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After Maggie tells Xander and Sarah that Bonnie went to the gardening shed, Xander gets worried and questions what the hell she’s doing down there.

Bonnie goes to the gardening shed and finds Susan tied up and gagged. Bonnie questions who did this to her.

Ava reveals that she was sent a photo of Tripp tied up and gagged while held at gunpoint with a message from EJ that says “You took my mother, I took your son.”

Steve is on the phone with Kayla at the Brady Pub. Steve talks about Kayla working late. Steve mentions Roman telling him all about his new fishing rod. Steve tells Kayla that he’s just going to have a beer and head home as they hang up. Steve then sees Rafe at a table and greets him, noting he hasn’t seen him in a long time. Steve offers to join Rafe but Rafe doesn’t think he’d be very good company. Steve asks what’s going on. Rafe says nothing good.

Eric and Nicole kiss in the Basic Black office as Jada shows up in the doorway and sees them.

Bonnie works on untying Susan, who at first thinks she is Adrienne before realizing that she’s Justin’s new wife, Bonnie. Bonnie says she just found her on coincidence while Susan insists the Lord sent her as he works in mysterious ways. Bonnie asks Susan who did this to her. Susan tells her it was a bad clown.

Ava tries calling Tripp but it goes to voicemail. Her vision of Charlie guesses EJ wasn’t kidding. Ava declares that EJ’s going to find out that he messed with the wrong Vitali. Ava calls EJ and leaves a message, warning that if he lays a finger on her son, she will kill him. Charlie remarks that it’s nice to see Ava cares about one of her sons. Ava questions Charlie complaining when EJ could kill Tripp. Charlie responds that he thinks EJ definitely bested her and she had it coming.

Steve asks Rafe if he’s not jumping the gun since Eric took pictures of Nicole for work and that doesn’t mean something is going on. Rafe insists that there is. Rafe says it’s not just the photoshoots and that ever since Eric came back to town, there’s been this pull between he and Nicole. Steve asks if he’s sure he’s not just being possessive. Rafe talks about how he keeps finding them in each others’ arms and there’s always an excuse. Steve understands why it’s not ideal for his wife to be working with her ex but that doesn’t mean the explanations aren’t true since they are good friends. Rafe believes that Eric and Nicole are and will always continue to be more than friends. Rafe talks about Eric and Nicole’s messy divorce and how Eric took off then came back and Nicole hired him so they could work together and be together because they never stopped loving each other.

Jada walks away in tears after seeing Eric and Nicole kissing before they see her. Eric stops and asks what they are doing. Nicole responds that it’s what they’ve been wanting to do for months.

Charlie remarks that it looks like Tripp isn’t getting out of this anytime soon as Ava gets a text from EJ, telling her to release Susan and he will release Tripp. Charlie points out that EJ doesn’t waste any time. Ava says she has to call Xander but Charlie tells her that she doesn’t want to do that.

Maggie offers drinks while they wait for Bonnie. Xander gets a text and says it’s an emergency at work so he has to go call in and rushes out. Maggie questions an emergency at this time of night while Sarah says who knows what it could be but calls it a good sign that they need him.

Susan tells Bonnie about the clown being in disguise so she couldn’t tell who the kidnapper was. Bonnie asks why someone would want to kidnap her. Susan says she doesn’t know but the man has a boss. Susan questions where they are. Bonnie tells her that they are at the Kiriakis garden shed. Susan questions why she’s down here at this time of night. Bonnie explains that she came to get lanterns for Maggie and Victor’s anniversary. Bonnie struggles with trying to untie Susan as Xander then returns in the clown mask and startles them.

Steve asks Rafe if he’s spoken to Nicole about this pull between her and Eric. Rafe confirms that he did tonight and she denied it but she just doesn’t want to admit it. Rafe states that Nicole doesn’t want to feel this way, but she just does. Steve knows it’s hard but suggests Rafe just trust her. Rafe calls that great advice and admits it’s exactly what he said to Jada. Steve asks if Jada thinks Eric and Nicole are pulled. Rafe responds that she certainly gives every indication that she believes that, because every time she sees Eric and Nicole together, she finds a way to tell him all about it. Steve asks if he thinks Jada is serious about Eric. Rafe responds that he doesn’t know. Rafe doesn’t know her that well but he thinks Jada thinks it’s serious since she always talks about Eric being God’s gift to the world. Rafe remarks that he’s pretty sure Eric feels that way. Steve notes that Jada has a tough exterior but she is young with a new job in a new town. Steve and Rafe hope this thing doesn’t end in tears.

Eric tells Nicole that they haven’t been fighting this for months and they just lost their heads for a moment. Nicole argues that she didn’t and she kissed him because she wanted to and she’s wanted to for awhile now, every time she’s seen him and every time she fights it, it gets stronger. Nicole tells Eric that she wants him and she thinks he wants her too. Eric reminds her that they were married so they will always be attracted to one another. Nicole calls this more than an attraction and says she feels the same about him now as she did when they were married. Nicole questions if Eric can honestly say there’s not a lot more to it. Eric brings up the day that Nicole and Rafe got married and Eric was at her doorstep when they got home. Eric reveals that he was there because he wanted to tell her how he felt about her. Eric says after Abe and Paulina’s wedding, it seemed like they should just talk but then he found out Nicole and Rafe got married, so he felt his feelings didn’t matter anymore. Nicole says that’s not true. Eric calls it fine that she’s with Rafe and he’s with Jada. Nicole argues that Eric and Jada is not what they have and insists that Jada knows that. Eric questions if she’s saying that he should break up with Jada and she should break up with Rafe to just let the chips fall where they may. Eric points out that he and Jada haven’t made any promises and are just getting to know each other, but Nicole is married and that really matters.

Steve tells Rafe that he’s not saying he’s right or wrong, but he thinks he needs to tell Nicole how he’s feeling. Rafe says he did. Steve argues that Rafe asked Nicole how she’s feeling but he needs to tell her what he just told him. Rafe admits that’s not the advice he expected from him. Steve talks about the ups and downs that he and Kayla have had over the years. Steve knows you can’t solve a problem by ignoring it. Rafe says point taken so Steve suggest changing the subject by talking abuot the Cubs. Jada then enters the Pub so they greet her. Steve asks if she’s okay. Jada says she has some work things to go over with Rafe, so Steve decides to leave them to it. Steve tells Rafe to hang in there and says goodnight to Jada as he then exits the Pub. Jada sits down, so Rafe asks her what’s going on.

Charlie questions if Ava is going to let EJ get away with this and give up $20 million. Ava responds that she doesn’t care about the money, she only cares about Tripp. Charlie argues that EJ is bluffing and isn’t going to hurt Tripp. Charlie warns that if Ava gives Susan up, she gives up any leverage she has. Ava asks what she is supposed to do then. Charlie instructs her to do nothing. Ava asks what if he’s wrong and EJ does hurt Tripp. Charlie argues that this is how EJ wants her to react. Ava argues that this is her son they are talking about. Charlie talks about how Ava kidnapped EJ’s mother but he didn’t fall apart, he regrouped and went for the juggular because he’s ruthless. Charlie tells Ava that is how she needs to be now and they both know she’s up for that. Charlie asks if Ava is going to beat EJ at his own game or cave like a house of cards.

Xander in the clown mask orders Bonnie to get away from Susan. Bonnie refuses and grabs a rake to fend him off. Xander warns that she doesn’t want him to lose his temper.

Victor joins Maggie and Sarah in the living room. Maggie tells Victor that Xander has a brand new job. Sarah explains to Victor how Xander got a job as an executive with a pharmaceutical start up company “Rednax” and how he’s in charge of upper management. Victor questions why he’s never heard of it.

Xander ties up Bonnie, who complains that this isn’t going to work. Xander then puts a gag on Bonnie and orders her to shut up.

Ava decides she’s going to call someone who can make this all go away. Ava calls Steve and says she needs to see him as it’s an emergency. Charlie remarks that now she’s playing the game.

Rafe asks Jada if something is going on at the station. Jada says not exactly. Rafe notes that something is bothering her. Jada responds that she just saw Eric and Nicole at Basic Black. Rafe mentions being there when Eric showed up. Rafe explains that he went to talk to Nicole about the pictures that Jada told him about and it turned in to another big fight. Jada says she’s sorry. Rafe says it turns out that he was all ticked off about Nicole modeling for Eric but it only got better from there as it turns out Nicole was going to be in pictures with Eric on the cover of Bella Magazine which shocks Jada. Jada says no wonder they got in a big fight. Jada says that she’s tired. Rafe comments that she obviously feels the same way he does about this whole thing. They get up from the table but then Jada faints in to Rafe’s arms.

Nicole tells Eric that she and Rafe have been fighting so much lately and she hates it because she knows the kind of man Rafe is and he just wants to know the truth. Nicole says part of Rafe knows that she’s keeping something from him. Nicole cries that the last thing she wants to do is hurt Rafe since she does love him and it should be a good marriage, but it’s not. Nicole complains that Rafe was so right that she married him so that she could forget about Eric and calls that a horrible thing to do to him. Nicole admits that Rafe deserves so much better. Eric brings up the way he treated her when they were married and questions what kind of man would marry her and then run for the hills. Eric says he lives with regret and he’s sorry. Nicole remarks that they really screwed things up but after all that, she still loves him and thinks she always will. Nicole says she had to say this to him, but if he doesn’t want to be with her, it will hurt but she’ll accept it. Nicole declares that no matter what, she needs to end things with Rafe because it’s not fair to treat him as a consolation prize. Nicole cries that every time she looks at Rafe, all she can think about is being with Eric. Eric responds by kissing Nicole and hugs her as she cries.

Bonnie manages to get the gag off and starts screaming for help. Susan argues that no one can hear her. Bonnie brings up that Maggie knew she was coming down here so sooner or later, someone’s going to find them.

Victor remarks that Rednax sounds made up to him. Sarah questions him never hearing of it. Xander walks in and asks how he could have when it’s a start up. Victor comments that 90% of start-ups fail. Maggie tells him to stop that now. Victor then adds that most of those failures didn’t have Xander Cook in key management. Xander remarks that it’s his faith in him that keeps him going. Xander wishes Maggie a Happy Anniversary. Sarah asks Xander about the emergency. Xander says it’s all taken care of. Sarah then gets a message from the hospital and says now it’s her turn. Xander argues that it’s her day off. Sarah points out that the hospital is really understaffed. Sarah wishes Maggie and Victor a Happy Anniversary and apologizes as she exits. Maggie decides it will just be the four of them for dinner then. Xander suggests just calling the whole thing off but Maggie insists that Victor and Xander are going to have dinner and work out their differences. Victor declares let the healing begin. Maggie wonders what’s keeping Bonnie and says she should’ve been back by now. Victor jokes that maybe she’s been abducted by aliens. Maggie decides she’s going to go look for Bonnie.

Ava goes to see Steve at his home and thanks him for seeing her. Steve questions what’s going on. Steve mentions that Tripp told him that EJ forced her to leave town. Ava responds that he did but she came back because she doesn’t like being pushed around. Ava adds that EJ found out that she broke the deal. Steve asks if he threatened to send her to prison. Ava reveals that it’s much worse than that as she shows Steve the photo of Tripp tied up at gunpoint.

Nicole asks Eric if she should go. Eric says no. Nicole tells him that he knows what that means if she stays. Eric thinks they both know what it means. Nicole asks about Jada. Eric says it’s like her and Rafe, he has to do the right thing as he can’t stay with Jada when his heart belongs to someone else. Nicole says as angry as she was with him, she never stopped loving him. Eric kisses her. They promise this time they are not going to screw it up. They kiss until Eric gets a call from Rafe. Eric answers and asks what’s going on. Rafe tells Eric that he’s at the hospital and he has to get down there because it’s Jada.

Steve talks to Joey on the phone and claims everything is fine and he just wanted to check in with him. Steve hangs up and informs Ava that Tripp told Joey that he was going camping. Steve notes that it looks like the picture is in Tripp’s apartment in Seattle, so he doesn’t think EJ would take him much further than that. Steve argues that it doesn’t make sense if EJ is just mad at her for coming back to town and says kidnapping Tripp is overkill and way too risky. Steve questions what Ava did. Ava says nothing. Steve says he doesn’t believe her but he doesn’t have time to drag it out of her. Steve declares that he’s going to get EJ to release Tripp and then he’s going to shove his teeth down his throat. Ava stops Steve and says he cannot go talk to EJ. Steve questions why the hell not.

Bonnie screams for help and then remembers she had her phone, but guesses it fell out of her pocket.

Maggie wonders if Bonnie fell and decides she’s going to check on her but Victor says no because it’s dark out and suggests Xander go instead. Xander then points out that Maggie’s phone just went off so Maggie checks her phone and sees a text from Bonnie’s phone, claiming something came up with Mimi so she’s on her way to Chicago. Maggie says at least they know she’s alright. Maggie declares that it looks like it will just be the three of them. Xander says absolutely not since it’s their anniversary and he’d just be a third wheel. Maggie disagrees and Victor asks him to stay but Xander tells them to have a nice, romantic dinner. Xander says he and Sarah will be in touch soon to set something up. Maggie stops Xander and suggests Victor congratulate Xander on his new job, so he does. Xander thanks Victor and tells him to have a lovely dinner. Maggie decides to walk Xander out. Maggie comments that at least he broke the ice. Xander thanks her for trying. Maggie assures that Victor will come around and says even if the night didn’t turn out as planned, things are starting to look up for he and Sarah.

Eric arrives at the hospital and asks Rafe about Jada. Rafe informs him that Sarah is examining her now and explains that they were at the Pub talking and she just fainted. Sarah comes out and tells them that Jada is much better as she’s alert and talking. Eric questions why Jada fainted. Sarah guesses it’s low blood sugar since Jada said she hadn’t eaten today but they took samples and should have answers soon. Eric asks if he can see her so Sarah agrees to take Eric to Jada’s hospital room. Nicole then arrives and sees Rafe.

Maggie and Victor sit together. Victor admits he’s not disappointed since he wants her all to himself on their anniversary. Victor calls marrying her the best thing to ever happen to him. Victor declares that they are lucky which Maggie agrees with.

Xander puts his clown mask back on and returns to the gardening shed to check on Susan and Bonnie. Bonnie reminds Xander that people know she’s there. Xander informs her that it turns out that she sent Maggie a text that she’s been called away on a family emergency as he shows her the text he sent from her phone. Bonnie asks if he’s going to keep them there forever. Xander responds that as soon as Susan’s son pays up, they’ll both be out of here and hopefully that will be any moment now. Bonnie shouts that he’s not going to get away with this and warns that it’s so stupid of him to mess with the DiMeras and now the Kiriakis family will come after him so his life is going to suck in more ways than he can imagine. Bonnie then questions how he knows about Mimi and realizes he knows her. Xander puts the gag back over her mouth and tells her to shut up.

Steve questions why Ava doesn’t want him to talk to EJ. Ava says that EJ is furious with her and vindictive, so if he finds out that she told him, who knows what he will do to Tripp. Steve questions what she’s not telling him and calls her a liar. Ava asks what it matters why or how this happened. Ava pleads with Steve to just go find Tripp. Ava calls Tripp a good guy just like him and says he doesn’t deserve this. Steve says of course he’s going to find their son and bring him back safe. Ava hugs Steve and thanks him.

Nicole tells Rafe that she was still with Eric in the office when he called and she just wanted to see if Jada was doing alright. Rafe says that Sarah said it was just low blood sugar and Eric is in with her now.

Eric sits with Jada and asks if he can get her anything but she says she’s fine. Eric mentions that it’s a good thing Rafe was there when Jada fainted. Eric then asks if something is wrong.

Rafe takes Nicole to a waiting room at the hospital. Nicole asks him what’s going on. Rafe says he wanted some privacy to say he’s sorry about before as he was making a big deal out of nothing since the cover shoot is just work. Nicole then admits that Rafe was right that it’s more than that. Rafe tells her to just say it. Nicole cries that she wants to be with Eric.

Jada tells Eric that before she went to see Rafe, she went somewhere else. Sarah comes back in to the room and interrupts them. Sarah notes that the lab hasn’t finished the full blood work yet but she got some preliminary reports and thinks she knows why she fainted. Jada asks what it is. Sarah tells Eric that she thinks she should talk to Jada in private but Jada says it’s okay as she wants him here. Sarah then hands Jada a folder. Jada opens it up and is shocked as she then announces she is pregnant.

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