Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ accused Chad of setting him up to get arrested. Chad asked why he would set him up. EJ said he did it so he could run DiMera. Chad said he already ran DiMera. EJ said he wanted to do it by himself. Chad said he didn’t have to set him up to run it. He said he could show that he was a better worker. EJ wondered who could have set him up if it wasn’t Chad. He said it could be Rafe or Lucas. Lucas asked Sami if Jason stuck to the same story that EJ was the one who set up the kidnapping. She said he did. He asked if it changed her opinion about her husband. Maggie talked to Jack and Jennifer about Gwen. Maggie said she knew Gwen did bad things to Abby, but she cared about Xander. Jennifer wondered if it was about Sarah. Lucas and Sami argued over EJ being the one who kidnapped her. She asked why he would do it. She said he could have done it while she was there. EJ, Chad and Abby continued to talk about who could have set him up for the kidnapping. Eric and Nicole talked about him being a priest.

Maggie continued to defend Xander. Jack said their friendship was over. He said Xander lied to him. Maggie said she did her part for Xander. She said whatever he did was up to him. Nicole and Eric talked about EJ. She told him she believed EJ didn’t kidnap Sami. Eric couldn’t believe she believed him. She wanted to know why Eric was there. He said he wanted to see her before he left. She asked if it was going back to Africa. He said he was. Chad and Abby told EJ that he should stay away from DiMera because the shareholders wouldn’t like it. EJ didn’t think that was a good idea. Sami asked Lucas why EJ wouldn’t kidnap her sooner. She didn’t believe he would wait to do it. Lucas asked who else would have done it. Gwen was upset that Xander wanted to find Sarah. He said he didn’t want to find her to be back with her. She thought he wanted to be with her. He said he wanted to make sure Sarah was okay. He said she lied about where she has been. EJ called Sami. Lucas told her not to answer the phone. She answered it. EJ wanted her to meet him at the mansion. She said she would meet him there.

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