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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Nikki thought about Victor telling her that Ashland allegedly paid the clinic to alter his medical records. Victoria arrived, ending Nikki’s flashback. Nikki asked Victoria how she and Ashland were. Victoria said everything was fine. Nikki wanted Victoria to join her, but she said she had to go back to the office.

Ashland was on the phone at Newman Locke. He learned that Michael was the American who’d been snooping at the clinic. Ashland instructed the caller to keep tabs on Michael and to find that doctor ASAP. He ended the call, with a sigh. Victoria returned with coffee for Ashland, since he’d been up and out so early. He thought they needed something stronger to celebrate. His new contract had been drafted, making him co-CEO of Newman Locke. She was surprised it was finished so soon. He said he had the lawyers put a rush on it, because he’d come to realize every second mattered. She said that the contract didn’t change anything because they were already equal in every way, and they didn’t have to rush to dot all the Is and cross all the Ts. He’d been here early, and he’d looked over the contract, and he was ready to sign right now. She seemed hesitant, and he asked if she’d changed her mind.

Ashland said he didn’t want Victoria to feel pressured. He stated that their relationship was the most important thing in the world, and he was willing to give her time, or leave things as they were if she didn’t want to change things. She said the original agreement was drawn up because, at the time, they were worried about his health, and now he was in remission. She thought he should be her equal in business, like they were in marriage. Nikki walked in and heard Victoria say Ashland would be co-CEO. Nikki thought Ashland was happy as an advisor. Ashland said he was feeling better now, and he was ready to take a stronger hand here. Nikki thought Ashland already had a strong hand here – she’d seen the deference the employees treated him with. He said he needed the employees to respect him the same way they respected Victoria. Nikki asked if this was the right way to go about it. Victoria said it was the right thing to do, and it wouldn’t change Nikki’s role. Nikki made it clear that she already felt secure here. She was just surprised because Victor didn’t mention this. Victoria said they didn’t feel the need to tell him.

Nikki didn’t think that Victoria should do this without talking to Victor. Victoria said that this was her decision to make, and hers alone. Nikki said Victoria had done such an amazing job controlling the company Victor built from nothing, and he’d always been her strongest advisor, so the least she could do was let him know what she was planning. “You owe him that much,” Nikki said. Victoria guessed that was right. Nikki hoped Ashland wasn’t offended, she said that she wanted him to be around for a long time, because he made her daughter happy. Ashland acted like he was just fine with it and he said he wanted the blessing of all the Newmans. Nikki thought that was wise. She noted that Victor had been Ashland’s biggest defender, through all the crises they’d faced, so why would this be different. Ashland said this wasn’t a crisis, it was a celebration of his recovery. Ashland excused himself to attend to some things. Victoria asked Nikki why she was troubled. Nikki said she was fine, just tired. Victoria asked what was going on. Nikki was adamant that Victoria needed to talk to Victor. Victoria said she would. Nikki made it clear that she would tell Victor what was going on if Victoria didn’t. In the hallway, Ashland texted asking for an update on the doctor and asking where Michael was. Ashland then talked to a Dr. Reilly, who asked if Ashland had given anyone permission to look at his medical records. Ashland said no.

Victor was in the hallway of Newman Media when he received an update from Michael. Michael spoke with a second doctor at the clinic and learned something big. He was sending Victor evidence. Victor walked into the office, and Adam asked what was going on with Victoria and Ashland. Adam said he couldn’t help if Victor wouldn’t let him in on what was going on. Nick arrived, and Adam asked why he was there. Nick stated that Victor commanded him to come. Victor announced that he had some news that would change everything. It related to the Newman empire and the family. Nick thought Victoria should be here if it was about the family and the business. Adam said this was about Victoria and Ashland. Victor said they had to protect the family and Victoria. Nick asked why he was just hearing about this. Victor said he was waiting for confirmation from Michael, who was in Peru. Nick didn’t want anything to do with digging up dirt on Ashland. Victor said to trust him. Nick said the last time he trusted Victor and investigated Ashland, it hurt his relationship with Victoria, and it never recovered. He didn’t want to risk making it worse by going down that path again.

Adam asked if Nick wasn’t the least bit curious. Nick learned his lesson. Nick was surprised Victor was investigating Ashland, since he’d been Ashland’s biggest champion. Victor revealed that he’d never really trusted Ashland. Nick said he’d been left out of conversations about Ashland, and he asked why he was being included now. Victor learned things about Ashland that were shocking and repulsive and would affect the entire family. Victor said Ashland was using the clinic in Peru as a shell company. A doctor who used to work at the clinic testified that Ashland paid someone to falsify his medical records. Adam and Nick asked why Ashland would lie about being in remission and give Victoria false hope about how much time they had. Victor told his sons they were missing the point. Ashland was never sick at all.

Nick asked if Victor had proof Ashland faked his cancer, because they couldn’t destroy Victoria’s life on the word of a disgruntled employee. Victor Michael ran into another physician at the clinic who corroborated everything the first doctor said. Nick thought Victoria went to NY with Ashland, after his diagnosis, where he then received confirmation that he was terminally ill. Adam said Ashland got chemo in Genoa City. Victor said that was how nefarious and deep Ashland’s deception was. Adam said that meant the doctor in NY had to be in on it. Victor reminded everyone that Ashland never wanted anyone to go to his appointments with him. Adam noted that Ashland suddenly asked Nate to be his best man. He asked if Nate was in on the scam. Victor didn’t think Nate as involved. Adam asked what Victor was going to do. Victor said he had enough evidence to deal with Ashland.

Adam asked why Ashland would go to such extremes – did he do this to win over Victoria? Victor said it was far worse. He believed Ashland was playing a long con on Victoria to get power and control over Newman Enterprises and Locke Communications group. Adam asked why Ashland would resort to faking cancer, when he was almost as good at making deals as Victor. Victor said that the cancer made people feel sorry for Ashland – everyone fell for it, except Nick. Victor said he’d had his doubts from the beginning. Nick wasn’t happy he was right about Ashland. “He took advantage of Victoria’s love for his own greed and financial gain. I’m gonna kill him,” Nick said. Victor understood Nick’s anger, and he felt the same way. Victor said Ashland infiltrated their family and was threatening the empire Victor built. Nick said forget the empire, what about the damage to Victoria. Victor said they were part and parcel of the same thing. Victor thought they needed to tread carefully, because this would devastate Victoria. Adam didn’t know they’d do anything without upsetting Victoria. Victor said he’d handle this his way.

Billy arrived at the Abbott house at Jack’s request. Jack’s text said it was a family matter, so Billy asked why Phyllis was here. Phyllis said she was supporting Jack as a friend. Ashley couldn’t be there, so Jack was going to fill her and Kyle in as soon as he had more answers. Jack said it was about Keemo, and Billy asked if he was okay. Jack was afraid not. He explained that he’d gotten some mysterious texts encouraging him to go to an address in LA. Phyllis tried to help him get to the bottom of it, and they learned that the address was owned by Hao Nguyen. That was Keemo’s grandfather’s name, and that was also the name Keemo adopted for himself. They did some digging, and they learned Keemo died three weeks ago. Billy was sorry, and he asked if Keemo was ill. Jack revealed that he hadn’t heard from Keemo in years. Billy was surprised because every time he asked about Keemo, Jack had claimed he’d been in contact with him. Jack admitted he’d misled Billy. He rehashed the story about Keemo resenting him for hiding Luan’s illness. Even though Keemo and Jack made peace before Keemo left town, Keemo’s anger grew, and he cut Jack out. Jack had held onto hope that Keemo would come back to him, so Jack never told anyone about the breakdown of the relationship. Jack was leaving for LA later today. Billy assumed it was for the funeral, and he decided to go too. Jack didn’t know if there was going to be a funeral. All he had were the texts and the address, Keemo’s home, and that was where he was going to start. For Keemo’s sake, Jack was going to follow this wherever it lead.

Billy was sorry Jack felt the need to cover things up and paint this rosy picture for all of them. Jack said he also painted the rosy picture for himself, because it was less painful. Billy wanted to go to LA to support Jack. Jack didn’t want Billy to be involved, because he didn’t know what awaited him in LA. Billy thought that was all the more reason he should be there. Billy knew the pain Jack was going through, and he wanted to be there for Jack. Jack felt that he needed to do this alone. Traci was in agreement with Billy. She felt he’d kept his family at arm’s length for too long. She also wanted to go to LA. Billy thought he and Traci should both go with Jack. Phyllis thought she should go too. Traci said she and Billy both knew what it was like to lose a child. Jack was appreciative, but he didn’t want Traci or Billy to go, because he didn’t want his loss to compound theirs. Billy said that he and Traci could handle it, and they needed to be there for him.

Billy didn’t want Jack going anywhere alone. Jack accepted that and said he’d take Phyllis, because she’d been instrumental in this. Billy said Phyllis wasn’t family. “This is what I need to do. This is what is best for me,” Jack said, and he left the room to pack a bag. Phyllis knew Jack’s siblings were upset he chose her, but she said that she had his best interests at heart. Traci knew how much Phyllis cared about Jack, but she also knew Jack and Phyllis’ relationship had been on tenuous ground for months now. Traci asked if Phyllis could please set that aside while Jack grieved. Phyllis understood that Jack was fragile. She thought that it would help him to get to the bottom of this mystery. She promised she’d take care of him. She left to pack for the trip.

Traci and Billy felt bad that Jack had been suffering alone for all this time. She knew it must’ve been devastating for him to live with the secret that Keemo cut contact. In hindsight, Billy realized that Jack had been almost too quick to answer questions about Keemo, like he was shutting down the conversation. Traci felt terrible because she didn’t notice Jack was hiding something. As a writer, she was obsessed with language and the use of words, so why didn’t she notice Jack was being perfectly vague? Billy said all they could do now was be there for Jack. Traci said they both knew the hell that was headed Jack’s way, and it was going to hit him hard. Billy wanted to know more about the text messages. Traci said this unidentified person was telling Jack that he should come to LA, where he’d find a world that he never knew existed and that he’d be sorry if he didn’t come. Billy didn’t like this. Traci agreed, but she said Phyllis had been pushing Jack to pursue this. Billy thought taking Phyllis was a bad idea – she was Phyllis, and trouble followed her. Traci didn’t know that they could change Jack’s mind. She felt helpless, but she decided the one thing she could do was go get some food for Jack’s trip. Billy said he’d stay at the house, so Jack wouldn’t be alone. Shortly after Traci left, Jack came downstairs.

Brother to brother, Billy asked if Jack was sure about this. Jack said he could handle the trip. Billy noted that Jack didn’t know what he was walking into. Jack needed answers about these last years of his son’s life, for closure. Billy didn’t think you could get closure after the death of a child. Billy understood Jack needed answers, and he hoped he found him. Billy said if Jack needed him, he’d get on the next flight. Jack knew he could always count on Billy. Billy wanted Jack to be careful and to make sure Phyllis had his best interests at heart, not her own. Jack trusted Phyllis implicitly, she’d proven time and again that she had his back, and that was why he was taking her with him.

Traci went to the hotel to see Phyllis. A guarded Phyllis said she wasn’t going to let Traci talk her out of accompanying Jack on this trip. Traci actually came to say she was grateful Phyllis was going with Jack. Phyllis was surprised to hear that. Traci understood why Jack preferred to take Phyllis over his siblings. Traci said she and Billy had lost children, so they understood what it was like, but Jack was on the edge. She thought the wall he’d built around his feelings for Keemo could come crashing down at any moment. She thought he sensed that and he was terrified. Traci believed that, on some level, Jack knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it if this situation reignited Traci and Billy’s grief over losing Colleen and Delia. Traci said Jack needed his reserves for what he was going to face, and as much as she wanted to be there for Jack, she though it was better if he didn’t have to worry about her feelings and could focus on his own. Phyllis thought it was nice of Traci to look out for her brother. Traci was counting on Phyllis to give Jack what he needed. Traci knew there was a mystery to be solved, and she said Jack couldn’t have picked a better partner to help him get to the bottom of it. However, first and foremost, Traci wanted Phyllis to take care of Jack and protect his big heart.

Traci and Phyllis went back to the house. Traci gave Jack some food for the trip and told him to keep in touch. He said a lot would be going on, so he might not be great at phone calls. Phyllis said she’d keep Traci updated. Billy told Jack to stay on guard. Jack said he wanted to find out the truth about the texts, and even if he didn’t get closure, he wanted to find out more about the man his son became. Phyllis and Jack left.

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