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Recap written by Christine

At the hotel, Jack told Phyllis that he wanted to take their relationship day to day and stay in sync. She was being seductive, and he was into it, but then Kyle texted wanting to meet, so Jack told Phyllis they’d have to put the breaks on. Phyllis hoped Kyle came to his senses about Diane soon. Jack said this was between Kyle and Diane. Phyllis didn’t want to see Kyle hurt. Jack didn’t either, but he wasn’t going to try and influence Kyle. He left. Phyllis said to herself that someone had to influence Kyle.

Summer ran into Chloe on the Crimson Lights patio and told her how great Tessa and Mariah’s wedding dresses were. Chloe said that Chelsea should get most of the credit. However, Chloe considered herself a genius-whisperer, and she said artists needed people like her and Summer to keep their creative juices flowing. That was Summer’s top responsibility as creative director at Marchetti. She thought artists could be a handful. Chloe said it was worth it, most of the time.

Diane and Kyle were at the Abbott house. They’d just gotten finished watching Harrison play with a `friend of his. They came inside and left the kids in the backyard with the other child’s mom. Kyle said that it was nice to have someone you could trust with your kid. Diane agreed that trust was important. He thanked her for not pushing things with Harrison. She assured him that he could set the pace. Jack came home. He didn’t expect to see Diane. He said she’d been invited. Kyle said Diane would be staying in town for a little while longer. Diane suspected Jack knew. He confirmed that Phyllis told him. Jack had assumed Kyle wanted to talk to him about his relationship with Diane and how it would look moving forward. Diane asked if Jack wanted her to leave so he could say how he really felt. He said he’d been careful not to influence Kyle, and he’d appreciate the same courtesy from her. She believed him, but she said Phyllis kicked her out of the hotel, hoping she’d leave town. She assumed Jack felt the same way. He said Phyllis acted on her own. Diane apologized to Jack. Jack told Kyle to be careful, because there was no coming back from this.

Diane said that all the opposition might backfire and, instead of driving a wedge between her and Kyle, it could make her and Kyle feel ganged up on. Diane thought Jack should ease up. She said she’d been nothing but open and honest with Kyle, so that they could have a meaningful relationship. Kyle tactfully suggested Diane might want to go settle in at the Club. She agreed. Before she left, she said Harrison could call her Dee-Dee, which was easy to say and didn’t have to mean anything. Kyle liked it. Diane left. Jack seethed. Jack told Kyle that Diane was still Diane. He said she’d framed this as her and Kyle against the world, minimizing the legitimate concerns of the people she hurt. Jack had promised to support Kyle, but he couldn’t turn a blind eye to her insinuating her way into Kyle’s life. Kyle agreed, but that was his mom, and they were a team for most of his childhood. He believed Diane when she said she was broken back then, but she intended to do better. Jack thought there would be a trial period before Kyle let Diane into his life. Kyle wished Jack and everyone else would take a deep breath and an open mind. Kyle had seen enough and had decided to give Diane this opening, and he wanted Jack to at least try and do the same. Jack promised to do his best.

Summer and Phyllis met for coffee at Crimson Lights. Phyllis mentioned that Kyle was meeting with Jack. Summer assumed Phyllis really wanted to meet because Diane was staying in town. Summer asked Phyllis to speak her mind. Phyllis thought it was very patient and mature of Summer to sit back and allowing Kyle to go through the pain and suffering of realizing his mother was the worst person on the planet. Phyllis stated that Jack was taking the same stance – letting Kyle realize for himself that Diane would only cause him pain. Summer asked what Phyllis’ point was. Phyllis asked Summer to convince her husband to put his wife and family first and get Diane out of town.

Summer said Victor already gave her the same speech, but she and Kyle didn’t work that way. She wasn’t going to issue her husband an ultimatum. Phyllis said that Kyle respected Summer, and if she said hanging around Diane was a mistake, he’d listen. Summer didn’t trust Diane either, but she wasn’t sure it was a bad idea for Kyle to get to know her. She knew how important it was to have your mother in your life. Summer brought up the time Phyllis was in a coma. Phyllis said she didn’t choose that – no good person would choose to be separated from their son and make him believe they were dead. Summer said some wounds could be healed. She noted that Phyllis supported Dina and Jack’s reconciliation. Phyllis said Dina was in her last days, and she couldn’t hurt Jack anymore, while Diane was in the prime of her miserable life. Phyllis said Kyle was fixated on what could’ve been, and it was blinding him to who Diane was.

Summer challenged Phyllis to explain what Diane could do to Kyle. He was an adult, so she couldn’t take him away from the Abbotts. Phyllis said that Diane could cause an emotional rift between him and his family. “Your husband will be dragged into defending this woman time and time again. That will separate him from this entire town. There is a reason why no one wants here here. There is a reason why everyone hates Diane,” Phyllis bellowed. Summer was starting to think this was less about Phyllis’s concern for Kyle and more about her hatred of Diane.

Phyllis readily admitted that she hated Diane. She said it loudly enough that Summer glanced around to see if anyone was listening. Phyllis said no one was here, but virtually everyone else hated Diane too. Summer said Kyle didn’t hate Diane, and he was the one who mattered. Phyllis said Kyle was smart, and he was trying to work through his feelings. Summer hoped that spending more time with Diane would answer Kyle’s questions. Phyllis knew Diane had been planning this for a long time, and she was manipulating Kyle. Phyllis told Summer not to underestimate what Diane would do to Kyle and to Summer’s marriage. Summer was adamant that she wouldn’t let Diane affect her marriage, but for Kyle’s sake, she had to let this play out. Phyllis thought Summer was making the wrong choice, but Summer’s mind was made up.

Summer told Phyllis that Marchetti wasn’t doing well. Meanwhile, at Jack’s, Kyle was making a pitch for Jabot to buy Marchetti. Kyle told Jack about the preliminary analysis – Marchetti had a lot of debt, but a substantial amount of liquidity which would help with taxes. He said Summer knew every facet of the company, and she was ready to take this on. Jack loved the idea of Summer, Kyle and Harrison moving back, but Jabot had made a conscious decision to step away from fashion and focus on cosmetics. Kyle said Jack taught him to be prepared when a big opportunity presented itself. Jack was intrigued, but he asked how much Diane’s return factored into this. Kyle said it didn’t at all.

Back at Crimson Lights, Phyllis loved the idea of Jabot buying Marchetti. She mentioned something about Kyle being able to help, since he lived in Milan while running Jabot. Summer said the best part was that they wanted to bring Marchettti’s operations to Genoa City. Phyllis was delighted about that, but she wondered if this was about Diane. Summer promised this had nothing to do with Diane. She said Kyle went along with the move to Milan, because he was loving and supportive, but Summer missed being around her family and being able to spend time with Phyllis in person. Phyllis was just scared to wrap her head around all this, but he’d missed Summer so much. They hugged, and Phyllis said she never wanted to let go.

Jack visited Diane in her suite at the GCAC. He’d decided to support Kyle’s decision to let her back into his life. He hoped with everything in him that she’d really changed, because her absence left a void in Kyle’s life. He said if it turned out she was lying, or that she had some secret ulterior motive, he’d make her regret ever coming back. Diane gave her solemn word that she’d never hurt their son again. She said if she did, he’d have every right to rain hell on her, and she was sure a lot of people in the town who would help. He said they both knew Phyllis would be at the top of the list. Diane said she couldn’t keep tying herself into knots worrying what people thought. Her goal was to rebuild her relationship with Kyle and enjoy her grandson. She hoped Jack would see she was sincere, and maybe even trust her in time. She said that if he could accept that she and Kyle were good for each other, it might ease his mind and make him happy. She knew all too well what it felt like to be lonely and uncertain about your life. He clarified that he was in a good place, professionally and personally. She was glad to be wrong. He left. Outside, he squinted his eyes. Back inside, Diane pulled up a picture of Harrison on her phone. “Things are going better than I thought. You’re going to be spending lots of time with your Dee-Dee,” she said, with a grin.

Jack and Phyllis met up at the hotel, and he learned that she knew about Kyle and Summer’s plans to relocate. He asked if she was concerned Diane would use it as a reason to stay in town. She said that couldn’t happen. He hoped not, but when he got home, Diane was there, acting like she belonged and like part of the family. She even had a nickname for Harrison to call her. “Diane went away once. She needs to go away again,” Phyllis said.

Adam and Sally were at Society. he said one of the worst things about Victoria returning to work, and Nikki being her co-CEO was that the streaming deal he pitched to Victor had gone by the wayside. He felt Nikki and Victor were so focused on propping up their little girl that they let business suffer. Sally thought Newman Media could salvage part of the project. Instead of creating a giant streamer to compete with the big guys, they could create a niche platform targeting a particular demographic and create an audience that way. He thought that was interesting. He liked that she was always thinking. She knew he was frustrated her plan to reunite Victoria and Ashland was on hold, but that was just temporary. Chelsea came in, and she was on her phone. She left a testy message for Chloe, because she was late for their meeting.

Adam asked if everything was okay. Chelsea said everything was great – her timing was just bad. Adam said and Sally just wanted to make sure everything was alright. Chelsea pointedly said some people would love it if something was wrong with her. Sally snapped that she was sick of Chelsea’s baseless accusations. “Oh, you expect me to believe that you actually care about my well-being?,” Chelsea replied. Adam told Chelsea that no one wished harm on her. Chelsea said Sally would never say that out loud especially in front of the man who handed her a corporate desk job that she could use to stand in judgment of the people doing the hard work of creating something every day. Sally contended that her work was very creative. Chloe came in and explained that she was late for the meeting because of child care issues etc. Chelsea made a frosty remark aimed at Adam and Sally. Sally returned the snippy comment. Chloe took Chelsea to their table.

Sally said she shouldn’t have gotten into it with Chelsea, but she wouldn’t let anyone talk to her that way. Adam understood. Sally wondered if there was trouble with the new fashion line or something. Adam hoped it was work-related, because he’d seen Chelsea like this before, and it was a sign of something he worried was more than just a bad day at the office.

Chelsea told Chloe that the fabric delivery would be two weeks late. Chloe had ideas to minimize the issue, but Chelsea reacted rudely to the suggestions, and it made Chloe was concerned. Chelsea admitted he hadn’t been sleeping. Chloe gave Chelsea a pep talk about the fashion line. Chelsea was mad Victoria dropped the fashion line. She launched into a rant about Victoria taking a European vacation just after she caused a man’s death. Chloe, and Adam, at his nearby table, looked at Chelsea with concern.

Chloe didn’t think there was anything wrong with Victoria taking a trip. She suggested that she and Chelsea have a girls’ trip to NY. Chelsea got offended, because she thought Chloe was insinuating that Chelsea needed a babysitter. When Chloe denied it, Chelsea called her patronizing, and she stormed out. Adam went to Chloe and asked how long Chelsea had been like this. Chloe acted like Adam misunderstood what he just witnessed. He said that he wasn’t the enemy. He’d lived through this with Chelsea, and they had a son together that this could affect. Chloe said Chelsea was a great mom, so no matter what else was going on, he didn’t have to worry about Connor. She admitted that Rey’s death really affected Chelsea, who’d invested more time into their friendship than she wanted to admit, then he was ripped from her life. Adam knew Connor and Chelsea had been affected by this, but Connor was getting over it, and he’d assumed Chelsea was too. He didn’t realize how much Rey meant to Chelsea. She thought Rey’s forgiveness gave Chelsea the courage to come back to town. He asked if losing Rey was going to set Chelsea back. Chloe didn’t think there was anything for Adam to worry about. She left.

Sally asked Adam what Chloe said. He told her. Sally thought it was remarkable that Rey even forgave Chelsea for poisoning him, let alone became friends with her – it said a lot about the kind of guy Rey was. She guessed it made sense that losing Rey tragically hit Chelsea so hard. He shifted gears and said his idea to distract Victor from running Ashalnd out of town didn’t work out like he hoped. She knew his mind was still on Chelsea. He had the feeling that Chelsea was going through more than grief.

Chelsea ended up in the park, where she fought back tears. Kyle walked up and saw her hurl her purse onto the ground. He asked if she was okay. She said there were work issues, but she was fine. Her career was important, and she sometimes took things too personally and stress-cried. He made her laugh by saying he’d stress cried too. After confirming that she was okay and she didn’t need anything, he left.

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