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Recap written by Christine

Billy and Lily had just finished a fabulous dinner at Society. She thanked him for pulling her away from her desk. It was hard for her to stop working, especially now that they were working from home, and surrounded by their jobs. She thought it must be even worse for him, because he’d been getting up in the middle of the night to work. She knew his last recording session didn’t go how he hoped, but she urged him to relax, because there was no deadline on this project. He was going to talk to Traci about writer’s block. He was hoping Traci would have an update on Jack, because he wasn’t answering Billy’s texts. She was going to visit Devon, Dom and get her baby fix. She was also hoping to talk to Devon about the merger again. Billy didn’t think that was the best idea, and Lily wanted to know why. She asked if he was against the merger or against her trying to convince Devon. Billy said he thought the merger was genius.

Billy didn’t think Lily should pressure Devon, who’d made it clear that he wanted to focus on Dom. Lily knew her brother, and she thought she just threw too much at him too soon. Billy suggested that Devon liked his position at Hamilton Winters and didn’t want to share it, not even with Lily. Billy knew Lily and Jill were disappointed. Lily narrowed her eyes and asked if that meant Billy wasn’t disappointed the merger wasn’t happening right now. Billy really hoped Devon came around, but he didn’t think that pressuring him was the answer. Lily hoped Billy would tell her if he didn’t like the idea of the merger. She hoped he’d be transparent with her, the way she was with him about her reservations on his podcast idea. He swore he genuinely loved the idea of the merger, and he hoped Devon came around. He loved her, and he hoped this worked out exactly the way she envisioned it.

Later, Lily was at Devon’s. The baby had been crying for 20 minutes, and Devon wasn’t able to figure out the problem. Devon wondered if Dom was teething, or if this was a serious issue, related to his recovery. Lily suggested he just call the doctor, so he did. Dr. Alston thought Dom’s fussiness was a sign that he was feeling more energetic. The call ended with Devon’s relief. Lily was proud of Devon for how calm he’d stayed. He asked what brought her by. She said she just came to see Dom, but she lit up when he said he was thinking of discussing the merger. He laughed and said he knew she came by to talk about work. Lily promised Devon she wasn’t going to push it. He didn’t mind her bringing it up. He said Amanda laid out scenarios where they could bring the companies together without having to surrender control over what mattered to them. Lily thought they could work something out. Devon wasn’t so sure, but he wasn’t against it. Right now he thought they should focus on the podcast and see how that went first. She accepted that. He said he napped while Dom did earlier, and he dreamed Neil was there smiling at him. He couldn’t help feeling like it was a sign Neil approved of Lily’s idea. Lily said they could take their time, so Devon would be comfortable.

At the Abbott house, Traci called Jack, and he didn’t answer, so she called Phyllis. Phyllis said Jack was in his hotel room after a long day. Traci asked for an update. Phyllis told her about the letters from Keemo to Jack. Traci was glad Keemo’s last letter to Jack was kind. It was heartbreaking to Traci that Jack found out his son was in the US the entire time, but he never reached out to any of the Abbotts. She almost wished whoever sent the messages had left well enough alone. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to push Jack to investigate, even though someone obviously wanted him to find that box of keepsakes. Traci was glad Jack had someone with him who knew him as well as Phyllis did. Traci was curious about the other contents of the box. Phyllis said there was a scarf, postcards, a necklace Jack gave to Luan, then to Keemo after she died, and the proof of paternity Jack gave Keemo. Traci couldn’t imagine the memories this was bringing up for Jack.

Traci was delighted when Billy dropped by – she felt lucky that she got two visits from her favorite younger brother. Noting that he was her only younger brother, Billy said he was the lucky one. He asked if she talked to Jack. Traci assumed Jack turned his phone off so he could process things. She told him about her conversation with Phyllis. Billy thought it was strange that Jack found letters Keemo was writing letters to Jack without sending them. Billy thought he or Traci should’ve gone with Jack and not Phyllis, the queen of hidden agendas. Traci said Phyllis had been protective of Jack. Billy conceded that Phyllis might have Jack’s best interests at heart this time, but he expected trouble would be ahead. Later, Billy and Traci had hot chocolate. He told her how he’d been waking up every night around 2:45 AM every night and recording his thoughts. The theme was about turning your life around. Traci was supportive, and she thought Billy should write a book. He told her he was trying to record a podcast, and his first session went terribly. She suggested meditation as a way to get in touch with his thoughts, but he said he wasn’t comfortable sitting still. She thought it was what he needed though. He said she was right, as always.

Traci asked how things were going at Chancellor. She imagined the pressure was a nightmare. He said Lily was fantastic in the role, and he was proud of her. He told her that Lily came up with an idea that was genius. Traci thought that would be great for Lily and Billy, but she reconsidered her assumption after she saw that he didn’t look enthusiastic about it. He wasn’t sure this would be good for him, but he said it would be good for Lily, and that was what was important. He said he and Lily hadn’t discussed his involvement in the deal, and they didn’t need to. His job was to advise her in what was best for the company, not what was best for him personally. Traci saw that Billy was framing this as if he was just Lily’s colleague. She asked what about the personal relationship. He said that was all moot if the plan didn’t work out. Traci didn’t think it would be fair if Lily didn’t find out about Billy’s concerns until after the deal went through. She thought he should talk to Lily about this sooner than later, and trust that Lily would want to know the truth.

When Lily got home, Billy was there. He told her about the letters from Keemo. Keemo forgave Jack, but it was too late for them to reconnect. Billy said it was so typical – his nephew held a grudge for decades, and where did it get him? Lily saw that Billy was reading about meditation, and he explained that Traci said it was helpful for connecting to your inner voice. She told him about her conversation with Devon. She was glad Devon was realizing Neil would love the idea. Billy felt guilty because he wasn’t totally honest with Lily at the restaurant. As a COO, he loved the idea of the merger, but he had personal reservations. He was embarrassed to say this out loud, but he wondered where he’d fit in to the merged company. He knew Devon would bring his own people in, and Lily might not even need a COO. Lily thought Billy’s concern was valid. She said no matter what happened with Chancellor, he’d always be the person she depended on the most – he was her right hand man. He appreciated her answer, and she kissed him.

Contrary to what Phyllis thought, Jack was not in his room. He was at Keemo’s house. Jack wished he could have one more day with Keemo, one more hour, to set things right. He wondered if Keemo would’ve reached out if he’d had more time. Jack understood that Keemo had been afraid that his rage would flare up if he contacted Jack. “I would never have let that happen,” Jack said. It would’ve brought Jack so much joy to have Keemo back in his life. He wished he could’ve introduced Keemo to his brother, Kyle. He would’ve done anything to heal the rift, if only Keemo had given him a clue that he was open to it. Jack thought the part that hurt the most was that he came so close to reconnecting with his son.

Jack picked up the picture again. He recognized Keemo and his half sister, but who were the other two people? He wondered why the person who left the box put the picture inside – was it to drive home how little he knew about his own son? He knew Keemo let go of his rage. He wondered if there was someone in Keemo’s life who was angry on his behalf. Jack dismissed the idea that the mystery person was lashing out at him. He believed that this box was meant to be a gift to him. He supposed he had to accept that the mystery person had to stay anonymous. He said it was enough to know that Keemo stopped despising him and that Keemo had considered reaching out to him. Jack wiped away tears. He didn’t think he’d get any more information, so this would have to be enough.

Jack turned his phone back on and saw the worried texts from his family. He was about to put their mind at ease when he heard something outside. He went out to the porch and looked around. He didn’t see anything, and he was on his way back inside when a car pulled into the driveway. It was Phyllis. He asked if she saw someone running away on foot when she pulled in. she didn’t notice anything, but she’d been talking to the person who drove her here. He said she didn’t have to come. She came because she realized he wasn’t at the hotel, and his phone wasn’t on. He was sorry, and she said he didn’t have to apologize. She was going to go back to the hotel, so he could have his privacy, but he asked her to stay.

Phyllis suggested that Jack heard coyotes. He thought it might be the texter – maybe they were as curious about him as he was about them. Jack didn’t think the texter was malicious or scamming him. He wondered if someone read the letters, was touched by them and wanted Jack to see them. Phyllis said no – in that case, the person would’ve boxed this stuff up, along with the obituary and mailed it to Jack instead of having him come to California. Jack realized his theory didn’t make sense because a random person who found the letters wouldn’t have had his number. Jack texted the person asking if there was anything else for him to find.

Jack didn’t get a text back, and he thought he’d found out all there was to know. Phyllis said that if Jack really wanted to know more, she’d look into it and try to get more information, but if he didn’t want to know, it was his prerogative. He said he was beat, confused and not sure what to do next. She asked if he was happy he came. He was shocked she even asked that. He was thinking about how close he came to not even knowing anything about what happened to Keemo. He’d thought the texts were a scam, and he’d decided to ignore them, but he said she took it upon herself to investigate. He was so grateful he came and was able to read the letters from his son and make this small connection. Phyllis said that this was painful to Jack. It was, but it was better than being in the dark about what happened to Keemo. He thanked her for making this happen. She said he didn’t have to thank her, because overstepping was part of who she was. He was so grateful for who she was.

Jack wondered what Keemo’s life was like – did he host friends here, or was he alone and lonely? Keemo was one short plane ride away from an extended family, and Jack didn’t have a clue. He cried about how he didn’t know a thing about Keemo’s life, and now he never would. “My own son,” he kept saying, and Phyllis hugged him.

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