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John and Marlena wake up in bed together. Marlena comments that she hasn’t slept that well in ages. Marlena calls it nice that everything is back to normal. John responds that he’s not so sure about that. Marlena assures that everything is back to normal.

At home, Kayla calls upon Steve and warns that they are still in trouble as she finds a bouquet of flowers at the door. Steve tells her that it’s not what she thinks as Kayla worries that Orpheus is not giving up and drops the flowers.

At the Brady Pub, Roman calls Kate and leaves a message for her to call him. Kate then arrives. Roman complains about waking up and she wasn’t there. Kate is sure he was scared and apologizes for not thinking. Roman warns her that Orpheus is out there somewhere. Kate says she just ran out to get him a make up birthday cupcake.

Rafe wakes up from a nightmare about walking in on Nicole in bed with Eric. Nicole then asks Rafe what’s wrong.

Eric and Jada wake up in bed together. Jada says she didn’t plan on sleeping with him again last night but they ended up here. Eric jokes it was pretty intense and asks if something is bothering her. Jada points out that she broke one of her rules to not sleep with someone until they’ve at least been on three dates and they have technically only been on two. Jada guesses she might as well throw that rule out the window. Jada brings up that Eric was a priest, so she can’t help but wonder if he thinks less of her because they’ve gone to bed together and they just met.

Roman reminds Kate that he didn’t want to make his birthday a big deal and now the celebration is going on a third day. Kate says he never got to have a cake on his actual birthday, so the third one is the charm. Roman asks what could go wrong. Kate lights a candle and tells him to make a wish. Roman wishes that the next time she leaves him in bed, she leaves a note so he doesn’t get worried sick about her. Kate sneezes again on the cupcake, taking out the candle. Kate can’t believe she did that again and wonders what is wrong with her.

Kayla worries about the flowers and wants to call Rafe but Steve reveals that he sent her the flowers. Steve apologizes for scaring her and points out the card. Kayla says she was too scared to look at it. Steve explains that he just wanted her to have her yellow roses as that’s their thing and he wasn’t going to let Orpheus take that away from them. Kayla calls them beautiful and thanks him. Kayla smells the flowers but then suddenly sneezes. Steve asks if she’s coming down with a cold. Kayla points out there’s no other symptoms and blows it off as nothing. Steve asks if she’s not contagious then as he kisses her. Kayla mentions needing to get to work. Steve asks her to call as soon as she gets there so he doesn’t spend the morning worrying about her. Kayla agrees to do that and prays they find Orpheus soon because she hates living like this.

Kate apologizes to Roman. Roman says it’s just a cupcake but he is worried about her. Kate says she feels fine and wonders if it’s allergies. Kate adds that she can’t describe how she feels. Roman checks her and says she feels a little warm so he wants to get her seen by a doctor as he thinks she has a fever. Kate says she doesn’t have the energy to fight and wants to find out if she’s contagious. Roman wants to get her to the hospital but Kate says she’s driving herself in case she is contagious. Kate then exits the Pub. Roman then throws away the cupcake.

John tells Marlena that things are not back to normal because Orpheus is still out there. Marlena says she won’t let him control their lives, so she will pretend things are normal. Marlena brings up that Orpheus kidnapped three women so the police and FBI are looking for him. John worries that it doesn’t guarantee anything. Marlena asks if they have to talk about it because she doesn’t want to think about it for one day. Marlena gets up and decides she’s going to work because that is what’s normal for her and she wants normal. John asks if she really has to go. Marlena says she must have a ton of work piling on her desk. John asks if they can talk about it. John points out that it’s a beautiful day and suggests they go down to the inn on the lake. John guarantees the paper work will still be there when she gets back. Marlena says that sounds wonderful but it sounds like they are letting Orpheus run everything now. John feels that he is and talks about he and Steve interrupting Stephanie’s meeting because of him. Marlena argues that he couldn’t have known what was happening so he can’t blame himself and they have to stop feeling afraid. Marlena declares they have to let the police handle this for them. John urges her to be careful. Marlena assures that the hospital has security in place and are on alert for Orpheus, so she couldn’t be any safer than she is there at the hospital. John jokes that he hates when she starts making good points. John offers to drive Marlena to the hospital which she accepts because she knows he’ll just follow her anyway. John kisses her and asks if she wants to stay. Marlena goes to shower while John makes coffee.

Eric apologizes to Jada if she feels like he’s judged her. Jada clarifies that it’s not him as she really wanted this to happen, but maybe he didn’t and she doesn’t know him very well. Jada adds that she’s never known a priest before. Eric states that he’s not a priest anymore and assures that he wanted this to happen too which Jada says is good to know. Eric adds that it can happen again and kisses her.

Rafe tells Nicole that it was just a dream. Nicole asks him to tell her about it. Rafe says it was about her. Nicole asks if something happened to her in his dream and assures that she’s right there. Nicole tells Rafe that he can tell her anything as he’s starting to scare her. Nicole says if he doesn’t tell her about the dream, she’s going to imagine something worse. Rafe then admits that he dreamt that he caught her in bed with Eric. Rafe talks about how real it was. Nicole is sorry that he had such an awful dream but questions what brought this up. Rafe says he doesn’t know and suggests maybe it was something Jada said at work the other day which Nicole questions what that was.

Eric and Jada kiss in bed. Eric tells her that he doesn’t have to work this morning and offers her breakfast in bed. Eric talks about working for his dad and getting to plan his own hours and only work when he has to. Eric says he enjoys working at the Pub and being around his dad. Jada says she likes Roman too. Eric talks about being in Africa the last few years and always having something to do that mattered. Eric guesses in the end, it seemed to matter more than his marriage and his life here. Jada asks if he’d want to go back to Africa. Eric says he was fired as a priest so there is no going back. Jada asks if there’s something that matters here that he can do. Eric is sure there is and brings up how he used to run the Horton Center but he doesn’t want to go backward and he wants to move forward. Eric says he was always clear about what he wanted to do and his goals, but right now he’s so unclear and he doesn’t know what he wants to do which is new for him.

John goes to Steve’s and tells him that he just dropped Marlena off at the hospital. Steve says he wanted to take Kayla too but she wouldn’t let him. John knows Marlena just wants to move forward like nothing’s wrong but they know Orpheus is out there and this time, he doesn’t want to get blindsided by his next attack.

Kayla arrives at the hospital and texts Steve that she made it safe and sound. Marlena arrives and greets her. Marlena mentions that John insisted on taking her to work this morning. Kayla guesses they can’t blame them for being worried and knows she’d be hypocritical because she worries about Steve and the kids. Marlena hates always looking over her shoulder. Kayla tells Marlena about Steve sending her yellow roses and she freaked out, thinking they were from Orpheus. Marlena relates to always thinking it’s going to be Orpheus when the elevator opens. Kate then arrives and tells Kayla that she came to get checked out because she wasn’t feeling too good. Kayla asks what the problem is. Kate talks about having a fever and not feeling great. Kate notes feeling woozy coming up here. Kayla and Marlena point out that Kate looks pale and suggests she sit down. Kate tries to blow it off and say it was just Roman that wanted her to get checked out but she’s sure she’s fine. Kayla insists on getting her to an exam room. They start to head that way but Kate suddenly collapses. Kayla rushes back to check on her and asks if she can hear her.

John tells Steve that Marlena thinks they should just leave everything to the police. John mentions calling Shawn and they have nothing on Orpheus. Steve doesn’t trust the silence as he knows Orpheus is up to something, so he doesn’t want to wait around for it just like John. John agrees and thinks it’s time they make a move on their own.

Kayla and Marlena get Kate in a hospital bed. Marlena goes to call Roman. Kate wakes up and asks what happened. Kayla informs her that she fainted, has a slight temperature, and was feeling woozy. Kayla asks if she has any other symptoms. Kate then starts sneezing and says she didn’t even feel it coming on. Kayla brings up that she’s been sneezing too. Kate asks if she has a temperature. Kayla admits she feels a bit warm. Kate asks if she’s thinking what she is thinking. Kayla then decides to get a thermometer, but Kayla then collapses.

Eric and Jada have breakfast together. Jada asks if Eric ever thought about being a chef because it’s really good. Eric admits he enjoys cooking but it’s not his passion. Jada asks what his passion is. Eric talks about helping people in counseling at the Horton Center but they have a new director. Jada asks what he did before he was a priest. Eric informs her that he did photography for fashion and mentions that Nicole was a model but apologizes saying there was no need to bring up his past relationship. Jada disagrees and asks how they can get to know each other without talking about their past. Eric guesses that’s true. Jada asks if he fell in love with Nicole while photographing her.

Nicole asks Rafe what Jada said. Rafe calls it nothing but Nicole thinks it’s something if it triggered a dream. Rafe tells her that Jada thought Nicole might think it was weird that she’s going out with Eric. Rafe says she told her that Nicole was fine with it but Jada reacted like she was skeptical. Nicole asks if she told him that she went to see Eric the other day. Rafe reveals that Jada didn’t say that but Nicole just did. Rafe questions her going to see Eric and why. Nicole thinks back to her sex dream about Eric. Nicole then tells Rafe that she wanted to talk to Eric about something which Rafe questions.

Eric tells Jada that was when he and Nicole met a long time ago. Jada asks if he’s still interested in photography. Eric talks about he used to reach for his camera at every spare moment in Africa. Eric talks about his photos winning a competition. Jada would really like to see those photos so Eric suggests right now and goes to get them.

John tells Steve that the only people Orpheus really cares about is his kids and grandkids. John brings up Zoey being in New Zealand with Evan’s kid and that Evan is on his way there with he and Jan Spears’ kid. Steve doesn’t know if it will do any good but he has an old ISA contact in New Zealand that he can call. John brings up Zoey being different than the rest of them as she was always very honest about what a good job Rafe did with little David. John wonders if they should get Rafe to appeal to Zoey as a parent. Steve says he’ll take anything as they have to get a hold of Orpheus before he strikes again…

Kate checks on Kayla on the ground until she wakes up, asking what happened. Kate tells her that she fainted and doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. They bring up Orpheus and worry about Marlena.

Roman arrives at the hospital and asks Marlena how Kate is. Marlena says she will take him to her, but then stops and collapses in to Roman’s arms.

Rafe questions why Nicole went to see Eric. Nicole claims that she was going to offer him a job because Basic Black has a new campaign coming up and they don’t have a photographer and she thought this project would really help him get over not being a priest. Rafe points out that Nicole didn’t say anything about it to him. Nicole claims that’s because he’s been so busy at work, so it just slipped her mind. Rafe asks if Eric is going to take the job. Nicole says that Jada interrupted, so she never got to finish the conversation. Nicole knows they both have to go to work but says she’s going to take a shower first. Nicole kisses him and then goes to shower.

Eric shows Jada some of his favorite photos. Jada calls them really great and powerful. Jada asks if he ever thought about getting back in to it. Eric admits that it’s crossed his mind but there are other photographers. Jada brings up Eric saying his brother owned a fashion company. Eric mentions that he co-owns it with Nicole. Jada remarks that all roads lead back to Nicole. Eric apologizes. Jada says she’s sorry as it was a dumb thing to say. Eric understands and says there is something that crosses his mind. Eric offers to talk to Jack about doing work for the Spectator. Jada says they’d be lucky to have him. Jada says she has to get going and thanks him for the breakfast. Eric says anytime and he looks forward to their their third date. Jada jokes that she hopes they can figure out something to do as she exits.

Roman gets Marlena in to a hospital bed as John arrives. Roman then goes to check on Kate. John tells Marlena that he knew she shouldn’t have let her talk him in to bringing her to work. Marlena says it wouldn’t have changed anything as she still probably would’ve fainted. She’s just glad Roman was there to catch her. Marlena mentions Roman being so worried about Kate. Marlena says it can’t be a coincidence that she and Kate both fainted. John then reveals that Kayla had fainted also.

Steve sits Kayla up on the hospital bed as Roman sits with Kate. Steve asks Kayla if she’s sure she’s okay. Kayla says she is for the moment but it just comes over her in waves. Kate feels the same. Kayla declares that it’s Orpheus. Roman asks if she has any idea what it is. Kayla says the symptoms are sneezing, low-grade fever, and fainting. Kayla asks if they feel fine. Roman confirms that they and John feel fine so it can’t be that contagious. Kayla guesses that Orpheus exposed them to something in the warehouse. Steve says that means the kidnapping was just a setup and they were meant to find them. Kayla worries that with Orpheus associating with Dr. Rolf, it could be anything. Steve says that one thing they know about Orpheus is that he likes to take credit for everything and put his signature on it, like sending Kayla flowers and messaging them about the puzzles and the bomb. Roman realizes the bomb was never going to go off and this was the payoff. Steve guesses that Orpheus wanted them to know and that they are going to be hearing from him real soon.

Rafe goes to work at the police station. Jada arrives and hopes she’s not late. Rafe points out that she’s actually six minutes early and asks how her evening was. Jada says it was good as they celebrated Eric’s dad’s birthday. Rafe asks how things are going with her and Eric. Jada says it’s early but she thinks it’s going great and they are getting to know each other which she calls nice. Rafe asks Jada if Eric said he was going to take that job, but Jada questions what he’s talking about.

Eric gets out of the shower and Nicole shows up at his door.

Steve, Roman, and John get a video call from Orpheus, saying he hears the women they love are under the weather. Orpheus is sure they’ve figured out by now that he’s behind what’s happening to them. Orpheus declares that he doesn’t want to keep them in suspense about what’s in store for them and notes that it sounds ominous..

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