Ashland’s reputation would be if not for Adam and Victor’s help with Gaines. Ashland said he would’ve handled it himself. Victoria pointed out that they thanked Adam for that. Victoria was amused that Adam didn’t trust her. She said she’d always be his older and wiser sister, and she’d show respect to him by never giving him a bogus win. She said that Victor might not always have his pack. Adam countered that Victor might not always have Victoria or Ashland’s back. Adam left.

Ashland asked what Victoria thought Adam’s parting shot meant. She thought Adam was trying to knock them off their guard. She said it was a sloppy move, either driven by panic or overconfidence, which wasn’t the mark of someone who’d come out on top. Ashland admired Victoria’s confidence, but he said she knew how ruthless Victor could be. Victoria didn’t think there was an issue. She noted that Victor went far to protect Ashland, and Victor had genuinely congratulated her for acquiring ChancComm. Victoria thought Victor genuinely admired her business instincts. She was disappointed he didn’t agree to sell her Newman Media, but she thought that was too easy – she aid her father enjoyed the game as much as the win. Victoria didn’t believe Adam’s claim that his bond with Victor was stronger than ever. She was sure she planted doubt in Victor’s head about Adam. Ashland loved watching Victoria calculate all the angles, but watching her go head to head with Adam while staying a step ahead of Victor was a first for her. It made him sure that, together, they could accomplish everything they put their minds to.

Billy came home early, and Lily was eager to know how things went with Jill. Billy told his “Tiger Lily” to slow down. He promised he’d answer all her questions, but first, he wanted to kiss her. They did. Later, they cuddled on the couch under a blanket. She said this was exactly what she needed to relieve the tension of starting a new job. She had questions, and he limited her to three, because this was the last day before she started her new job, and he didn’t to spend it on work. She wanted to know he was and how it went with Jill. He said it went well, and the biggest takeaway was that Jill really liked Lily. Lily wanted to know if Billy’s mom accepted his apology and if she supported Billy becoming COO. He said he apologized to her and confessed about his ill-fated plan for Victor and Adam. He made it clear that his change of heart came from Lily’s guidance, and Jill was grateful for that. Lily appreciated the credit, but she thought Billy was underselling the strength it took for him to turn the other cheek with the Newmans. Jill had hugged Billy and called him an idiot, so that meant she accepted his apology. Lily asked if Billy would be coming to Chancellor as COO. He said yes, he’d be COO, with Jill’s blessing.

Not that Billy cared, but he wanted to know if anything happened on the Newman front while he was gone. Lily knew Billy actually did care, and she said she understood that he couldn’t just quit cold turkey. She showed him the text Adam sent her that said “Best of luck with Chancellor.” Billy interpreted as a threat, and Lily agreed, which is why she’d gone to confront Adam. She said she could tell something riled Adam up. She thought it was clear something Billy said to Adam cut to the bone. It was music to Billy’s ears that he could still wound Adam, metaphorically speaking, of course. He thought they should keep an eye on Adam though, because wounded animals usually retaliated. Lily thought it was good that Billy stopped the feud. Billy didn’t think Adam was capable of turning the other cheek. Lily said she let Adam know his attempts to destroy Billy’s reputation failed miserably. She also let Adam and Ashland know Billy would be her COO.

Lily worked with the communications department to prepare a press release about Billy joining the company. Lily was excited about her new job, and Billy thought it was cute. She said she was more excited to have him by her side. A week ago, she didn’t think this was going to happen. She was proud he gave up the plan to vindicate himself. She said no more talk about Victoria, Adam or the past. They toasted with champagne to her success with him by her side, then they kissed.

I thought you were my friend. And now you’re taking us to court to spend more time with [Chance’s and my] son?” Abby said to Devon. She didn’t understand how he could do something so hurtful after all they’d been through. Devon wasn’t trying to be hurtful. He was doing this because of what they’d been through. He noted that Chance was struggling. Chance didn’t think it was necessary to go to this extreme. Devon didn’t think arranged visits were extreme, but Abby was against that. He felt that they left him no choice but to pursue legal action for shared custody.

Abby asked Chance and Amanda to step out, so she could speak with Devon one on one. Chance didn’t think that was a good idea – feelings were raw, and he didn’t think things should escalate. Amanda agreed with Chance. Abby said that she was concerned about Amanda’s presence, since she was Devon’s lawyer. Abby said she’d either call Christine, or she’d speak with Devon alone. Abby wasn’t going to negotiate, she just needed to speak with her friend. Devon was okay with that. He never wanted to involve lawyers, and he was hoping they could work something out. Amanda and Chance went to the foyer. Chance asked if he could talk to Amanda privately, as Devon’s partner, not as his lawyer. She agreed.

Chance and Amanda went to Crimson Lights. Chance admitted that he understood where Devon was coming from more than Abby did. Chance could see how much Devon loved Dominic, and it was also undeniable that Chance was playing catch up as a father. He couldn’t help but wonder if that was what Devon was reacting to. He didn’t think it was about spending time with Dominic, because Devon had never been denied that. Chance thought that Devon was doing this because of Chance. Chance reiterated that he was speaking with Amanda as Devon’s partner, not lawyer. Chance revealed that he’d confided in Devon about some demons he was battling. Chance regretted opening up to Devon, because it was hurting Abby and jeopardizing the agreement. Chance intended to heal, and he felt like he was doing better now. He also intended to do whatever he needed to do to be the best father to Dominic. Chance thought Devon should be involved – the more people to love Dominic the better. Amanda agreed. She said she didn’t have any devoted parents, so it moved her to see all these people doting on Dom. She hoped they didn’t have to get a judge involved. Chance agreed. Amanda said that Devon wasn’t asking for full custody, he just wanted to be legally recognized and to be able to take care of Dominic in his home at pre-arranged times. She didn’t think that was outrageous, especially given how essential he’d be in Dom’s life.

Back at the house, Abby recalled Devon saying that pursuing shared custody was a bad idea. She asked what changed his mind. He said the last time they spoke, she was very upset, and he realized it wasn’t the time to push the issue. However, he’d never changed his mind about wanting to spend more time with Dominic. Abby couldn’t believe Devon was doing this. She asked if she ever denied him the opportunity to spend time with Dominic. Devon said Abby denied him scheduled visits, so he could feel like more than a visitor in Dom’s life. Abby felt like there had to be more to it. She asked if this was about her parenting. He reiterated that it wasn’t about that. She asked if this was about the trip to Spain. She only did that to find her son’s father, but it was clear to her that it tainted Devon’s opinion of her parenting. Devon denied this. He thought Abby was a great mom. Abby yelled that she kept thinking about this over and over and over, and it all came back to that trip. Devon said it wasn’t about the trip, though he did concede that when she left Dominic with him, it strengthened his bond with the baby. This was about him wanting to have a bigger role in Dominic’s life and his concern about her husband. She snapped that they had an agreement – he was to be the donor. Abby tearfully said that Devon had been by her side and he’d been her best friend, he’d held her hand when she thought Chance was dead. She felt like he was turning on them. He said he was still her best friend, and he loved her and Chance. He just wanted to make sure he would always be able to support Dominic. “And by you refusing to even consider changing our agreement…” Devon started. Abby interjected that Devon was blaming her and saying she was pushing him to do this. She said she asked him to be Dominic’s godfather, and now he wanted to change the agreement. “You don’t think Chance and I are capable of being good parents to Dominic,” Abby accused. “I don’t think that about you. I think that about your husband,” Devon admitted. He was concerned about Chance’s psychological state and how that might affect Dominic.

Abby understood Devon was concerned about Chance’s emotional state. She was concerned too. That’s why she was fighting so hard for her family. She was appalled Devon didn’t think Chance was responsible enough to care for Dominic. “This isn’t what I think, Abby. This is what he told me,” Devon said. Devon repeated what Chance said about struggling with being home and the pressure of being a parent. Devon said Dominic needed a father figure in his life right now who could put Dominic first. “You see yourself as Dominic’s father?,” Abby asked. Devon said Chance was the father too. Devon said he could fill the role now, while Chance took the time to get his mind right. Abby felt vindicated because she knew this was about more than shared custody, and now she had proof. She didn’t even know how to process the fact that Devon saw himself as Dominic’s father. Devon was hurt that Abby didn’t see him as Dominic’s father figure. “You don’t see me as a type of father figure for Dominic? I’m the one you left him with when you went to Spain. You didn’t pick anybody in your family. You chose me. So what’s changed for you?,” Devon asked.

Abby trusted Devon with Dominic as a godfather and honorary uncle, the roles they’d discussed. “Dominic has a father and his name is Chance,” she firmly stated. Devon said he wasn’t a threat to that, and he was trying to do what was best for Dominic. Abby said what was best for Dominic was to be a family with her and Chance, and Devon was tearing at that foundation. He said he wasn’t trying to do that. She acknowledged Chance’s trauma, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be a good father and husband while he worked on his recovery. She said taking Dominic out of the equation, even if it was part time, was more than an obstacle, not less. She said she finally had her family back, and they’d lost so much time. Devon insisted that he wasn’t trying to take Dominic away. She noted that he was worried about Chance’s emotional state, and she said that suing for shared custody would only make the situation worse. Devon didn’t think it was Dominic’s job to heal Chance. Abby accused Devon of twisting her words. Devon didn’t want to argue, but he didn’t know what else to say. He was hoping they wouldn’t have to go to court, but it didn’t seem like that was gong to happen. He couldn’t back down because he felt like he was doing what was best for Dominic. You’re doing what’s best for you, and now I’m brokenhearted,” Abby said.

Chance and Amanda returned. Devon apologized and said he was going to go. He thanked Abby for listening, then he and Amanda left. Chance asked what Devon said that made Abby so upset. Abby said that Devon wouldn’t listen and that they needed to call Christine. Abby wanted to fight with everything they had. She was sure Devon didn’t have a legal leg to stand on. Chance said he wanted to talk about this first.

Devon and Amanda went home and talked. She wanted to make sure he was okay with moving forward legally, because it’d cause more friction. He didn’t understand why Abby saw him as a rival. Amanda said she didn’t get that feeling from Chance – she said he was focused on healing and being the best father he could be. Amanda understood where Devon was coming from, but she empathized with Abby and Chance. She said that a judge would be focused on the best interest of the child, so Devon would have to put Chance on trial. Devon didn’t want things to get ugly, but Amanda said he would have to be prepared for that. Devon hated that it came to this, but he couldn’t back down.

Michael dropped in at Victor’s to ask about the job offer Victor had made. Michael was leaving the DA’s office, mostly to spend more time with his family, but he was intrigued by the prospect of doing private work with Victor, as long as it wasn’t too overwhelming. Victor said there were plans in the works regarding Newman/Locke, Newman Media and ChancComm, and there would most likely be some reshuffling with who was in control. Victor said that Victoria was doing a wonderful job, but he’d noticed some signs of immaturity in Adam. Victor said he trusted Adam, and Adam had done a good job running the company and a great job transitioning Cyaxares to Newman Media. Victor was also happy with the fashion division. Victor wanted to take a more active role, and he was thinking about solidifying the various factions calling themselves Newman. Michael didn’t want to be caught in the middle of a Newman war. The whole point of resigning from the D.A.’s office was to have less stress, not more. Victor understood, and he didn’t intend to blow things up. He wanted to protect his legacy, and who better to help him through the legal difficulties than Michael. Victor said Ashland was the wildcard. He knew Ashland and Victoria loved each other, but Victor didn’t trust him.

Michael thought Victor admired Ashland and welcomed him into the family with open arms. Victor said Ashland and Victoria loved each other, and he wanted his daughter to be happy. Victor had learned some unsavory things about Ashland, not that it usually bothered him, because he had a rather checkered past too. Victor talked about how much Newman Enterprises meant to him – he built it from the ground up and poured his heart and soul into it. It was a legacy for his family, and now it was called Newman/Locke. That didn’t sit well with Victor. “I’ve never trusted an outsider running my damn company. Ever,” Victor said.

Michael asked why Victor was on alert about Ashland. Victor said it wasn’t quite time to sound the alarm, but he wondered what would happen if Ashland’s health improved. He knew Ashland allowed the merger because he was at death’s door, but if he miraculously recovered, he might regret what he did. Victor wanted a bright legal mind by his side to think all this through. Michael thought it sounded like an extremely challenging game of chess, which was exactly the kind of legal strategy he loved, as long as it didn’t keep him occupied 24/7. Victor promised that wouldn’t be a problem. Victor wanted Michael by his side to fight a volatile legal battle, because things were about to become very interesting. They toasted.

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