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Recap written by Christine

Victor was happy to see Victoria back in her element. She said she was back on her game, and he didn’t have to worry about her anymore. Ashland was in the rearview mirror, and she was focused on moving the company forward. She wondered if he saw the conference video call with the division heads. He did, and he found it was very impressive. He fully supported her wanting to buy more companies, but he thought she should be careful. She’d carefully considered ever acquisition she wanted to make, and they were all good business. He wanted her to consult with him as she continued. She fully intended to, as he was her greatest counselor. Nick came in, and Victoria left for a meeting.

Victor asked what Nick thought of what Victoria was doing. Nick thought Victoria was strong and focused, but she was a little overzealous in her desire to remove any stain Ashland left on her or Newman. He understood though. He said Ashland humiliated Victoria more than once, and she got some payback by getting Victor’s money back, but she did love Ashland. Victor sighed that Victoria’s taste in men had always been her Achilles heel. Victor wished they’d been able to get Ashland out of town before his demise, but things were as they were. He was fine with Victoria proving herself.

Chance arrived for the meeting with Adam at the park. Chance, who was fed up with Adam fishing for information on Ashland’s death, said he was done playing games. The investigation was closed, Chance said, and he stated that Adam needed to move on. Adam couldn’t, because he saw incriminating evidence that Chance obviously chose to ignore. Adam said it’d look bad if it came out that Chance covered up a crime as a personal favor to his father in law.

Adam said this didn’t need to get adversarial, but he was curious why the DNA and fingerprint evidence wasn’t followed up on. Chance asked how Adam came by the information. Adam said maybe he found a police issued laptop on a bench. He didn’t think that was relevant how he came into the information, though. He knew Chance couldn’t be bought off, so he asked if Victor intimidated him into dropping the investigation. Chance stated that no one intimidated him, and he wasn’t going to be intimidated by Adam right now. Chance made a judgment call, and he stood by it. Adam thought it seemed like Chance lost his way. Chance said Adam was headed down a dangerous path.

Adam stated that he wasn’t anywhere near Ashland or his body the night he died. Chance said Adam knew what he was talking about. Chance was disappointed Adam was falling back into his self destructive ways in the name of vengeance. Chance said Adam alienated his family, pushed Sally away, saying he’d gotten his hands on a police issued laptop, and now he was threatening a cop who used to be his friend. “You hate your father that much?,” Chance asked. Adam said his father deserved to be punished for manipulating his family. He also maintained that the truth was important. He noted that Chance used to believe in the truth.

Adam showed up at Sally’s office. She wondered if she should call security. He said he was there to apologize. He said he shouldn’t have been so indirect with her. She said he’d been manipulative. She told him he wasn’t good at it, and she saw through it. He admitted he’d met his match with her. He was hoping things could be a little less hostile going forward. She didn’t think she was ever hostile. He agreed that was true. He suggested he and Sally understood each other deep down, regardless of what was being said. He still felt like she was the only one he could open up to. She appreciated that, and she said he could confide in her.

Adam stated that he was fortunate enough to stumble across a police report. Sally asked how one could stumble across a police report. He glossed over the answer to that question. He told her the police report included a lot of evidence against Victor that needed to come out, and Chance ignored. Sally was annoyed, because up until now, she thought Adam was being sincere and straightforward. She said he didn’t need a sympathetic ear, he needed help taking Victor down. She accused him of using their history to work her over again. He admitted he’d needed her to listen long enough for him to tell her what was going on. He said that didn’t change the fact that this was a goldmine of a story that could make a young media mogul’s career – he was going to give her this information and all she had to do was publish it.

Sally said if she published the story, it was the end of her career at Newman Media. Adam asked if Sally really wanted to work for a man who staged a car crash to cover up the fact that his favorite son killed his sister’s ex husband. Sally didn’t believe Nick would murder Ashalnd. Adam said it was an accident – Ashland was threatening Victoria. Sally knew Nick hit Ashland, but she thought it was as far as it went. Adam said apparently Nick inherited their dad’s boxing skills because one hit was all it took. Sally asked why Victor would cover up a clear cut case of self defense. Adam said the chess master couldn’t resist playing the game

He said this was all Victor – his siblings had nothing to do with it, and the story should reflect that. Adam thought this was a potentially award-winning story and other companies would be dying to hire her if she got fired. She was skeptical anyone would hire someone who went after their own boss. He thought people would respect her for doing the right thing. She wasn’t sure it was the right thing. He was adamant that Victor should face repercussions. Sally asked what about Chance. Adam gave Chance to opportunity to rectify this and he refused. She said Chance became someone else to throw under the bus in his battle against Victor, like he did with her. Adam countered that he didn’t toss Sally aside; he saved her job, and he protect her by keeping h+er out of the war he was about to start. She noted that he finally admitted the truth.

Now that Sally knew the truth, she didn’t know why she wanted to know. Adam said he didn’t want to hurt Sally. She said he couldn’t trust her enough to let her all the way in. He asked if she would’ve gone along with his plan or tried to talk him out of it. She didn’t see what difference it made now. He said she told him that their relationship was more important than this job, so he couldn’t take the risk. She contended that this meant he didn’t respect her priorities. He noted that she was afraid to publish his dad’s cover up because she might lose her job. He though that showed she realized being CEO was an opportunity of a lifetime. She thought he was being patronizing and smug. She asked if he expected her to thank him. He pointed out that she’d wanted the truth, but now she was mad at him for telling the truth. She’d thought the truth would bring closure, and she’d wanted to believe what they had was special. He was honest and said he thought it was special too. She once thought they could come back from this, but she didn’t think so anymore, because vengeance always came first for him. She said she never wanted his protection, she just wanted his trust, but he couldn’t risk losing his chance at vengeance by confiding in her. He wanted to say something, but she told him there was nothing he could say that would change anything. She understood he had one single goal – going after Victor. She thought it’d be his downfall. She bitterly thanked him for the scoop, but she made him no promises, because the days of doing what he wanted were over. She did what she wanted now. She left.

Sally went to Victoria’s office. Victoria thought the video conference went well. She asked if Sally was on board with the plan. Sally said she’d already started working on the things they discussed. Sally was there about Adam. Victoria asked if Sally was dating him again. Sally said that wasn’t happening. Sally stated that Adam claimed to have some information about Ashland’s death that wouldn’t show the Newmans in a favorable light. Victoria looked concerned, and she used the button to close the door. Sally said Adam wanted her to run a story on it. She noticed Victoria didn’t seem very surprised. Victoria had dealt with her brother long enough to expect him to attack sooner or later. Sally was sorry. Victoria said if Adam risked showing his hand, he was being careless – either he wanted the information to be out there, or he was so wounded he didn’t care anymore.

Victoria thanked Sally for the heads up and said it wouldn’t be forgotten. Victoria didn’t think Sally should trust anything Adam said anymore, because he was out for revenge and willing to use anyone to get what he wanted. Victoria asked where Sally left things. Sally said she thanked Adam, called him a bastard for what he put her through and didn’t mention that she was taking this news to Victoria. Victoria asked if Sally turned down the proposition to publish the story. Sally said she was pretty adamant about it in the moment, but she didn’t say the exact words. Victoria said if Sally didn’t shoot down the idea completely, this might be useful.

Chance ran into Nick at Crimson Lights on the patio and told him that Adam had the police report.

Victor and Nick tracked Adam down at Society and sat down at his table. Both stared at Adam with serious expressions. Nick said they knew Adam had come across some information. Adam asked them to be more specific. Nick told Adam to cut the crap and tell them what he wanted. Nick asked if Adam wanted to be CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor said that wasn’t going to happen. Adam said Victor yanked the CEO seat from him again, and this time he didn’t even have the job. He inferred that Victor liked to toy with him. Victor thought Adam knew that wasn’t true. Victor said no matter how far he and Adam had come, Adam always managed to dredge up something to make himself the victim, when in reality, Adam was the one making the threats. Adam said he didn’t threaten anyone – yet. Victor said he took a risk and protected Adam’s siblings, just as he protected Adam when he accidentally killed AJ Montalvo. “You didn’t save me. You ruined me,” Adam contended. Victor and Nick thought Adam had come to terms with that. Adam asked if Nick came to terms with all the ways Victor protected him. He asked how Nick was coming to terms with taking a man’s life. Adam said Nick was a grown man, not a little kid. Adam told Nick those feelings weren’t going to go away. Things still triggered the memory in Adam, and he’d feel guilt and shame and he’d wonder if he really killed AJ on accident or if he meant to kill him. Adam said Nick would deal with that for the rest of his life. Adam didn’t want Victoria’s job, maybe he just wanted to see justice be served. Victor told Adam he was playing a dangerous game. Adam left.

Devon and Nate were outside of Lily’s office, both offering to step back to let the other enter first. Lily urged them to both come in. She wanted to have a chat and make sure they were all on the same page. Nate had something important to discuss, but he asked if they should wait for Billy. Lily said Billy wouldn’t be joining them, because he was wrapping up his final podcast. Devon thought Billy and Chelsea had found a groove. Lily said it was Billy’s choice, and she was glad. Nate had done some research about what it’d take to run their own music festival, and it was promising.

Devon said that running a music festival wasn’t the right move right now. Nate protested that Devon hadn’t even seen the research. Devon didn’t need to see it to know it’d take up a lot of their cash. Lily knew it’d take a significant amount of capital, but she thought the idea was interesting. Devon thought so too, and he’d said as much when Lily pitched it to him. He said Chancellor Winters was a new company, and they needed to save their money for any bumps in the road that they encountered instead of pouring it into starting a music festival from scratch. Nate thought that stance was unnecessarily defensive and too conservative, but he conceded it was Devon’s call. Nate had somewhere to be, so he left.

Devon said his opposition to the music festival had nothing to do with the issues between him and Nate. He said he’d also told Lily he was concerned it’d stretch the company too thin. She agreed, but she also said he’d suggested they explore it more, and that was exactly what Nate did. She asked if he could at least look at the data. He said he would. He was adamant that this wasn’t an attack on Nate – it was just business. The company was stable, and Devon wanted to keep it that way instead of risking it all by exceeding their grasp.

At Society, Nate told Elena that Devon just couldn’t help himself. If Nate said A, Devon said B. it was frustrating because Nate couldn’t figure out why Devon was being so antagonistic. Elena didn’t understand why Nate was so angry. Nate said he’d been looking forward to this new chapter – joining the family business was going to be his second act, but it was just trouble and conflict. Elena said maybe Nate should just walk away. He wasn’t ready to do that. He made a commitment to his family. He asked where he’d go if he walked away. She suggested medicine. He said he’d closed that door. He wanted a career at Chancellor Winters. It was off to a rocky start, but he wasn’t giving up.

At the recording studio, Billy pulled out of the kiss Chelsea planted on him and said he was sorry if he gave her the wrong impression. Chelsea was apologetic and said she didn’t know what came over her. He said it was okay. She wanted to pretend this never happened, and she began to record the podcast. The theme was goodbyes. Chelsea mentioned that this wasn’t the first time she and Billy said goodbye. He didn’t think they had to get into that. Chelsea thought the audience would be intrigued to know she and Billy were an item once upon a time. Billy said it was a long time ago. He said when there was a goodbye, there was a loss, but there were also new beginnings. Chelsea stared sadly at Billy as he said goodbye to the audience.

After the recording, Billy asked if he and Chelsea were okay, and she said they were. She didn’t want to bring this up again. He said they’d been so great at being open and honest on and off air that he wasn’t sure this was the way to handle it. She said it was. She wished him the best of luck at his COO position. He said he’d send the recording equipment to her. She didn’t want to do the podcast without him. It wouldn’t be the same. He asked what she’d do next. She wasn’t sure.

Billy went to Lily’s office. She was there alone. He told Lily he and Chelsea got their wires crossed, and she kissed him, but he set her straight. He thought Chelsea was feeling lonely. Lily asked if she should be concerned. He said it reinforced his decision to leave the podcast. He said Chelsea might feel lost – he understood that because he felt lost before Lily came into his life. He asked what he’d missed as COO. She told him about the meeting and tension between Devon and Nate. Billy saw Devon’s point. Lily saw Nate and Devon’s point, but she thought a festival was a good idea.

Chloe ran into Chelsea at Crimson Lights. Chelsea had a hard day and didn’t have the energy to get into it with Chloe. Chloe just wanted to talk. Chelsea didn’t want to go into detail, but she messed up and she felt stupid. Chloe was sorry things had been strained between them. Chloe still loved Chelsea and was there for her. Chelsea said it felt like she couldn’t catch a break lately. There was nothing anyone could do to help.

Adam and Chelsea both ended up at the park, and they saw each other.

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