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Chad goes to see Sonny at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny says this was too big of a deal to go over on the phone, but he needs his help. Chad jokes with him not to ask him to get back in bed with Leo.

Leo is at the Bistro, on the phone talking about Craig’s proposal and says there is nothing that bitch can do about it. Leo says he’ll call back and hangs up as Craig arrives. Craig asks who he was speaking with. Leo says it was an old friend that he was sharing the good news with. Leo asks how it went with the lawyer. Craig tells him that all looks good, so he and Nancy will be signing their divorce papers tonight.

Brady and Chloe go to the Brady Pub to see Nancy. Nancy didn’t expect to see them as she’s waiting for Justin and Craig to sign the divorce papers. Chloe is relieved that they are not too late to stop it as she declares that Nancy cannot sign those divorce papers.

Xander lays in bed with his tablet, looking up suits for his wedding and complaining that they are expensive. Maggie then arrives at his door. Xander asks if everything is okay. Maggie asks if he’s alone. Xander confirms that he is because Gwen had somewhere important to be…

Abigail walks in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion, surprised to find Gwen inside. Abigail asks what she wants.

Maggie tells Xander that she just wanted to see how he was holding up because she knows how difficult the whole ordeal with Sarah has been on him. Xander asks how Maggie is doing. Maggie says seeing Sarah like this breaks her heart. Xander is sorry for both of them. Maggie knows it has to hurt Xander too since he’s been in love with Sarah for a long time. Xander thinks part of him always will be, even if she believes she’s a little girl who dreams of marrying Eric. Maggie recalls Sarah having the biggest crush on Eric when they were kids. Maggie assures Xander that he is the only man in Sarah’s life that she ever truly loved. Xander says he needs to tell Maggie something. Xander then announces that he and Gwen are getting married next week.

Gwen hopes she’s not interrupting Abigail’s evening. Abigail says she’s not as Chad is out and she just put the kids to bed. Gwen mentions missing the kids. Abigail asks what this is about as she doesn’t like Gwen talking about her kids. Gwen acknowledges that they are her niece and nephew. Abigail questions where this is going. Gwen talks about being deceptive and vengeful when she first came to Salem and she since realized what a huge mistake that was. Gwen says all she wants is for all of them to be closer as a family. Abigail tells her to just spit it out. Gwen then reveals that she wants Abigail to be her matron of honor.

Sonny laughs about Leo offering Chad as a gift to Craig. Chad says he was horrified. Sonny asks about Craig’s reaction to seeing Leo and Chad naked in bed. Sonny continues joking about their potential threesome. Chad asks why Sonny called him. Sonny assures it’s nothing to bust Leo again. Sonny needs his help on something totally different. Sonny asks Chad whether or not he should let Victor uproot his entire life. Sonny informs Chad that Victor wants him to step back in as CEO of Titan. Chad asks what about Sonny’s startup as they just went public six months ago. Sonny says that Victor said his brothers can handle it. Chad argues that the company means everything to them and they started it in his mom’s memory. Chad asks what about Will’s job and Arianna’s school. Sonny says he told Victor that he has an entire life back in Phoenix. Chad guesses Victor doesn’t give a damn and reminds Sonny of what happened the last time he was CEO of Titan. Sonny states that last time, the infamous Leo Stark almost ruined his entire family.

Leo is excited about Craig signing his divorce papers and that their wedding will be full steam ahead. Craig is happy but doesn’t think Leo needs to call Nancy names, as he reveals he heard him on the phone saying there’s nothing that bitch can do about it. Leo reveals that he wasn’t talking about Nancy but there’s only so much he can take without being hurt or angry. Leo admits he was talking about Chloe.

Nancy tells Chloe that they have to face reality that Craig is gay and their marriage is over. Chloe says she has accepted reality and that Craig needs to move on, but Leo is going to ruin his life. Nancy asks why she should care about that. Chloe argues that Craig is going to get hurt. Brady adds that Craig could lose everything, he could end up jobless, homeless, and if Leo is desperate enough, he could lose his life. Chloe says they are not trying to scare Nancy, but Craig really does need her help. Nancy asks what they want her to do. Brady and Chloe ask Nancy to stall the divorce long enough for them to come up with a way to stop Craig from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Maggie asks Xander if he’s sure that marrying Gwen is what he really wants. Xander responds that he does love her. Maggie asks if he loves Gwen as much as he loved Sarah, but apologizes and says she shouldn’t have asked that. Xander says what he and Gwen share is different than what he had with Sarah. Xander talks about Sarah being far out of his league but he was determined to prove his love for her. Xander adds that Sarah inspired him to try and be a better man and she gave him hope, but when she left, he lost that hope. Xander talks about Gwen spending her whole life feeling unwanted when she just wants to feel accepted and valued. Xander says he related and it made him care so much that he came to love her deeply. Maggie brings up all the damage Gwen has caused. Xander doesn’t condone that but he understands it and says they were there for each other during the darkest times of their lives.

Gwen informs Abigail that her and Xander are getting married in a week. Abigail is shocked. Gwen asks why since she knew they were engaged. Abigail figured Xander would dump Gwen and go back to Sarah. Gwen admits that she expected the same thing and it might have happened if Sarah went back to her right mind. Abigail understands Xander wanting to move on with his life but questions why Gwen wants her of all people to stand up for her at her wedding.

Chad tells Sonny that he’d love to have his best friends back in town but questions if he really wants to be mixed up at Titan again. Sonny says he doesn’t know so Chad tells him they will do pros and cons. Sonny says a pro is that he’d be helping Victor while Chad points out the con is that he’d have to deal with Victor 24/7. Sonny points out that Arianna would be closer to her mother while Chad points out that Gabi is CEO of DiMera so they’d be going up against her. Sonny notes that he wouldn’t be going up against Chad at least. Chad assures that he plans on getting his job back. Sonny says they’d be in full on corporate warfare. Chad warns that he wouldn’t go easy on him just because he’s his best friend. Sonny responds that Chad would be the one begging for mercy. Chad says that sounds like a challenge, so he asks if he’s going to take Victor up on his offer.

Xander tells Maggie that if he knew the truth that Sarah was kidnapped then he would’ve moved heaven and earth to bring her home. Xander is thankful that Sarah is safe now. Maggie is grateful for that and worries that Sarah could’ve been lost to them forever if not for Xander and Abigail. Maggie cries that she still might be. Xander feels like he’s abandoning her and Sarah when they need him the most. Maggie tells him not to do that to himself as he needs to try to find happiness with Gwen because Sarah would’ve wanted that. Xander says he’s there if she needs anything. Maggie doesn’t want him to have any regrets and says if anyone should feel guilty about abandoning Sarah, it’s her.

Gwen understands why Abigail would be skeptical about her request, given their history. Abigail says the last time they spoke, she accused her of being Ava’s accomplice and that she intended to prove that Gwen was the one who knocked her out at the airfield. Gwen repeats that she had nothing to do with her kidnapping. Abigail says the problem with that is that she’ll never believe another word out of her mouth. Abigail asks what happened to Gwen hating her guts. Gwen claims she absolutely does not. Abigail argues that it wasn’t that long ago that Gwen accused her of only wanting to find Sarah to cause problems between Gwen and Xander. Abigail asks if she just stopped believing that all of a sudden. Gwen doesn’t answer so Abigail asks why Gwen is asking her to stand up for her at her wedding. Gwen responds that it’s because of their father as Jack has been trying to broker peace between them since learning she’s his daughter. Gwen adds that Xander has now asked Jack to be his best man, so she thought it would be wonderful if Jack could come to her wedding and see his two daughters acting like sisters. Gwen knows they got off to a very rocky start and she doesn’t see the wedding as a magical reconciliation, but she does see it as an opportunity for them to just move closer. Gwen says if they keep going with that slowly, they might have a chance of being real sisters in a real family. Gwen calls that the only thing she’s ever wanted. Gwen asks Abigail to be her matron of honor and to do it for Jack, if not for her. Abigail reluctantly agrees and asks what’s the worst that could happen.

Chad tells Sonny that maybe with them in charge, they could figure out a way for DiMera and Titan to peacefully co-exist. Sonny feels Victor doesn’t want peace, he wants to bring DiMera to it’s knees. Chad acknowledges that Stefano would want him to grind Titan in to dust. Chad asks Sonny if he’s any closer to making his decision. Sonny says not even a little bit. Chad says he’s glad he could help then. Sonny assures that it always helps to talk to him, but he just needs to talk it over with Will and then he’ll have some clarity. Chad tells him to let him know how it all shakes out. Chad asks if Sonny is giving up on trying to get Craig to see the light. Sonny says he’s still holding out hope that Craig will finally come to his senses.

Leo apologizes to Craig for trash talking Chloe, but says he’s angry at the lengths she and her friends went to in order to break them up. Craig says he’s angry about it too, but she’s his daughter and he loves her which will never change so he better find a way to get along with her. Leo says he’ll do his part if she will do hers. Craig talks about Chloe being a very caring, protective, and supportive person who just found out her dad is gay and is divorcing her mom, so he understands her being thrown. Leo admits he could be more empathetic and says maybe Chloe will be more accepting after Craig and Nancy sign the divorce papers. Leo says he can’t wait for their wedding. Craig says he has to go and he loves him as they kiss. Craig then exits. Leo declares that it won’t be long before he’s married to medicine.

Nancy questions Brady and Chloe wanting her to refuse to sign the divorce papers until they dig up enough dirt on Leo to convince Craig to dump him. Brady and Chloe insist that there has to be something they don’t know about Leo that will open up Craig’s eyes to what’s really going on. Nancy argues that Craig already knows about the blackmail, the jewelry heist, and prostitution, so nothing will be enough to open his eyes. Nancy declares that Craig made his bed with Leo Stark, so now he can lie in it. Chloe apologizes for putting her on the spot. Nancy understands how much she loves her father, but she promised Craig an easy divorce if he kept Marlena on at the hospital, so if she refuses to sign the papers now then he will fire Marlena. Justin arrives and greets them. Justin asks if Chloe and Brady are joining them. Brady says they were just leaving. Chloe wishes Nancy luck as they exit the Pub. Justin sits with Nancy and asks how she’s doing. Nancy says she’ll be better when they get this over with. Justin says he has all the papers and just needs the signatures. Craig arrives and apologizes for being late. Craig mentions seeing Chloe and Brady outside. Nancy says they came by for moral support. Justin declares that they should get started.

Maggie tells Xander that it’s all her fault for trusting Sarah’s mental health to Dr. Rolf. Xander argues that she didn’t because she wanted the drug to go through proper safety trials. Maggie blames Anna and plans to press charges against her, but right now her focus has to be on Sarah and getting her in the best long term care facility possible. Xander asks if it’s really come to that. Maggie is afraid it has and reveals that she’s taking Sarah to the clinic in Florida where Abigail was taken after Gwen drugged her.

Gwen hugs Abigail and thanks her. Chad walks in and questions what the hell this is. Gwen says she will let Abigail fill her husband in on the very good news because she has a million things to do. Gwen then exits the mansion. Chad questions Abigail hugging Gwen. Abigail reveals that she just agreed to be Gwen’s matron of honor for her wedding. Chad thought Xander was going to wait to see if Sarah got better. Abigail says he was, but apparently there’s no hope of that happening, so it looks like Sarah might be lost to them forever.

Xander tells Maggie that Abigail did really well and made a complete recovery. Maggie points out that Sarah’s prognosis is not as hopeful, but she has to do whatever she can. Maggie hopes the place can find a way to help her somehow. Xander asks how long she will be in Florida. Maggie says until Sarah is settled in. Xander wishes her luck and asks her to tell him how it goes. Maggie says she’s sorry that Xander won’t be her son in law but she still cares about him and hopes that Gwen makes him happy. Xander hugs her and thanks her. Xander encourages Maggie to take care of herself as she then exits the room.

Leo gets back on the phone and says he’s sorry he had to hang up so quickly before, but Craig just went to go sign the divorce papers. Leo declares that nothing and no one can stop this wedding now as Brady and Chloe arrive.

Gwen returns home to Xander and mentions seeing Maggie on her way in, so she asks if something happened to Sarah. Xander reveals that Maggie is taking Sarah to Florida for long term care. Gwen tells Xander that she’s so sorry. Xander calls it tragic. Gwen encourages that with help and the proper support, Sarah might be able to lead a somewhat normal life. Xander asks how it went with Abigail. Gwen reveals that Abigail agreed to be her matron of honor. Xander excitedly tells her that he’s so happy for her and talks about all the progress that Gwen has made. Xander hopes Gwen is as proud as he is of how far she’s come.

Chad talks about how Abigail thinks Gwen is a criminal and Gwen thinks Abigail is trying to sabotage her life, but Gwen asked Abigail to stand up for her at her wedding and Abigail actually said yes. Abigail explains that Gwen went on about the importance of family and how much it would mean to Jack so it got to her. Chad feels that she guilted her in to it and suggests Abigail call Gwen and tell her that she changed her mind.

Leo hangs up with his friend Jackie, saying that his soon to be stepdaughter and her boyfriend just showed up. Chloe questions him calling her his stepdaughter and feels that’s presumptious. Leo calls it inevitable since her parents are signing their divorce papers as they speak. Leo knows they got off on the wrong foot. Chloe calls that an understatement. Leo understands they won’t have a relationship but he’s willing to try to get along for Craig’s sake. Leo offers to buy them all a drink. Brady tells Chloe that he has to get to the Kiriakis Mansion to say goodbye to Maggie before she leaves with Sarah for Florida. Leo insists on one quick drink and asks Chloe what she wants along with a sparkling cider for Brady. Chloe agrees to a Cosmo.

Justin asks Craig if his attorney reviewed the document. Craig confirms that she did and said it was all pretty standard. Nancy takes offense to him summing up their long relationship as pretty standard. Craig apologizes for it coming out like that. Nancy cries to just get this over with and asks Justin for a pen. Nancy then signs the divorce papers and hands it over to Craig.

Leo tells Craig and Brady that the drinks are on him and pulls out Craig’s credit card which Chloe questions. Leo explains that Craig said he could use it as they will be married soon, so what’s his is Craig’s and what’s Craig’s will be his.

Chad wants Abigail to call Gwen and tell her that she changed her mind. Abigail points out that she already agreed. Chad complains that she pressured her into it. Abigail admits she truly believes Gwen loves Xander. Abigail says it breaks her heart that Sarah is so badly damaged but she has to at least try to respect that Xander and Gwen make each other happy, even though it’s so strange that they are together. Chad says speaking of strange, he went to the prison to see Dr. Rolf before his meeting with Sonny and Rolf says he has no idea what went wrong as the antidote should’ve worked. Abigail remarks that it certainly seemed to work out for Gwen.

Xander and Gwen talk about getting married. Gwen asks if he had any luck with a tuxedo but Xander says he couldn’t find one in their budget. Gwen says she’ll help him when she gets back. Xander points out that she just got home, so he questions where she is running off to now. Gwen says she’s going to the bakery to get them started on their wedding cake immediately. Xander thinks it could wait until the morning but Gwen says they only have a few days to pull this altogether, as she wants everything perfect for their big day. They kiss and say they love each other. Gwen then exits.

Abigail states that if the drug worked properly, Sarah would have been back to herself and probably would’ve gotten back with Xander so Gwen would be out in the cold. Chad guesses Gwen lucked out. Abigail mentions Maggie taking Sarah to the clinic in Florida. Abigail hopes they can do for Sarah what they did for her. Chad says he will call Maggie to offer help in navigating the place. Chad decides he’s going to play with the kids before bed. Abigail says he’s too late as they are already sound asleep. Chad suggests maybe they can have a play date of their own then as they kiss. Abigail asks what he had in mind. Chad suggests naked hide and go seek which Abigail calls interesting as they continue kissing. Abigail then runs upstairs. Chad shouts that he’s counting to ten and then coming to find her as he starts to undress.

Craig signs the divorce papers and guesses that’s it. Justin says he will file them in the morning and get copies to them as soon as possible. Nancy thanks Justin for everything. Justin then exits the Pub. Nancy guesses she should get going too. Nancy says goodbye to Craig and wishes him luck because if everything she heard about Leo is true, he’s going to need it. Nancy goes to leave but Craig stops her and asks if she would consider staying for one last drink with him for old times sake.

Sonny finishes a call with Will as Brady arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny informs Brady that Maggie is upstairs packing for her and Sarah. Brady hates that Maggie has to leave town under these circumstances. Sonny hopes the clinic can get them the help they need. Sonny then asks if there’s any more news on Leo Stark. Brady informs him that Craig and Nancy are signing their divorce papers tonight and Craig is going to marry Leo as soon as possible. Sonny complains about Craig being clueless. Brady tells him about Leo gloating on the phone about his victory to someone named Jackie. Sonny recognizes the name as Jackie Cox, a drag queen who he met in Phoenix and was Leo’s partner in crime.

Gwen runs in to Leo in the town square and they recognize each other. Gwen acknowledges Leo as his real name “Matty Cooper” and they both excitedly ask the other what they are doing in Salem.

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