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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Jack thanked Diane for offering to take Harrison to the park. She’d worried that Harrison wouldn’t be up for it after learning about Ashland, but he was. She said that she thought the loss was too much for a boy his age to take in all at once. Jack was glad Diane showed up this morning, while Kyle and Summer were talking to Harrison about Ashland’s death. Jack forgot that Diane had a real touch in communicating with little ones. Diane was heartbroken by all Harrison had to deal with in his short time on this earth. She only saw Harrison and Ashland a couple times, but she saw a genuine bond there. Jack was kind of glad Ashland defied the restraining order and spent a last few precious moments with that little boy. He hoped their grandson would remember it for the rest of his life. She invited him to come to the park, but he said he had to go to the office.

At the park, Phyllis thanked Summer for meeting with her. Phyllis wanted to know how Harrison took the news of Ashland’s death. Summer said that Harrison was confused. Phyllis asked if Harrison was with Kyle. Summer said that Harrison was napping, so Kyle went to work and left him with Jack. Phyllis thought that was great, because Jack knew the right thing to say in this kind of situation. Summer knew Phyllis missed having Jack in her life. Phyllis was confident she and Jack would work things out eventually.

Phyllis said things used to be so simple between her and Jack. His face used to light up when she walked in the room. Summer saw it too. Phyllis said even before she and Jack got together this last time, they always gravitated toward each other and supported each other. She noted that when she hadn’t heard from Jack in LA, she got on a plane and flew out there. Summer assumed Jack’s face must’ve really lit up then. Phyllis said it didn’t, because he looked like he’d seen a ghost – Diane. Phyllis had been there for Jack. Summer was sure that meant a lot to him. Phyllis didn’t know because every time Jack talked to her now, he was so angry and tense. Phyllis felt the same way – the other day, she just blurted out her feelings and told him she loved him. Summer asked what Jack said. “He said ‘I love you,’” Phyllis replied.

Summer asked if Jack’s admission that he loved Phyllis would lead to more. Phyllis said no. She thought Jack sounded like he seemed mad at himself because he couldn’t stop loving Phyllis. Phyllis said he was hurt, but so was she. It hurt Summer to see Jack and Phyllis hurting. She wanted Jack to be happy. Phyllis wanted that too, and she said he could be happy with her, but he wouldn’t let himself, and he wouldn’t talk about it. She said she apologized a million times. Summer said Phyllis didn’t resolve the main issue. Phyllis griped that the main issue was Jack viewing Diane through rose-colored glasses. Diane walked up, and Phyllis snapped at her for intruding. Summer tried to smooth things over, but Diane said nobody except Summer was putting stock in Phyllis’s so-called truce.

Diane just wanted to give Summer an update on the situation. She assumed Summer filled Phyllis in about Ashland. Phyllis pointedly stated that she and Summer learned about Ashland at the same time, well before Diane found out. Diane said she found out this morning, when she stopped by the house and found Kyle and Summer breaking the news to Harrison. Phyllis said Diane had barged in when she wasn’t wanted. Diane replied that Summer didn’t see it that way, since she’d been kind enough to let Diane offer Harrison some comforting words. She added that Kyle told Harrison who she was – his grandmother and Kyle’s mother. Summer explained to Phyllis that she had her doubts about involving Diane, but Harrison responded positively to her, and Kyle felt the time was right – none of this was planned. Phyllis thought that Diane actually had planned this.

“How low can you go, Diane? You’re using that little boy’s heartbreak to worm your way back into the family,” Phyllis accused. Diane noted that she was part of this family. Phyllis argued that Diane lost that privilege when she abandoned the family. Diane thought it was clear that Kyle disagreed. She said she hoped that Harrison finding out he had a loving grandmother would soften the blow of losing the man he called Father. Phyllis didn’t think Diane actually had a heart. She noted that Diane let Kyle think she’d been killed by having her head bashed in with a rock. Diane said her son knew she regretted it.

If [Kyle is] ready to forgive me then who the hell are you to second-guess his decision?,” Diane snarled. Phyllis screamed that she saw the fallout and helped Kyle grow up, heartbroken that he lost a mother. Jack ran up and told Phyllis to stop yelling. Phyllis continued, noting that Diane expected everyone to believe she was the virtuous grandmother. He pointed out Harrison, who was over on the swings. Phyllis admitted that she didn’t notice him. Diane confirmed that Phyllis didn’t know Harrison was here. Phyllis said Diane could’ve told her sooner. Jack suggested Phyllis could’ve shown restraint in public. He said people could hear her all the way across the park. Diane asked if it was okay to get Harrison a treat, and Summer said yes. Diane left. Summer told Jack she doubted Harrison was paying attention to the boring grownups. Jack thought it was wrong for anyone ot have to deal with this, least of all Harrison. He asked Phyllis if she had any idea what his grandson was going through. She did, and that was why she found it disgusting that Diane was using it to her advantage. “Of course that’s your take on it,” Jack griped. Phyllis told Summer to go check on Harrison, so he wasn’t alone with Diane any longer than necessary. Summer left.

Jack guessed it was too hard for Phyllis to keep the truce she set up. She said she tried, for her daughter, but she couldn’t do it. She tried so hard even though it went against all her instincts. Jack said he’d struggled with Diane too, but he put Harrison and Kyle first. She asked if he was saying he was a better parent than her. He was just acknowledging it was hard for all of them. She said it would’ve helped if he put his foot down and made it clear to Diane that he wouldn’t let her manipulate, prod and provoke Phyllis. He asked if she was saying she couldn’t control herself until he controlled Diane. She thought he knew that wasn’t what she meant. “This coming from a man who claims he loves me,” she scoffed. He told her not to weaponize his feelings. She said he claimed to love her, but he wouldn’t go the limit for her. She said they could help each other through this, but he was shutting her out.

Jack wished he and Phyllis could go back and salvage the magic between them, but things like today kept happening. He started his day thinking about getting his grandson through the toughest day of his life, but she was focused on bringing down Diane. Phyllis said Jack was wrong. She called Summer because she knew Harrison had just found out about Ashland, and she wanted to know how he was doing. She wouldn’t have gone off on Diane if she knew Harrison was here. He asked if it would’ve really made a difference. Phyllis didn’t understand why Jack forgave Diane for everything she’d done to his family and to Phyllis, yet he had zero tolerance for anything Phyllis did.

Jack said he wasn’t giving Diane a free pass – even if she kept coming through for Kyle and Harrison, he’d never completely trust her, because he knew her. He also knew Phyllis. Jack thought Phyllis was the most beautiful captivating, interesting person he’d ever met, and his heart beat faster every time they were together, but she couldn’t get past this feud with Diane. He said the stakes were too high. He wasn’t just protecting his own heart; he had to think about Harrison and Kyle and Summer getting caught in the crossfire. “I won’t have that, no matter how much I love you,” he said, then he stormed off.

Amanda and Devon were at Dive Bar. He bought her a lot of food, because he noticed that while she was getting her mother situated in Virginia, she wasn’t really taking care of herself. Now that they were back, he wanted to spoil her and get her all her favorites, like curly fries. He could tell something was weighing on her – she’d been so quiet on the flight home. She couldn’t help but think maybe she shouldn’t have left.

Devon asked why Amanda didn’t speak up before. He said they could’ve extended the trip, which was the plan before Imani showed up. Amanda said Imani did show up, and she insisted that she had everything under control. Amanda thought this was harder on Imani than she was willing to admit. He asked how Amanda felt. She was torn, because she wanted to stay, but she didn’t think they wanted her there. She said Naya, Eric and Imani had been this tight little family since Imani’s birth, and Amanda was practically a stranger. Amanda said if it weren’t for her Sutton wouldn’t be in prison.

Devon thought Sutton belonged in prison, and he thought Naya thought the same thing. Amanda knew that in her head, but it was different when you were sick and you missed your father. She said you didn’t just stop loving someone you loved your whole life. She felt that sometimes when Naya looked at her, she resented her. Devon didn’t notice that, but he thought that if this was the reason Amanda came home, she probably made a mistake.

Devon thought he could relate. When he found out Katherine was his grandmother, she was in the hospital just after having a stroke. That, plus her age should’ve made it clear he didn’t have a lot of time left with her, but he didn’t trust her, and that kept them from getting close until it was almost too late. Amanda said she trusted Naya, but she didn’t think Naya trusted her. Devon thought Naya made it clear she loved spending time with Amanda. He figured that Naya saw this as an opportunity to make up for lost time with Amanda. He thought that she should follow her heart and not let her assumptions keep her from doing what she needed to do.

Devon thought Amanda should spend as much time in Virginia as she wanted. She said she couldn’t because of the merger. He said she could let the legal team handle it and work remotely from Virginia. She asked what about their relationship – how could it survive being long distance. He said when he could, he’d be with her, and when he couldn’t, he’d miss her like crazy.

Elena surprised Nate at work, where he’d just put a folder on Lily’s desk. He’d been planning to pick her up from the airport, but she said she caught an earlier flight because she missed him. She put a lei around his neck and asked if he could get away from the office for a bit. He said he was due for a break. They kissed and left.

Elena and Nate went home and up to the bed room, where a love scene followed. Later, she rested her head on his chest, and he asked her about the conference. She shared details. He hoped someone recorded it. She was surprised that she wasn’t nervous on stage. She felt like she’d finally found her voice. He was proud, and he knew how it felt to feel like you were being heard and respected. She said all her attention had been splintered at the hospital, AskMDNow and the clinic, but now she felt like it was all coming together. She learned a lot at the conference and she was excited to share what she’d learned with her peers at the hospital. He had to get back to work. She hoped they could work together soon. She asked if Imani got her out of her contract. Nate was sure Imani didn’t have a chance to do that before she left to visit her mother. Elena asked if Amanda was out of town. Nate said she and Devon just returned. Elena wondered if Amanda could get her out of the contract – she thought it’d be better if Amanda helped. Nate said he was happy Elena came back early. He had to leave, but they agreed to meet up in bed again tonight. Alone in the room, Elena put the lei on Nate’s pillow, and arranged it into a heart.

Devon went to Lily’s office while on the phone with her. He said she and Billy were gone, and Nate wasn’t here, so he was the only one holding the company together. She wanted him to get a file, and while he was doing that, he saw the file Nate put on the desk. Devon ended the call and he was reading the file when Nate walked in. Devon wasn’t happy. The file showed that Nate had booked an artist to replace Tessa on tour without running it by Devon first. Devon had already booked this same artist on another tour on the same dates. Nate had actually run his plan by Devon earlier, and he mistakenly thought Devon had given him permission to do it. Nate thought they could easily find someone else to perform instead. Devon said they had two festivals promoting the same guy on the same weekend, and it made them look incompetent. He asked Nate to get PR on this right away.

Nate hoped Devon understood that this was just a miscommunication. Devon contended that this was the second time Nate overstepped authority and left Devon to do damage control. Nate was sorry. He really thought Devon had approved the plan. Devon didn’t want this to happen again. He said this was an important time for their company, and the competition would love to see them stumble. Devon had upcoming trips planned, so he didn’t have the time to be here every day and give Nate the supervision he needed. He thought it might be time to get Nate a mentor. Nate thought that Devon was overreacting. Amanda walked in and heard Nate say he was no intern who needed adult supervision like a kid fresh out of school.

Nate asked if Imani got any further terminating Elena’s contract. Amanda wasn’t sure, but she could check with Imani. Nate said he’d check, himself. He left. In the hall, Nate texted Imani and said he hoped her mother’s care was up to her standards. Imani texted back asking if Nate had time to talk. He called.

Faith got a bunch of balloons and a gift bag for Tessa and brought it to Crimson Lights. Sharon remarked that Faith was taking her sister in law duties seriously. Faith felt bad for Tessa. Sharon did too; she’d put together a care package. Faith knew Tessa’s surgery wasn’t as complicated as Faith’s transplant surgery, but Tessa’s entire career hinged on its success. Sharon told Faith to stay positive when Tessa arrived. At that moment, Tessa and Mariah came in. The procedure went great, according to Mariah, but Tessa was on complete vocal rest for the next few days, so she couldn’t talk, clear her throat or cough. Mariah said it meant she got to say sappy things to Tessa, and she couldn’t groan. Sharon suggested Mariah not tell jokes, because Tessa wasn’t supposed to laugh, either.

Faith got Tessa a whiteboard. Tessa texted that she loved it. Faith said Tessa could just use her phone, but she could be more expressive with the whiteboard. Tessa drew a heart on the board and held it up. Faith was sorry Tessa would miss her summer tour. Sharon asked when Tessa would be able to sing again. Mariah said Tessa would need to go to vocal therapy with a speech pathologist, then they could work on singing, but it was a gradual process. Faith said Tessa could still write music. Mariah said she’d be playing Tessa’s album a lot, because she couldn’t go months without hearing her wife’s beautiful singing voice. Mariah said the positive was that she and Tessa would virtually never argue again – no matter what she did, Tessa wouldn’t be able to yell at her, so she planned to get away with quite a bit. “Wanna bet?,” Tessa wrote, and everyone smiled.

Mariah returned after going upstairs with Tessa. She was resting now. Faith left because she had something to do with Moses. Kyle walked in. The friends caught up on each other’s lives – she told him about the surgery, and he told her about Ashland. He didn’t sleep much last night. He hated thinking about what Harrison’s life would look like right now if Kyle never found out he was Harrison’s father. Mariah said no what-ifs because it only brought pain. She thought it sounded like Diane was pretty helpful. He said Diane was great with Harrison, and it reminded Kyle of how she used to be with him. It hit him so hard that he told Harrison who Diane was. Mariah said that was a big step. Kyle thought Diane earned it.

Kyle said seeing Diane comforting Harrison this morning hit him on a level he couldn’t explain. Mariah noted that Kyle said it reminded him of the feelings he had for his mother at that age. She thought it also reminded him of how it felt to lose a parent. He agreed – he remembered the fear, confusion and shock. She said that the person who caused all that pain was back in his life and doing the right thing – comforting a heartbroken little boy. Kyle said there was no way Diane could erase what she put him through, but being there for Harrison was about as close as she could get.

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