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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Victor told Nikki that he thought Victoria should leave town to regroup and Adam should run Newman Locke while she was away. Nikki said she didn’t call Victor here to talk about Victoria, but about Diane Jenkins. Victor stated that Diane had been dead for years. Nikki revealed that Diane was alive, and she had the audacity to return seeking forgiveness. Nikki said Deacon helped Diane fake her death. Nikki told Diane to stay away from all of them, especially Nick. Victor thought about all the damage Diane’s fake murder caused. They discussed Diane’s interest in reconnecting with Kyle. Victor didn’t foresee Kyle forgiving Diane. Victor didn’t buy Diane’s garbage, after what she did to everyone, especially Nikki and Kyle. Nikki noted that Victor got hurt too – he took the blame for Diane’s murder to protect Nikki and Victoria. Nikki didn’t think Diane would stick around for long. She didn’t think Kyle would forgive his mother.

Harrison was in the living room with Jack and Phyllis. The little boy got excited when Kyle entered. Kyle had gone for a walk to clear his head. He didn’t realize Harrison was back. Jack said Ashland dropped him off a little while ago, and they’d had a great time at the park. Kyle gave his son a big hug and said he missed him. He didn’t understand how a parent could stand to be away from their child. Phyllis took Harrison to the kitchen to get a snack from his aunt Traci. Jack thought Kyle and Summer had done an excellent job with Harrison. Jack asked about Kyle’s walk. Kyle’s emotions were all over the place. He couldn’t believe his mom chose to let him think she was dead and just let him go on with his life. Jack said Kyle created a great life for himself and his family. Kyle said it was thanks to Jack’s love and support. Jack said he did his best, but he couldn’t replace the love of a mother. While Kyle was sad and angry, he couldn’t help feeling like Diane’s return was a miracle – an answer to the prayers he made as a little kid. On the other hand, he asked why he would ever buy into anything Diane said and put his family through that much drama. Jack didn’t want Kyle to feel pressured by anyone. He told his son to take his time and decide what he wanted to do. Kyle already knew what he wanted to do.

Kyle wanted to hear Diane out. He thought he’d regret it if he didn’t. Jack asked if Kyle was sure. Kyle assured Jack he wasn’t expecting some big emotional reunion. Jack thought that was the right attitude. Kyle wasn’t sure how he’d react or if he’d want Diane in his life afterward, but he needed answers from her. Jack said he understood more than Kyle realized, because of what he went through with his own mother. Dina didn’t fake her death, but she disappeared more than once. As angry, disappointed and abandoned as Jack felt, he couldn’t bring himself to turn his back on Dina. Kyle asked if Jack would reach out to Diane and make arrangements. Jack said yes, and they hugged.

Diane was in her suite. She had a flashback to a happy moment with Jack and an infant Kyle. They’d wondered what Kyle would grow up to be like. In the present, Diane looked pained. Jack showed up and told her he talked to Kyle and he was in shock. Diane said she was sure Jack had been evenhanded, but she believed Phyllis had been trashing her to Kyle. Jack said Phyllis wasn’t the problem. He felt that Phyllis was justified in being concerned about the impact that Diane’s return would have on Summer, Kyle’s wife. Jack said what Kyle was feeling now had nothing to do with anything Phyllis said to him and everything to do with Diane’s actions.

Diane apologized. Jack said he was trying very hard to be an honest and fair sounding board to Kyle. His instincts told him not to trust her, but he felt Kyle needed the truth. He’d tried to explain the inexplicable to Kyle – how a parent could walk away from their child. Diane was near tears because she thought Jack had come to deliver bad news in person. He clarified that Kyle wanted to see her. She thanked him. He said that part of him wished Kyle would abandon her, like she abandoned him. Diane didn’t think Jack sincerely felt that way, because he wasn’t that kind of person. Jack begged Diane to put Kyle first and think about his needs, not hers. He was sorry that needed to be said. She understood. She conceded there was a time she was self involved an incapable of understanding how her actions effected others. She asked if there was part of him that was willing to accept she changed. She asked if she could meet Kyle at the Abbott house, where Kyle could be comfortable and where it was private. Jack didn’t like the idea of Diane being in his house, but he could see how it would be beneficial to Kyle to see Diane on his home turf, so he agreed.

Jack went home and told Phyllis and Kyle what Diane said. Kyle seemed tense when Jack said Diane was already on her way, but he decided this was a good thing. Kyle asked them to keep Harrison entertained and out of sight. He didn’t want his son anywhere near his mother. Phyllis said they’d take Harrison and Traci to town.

Back at the hotel, Diane picked up the old picture of her, Jack and Kyle. She kissed her fingertips and touched the photo. There was a knock on the door, and Kyle took a breath, then he came face to face with his mother.

Sally and Adam were at work. She said it was exciting having extra responsibility while he was temporary CEO of Newman Locke. “However long it lasts,” he said. She stated that Ashland was gone thanks to Adam pulling off something no one else could do. He said his dad’s money helped. She didn’t want him to downplay his significance. She said this was just a stepping stone to making his temporary position as CEO permanent. She asked if something had changed. His strategy had changed, but not his goal. He decided not to push things. She said he deserved to be permanent CEO, and he would be if this were any other company. He said that this wasn’t any other company – it was Newman Enterprises. He was sure that plans were in progress to rip Locke’s name off the building, ads and letterhead. She thought that made an even stronger case that two Newman siblings should be in charge. He appreciated her believing in him. He also wanted to see his position made permanent, but he was going to take a different approach. He said there was a saying in basketball “let the game come to you.” He was going to sit back and see how Victoria played this. If Victoria treated him like a partner, he’d act accordingly, and maybe she’d surprise him and they could have a good working balance.

Sally said whatever Victoria chose to do, she’d have the legacy of Ashland Locke hanging over her. She thought there should be repercussions to bringing Ashland into the company and into their lives. Adam said there had already been a few – Victoria was in an accident that could’ve been deadly for her, so that was a pretty steep price to pay. Sally said Victoria had no choice but to accept Adam saved her from Ashland by swooping in and cleaning up the mess. He said that remained to be seen. He was going to focus on guiding Sally while she was in charge at Newman Media and while he tried to find a way to work with Victoria. He had absolute faith in Sally and her ability to manage the company. He was counting on her to make him look good, which she was already doing. He said she was smart, a harder worker than anyone he knew, and she didn’t lack confidence. She was grateful for the opportunity, and she promised to do everything in her power to help him get the recognition he deserved.

At Society, Chloe tried to hold a work meeting with Chelsea. Chelsea was distracted, so Chloe put the work aside so they could talk. Chelsea said she just lost one of her closest friends in a car accident. She felt guilty. If Rey never went back for those stupid tickets, he’d still be alive. Chloe said it wasn’t Chelsea’s fault that Rey forgot the tickets. Chelsea said a year ago, she put Rey’s life at risk, and he forgave her and was willing to hang out with her and her son, and look what that lead to. Kevin told Chloe something in confidence, and she wanted to share it with Chelsea. She told her not to share this with anyone, but Rey had a massive heart attack and that was why he lost control of the car. He didn’t die because of the crash.

Chelsea realized that if Rey never went back to get the tickets, she and Connor could’ve been in the car with him when he had his heart attack. Adam told Chelsea that Ashland pulled Victoria out of the burning car. She wondered if Ashland tried to help Rey too, and if he could’ve survived. Chloe didn’t think Chelsea should go down that rabbit hole – what happened happened, and there was no point in blaming anyone. Chloe thought Chelsea should move forward. Chelsea snapped that sh was trying to. She then apologized. Chelsea said this had been hard on Connor too. It just killed her that Ashland walked away from this accident, while someone as genuine as Rey was dead.

Sally and Adam came to the restaurant, and he asked Chelsea how she was. She said they had to focus on Connor. Losing Rey was a huge blow. Adam hoped they helped Connor realize that Rey’s death wasn’t his fault. Chelsea immediately revealed the confidential details of Rey’s death. Chloe glared at Chelsea, who apologized and contended that everyone was going to find out soon anyway. Adam said he was planning a special outing for Connor. Chelsea was interested in going too. She said they could talk to their son as a family and make him feel stable. Adam was noncommittal. Chelsea thought Adam should be able to commit to something as simple as a family outing for their son’s sake. Adam pointed out that he never said he wouldn’t do it. Chelsea countered that he never said he would, either. She asked if he was being this way because of Sally. It was clear to Chelsea that things had progressed between Adam and Sally. Adam knew Chelsea was upset about Rey, and he was sorry she lost such a good friend. He and Sally walked away.

Chelsea grumbled that there was no doubt Sally and Adam were a couple. Chloe didn’t see why that mattered or what Chelsea hoped to accomplish with that confrontation. She hoped Chelsea wasn’t going to use the emotional shock of Rey’s death as an excuse to gravitate toward Adam.

At their table, Sally said Chelsea was in a bad way. Adam explained that Rey and Chelsea bonded. Sally heard Chelsea tried to kill Rey. Adam said that Chelsea was unstable back then, and she’d been going after him, not Rey. She made it look like Adam poisoned Rey. “She wanted to kill Rey to get back at you?,” Sally asked. Adam said Rey was never given enough poison to kill him, just enough to make him sick and make Adam look guilty. Sally thought it was amazing that Adam forgave Chelsea after she set him up. He said there were extenuating circumstances, and he was in a glass house, so he couldn’t afford to throw stones. She said she couldn’t either. He was sure she never did anything that bad. “Well…,” Sally replied. He asked if there was something she wanted to tell him.

Sally had something she never wanted Adam to know, and she didn’t like this old temptation she was having. She was tempted to lie and deceive, but she wanted to be honest with him. There was something that had been pushing its way into her thoughts ever since they found out Ashland was lying about having cancer. She saw people acting like there was a special spot in Hell reserved for Ashland, and she admitted that there might also be a seat for her too. There was this guy in LA that Sally was completely in love with, and he broke off their engagement for a second time. She’d been so desperate to win him back, it made her physically sick, and Wyatt took care of her. It turned out that it was stress, but Wyatt didn’t know that, so she faked a terminal illness to get him to stay with her. She wasn’t proud of it. It was the most shameful thing she’d ever done. He asked why she was telling him. She wanted him to hear this from her, and not anyone else. Adam smiled and asked if Sally’s scheme worked.

Sally said the truth came out, and she was reviled, and that was why she left LA. Adam appreciated Sally’s honesty. She asked what he thought of her, given how he reacted to what Ashland did. He said that was a different situation – Ashland went after Adam’s family and the company. Adam thought Ashland’s plan was gutsy and he was impressed Ashland managed to pull it off for so long. A lifetime ago, Adam faked a medical condition to get what he wanted too. So he couldn’t judge. Sally always thought they had a lot in common, but she never thought that would be one of them. He was glad they could share things because he was falling in love with her too. Sally said Adam certainly left her hanging long enough. When she told him she was falling in love with him, there were crickets, and she thought he was just going to ignore it. Part of her wonders if he meant this. He suggested they go somewhere else, so he could be perfectly clear about his feelings. That sounded good to her. Chelsea seethed watching Sally and Adam leave.

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