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Recap written by Christine

Nate was at Crimson Lights replaying the conversation where he told Ashland to be honest with Victoria. Billy approached Nate and asked what brought on his bad mood. Nate mentioned his run in with Ashland. Billy asked if Nate was the one who showed the evidence about Ashland’s lie. Nate was hesitant to go into detail. Billy didn’t want Nate to say anything that would compromise himself. Billy said Victoria told him enough, and he was sickened. Nate said he lost a lot of sleep thinking about how devastated Victoria must be. He said he hadn’t had the heart to see Victoria yet. Billy hoped Victoria didn’t let Ashland in again. Billy received a text from Nick and read it aloud – Ashland and Victoria were headed to Tuscany. Nate was surprised by this news. Billy went off to talk to Victoria.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office and told her that the bags were packed. Victoria said she was convinced that once they were away from Genoa City, her family and the distractions, they could figure out who was framing him. Victoria revealed that Victor put Adam in charge of the day to day while she and Ashland were away. Ashland was annoyed. He thought this was the first move in a power-play on Victor’s part. Victoria thought they could use this to their advantage. She didn’t think it mattered if Victor and Adam thought they were winning, since she and Ashland were still the ones making the most meaningful decisions.

Billy entered Victoria’s office and insisted on talking to her now. He said he knew they were leaving town. Ashland asked how, and Billy said Nick told him. Billy was met with resistance, so he said there was an emergency involving the kids. Ashland stated that he was concerned too and told Billy to talk. Victoria sent Ashland out. A skeptical Victoria asked what was wrong with the kids. He admitted they were fine. She thought it was low to lie about their kids to get her alone. He said he didn’t lie – this was about the kids and the fact that she didn’t seem to care that Ashland lied about being sick to get control of the company. He was concerned about her leaving town with Ashland. He needed to know she wasn’t going to forgive Ashland. “Or what you’re gonna try to take the kids away from me?,” she asked. She noted that he didn’t even know her plan. He said he was her friend, the one she confided in about Ashland. He needed to know she wasn’t going to let Ashland convince her to give him another chance. He was worried. She told him she could handle herself. She told him not to dare suggest she’d put the kids in jeopardy. He wasn’t worried about her actions, but Ashland’s.

Adam told Sally he was going to be interim CEO. Sally thought that was a huge vote of confidence from Victor. Adam had no illusions where Victor was concerned, but he’d take this temporary promotion. Sally asked where this left her. He said they were a team, so he’d need her to step up here big time. She promised he could count on her. She asked how Victoria took it. He said Victoria didn’t like it, but she accepted it, not that Victor gave her a choice. Sally said this would give Victoria time to figure out how to deal with the scum she was married to. Adam couldn’t figure out what Victoria’s game was. Sally though it was a waste of time to try and crawl into Victoria’s head. Sally wanted to help Adam strategize so he could prove he was the best CEO. She was going to go get them some food. Chelsea called and said she got Blackhawks tickets for Connor, but she had to go to NY on business, so she hoped Adam could take him. Adam couldn’t go either because he just got a promotion of sorts and he couldn’t leave town. Chelsea felt bad because Connor would be disappointed.

Sally went to Society and ran into Chelsea. They were civil and commented on the way that they’d buried the hatchet. Chelsea said they weren’t in each other’s orbit anymore. Sally thought they were still in each other’s orbit because of Adam. Sally heard the conversation about the Blackhawks tickets, and she was sorry it didn’t work out. Chelsea said Sally sounded sincere. Sally had nothing against Connor or Chelsea. She assumed Chelsea must be really busy at work choosing a business trip over a mother-son bonding experience. Chelsea noted that it sounded like Adam had to make that same decision. Sally said that things were very busy at work. Chelsea thought that sounded tedious, and she was glad to be away from the family drama. Sally was having a blast – she loved working with Adam. Chelsea wished Sally and Adam the best and hoped Adam found what he was looking for.

Sally thought it was too bad they couldn’t have made peace sooner, so they could’ve saved Newman Fashion. Chelsea didn’t think the three of them would’ve been able to work for Adam and expect it to go smoothly. Sally saw the point. Chelsea thought everyone ended up where they were supposed to. Sally asked if this civility extended to their personal lives. Chelsea didn’t know what was going on with Sally and Adam, and she wasn’t interested in knowing, but she said whatever it was, she’d deal with it.

Rey walked up and greeted Chelsea and Sally. Sally left. Rey overheard what Chelsea said about Adam, and he commended her for cutting the cord. Rey had never seen Chelsea happy before this. Chelsea said that Sally tried to goad her about Adam, but the truth was Sally and Adam being together didn’t bother her. Chelsea thought Rey’s pep talks helped her turn the corner. He saw how hard she’d worked to turn around her life. He said she was even happier now than she was earlier today when she was worried about Connor’s attitude. She told him about the Blackhawks ticket dilemma. Rey offered to take Connor. His schedule changed, so he didn’t have to work anymore. She said he was a lifesaver, but he said she’d be doing him a favor if she let him go to the game with Connor.

Ashland went to Adam’s office and said they had to get some things straight. Adam asked if Ashland reconsidered the offer – Adam wouldn’t publish the story about Ashland’s fake cancer if Ashland left town for good. Ashland said he and his beautiful wife were going to Tuscany. He knew Adam was already aware, because his daddy appointed him pretend CEO. Ashland said that Adam wasn’t going to post any stories about him. Adam smiled and asked why. “Ironically by putting you in charge Victor has neutralized that particular threat. Publishing anything about how I somehow hoodwinked the entire Newman family into appointing me co CEO would reflect very badly on the interim boss – that’s you,” Ashland said. Ashland predicted that if Adam published the story, the press would hound him for details, and he’d buckle under the pressure and the company would suffer, and it would all get worse once Ashland revealed the story was based on a lie. Adam said he’d make his own judgment calls, just as his father empowered him to.

Ashland said Adam was babysitting the home office until Ashland and Victoria got back, not running the empire. Adam sensed Ashland was worried about something. Adam said it blew his mind that Victoria still trusted Ashland despite all the evidence. Ashland suggested Victoria wasn’t as easily duped as the rest of the Newmans. Adam marveled at Ashland for still pretending he was framed. Adam admired Ashland as much as he despised him. Ashland didn’t care about Adam or Victor’s opinion – Victoria’s opinion was the only one that mattered to him. Ashland headed toward the door. Adam asked what about Harrison’s opinion – one day he’d be old enough to understand what his father did. Ashland turned and glared at Adam and called him an SOB. Ashland told Adam not to get too comfortable in this job, then he left. Adam cheerfully called after Ashland to have a safe flight.

Sally went back to work, and Adam told her about his talk with Ashland. Adam said that Ashland seemed off and unnerved. Adam thought it was a weak move on Ashland’s part to come and try to intimidate him. Adam wondered if Victor had put him in charge in order to throw Ashland off his game. Adam knew Victoria was up to something too. He hoped she was playing Locke the same way he played her. Adam was glad Victoria was leaving town. It would give him a chance to show Victor that he was better at running Newman Locke than his gullible sister ever would be.

Sally found Adam’s steely determination unbelievably hot. She said it might make it hard for her to focus on work. She asked what would happen to her if he was successful at becoming the permanent CEO. He implied that she would become the CEO of Newman Media. They kissed.

Billy didn’t think it was safe for Victoria to leave town with Ashland. She told him not to be melodramatic. He reminded her that she was the one who pondered whether Ashland was capable of harming her. Billy said that if Ashland wanted Newman, Victoria was simply something standing in the way. Victoria didn’t think Ashland would physically harm her. Billy didn’t trust Ashland. Victoria said that her father’s men would be secretly shadowing her while she was away – not that she asked for that, but Victor was doing it anyway. Billy wanted to know why Victoria was going to Italy. Victoria said she confided in Billy because she knew he was the one person who truly knew her. She had a plan, and when she was through, the kids wouldn’t be exposed to Ashland anymore. He asked her to promise she’d be careful, then he left.

Ashland returned and asked if the kids were okay. Victoria said that Billy just used the kids as a cheap trick to talk to her alone. She said Billy warned her that Ashland probably planned to do her harm and take over Newman Locke. Ashland was furious Billy put those ideas in Victoria’s head. Victoria assured Ashland that she knew he’d never harm her. He said this smear campaign had to stop. She stated that her family was desperate, that’s why they involved Billy. Ashland could handle her family thinking badly of him, and he could even handle the public humiliation, but he couldn’t handle her thinking he’d harm her. She took his hands and asked him to tell her again that he’d never do anything so deceitful and ugly to her. He said he loved her too much to hurt her in any way. The most painful part of this for him was to think she’d doubted that even for a moment. She hugged him, but when she was looking over his shoulder, her brow furrowed.

Elena was settling into her new home – the penthouse with Nate. After she put the finishing touches on the décor, she wondered where he was. Devon and Amanda dropped by with wine and a gift. Elena invited them to stay, but they saw the flowers and Elena’s outfit and felt like they were intruding on a date. Elena said Nate wasn’t there and invited them to stay. She was sure Nate would be happy to see them. Nate returned all out of sorts and without the food. He guessed he left it in the car. He explained that he had a run in with Ashland Locke. He smiled and said that there was no better way to forget it than to toast with Elena, Devon and Amanda.

Nate said there was so much to celebrate, so how could they choose? Devon though they should celebrate Amanda going back to the corporate world. Amanda suggested toating to Devon and Lily’s merger. Nate suggested toasting to Elena, a rising star at Memorial, and to the next chapter in the amazing penthouse. In Elena’s opinion, they should toast to Nate’s huge career change. Devon asked how Elena felt about Nate leaving medicine. Elena admitted it took some getting used to. She’ only known him as Doctor – he cared about his patients deeply, some would say too much. She added that she and Nate met in the medical world, and she enjoyed working with him. He said that the hours were better, giving him more time to lavish on the woman he loved. The biggest reason Elena supported the decision was Nate would be working with his family. Amanda said they were all so blessed. Devon toasted to all their new beginnings.

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