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Recap written by Christine

Victoria, Nick and Nikki were at the Newman office talking about the successful press conference. They touched on Adam’s absence, and Victoria said she guessed he was serious about walking away from the company. They talked about Newman Media. Nick thought, as Victoria previously said, that the company needed strong leadership. He said Sally didn’t have experience, and Adam would be pulling her strings, even though he said they broke up. Nikki didn’t hear about the breakup. She theorized that Adam just pretended to break up with Sally so they’d keep her on as CEO of the division. Victoria wanted to handle this as soon as possible. Nikki had a meeting to get to, so she left with the expectation that Nick and Victoria would be firing Sally.

Sally was relieved when Adam walked into her office. She tried to hug him, but he pushed her away. He revealed that he never went to Chicago. Instead he’d spent time thinking about the latest mind game Victor pulled on him, and he went over every move and counter-move they’d made. Sally asked why Adam didn’t tell her that or use her as a sounding board. He said he needed to be alone and he needed time to understand why he allowed himself to be manipulated into believing Victor believed in him. “He dangled the CEO position in front of me. I fell for it. Twice,” Adam said. Sally didn’t think Adam should beat himself up for trusting Victor. Adam was questioning everything he’d done since he came back to this town – everything he’d done to infuriate Victor, undermine his trust and question Adam’s fitness for the job. “I realized you are the reason I am on the outside. You are standing between me and everything that I want,” Adam stated.

Sally contended that Adam should blame his family, not her. She said she stood by him and believed in him. He said she sabotaged Victor’s granddaughter, she was despised by Victor’s inner circle, and she nearly sabotaged the Newman Media launch. She argued that Victor had accepted her and maybe even respected her a little – if he didn’t, she wouldn’t still have a job here. Adam said this made Victor stop respecting him. Adam didn’t deny Sally’s talent, but he said that having her as a fixture in his life cost him everything. She was near tears and asked why he was being so cruel. He said he was being honest. She thought he sounded crazy. He countered that the crazy thing was that he’d ever made the choice to be with her at all.

Adam sighed that he should’ve listened to his father and taken him seriously when he said Sally was bad news. Adam stated that Victor had a lot more concerns than Adam had let on. Sally asked why Adam hid this from her. He said he did it to spare her feelings. Adam said in time, Victor stopped raising objections, but he’d found another way to make his feelings known – by refusing to consider Adam a potential rightful heir of Newman Enterprises. Adam said he’d deluded himself into thinking he could prove himself worthy to Victor, but Victor’s mind was already made up, because Adam was with Sally. Sally didn’t buy any of this. “You don’t give a damn what your father thinks about me,” she argued. He told her that he cared about the consequences. He said this was who he was. He knew Sally had come into this with her eyes wide open, since she read Billy’s expose on Adam.

Sally said Adam told her he loved her and showed his love in ways that were impossible to fake. “I’m not saying that I didn’t love you. I’m just saying that I didn’t love you enough,” he replied. Wiping a tear, Sally reminded Adam he’d told her she was what he always needed, and she knew he was telling the truth. She asked how he could pretend he didn’t care. Sally theorized that Adam was embarking on an insane attempt to protect her from Victor and Victoria. “If you are distancing yourself from me so I can keep my job, I don’t want it. I don’t want it, not like this. You mean more to me,” she said. She told him that he could drop the act, and she’d forgive him.

Adam wasn’t interested in forgiveness, because there was no future for him and Sally. He said he didn’t want her in his life anymore. His priority was to regain his father’s respect and regaining respect for himself. He said he hated what his relationship with her cost him, and more than that, he hated what it turned him into. He said he’d become someone who griped that his daddy mistreated him. He wondered how he expected anyone to take him seriously like that. He said he had to get away from her and get back to being the kind of man who took what he wanted. He said whatever momentary pleasure he got from rubbing her in everyone’s face and whatever glee he derived from being with her, it wasn’t worth it. She said everyone was right about him – he was a self-serving bastard. He said she got a CEO job out of the deal, if she could hang onto it. She told him to go to hell. Adam left, and in the hallway, he looked upset. Victoria and Nick ran into Adam in the hallway. He said Sally was having a hard time accepting that they were through, and he’d hate to see her lose her job on top of everything. He said she was a loyal hard worker, and they should give her a chance.

Sally dried her tears when she heard the knock on the door. She showed Nick and Victoria in. she said she’d heard this so many times – this was the part where they told her it wasn’t working. She thought they were going to cast aside her potential and what she was currently accomplishing, because they just wanted to play the game. She thought they were so busy swapping out nameplates in the executive suite that they were unaware of what she’d accomplished here. She felt she’d earned the right to be judged on her own achievements regardless of her relationship with Adam. She said she’d worked night and day studying the history of the company and reimagining its future. She’d established a clear mission statement and she was building contacts that mattered, and it was having an impact, not that any of the Newmans were paying attention. She continued her passionate speech about the changes she’d made and her future ideas for the company. While fighting tears and referencing her personal life, she said this had this had been one of the greatest opportunities of her life, and she’d really miss the office, among other things. She asked them to get this over with so she could pack up her things and get out of their hair. Nick pulled Victoria aside for a private talk in the hallway.

Nick was impressed with Sally. Victoria said Sally was scrambling to keep her job. Nick thought that you could see what a person was really made of when their back was against the wall. He said the job meant everything to Sally. He also felt that Sally had good ideas and her vision was what they were looking for. Back inside he office, Sally picked up her nameplate and cried.

Jack and Ashley were at Society. She said his granddaughter was a star in the lab. A proud Jack said Allie was Keemo’s daughter. Ashley said Allie was smart and intuitive like her father. Jack missed out with Keemo, and having Allie here was a dream come true. Jack said no special favors for Allie though. Ashley said Allie had made it clear that she didn’t want special treatment because she was an Abbott. Ashley wanted to know why Jack and Phyllis weren’t joined at the hip anymore. She was convinced Phyllis did something.

Jack said Phyllis lured him into a romantic assignation at her hotel, then she contrived to have Diane see what Jack foolishly thought was an intimate moment. Jack said what he thought was a giant step in his relationship with Phyllis, she saw as an opportunity to send Diane a message. He didn’t want Ashley to let this fuel her animosity toward Phyllis. Ashley asked why Phyllis couldn’t have seen that event as a giant step in the relationship and an opportunity to send Diane a message. Phyllis was not Ashley’s favorite person, but they all knew what Diane was capable of, so it made sense that Phyllis would want to set some boundaries.

Jack thought Ashley was telling him to forgive Phyllis. Ashley said she was the last person who’d defend what Phyllis did to him. However, when Jack got back from LA, she saw a light in his eye that she hadn’t seen in a long time. He said it was because he found out about Allie. She was sure that was part of it, but she also got the feeling that he’d been falling back in love with Phyllis while they were in LA. He said Ashley was right, and that made Phyllis’ betrayal more painful. Ashley understood that, and in any other circumstance, she’d agree, but she thought Phyllis deserved another chance. She said that when it came to fighting Diane, all bets were off, and she reminded him that he used to know that.

If things were so great with you and Phyllis why did she feel that she had the need to let Diane know where things stood with you?,” Ashley asked. Jack said he couldn’t fathom why Phyllis did the things she did, but Ashley said that wasn’t true. She said he knew Phyllis acted out when she felt wronged. He wanted to drop this, and she said no. ashley said Jack was clearly on the road to forgiving Diane, after all the horrible things she’d done, yet he wouldn’t forgive Phyllis. Ashley conceded that Phyllis did something twisted, but she said Phyllis did it to protect her relationship with Jack. Ashley thought Jack’s feelings for Diane were a lot more complicated than he was letting on.

Jack contended that what was going on between him and Phyllis had nothing to do with Diane. “You cannot possibly be that dumb,” Ashley replied. She didn’t spend much time with Jack, but she could see he had complicated feelings for Diane. She suggested it was compassion because of Kyle and Harrison. Jack said he was just trying to be fair. Ashley told Jack to imagine how Phyllis felt seeing Jack bend over backward for someone she despised and did horrible things to her. Jack said he was doing this for Kyle. He felt that Diane deserved to know her son, given how she handled everything that had been thrown at her since she returned. Ashley was adamant that Diane was not Jack’s friend. Jack said that Phyllis had a penchant for self-sabotage. He’d given Phyllis many chances, and he couldn’t go through this again. He insisted that Ashley drop this. He saw that she needed the last word, so he told her to go ahead. She said that things with Diane were never as simple as they seemed. He saw a dejected Adam walk in and decided to go check on him. Ashley grumbled about Jack’s need to befriend every pariah in town. She said he was way too forgiving, except when it came to Phyllis.

Ashley left. Jack joined Adam, who said he wasn’t in the mood for company. Jack said that was why he was staying. He knew that look on Adam’s face, and he’d been there himself. Jack saw the press conference. He hoped that Victoria was right about Adam moving on to other ventures. Adam said he understood Jack’s feud with Victor – Victor was relentless. “You think he’s doing one thing and in reality he’s doing something completely different. By the time you catch up, he’s just changed the rules,” Adam said. Jack congratulated Adam for catching on. Adam said you’d think Victor would learn there was only so far you could push a man before he pushed back. Jack noted that this wasn’t the first time Victor did something like this. Adam said it was different this time, and there was no going back. Jack didn’t want Adam to give in to his worst impulses, like Victor would expect him to. Ashland was shown stewing in his jail cell, while Adam’s voice over said it would be pointless for him to go after his father. “I am the last person that he needs to worry about,” Adam said.

Allie and Noah were at Crimson Lights. He said she’d been exactly what she needed, and she stuck around and listened while he figured out the New Hope thing. He was sure most people would’ve told him to shut up. Allie said Noah was about to seriously disappoint his father, and those things had to be handled carefully. He was bothered that she said that, but she felt she was helping him. She said that by pointing out the worst thing that could happen, it would build his immunity to it. She said his father was kind, understanding and laid back, but this wouldn’t be an easy conversation. He joked that he could bring her along and let her blurt out the secret. She said most of the time she was a vault. She wasn’t sure why she blurted out the secret to his sister and her wife earlier. He suggested that he made her nervous, due to his devilish good looks or his unique humor. She joked that she was afraid he’d make a joke, and she’d have to laugh in pity.

Allie was sorry for telling Mariah and Tessa. He said it was fine, since he wanted Mariah and Tessa’s opinion almost as much as he wanted hers. She didn’t think she should get credit for that, since he made the decision on his own. He told her to take the compliment and live in the moment. Phyllis approached and told Allie and Noah how cute they were. Phyllis then gushed over Allie getting a job at Jabot. Phyllis said she was once CEO of Jabot, and she could give Allie some insight into how things run over there. Phyllis wanted to chat right now, but Noah made up a flimsy excuse about he and Allie having a “thing” they had to get to. Allie went with it and they walked off. Diane walked up and commented that Phyllis could really clear a room.

We both know that Noah and Allie didn’t have a thing to go to. They’re trying to get away from you,” Diane said. She theorized that Allie picked up on Phyllis’s plan to befriend her in hopes that Allie would talk her up to Jack. Phyllis denied doing that. Diane said it wasn’t a good look for Phyllis to use Jack’s granddaughter. Phyllis said she just said hi to Allie. Diane said Phyllis dug a hole for herself. Phyllis refused to play Diane’s game. Diane said Phyllis toyed with Jack to make a point to Diane. Phyllis considered those fighting words. Diane asked if Phyllis was accusing her of breaking their peace treaty. Phyllis sarcastically said Diane would never do that. Phyllis thought Diane was being paranoid to accuse her of plotting by talking to Allie. Diane said it was a shame Phyllis screwed up the relationship with Jack that was so important to her. Diane crowed about getting closer to Kyle and Harrison. She mentioned her job and said she, Kyle, Jack and Summer were part of the big Jabot family.

Diane said her life was in such a good place that she didn’t want things to be adversarial with her and Phyllis. Diane said that Phyllis needed to accept that she was a permanent fixture. Phyllis countered that things didn’t last forever. Nikki walked up and called Diane delusional for thinking she was a permanent fixture. Diane was pleased she could bring together two women who despised each other. Nikki and Phyllis agreed that Diane’s confidence was going to cause her to let her guard down. Diane said she enjoyed being the center of attention.

Ashley walked up and joined Phyllis and Nikki in sniping about Diane. Phyllis said Diane pretended to be a doting grandmother. Diane smiled and said Harrison called her Dee Dee. Ashley predicted that when Harrison grew up and learned who Diane really was, he’d become the object of her machinations, just like Kyle. All three were convinced Diane would ruin her relationship with Harrison. Diane had to go, but she said she’d give their love to Kyle, Summer and Jack. After Diane left, the three remaining ladies agreed that something needed to be done about Diane. They lamented that Diane was getting a free pass by Kyle, Michael and Jack. They all felt that Diane was using Kyle to get to Jack. They rattled off Diane’s misdeeds – she framed Phyllis for arson, and she slept with Ashley’s fiance then blackmailed her, and she framed Nikki for murder. Phyllis wondered if the three of them ould do something about Diane. Phyllis wasn’t sure since they couldn’t stand to be in the same room with each other. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Nikki replied. “At least temporarily,” Ashley said. They decided to pool their talents and get Diane out of their lives forever.

Allie and Noah went to the Abbott house. She was grateful he got her out of the conversation with Phyllis. She said Phyllis was trying to use her to get more information about Jack and the other Abbotts. She thought there was some kind of drama going on. He thought that was guaranteed if Phyllis was involved. He likened Phyllis to a force of nature, like an earthquake or forest fire. He said Phyllis didn’t understand boundaries, so if she crossed one, Allie would have to tell her. On the other hand, he said Phyllis had a good heart and she’d move mountains for the people she loved, like Summer. Allie said Summer and Phyllis seemed so different. Noah seemed Summer took after their dad – the steady presence in the hurricane that balanced everything out. Allie encouraged Noah to tell Nick about stepping away from New Hope. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but Nick was a good dad, and good dads wanted their kids to be happy. She knew from experience. He thanked her for that and for everything, then he kissed her.

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