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Leo goes to see Craig in his room and tells him that all his life, he’s always wanted something but now he only wants him.

Nancy walks through the town square, on the phone with Bonnie about her visit with Craig and how they realized after everything, they are still friends. Nancy starts to complain about Clyde not taking her on their date, but then she runs in to Clyde.

In the interrogation room, Jack questions what Jennifer is talking about. Abigail guesses that Gwen didn’t tell Jack what she told him before Rafe brought her in to the station. Abigail asks if Gwen wants to tell him or if she should. Abigail complains that Gwen never wants to admit to doing anything until she’s been caught. Jack questions what she’s talking about. Abigail declares that this is about Grandma Laura’s death not being an accident as Gwen told her that she killed Laura on purpose. Jack asks Gwen if it’s true. Gwen claims of course it’s not and that Abigail must have misheard what she said. Abigail assures that she heard it very clearly and repeats the exact words that Gwen said to her. Gwen asks if last night wasn’t enough fun for Abigail and if she woke up wanting to hurt her more. Jennifer argues that Gwen is not the victim here, but her mother was one of Gwen’s victims. Jack questions why Abigail didn’t say anything last night. Abigail felt Jack had been through enough. Jennifer recalls seeing Gwen whisper something to Abigail before Rafe took her away. Gwen remarks that she has a problem with someone else having the last word. Jack asks why Abigail chose to tell him now. Jennifer argues that she told Abigail that she had to because Jack has to know that they are now talking about murder. Jack turns to Gwen and asks if she killed Laura.

Nancy yells at Clyde as she hangs up with Bonnie and starts to walk away but Clyde tells her to wait. Nancy argues that she waited all day yesterday for him to call like he said he would but he never did. Clyde tells her that there’s a reason for that and informs her that his son Ben went missing. Nancy asks if he’s okay and if they found him. Clyde reveals that he was chained up in the DiMera Crypt. Nancy asks if Stefano came back from the dead again. Clyde tells her it was the Devil and he knows it sounds crazy but they found Ben and have no idea where his wife is because the Devil has kidnapped her. Nancy mocks him and says if he doesn’t want to date her, he doesn’t have to use old tales from the crypt. Clyde swears on his grandson that he’s telling the truth and shows Nancy his phone as proof.

Sonny shows Chad the article that Leo put in the Intruder about Chad as a drag queen. Chad starts saying he’s going to kill Leo. Sonny tries to calm him down and jokes with Chad. Chad reminds Sonny that all of his humiliation is Sonny’s fault. Sonny argues that a picture of Chad in drag is no big deal. Chad explains that it’s the story and reads how Leo wrote that he and Chad ended up in bed together, making it sound like Chad was obsessed with him.

Leo tells Craig that he wants him back, he wants him to forgive him, and he wants him to marry him. Craig responds that he’s sorry but Leo already has a husband. Leo insists that it was only to help Darius get a green card. Craig asks why he would care now. Leo assures him that he doesn’t love any other man but Craig.

Nancy asks Clyde expecting her to believe him with a picture of Chad in drag. Clyde realizes he showed the wrong story and then shows her the article about Ben being rescued and his pregnant wife now missing. Nancy then hugs Clyde and says he must be so worried. Clyde apologizes about the dinner. Nancy understands now that he had so much on his mind. Clyde hoped he could make it up to her if she had the time to go to lunch. Nancy asks what about his son and daughter in law. Clyde says the police are looking for her and Ben would rather be alone right now. Clyde mentions that he would like nice company like her. Nancy agrees to lunch, so Clyde invites her to the Brady Pub and says she can tell him all about her ex-husband’s wedding.

Craig tells Leo that he heard him say “I love you” a million times, but since he was lying to him from the second they met, he doesn’t know why he should believe him now. Leo talks about rubbing Craig’s feet after a long shift at the hospital, trading his drinks, and playing with his hair as little ways he shows that he loves him. Leo declares that for the first time in his life, he admitted he did something wrong and he apologized. Leo is sorry that he lied to him, seduced him, and tried to marry him for his money. Leo adds that the one thing he is not sorry for is that he fell in love with him because their time together has been the best days of his life.

Gwen claims she’s telling the truth. Jennifer asks if she is giving Jack her word on that, then questions what her word is worth since no one here would believe anything she says. Gwen argues that she is answering Jack’s question. Jennifer reminds Gwen that they already talked about this and she swore to her that Laura’s death was an accident and not intentional, so she believed and accepted that. Jennifer asks if that was the truth or not back then. Gwen insists that she was telling her the truth that day that Laura’s death was an accident. Abigail repeats that isn’t what Gwen said to her at the wedding unless she misinterpreted her. Gwen confirms that Abigail heard what she wanted her to hear and she took it just the way she wanted her to. Abigail asks why she would say something like that if it wasn’t true. Gwen asks if she can’t comprehend that she just wanted to hurt her. Gwen assures Jack that it was a lie. Gwen complains that Abigail said she would be her matron of honor and her sister, so she believed her, but instead Abigail used her wedding to kill any chance she had at being happy and to make sure she would lose Xander and Jack. Gwen adds that she was handcuffed, so she couldn’t punch her, so instead she punched her with her words.

Chad continues complaining about Leo’s article, detailing how Chad showed up at his door begging for sex and that he was obsessed with him which Chad also blames Sonny for. Chad plans to call his lawyer to sue the Intruder and Leo for libel. Sonny asks if he’s sure he wants to do that.

Craig asks if Leo is trying to play him again. Leo assures he’s being perfectly straight with him. Craig goes over Leo saying he fell in love with him, but at first he was just another mark. Leo confirms that he originally planned to just marry him, divorce him, and take him for every penny he had. Leo admits he would’ve succeeded if not for Will, Sonny, Chad, Brady, and Chloe.

Nancy informs Clyde that Craig and Leo’s wedding didn’t go off without a hitch but maybe it did. Clyde looks forward to her explaining it to him over lunch. They start to walk off together but Chloe and Brady appear. Chloe questions what the hell Nancy is doing with Clyde. Nancy introduces Clyde to Chloe and Brady. Chloe reveals they know who he is. Nancy then reveals that they are about to go on their first date but Chloe says over her dead body.

Chad tells Sonny that he can either kill Leo or sue him. Sonny doesn’t think he wants to do that since in order to sue for libel, there has to be false statement reported as fact while technically everything in the article is true. Chad blames Sonny for pleading with him to do everything he did. Chad then blames himself for letting Sonny talk him in to it when he knew it’d be a horrible idea.

Leo tells Craig that no matter what was done to try and break them up, he was always one step ahead. Leo calls it kind of scary how much they have in common and how easy and fun it was to be with him. Craig asks if his money had nothing to do with that. Leo admits he liked his money too. Leo adds the pre-nup Chloe drew up was a stroke of genius that he did not anticipate and he first thought that it was game over and he had to walk away, but he signed it because when the choice was giving up everything they had worked for, he didn’t care about losing any of it or that Darius would be furious, he only cared about losing Craig. Leo declares that now the million dollar question is does Craig believe him. Leo thinks that he does but says he doesn’t have to answer. Leo instead asks Craig if he can forgive him and if they can start over.

Abigail asks why they should believe Gwen after all the horrible things that she’s done to their family as it’s hardly a stretch to think she could have killed Laura. Abigail brings up Gwen drugging her and Sarah. Jack reveals that there is reason for hope since Gwen told Xander where he could get the antidote, so she’s doing what she can to undo the harm. Abigail laughs it off and says Gwen’s back is against the wall so she’s actually having to pay for what she has done. Abigail hopes Xander and Maggie test whatever she led them to. Abigail worries that Gwen would do it again since she’s made it clear that anyone who is loved by anyone that she thinks is supposed to love her, is fair game. Abigail thinks Gwen would be willing to hurt Sarah now more than ever. Gwen declares that Abigail has said her piece so she’d like a moment alone with her father now. Jennifer tells Jack that she will support any decision that he makes right now, but she will never trust Gwen to be apart of their family ever again. Jennifer and Abigail then exit the room. Gwen brings up Jack saying at the wedding that he was done with her and now there’s even more damning evidence, so she guesses that nothing will change his mind about her. Jack responds that she will always be his daughter. Jack brings up how Laura sending Gwen’s mother away, making her think that Jack turned his back on her as well but he never chose to do that. Gwen asks if they can move past this. Jack repeats that he will always be his father, but after what she did to Sarah and Abigail, he honestly doesn’t know what kind of a family they could ever be. Jack then walks out of the room, leaving Gwen in tears.

Nancy tells Chloe that she knows it’s hard to see her moving on from her father. Chloe doesn’t care that she’s dating, it’s who she’s dating, since Clyde just got out of prison. Nancy reveals that Clyde told her that and says that men can change. Nancy states that Clyde says he’s changed, so she believes him. Nancy and Clyde then walk off together. Chloe complains to Brady that she just spent months trying to stop one parent from dating the wrong person and now she has to do it with the other parent. Brady tells her that he’ll be here for her through this too. Chloe thanks him and says at least she knows she’s dating the right person as they kiss.

Chad tells Sonny that if he can’t sue Leo, he’ll give his own interview. Sonny questions Chad sinking to Leo’s level. Chad says Leo hit below the belt, so it’s time to return the favor. Sonny thinks Chad should just let it go since stories like this fizzle out on their own while he would just be adding fuel to the fire. Chad says that’s easy for him to say since he’s not even mentioned in the article. Sonny is surprised and looks it over, realizing Chad is right. Chad questions why Leo didn’t come after him and asks if Leo was right that it was why Sonny didn’t come to the wedding. Sonny reminds Chad that Leo said he was coming after everyone who came between he and Craig, so he has a sickening feeling that Chad is just first on the list.

Craig believes that Leo loves him and says part of him wants to forgive him, take him in his arms, and never let him go but he doesn’t trust him and trust matters to him. Craig says he took a huge leap of faith to be with him as he had to stop living a lie. Leo calls that a good thing. Craig notes that in the process, he tore apart his family and hurt the only woman he ever loved, just to love Leo. Leo asks if that means he’s going back to Nancy. Craig says no because he is gay and he will never hide that again but he and Leo are done. Craig informs Leo that he left his stuff downstairs. Leo gets tears in his eyes as he asks if Craig hates him. Craig says he does not, but he cannot be with him. Craig adds that because of Leo, he can now be himself. Craig wishes him luck and kisses him on the cheek. Craig states that with all that happened, he does not regret loving Leo. Leo then exits the room.

Brady finds Sonny in the town square and tells him that he just saw the article where Leo “outed” Chad. Sonny responds that he was there when Chad saw it and it was not pretty. Brady says the picture was kind of funny but says the article was full of lies that were calculated and hurt. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t just go after Chad but after his marriage and his family. Brady finds it odd and wonders why Leo didn’t go after him and Chloe or Sonny. Leo then appears and tells them not to worry, warning Sonny that he is next and when he’s done, Brady and Chloe will be next.

Chloe goes to Craig’s room and says she got his text but she was starting to think he never wanted to see her again. Craig assures that was never going to happen. Chloe says last night was awful and apologizes. Craig says there’s no need as he and Leo have said their goodbyes. Chloe repeats that she’s sorry. Craig says it’s okay and he was upset last night, but after having time to think, he realized that everything Chloe did, she had reason for. Craig understands Chloe did everything because she loves him. Chloe swears that’s why she did and says she has experience in putting her life back together if he needs help. Chloe asks if he wants to eat. Craig tells her that after talking to Leo, he’s made a few decisions. Craig then announces that he’s leaving Salem and going back to New York.

Nancy and Chloe sit together in the Brady Pub for their date. Clyde tells Nancy that he doesn’t know her very well, but what he does know, he likes a lot. Nancy says this is the beginning of their first date but feels that sounded like a kiss off. Clyde calls it an offering for an easy way out since he knows what his son means to him so he doesn’t want to come between Nancy and her daughter. Clyde tells Nancy that if she wants to back out now, that’s cool with him.

Jennifer goes home and looks at a photo of her and her mom on the mantle. Jack comes in behind her and hugs her.

Abigail returns to the interrogation room and tells Gwen that Jack left, so it’s just them and she wants the truth. Abigail asks Gwen if she did or did not kill her grandmother.

Jennifer talks about the arrogance of what Laura did and how Gwen had to pay for it, so she can understand why Gwen would want her dead. Jack informs Jennifer that after she left, Gwen swore to him that she didn’t kill Laura and that she was telling the truth that she was just trying to hurt Abigail. Jack calls that still horrifying since she hurt Abigail enough already. Jennifer wonders which of the two scenarios are the truth. Jack says he doesn’t know.

Abigail asks if Gwen was lying to Jennifer when she said she didn’t kill Laura or was she lying to her when she said she did. Gwen remarks that not knowing is killing Abigail and knowing that, she will never give her an answer. Gwen tells Abigail that she will never tell her what happened to her grandma, so she will never know. Gwen remarks that payback’s a bitch.

Chad is on the phone at home, arguing that his wife is not leaving him for another woman and he did not have a threesome with two men. Chad says he doesn’t know where they get their information, but threatens to make them pay if they print this garbage. Chad hangs up and then gets another call, annoying him further.

Nancy tells Clyde that she loves her daughter but she’s a grown woman and her days of pleasing other people are over. Nancy feels that after what she’s been through the last couple months, she deserves her happy ending.

Chloe asks Craig about his job. Craig reveals that he already gave Seth Burns his resignation as he didn’t feel good about taking the job from Kayla and the hospital will run much better with her in charge. Chloe disagrees and asks if there is no changing his mind. Craig says no, but he’s glad she came over so he could say goodbye before he left. Craig tells her that he’s sorry for how much he hurt her and Nancy. Chloe cries that all she ever wanted was for him to be happy and she knows he would never be happy not being who he really is. Chloe adds that she won’t repeat what she thinks about Leo, but she hopes someday Craig meets a man who is worthy of him. Craig hopes so too. Chloe says despite all the drama and fighting, she was really glad to have him back and she’s going to miss him. Craig and Chloe hug as they cry. Craig declares that no man has ever had a better daughter and he loves her.

Brady and Sonny notice Leo has his bags packed and comments that Craig sent him packing. Leo confirms that he and Craig are done, but he’s not going anywhere. Leo declares that this may have started as a scam, but it became very personal to him, and they all cost him the man he loves. Leo remarks that hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned, because he’s coming for all of them.

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