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Recap written by Christine

At the Grand Phoenix lounge, Chloe and Chelsea met to practice their pitch before seeing Lauren. Chelsea wasn’t feeling confident, so Chloe gave her a pep talk. Chelsea said that this wasn’t just a business deal, it was the start of a new beginning, and she needed to make it stick. Chloe thought it’d help if Chelsea took shots at Sally during the meeting, because Lauren had more issues with her than Chelsea did.

At Society, Jack showed Lauren pictures of Harrison learning to ski. Summer had been worried, but Kyle found the perfect instructor to teach the boy. Jack felt like he was missing out on so much. They talked about Phyllis possibly moving to Italy. Lauren said Jack was acting nonchalant, but she suspected he was hoping Phyllis turned the job down and stayed in Genoa City. Jack thought Phyllis should do what made her happy. Lauren asked why Jack was being so coy about his opinion. She said she’d be sad if Phyllis moved, though she’d understand why Phyllis needed a change. He vowed to support Phyllis no matter what, but he admitted he’d miss her if she left. He missed her now, even though she hadn’t been gone long. Lauren thought they were making progress, now that Jack was admitting he had feelings for Phyllis. He said his feelings for Phyllis were complicated and deep. She asked what he’d say if Phyllis walked in right now. He saw no reason to say anything, since that wasn’t happening. Lauren gestured toward the door, and Jack saw a smiling Phyllis walk in.

Phyllis just flew in, but she couldn’t sleep, due to jetlag. She wondered if she was interrupting a business meeting. Jack said he and Lauren were just catching up. Lauren had a meeting soon. At that moment, Chelsea and Chloe walked in. Everyone started chatting about Chelsea and Chloe’s business plans, and Phyllis approved when she learned that Sally was no longer in the picture. Phyllis heard Chelsea was staying at her hotel. “So, you got rid of Adam, you got rid of Sally. All that toxicity out of your life, good for you,” Phyllis said.

Lauren, Chelsea and Chloe went to their table and made their pitch. Chelsea showed off her sketches. Lauren asked what name they were thinking of using. Chelsea said they were leaving Chelsea 2.0 behind even though it was successful. Chloe said they were leaning toward Bella Milconno, the names of their kids. Lauren was impressed with the presentation, and she couldn’t wait to see what Chelsea and Chloe brought to Fenmore’s. Chloe said family gatherings would be so much smoother, because things would’ve been awkward if she’d turned them down. Lauren didn’t even think about that when she made her decision. Chelsea was glad to have this chance to rebuild her life. She said she was going to prove herself to Lauren. Lauren said if she didn’t think Chelsea had changed, they wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Phyllis told Jack her trip was wonderful, challenging and enlightening. It was great spending so much time with Summer, Kyle and Harrison. Initially, the job offer was intimidating to her. He didn’t buy that, because she was never intimidated by anything. He asked if she was taking the job. She said she’d have to be fluent in Italian, and she’d be overseeing a bunch of young hotshots and she’d be immersed in the fashion industry. He was sure she could do it. She knew she could, but did she want to? He noted that she’d been saying there was nothing tying her to Genoa City. She knew she’d been saying that, but she forgot that Genoa City was her home, and it made her who she was. She asked if she wanted to go to Milan and change who she was. He said that he’d wanted to tell her all those things before she left, but he figured she had to learn that for herself. He asked if she was going to stay. Phyllis loved the thought of working with her daughter, but she loved her life here, and she was staying. Working for a big fashion house wasn’t her dream, it was her daughter’s dream. Jack was glad to hear Phyllis was staying. He asked if she wanted to have that dinner now, and she said yes. As Lauren left the restaurant, she looked at Phyllis and Jack and smiled.

Phyllis gushed about how cute Harrison was. She wondered if he got his charm from his Grandpa. Jack said she didn’t have to flatter him to get what she wanted. She asked what she wanted. He thought she wanted dessert. After dessert, he offered to give her a ride home. He got a random text from an LA area code. It was just an address. He thought it was the wrong number, and he sent a message saying so. While Phyllis was getting their coats, he got another text. “No. This message is for you, Jack Abbott. You need to go to Los Angeles.” Jack asked why and who this person was. “Something you’ve been missing,” was the reply.

Rey met Abby at Crimson Lights. He was a bit surprised she reached out with everything going on with Dominic. She said they got good news – Devon was a perfect bone marrow match. There was nothing else she could do about that tonight, so she wanted to talk about Chance and the stakeout. She’d asked Chance what happened, and he said he wasn’t ready to go back to work. Abby sensed there was more to it, and she wanted Rey to tell her what happened that night. Rey didn’t feel comfortable breaching his partner’s trust. Abby understood that, but as Chance’s wife, she wanted to help, and she couldn’t do that if she didn’t know what was coming on. All Rey was comfortable saying was that it became clear to him and Chance that Chance wasn’t ready. Abby thought Chance didn’t open up because he didn’t want to burden her, but he could never be a burden, and keeping everything inside was the worst thing he could do. She urged Rey to talk to Chance, cop to cop, and convince him that he didn’t have to pretend everything was okay for his family’s sake.

Chance went back to the alley where he’d been on the stakeout. He flashed back to what happened that night. He’d had a panic attack when he heard breaking glass, and he never left his hiding spot to provide backup. Rey returned and said another officer got the perp. Chance had castigated himself because he’d choked, and Rey’s assurance that it was fine didn’t help. Chance said it was just like in Spain – his team needed him, and he let them down. Rey said this was nothing like Spain – no one got hurt. “You didn’t fail. You just came back too soon. You’re not ready to be on the job yet,” Rey said. Chance felt like he never would be. He apologized and left.

After Chance relieved the stakeout in the alley, he went home and saw Abby and Rey in the living room. Chance asked about the baby – he was sleeping. Chance was anxious for Dom to get the procedure. Abby asked where Chance went. Chance wanted to know what Rey was doing here. Abby said that she asked Rey about the stakeout. Chance testily asked what Rey said. Rey said he didn’t say much, because it wasn’t his place. Abby asked Chance to open up to Rey, then she left the room. Chance was angry Rey talked to Chance’s wife about him behind his back. Rey said he and Abby were both concerned. Chance snapped that he was fine, and he told Rey to go deal on his own family and let Chance deal with his. “My house is in order, partner. Yours is not,” Rey replied. When Chance argued against that, Rey pointed out that, even with a sick baby, Abby tracked him down and asked him to help Chance. Chance said Abby shouldn’t have come to Rey. Rey asked why Chance wouldn’t open up to Abby. Chance said Abby was already dealing with too much, because of the baby, and he didn’t want to add this to her plate. Rey said that Abby and Chance were in this together, and it was all one big plate. Chance said Rey didn’t understand. “I understand that if you don’t open up to her, she’s not gonna be in the picture at all,” Rey said. Rey told Chance to tell Abby what she was feeling, because she could help. Rey thought that if Chance kept suppressing his feelings, he’d explode.

Chance thought Rey and Abby were making too much of this. Rey disagreed. He knew that Chance had seen things most people couldn’t imagine, but whatever happened in Spain was too traumatic for one person to handle alone. Chance insisted he was handling it. Rey said that this was going to keep impacting Chance’s health until he dealt with it. Chance appreciated Rey’s concern, but this was between him and his wife. Rey agreed, and he said Abby needed to be part of this. “She needs all of you, man. Not just some hollowed out shell of what you used to be,” Rey said. Rey thought Chance needed to do a lot of work before he came to the force, and part of that included letting his guard down with his wife. Abby returned, and Rey left.

Chance told Abby that he didn’t want to stress her out, so he was trying to keep this away from her. She said she loved him, and she was going to worry, especially when he shut down. Her imagination was conjuring up all kinds of things about the stakeout because she didn’t know the truth. He was sorry. She didn’t want him to apologize or feel guilty. She reminded him that, the other day, he said they needed to lean on each other and do what was best for Dominic, which meant doing what was best for them. She wanted him to lean on her and let her be strong for him. He said it wasn’t that easy. She knew he wanted to handle this on his own, and she tried to step back and respect that, but things were getting worse, and she didn’t know what the next few months would look like for them and their son, but they were only going to get through this if they were a united front.

Chance told Abby that, as soon as he got to the stakeout, he pretended everything was okay, but it wasn’t. He’d felt tense and the fear rising up in him. He was reliving Spain. He spiraled and thought he was putting Rey and the others in danger and that he could get them killed, just like in Spain. He heard a loud noise, and he froze. He couldn’t back up his partner or do anything else. It scared the hell out of him. Abby hated that Chance went through that, but she was really glad he told her. She was adamant that he was strong and brave, but she said his family needed him to find a way to cope so he could heal, and they needed him to do it now.

Chelsea and Chloe went to Crimson Lights after their meeting. Chelsea wanted to get to work right away. While Chloe was placing orders, Chelsea looked over and saw Rey sitting in the booth. She remembered the time she dreamed that he kissed her. In reality, Rey approached Chelsea and asked why she was so excited when she came in. she told him about the business deal. He was glad her hard work paid off, and he thought it was great that she was out of Newman Media, away from Adam. He thought Chelsea should be proud of herself, and he knew Connor would be. He went to his table, and Chelsea and Chloe talked. Kevin got overwhelmed with the kids, and Esther was out with friends, so Chloe had to go home. Chelsea invited Rey to join her, and he did.

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