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Nicole decides to try getting rid of the conference table but she can’t move it. Rafe then appears and asks if she needs a hand as he questions what she is doing.

Kayla looks through Mother Superior’s desk to try and find a list of names staying there. Mother Superior then returns to the room and questions what she is doing.

Steve goes back to his hotel and calls Brady to inform him that Kayla is on the inside and he will keep him posted. Kristen then arrives and tells Steve that Kayla will be just fine. Kristen then pulls a gun on Steve and declares it’s time for his last rites. Kristen asks if he’s having deja vu. Kristen brings up Steve catching her off guard at Marlena’s months ago, so now she’s returning the favor.

Abigail tells Ned Granger that they have a few questions about a flight he took last March. Abigail shows him Sarah’s photo and asks if he remembers flying her out of Salem. Ned calls her a pretty girl and not a face you’d ever forget.

Gwen calls Ava and leaves a message, asking where she is because she needs her help since Abigail is not going to rest until she finds Sarah. Gwen worries that it’s only a matter of time before she loses Xander. Gwen tells Ava to call her back as there’s a knock at the door. Gwen then answers the door and is shocked to see Sarah.

Steve tells Kristen that it’s been awhile and asks how she’s been. Kristen warns him not to irritate her more than he already has. Kristen says instead of worrying about Kayla’s safety, he should really be more careful himself. Kristen remarks that Xander really wasted his money. Steve questions what Xander has to do with this. Kristen believes Xander hired him to find her but all anyone’s going to find is a dead, one-eyed priest. Steve clarifies that Xander did not hire him so it’s all one big misunderstanding.

Xander asks if Ned remembers Sarah but he says no. Abigail explains that this flight was last spring right before Ned abruptly quit his lucrative job at DiMera without even bothering to pick up his last check. Ned questions how she knew that. Xander notes that Abigail does seem to know a lot of information about this guy. Abigail responds that she is an investigative reporter and her husband happens to be the CEO of DiMera, so she’s just scratching the surface and hasn’t begun to dig deep but she can find out everything there is to know about this flight including who financed it and who profited. Xander calls that very impressive. Xander asks Ned again about Sarah. Ned asks for a beer so Xander calls to the waitress. Abigail asks Ned again if he recognizes Sarah. Ned admits that she does look a little familiar.

Gwen doesn’t understand how Sarah is there. She says she called the front desk and asked for Xander’s room number, then brings up Kristen stashing her on a desert island. “Sarah” then removes her mask, revealing that it was just Ava wearing a Sarah mask like Kristen had.

Mother Superior tells Kayla that if she was looking for something, all she had to do was ask. Kayla says she didn’t want to bother her and claims she was looking for a bible because she misplaced hers. Mother Superior points out that her bible is right in front of her. Kayla then slips up and mentions her husband which Mother Superior questions.

Kristen tells Steve not to lie to her. Steve assures that he’s not working for Xander, though he did try to hire him but not to find her, to find Sarah Horton. Steve says that’s unless that him finding Sarah would lead to Kristen.

Nicole tells Rafe that she’s trying to get the conference table out of here but she doesn’t think anyone can. Nicole explains that it reminds her of something she doesn’t want to remember which shouldn’t have happened. Rafe says he gets it. Nicole asks what Rafe is doing here.

Gwen questions what in the hell Ava is doing. Ava laughs and admits it was pretty mean but she couldn’t resist. Ava jokes about Gwen’s reaction and explains that it’s a Sarah mask that Kristen sent to her this morning. Gwen asks why she would do that. Ava tells her that Steve is looking for her, so she wanted to know if Ava sent him after her. Gwen still doesn’t understand why Kristen would send her that mask. Ava explains that she assured Kristen that she had nothing to do with Steve and that they don’t want her to be found. Ava adds that she admitted that Xander had gone to Steve and that she mentioned Gwen was freaking out about Sarah. Ava reveals that since they helped Kristen break out of jail, she decided to help them out. Gwen notes that Kristen doesn’t want Sarah found either. Ava tells Gwen that she thinks the Sarah mask is the answer to her prayers.

Xander asks Ned about recognizing Sarah and if she’s the person that he flew out of town on the DiMera jet. Ned supposes it’s possible. Abigail says no one has heard from her in a year, so she demands more information. Xander adds that Sarah is in big trouble so they have to help her. Xander asks if Ned flew Sarah or not. Ned then admits that he did.

Rafe tells Nicole that he doesn’t mean to bother her, but something has come up at work. Nicole questions him wanting to talk to her about police business and suggests he should be talking to another cop. Rafe explains that it actually involves her which she questions. Rafe informs her that the other day, Melinda came to him with two different files with the exact same complaint that he planted evidence to make an arrest so he thinks there’s more than a good chance that someone put them up to it. Nicole tells Rafe that she would never do that to him. Rafe clarifies that he never said it was her. Nicole questions it having to do with her then. Rafe then reveals that he thinks it was Ava because of them.

Gwen calls the Sarah mask a bit creepy and asks how it’s supposed to be the answer to her prayers. Ava informs her that Kristen put a note with the mask with some pretty intense threats about what would happen to them if she was found but says that’s just Kristen being Kristen. Ava adds that Kristen sent the mask so Gwen could get Xander to stop looking for Sarah. Ava instructs Gwen to put the mask on and become Sarah to tell Xander that she wants nothing to do with him and that he needs to stop looking for her, then problem solved and Xander will never want to see Sarah again.

Abigail questions Ned about Sarah hiring him to fly her on a DiMera Jet. Ned confirms that she approached him at the hangar about a freelance gig and said she needed someone to fly her out of Salem. Ned says he agreed to do it for the right price and she definitely had the money. Ned mentions the size of the suitcase she had. Xander cuts him off and asks where he took her. Ned responds that he can’t tell him that because it’s part of the deal. Ned says he didn’t have to tell that he flew her in the first place, but he did because they said she might be in danger. Xander complains that if he doesn’t tell them where she is, they can’t help her. Ned says he’s sorry that he can’t be more forthcoming. Ned then tells them to cough up some cash if they want to know where he took Sarah.

Kristen argues that if Steve was looking for Sarah, there’s no way it would lead him to her. Steve remarks that all roads lead to Rome and in the past, a lot of disappearances have led to Kristen. Kristen tells him to use his head as Sarah went through Hell and still gave her baby back to her so they are almost like sisters. Kristen asks why she would want Sarah to disappear. Steve says God only knows why she does anything. Kristen reminds him that she has a gun. Steve says they have cleared up that he’s not working for Xander and he’s not looking for her, so he asks her to put the gun down. Kristen still wants answers as to why Steve is here if he’s not working for Xander. Kristen thinks Steve came to flush her out of the convent, which she calls her spiritual home. Steve brings up Kristen facing prison time. Kristen again reminds him of her gun. Kristen questions who paid him to come after her. Steve then reveals it was Brady. Kristen questions why in the name of God he would do that. Steve explains that Brady wants to know if she’s the one who framed him for Philip’s disappearance.

Mother Superior reminds Kayla that nuns can’t have husbands. Kayla tries to cover and claims she is a bride of Christ so Jesus is her husband. Mother Superior tells her to take the bible but questions how she is going to read it since she couldn’t see it right in front of her. Kayla claims that she doesn’t need to read it, but just finds comfort in it’s physical presence. Mother Superior guesses that she must have the important passages memorized and then asks Kayla to recite one for her. Kayla says she’d be happy to but she’s not sure she has them verbatim and she doesn’t want to improvise the word of God. Mother Superior says it’s all in translation and tells Kayla to give it her best shot. She then suggests a specific bible verse for Kayla to recite.

Kristen questions Steve telling her that someone made it look like Brady killed Philip. Kristen questions why she would do something like that to Brady when he’s Rachel’s father. Steve brings up Brady choosing Chloe over her and says her plans tend to be serpentine. Kristen says they are always in her best interest while there’s no way she would ever send Brady to prison for murder when she loves him. Steve asks if she doesn’t want to get back at Brady and Chloe. Kristen admits it bothered her that Chloe once again had her talons in Brady and she wouldn’t have thought twice about framing Chloe, but he doesn’t know her at all if he thinks she would ever send Brady to prison. Kristen assures that she did not kill Philip. Steve says alright then no harm, no foul and he will report back to Brady that this was a dead end and they are even. Steve apologizes for the misunderstanding but Kristen says it’s a little late for that.

Nicole thinks Rafe is being a little paranoid in thinking that Ava is setting him up when they both know how much she loves him. Rafe brings up how it turned out when Ava loved Steve too. Nicole asks if there’s something he’s not telling her. Rafe says he just has a weird feeling that something is off. Nicole thinks framing him would be more than just off. Rafe talks about Ava having the underworld connections to make it happen. Rafe adds that he had the same feeling when he thought Ava decapitated Duke. Nicole argues that makes no sense but Rafe says that’s unless she knows what they did on the conference table.

Ava asks if Gwen is just going to stare at the Sarah mask. Gwen is stunned by the likeness. Ava agrees that it’s impressive and brings up the idea that a mask could be made of anyone of their faces. Ava wishes she could get a Nicole mask to tell Rafe to go to Hell. Gwen questions what she is supposed to do with the Sarah mask. Ava tells her to wear it. Gwen asks if she’s just supposed to breathe normally. Ava assures there was no issues at all. Ava asks if Gwen wants Xander to leave her for Sarah. Ava tells her not to worry about it if she doesn’t think she can pull it off. Gwen says she’s just lacking confidence and asks if Ava really thinks she can fool Xander. Ava says there’s only one way to find out and instructs Gwen to put the mask on as she questions what she is waiting for.

Xander instructs Abigail to pay Ned since she has money and he doesn’t. Abigail responds that she can’t since she’s a journalist for the Spectator so it’s unethical to pay a source for information. Xander tells her not to run the story then. Xander questions if she cares more about selling papers or finding her cousin.

Steve tells Kristen that it’s not too late and he can just tell Brady that she had nothing to do with this. Kristen reminds him that she’s still a wanted woman who broke out of prison. Kristen asks if Steve is just going to go back to Salem, knowing her location, and calls him dumber than she thought.

Kayla successfully recites the passage of Deuteronomy, which impresses Mother Superior. She says that she just came back for her rosary and remembers to lock her drawer this time.

Nicole questions Rafe thinking that Ava knows they slept together. Rafe says it crossed his mind. Nicole argues that if Ava found out, she would’ve been in his face as she doesn’t sit on her feelings. Rafe agrees and says that she was completely shocked and behind him about the case against him. Rafe asks Nicole if Ava has been acting strange and brings up how Ava keeps telling him to invite Nicole over for dinner. Rafe asks if Ava has done anything weird or out of the ordinary. Nicole says no but then says now that he mentions it…

Gwen puts on the Sarah mask. Ava fixes it for her so that Gwen also sounds exactly like Sarah. Ava says that Xander will be completely taken in. Gwen remains unsure. Ava points out that she fooled her. Gwen points out that she doesn’t know Sarah while Xander knows everything about her. Ava remarks that Rex did too and Kristen fooled them both. Gwen argues that Kristen knows Sarah while she’s flying blind and doesn’t think she can fool anyone. Ava suggests she take a test run.

Abigail argues that this is not about selling papers as she can’t give a source money either way. Xander asks if she’s going to let their only lead slip through their fingers. Abigail is unsure how reliable this lead is and repeats that it’s not about ethics. Abigail worries that it could totally compromise the Spectator when her parents left her in charge of the paper, so she doesn’t want to run it in to the ground after only a few weeks. Xander notes that he doesn’t have the money but insists that he will get it. Xander instructs Abigail to keep Ned there as he exits the Pub.

Gwen as “Sarah” goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and shocks Maggie. Maggie hugs her and says she can’t believe it’s her.

Steve tells Kristen that if she thinks he’ll tell everyone where she is, she can just move on and find a convent in Mongolia or somewhere. Steve argues that she can hide out anywhere and swears that he won’t follow her. Steve mentions having zip ties in the drawer and opens it up but Kristen reveals that she had already stolen his gun from that drawer. Kristen remarks that he’s very predictable for a private investigator. Kristen declares that it’s time for her easy fix as she holds both guns on Steve.

Rafe asks Nicole if Ava said something to her. Nicole says it’s just like he was saying as she just got this weird feeling the other day in the town square as she saw Rafe and Ava hugging. Rafe notes that he didn’t see her. Nicole thinks Ava saw her and smiled at her but it wasn’t a friendly smile, but more like she was in on a secret. Nicole admits she felt very unsettled afterwards. Ava then arrives, asking if Nicole is busy and then sees Rafe and says what a surprise. Rafe responds that he was just talking about her. Ava says this is great as now she doesn’t have to track him down too.

Maggie tells “Sarah” what a relief it is to see her. “Sarah” apologizes for worrying her. Maggie questions the radio silence as they thought she was with Rex and then he showed up and said she hadn’t left town with him. Maggie says she’s been calling ever since for weeks and now her phone is disconnected. “Sarah” claims that she can explain, so Maggie says she’s listening.

Rafe asks Ava what she means by tracking them down. Ava responds that what she has to say concerns the three of them and complains that Rafe and Nicole aren’t answering their phones or returning calls, so she has to track them down to talk to them face to face. Ava adds that she was just there to invite Nicole over for dinner and she knew she’d have to tie her down to get her to agree. Ava knows Nicole is so busy and says she gets that from Rafe all the time too. Ava declares no more arguments, the three of them are having dinner together at Rafe’s house tonight. Nicole tries to speak but Ava says she’s not listening to any more excuses from either of them. Ava tells them to make it happen or they will incur the wrath of Ava Vitali. Ava argues that they have been moping around like two sad sacks, so it’s time they have some fun.

Mother Superior hands Kayla her bible and says she will see her at dinner, where she can lead the evening prayers. After Mother Superior exits, Kayla shuts the door and pulls out her phone to text Steve that she just had a close call and that she’s still looking for Kristen. Kayla gets a text back from Steve, saying all is good on his end.

Kristen has Steve’s phone and is wearing his eye patch as she texts Kayla. Kristen then looks down at Steve unconscious on the floor while the two guns lay nearby.

Abigail tells Ned that he could make this a lot easier if he just told them where he took Sarah. Ned says that would be easier for her. Ned decides he’ll be back in an hour as he’s going to stretch his legs and jokes about all the money he’s going to earn as he exits the Pub.

“Sarah” tells Maggie that she’s sorry for not being completely honest with her and that she would’ve told her everything if it wasn’t for Xander which Maggie questions. “Sarah” says Xander didn’t give her a choice and wouldn’t believe her breaking off the engagement. Maggie complains that she called off the wedding at the last possible moment. “Sarah” says she wanted Xander out of her life and had to make sure he wouldn’t try to follow her. Maggie questions why she was that desperate to get away from Xander. “Sarah” doesn’t want to get into it right now but says if she never sees Xander again, it would be too soon. Xander then enters the room and is shocked to see “Sarah”.

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