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Leo finds Gwen in the town square and tells her how happy he was to hear that she had been pardoned. Gwen is looking at her tablet and crying, so Leo questions why she’s crying.

Xander confronts Lucas in the interrogation room and accuses him of trying to frame Sarah. Lucas insists that he’s not lying and that he saw Sarah at the DiMera Mansion. Xander argues that Sarah didn’t kill Abigail and couldn’t kill anyone. Xander warns Lucas to tell the cops that he made it all up or he’s going to tear him apart with his bare hands.

Sarah finds a note from Xander in their room that he’s out running an errand. Sarah wonders what the errand is. Chad then shows up at the door. Sarah mentions hearing about Jake and says she’s really sorry. Chad responds that he’s not here to talk about Jake, but about Abigail.

John meets Steve at the Brady Pub about Orpheus. Steve can’t believe the Governor put him back on the street. Steve declares that they need to deal with Orpheus before he hurts someone they love.

Marlena goes to her office at the hospital and finds Orpheus sitting at her desk.

Gwen informs Leo that Jake is dead after someone shot him. Leo thinks she’s talking about Jake Gyllenhaal until she clarifies and mocks his sensitivity. Leo questions what there is to be sensitive about since Gwen and Jake broke up eons ago, he cheated on her with Gabi, and she hated him now. Gwen cries that it doesn’t mean she wanted him dead and she didn’t know she’d be so worked up about it but she is remembering the good times they had together. Leo points out that they will always have Philly and assures that he is sorry. Leo asks if there’s anything he can do to cheer her up, suggesting they get mimosas to toast to Jake. Gwen declines getting drunk. Leo encourages that she just got out of prison. Leo states that Jake is her past so they should think about her future. Gwen questions what future. Leo says he knows that she has a plan to get Xander away from Sarah.

Sarah guesses Chad has talked to Rafe. Chad confirms that Rafe said she gave a statement, so he wants to know what was in it. Sarah asks what he wants to know. Chad says that Lucas said he saw her at the house on the night of the murder and that she was running down the stairs and dropped something on the way out which might have been the knife that killed Abigail. Chad asks Sarah if that really happened and if she was there that night. Sarah responds that she would tell him if she could but she just doesn’t know.

Lucas tells Xander that he never said Sarah killed Abigail. Xander complains that he put her at the scene of the crime, possibly holding the murder weapon. Lucas calls that the truth. Xander argues that Lucas is just trying to put the blame on Sarah to cover his own ass. Lucas argues that if he thought he killed Abigail, he would own up to it. Xander questions how come these memories only came up when his back was against the wall. Lucas explains that Marlena hypnotized him. Xander calls that a load of crap. Lucas suggests Xander look up Marlena because he won’t find a more respected psychiatrist than her.

Marlena questions how Orpheus got in her office. He says the door was unlocked. Marlena threatens to call security. Orpheus says he just got out of prison and asks if she really thinks he would break in the next day. Marlena wouldn’t put it past him. Orpheus says he just need a few minutes of her time and she can leave the door open. Marlena tells him to make it fast. Orpheus is sure that by now, she’s heard that his son is the father of Jan Spears’ baby. Marlena confirms she heard Evan is claiming that but imagines Shawn is skeptical. Orpheus tells her that Christian/Evan is going to prove he’s telling the truth and that’s why he needs Marlena’s help.

Steve tells John that he suggested Orpheus get his new start somewhere other than the scene of his previous crimes but then he teased going to where Steve’s kids are. Steve knows Orpheus is planning something. John says it’s in his blood and points out that Orpheus’s son is trying to take the baby from Shawn. Steve mentions that Kayla told him but says even if Evan is the father, he questions what kind of judge would take a baby from a man like Shawn and hand him over to someone who murdered the mother of his first child. John asks what kind of governor would grant pardons to felons and murderers. Steve argues that Orpheus couldn’t care less about the baby and has a bigger agenda in mind that is way more personal.

Marlena questions what kind of help Orpheus could need from her. Orpheus states that his son is mentally unstable. Marlena agrees that people who kill people usually are. Orpheus remarks that last time Evan got in to trouble was because he was doing the bidding of Allie. Marlena argues that she was possessed at the time. Orpheus asks if that’s how she lets members of her family off the hook. Marlena asks what he wants. Orpheus guesses she’s still resentful of when he asked her to get Christian/Evan out of Bayview. Marlena argues that he threatened her great grandchild. Orpheus thought he was doing what’s best for his son. Marlena states that what is best for him is to be in Bayview where he should be now. Orpheus agrees that he definitely needs help, especially now that he’s going to be raising his grandson. Orpheus says he needs him to get good counseling. Orpheus then asks Marlena to be Evan’s psychiatrist.

Shawn arrives at the hospital with baby Shawn where Evan says it’s about time as the lab techs are waiting for them. Shawn announces there’s been a change of plans as he’s not agreeing to the test unless they do it his way. Evan reminds him of the court order. Shawn decides he’s not going to trust something this important to a lab tech that he could’ve paid off, so Kayla will oversee the test personally so that they will know the results are real. Shawn says for them to get this over with, so they go to get the DNA test.

Gwen tells Leo that she didn’t tell Xander that she knew that Kristen had Sarah, so she assumed they were a lost cause but now it looks like Sarah might be a person of interest in Abigail’s murder, so maybe she has a chance. Leo remarks that it’s the kind of talk they would only hear in Salem. Gwen argues that she’s not crazy. Leo remarks that Sarah really is and went all Lizzy Borden on Abigail, so now Gwen has a chance with Xander. Gwen calls it still somewhat tricky since Xander pointed out that Sarah’s mental state is partially due to her giving that second dose of the drug. Gwen mentions visiting Xander yesterday and she thinks he was receptive to her remorse but then Sarah came after her with a knife, thinking she was Kristen. Leo congratulates her on her timing of getting out of prison right as Sarah is on her way in.

Chad asks Sarah to help him here as he can’t understand how she can’t remember being at his house. Sarah explains that she said in her statement that she remembers going to see Gwen in prison and then coming back to lie down because her meds were making her feel out of it and then she must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew, it was morning. Chad asks if that means she didn’t see Abigail but Sarah says not necessarily. Sarah talks about telling Marlena that she had another hallucination and Marlena suggested she go speak to Abigail because she got the same drug. Chad acknowledges that Abigail’s flashback hallucinations were scary and brings up that Abigail once thought he was Ben trying to strangle her and she said it felt completely real. Sarah relates that’s how hers are too as she thought Victor was Kristen coming after her with a syringe and then yesterday, she found Gwen here with Xander and thought she had a gun pointed at him, so she threatened her with a knife. Sarah cries that she also threatened and attacked Nicole and Chanel, so sometimes she feels like she should be locked up. Chad asks if Sarah thinks it’s possible that she had a hallucination on the night that Abigail died and if it’s possible that she went to see her that night and then thought she was Kristen and that she might have stabbed her to death.

John suggests they could put a 24 hour tail on Orpheus but Steve says he’s done being careful with him and asks why wait for him to make the first move. John argues that it seems like Steve already knows what he wants to do. Steve feels they need to stop Orpheus dead in his tracks, the sooner the better as there’s no other choice and they need to eliminate the threat. John feels it sounds like Steve is talking about killing Orpheus. Steve confirms it sounds like that for a reason.

Marlena questions Orpheus asking her to provide therapy for his son. Orpheus asks why not since she worked wonders with the Necktie Killer and she was going to begin seeing Jan Spears, so he questions what’s wrong with adding one more reformed murderer. Marlena argues that Orpheus despises her so she questions why he would want her to work with his child. Orpheus states that he can separate facts from feelings and the fact is, she’s a gifted psychiatrist. Orpheus adds that she was an important mother figure when he was a child. Marlena complains that he was holding her hostage. Orpheus says that doesn’t discount the fact that they formed an important bond, so he thinks Evan would respond well to her and asks what she thinks. Marlena thinks he would do well with therapy, so she will find him somebody very talented but it will not be her.

Xander calls Lucas a notorious liar and says maybe he’s so terrified of going to prison that his psyche invented these memories of Sarah at the DiMera Mansion. Lucas thinks Marlena would have known the difference. Lucas insists that his memory is becoming clearer and he knows he saw Sarah there. Xander asks if he’s certain it was her. Lucas complains that he doesn’t want to incriminate his own cousin but he has no choice because she was there. Xander tells him to prove it, but Lucas says he can’t prove it. Lucas then reveals that this morning, the police came up with new evidence that backs up exactly what he said.

Sarah swears to Chad that she doesn’t remember being at his house but she can’t rule out the possibility that she was there, especially if Lucas says he saw her. Chad asks if she usually remembers her hallucinations since Abigail always did. Chad thinks if she thought she saw Kristen, she would remember it. Sarah admits she usually does, but her dosage was off and her brain was so hazy, so it’s possible that she forgot what happened. Chad thanks her for her honesty and says he appreciates it. Sarah says she loved Abigail as she was a wonderful, kind person and in her right state of mind, she would never hurt her but she’s not always in her right state of mind. Chad says he has to go. Sarah promises he’ll be the first to know if she remembers anything as Chad then exits the room.

Leo asks if Gwen knows if the cops are planning to charge Sarah with murder anytime soon. Gwen hopes it will be soon. Leo thanks God it wasn’t Gwen who killed Abigail. Gwen can’t believe he thought it was her and asks how she could have from prison. Leo reminds her that the guard said she was missing that one night. Gwen insists that she fell asleep in the library. Leo mocks the idea of her reading in the library and adds that the guard said he couldn’t remember if the night she was missing was the night of Abigail’s murder. Gwen can’t believe Leo didn’t trust her. Leo reminds her that she told him to get a knife and kill Abigail. Gwen claims that she didn’t mean any of that as Chad comes out of the Salem Inn and sees them.

Shawn and Evan come back from the DNA test. Evan asks if Shawn is heading home. Shawn says that Kayla said the results will be ready in an hour, so he’s not going anywhere. Evan says he’s not either. Shawn questions why he’s doing this. Evan responds that it’s his son. Shawn argues that even if it is, Evan’s not exactly father of the year material. Evan tells him to ask Rafe how well he took care of his son David. Shawn tells him to ask Ciara how many times he tried to kill her and Ben. Evan admits he was a little out of control then, but his sole focus is to be a good father to the baby and his brother David. Shawn asks what if he snaps again as he’s not going to let him hurt the innocent baby. Evan insists he wouldn’t hurt his own child and he will be a wonderful father to that little boy. Evan warns Shawn that he will see in one hour that the baby is his.

Gwen tells Chad that she didn’t expect to see him. Chad responds that he would totally expect to see them with their heads together. Leo hopes he wasn’t eavesdropping on their private conversation. Chad says he doesn’t have the slightest interest in anything that either of them have to say. Chad comments on Gwen worming her way out of prison. Gwen knows he hates her but tells him that she’s terribly sorry for what happened to Abigail. Chad brings up the way Gwen treated her. Gwen argues that she was still her sister and she’s very sorry that she’s gone. Gwen mentions the children Thomas and Charlotte and offers to help if he needs anything but Chad tells her that she would be the last person he calls and warns her to stay the hell away from his children as he then walks away.

Xander asks Lucas about new evidence. Lucas informs him that his lawyer asked the cops to do another search of the DiMera Mansion, specifically looking for a paring knife that he cut his hand with and it was on the bar. Xander questions them not finding it the first time they searched the house. Lucas guesses it fell but they did lab work and the only blood found was his which proves he didn’t stab Abigail since it didn’t match her wounds, so they said it was something more like a steak knife. Xander argues that maybe he found another knife in the house. Lucas remembers leaving the house after cutting his hand, just like he remembers seeing Sarah. Xander argues that none of this proves he’s innocent or that Sarah is guilty. Lucas says it proves his story is starting to make sense to the police.

Sarah paces in her room, saying she has to figure out if she killed Abigail but she doesn’t know how. Sarah then writes a note and declares it’s worth a shot as she then exits the room.

Chad goes home to the Horton House where his son Thomas is in the living room. Chad thought Jack and Jennifer were taking the kids to the aquarium but Thomas says he didn’t want to go and chose to stay home with Julie and Doug. Chad asks why he didn’t want to go. Thomas responds that Abigail was supposed to take him, so he doesn’t want to go without her.

Leo comments on Gwen being very quiet. Gwen complains about Leo accusing her of being a murderer when Chad was in ear shot. Leo argues that he didn’t know Chad was lurking around. Gwen just doesn’t want Chad to get any ideas since he already hates her so much as it is. Gwen declares that she didn’t kill Abigail, so she tells Leo to keep his mouth shut. Leo apologizes and offers to make it up to her with a champagne brunch. Gwen questions where he got that kind of money. Leo tells her that he’s good for it and that’s all she needs to know. Gwen points out that he doesn’t have a job. Leo thinks back to stealing the money and jewelry from Abigail’s lockbox. Gwen questions what Leo is not telling her. Leo claims it’s nothing and that he always finds a way to make a buck.

Steve tells John that he knows what he’s talking about is extreme since he was just warning Justin yesterday not to take the law in to his own hands, but then Orpheus threatened his children. Steve asks if John wants to live like this, knowing that Orpheus could come after Marlena, Brady, or Rachel at any time. John admits he doesn’t, but they can’t kill the guy. Steve doesn’t see why not. John questions who he is. Steve reminds John that the ISA told them to take out threats before they could do any harm. John argues that they’re not with the ISA anymore. John says he wants to neutralize Orpheus as much as Steve does, but there has to be another option. Steve responds that if there’s another option, he’d love to hear it. John argues that they could come up with stuff on Orpheus that the government doesn’t even know about, so they could put him away forever. Steve points out that while they are doing research, Orpheus will be two steps ahead. Steve worries that if they don’t take him out now, he thinks something very bad is going to happen.

Orpheus thought it was Marlena’s job to help people. Marlena responds that she can’t help everybody who is in need as her schedule is pretty full and Evan needs the kind of attention that she can’t really give him. Marlena thinks Orpheus is just playing mind games. Orpheus argues that they are talking about his son’s sanity. Marlena apologizes and says she can’t help him but she can find someone who can. Sarah walks in, then apologizes as the door was open so she thought she was alone. Marlena tells her that he was just leaving. Orpheus recognizes Sarah and says they haven’t met yet. Sarah responds that she knows exactly who he is because he’s the reason that her child is dead. Orpheus asks if she’s referring to the accident she was in. Sarah argues that it was no accident because Orpheus and his pervert son kidnapped her mother then one of them swerved in front of Adrienne, killing her and Sarah’s baby. Sarah calls Orpheus a monster. Orpheus says he’s sorry for her loss, but if he’s a monster, what is she. Marlena tells Orpheus to get out. Orpheus says he’s going but tells Sarah that according to the news, he’s not the only one who took a life as he understands Abigail is dead and stabbed to death by her own cousin. Orpheus hopes Marlena can help Sarah find a way to live with herself. Orpheus then walks out of the office. Marlena tells Sarah that she’s so sorry about that as Orpheus is a vile man with no sense of caring and no heart. Sarah complains that Orpheus said it like it was a fact. Marlena argues that he’s just trying to provoke her. Sarah worries, asking what if it is true.

Orpheus finds Evan at the hospital and asks how it’s going. Evan informs him that Shawn got Kayla to run the DNA test, so he just went to check on the results. Orpheus responds that they both know what the result will be. Evan says he’s still nervous since Bradys like to stick together and Shawn still has his son. Orpheus encourages him to relax and not draw attention to himself. Evan asks what he’s doing here. Orpheus informs him that he tried to get Marlena to take Evan on as a patient, but he was unsuccessful. Evan argues that he doesn’t need a shrink. Orpheus disagrees. Evan asks why he pulled him out of Bayview then. Orpheus says he sees now that was a mistake. Evan insists that he’s fine or he will be once he has his son.

Gwen and Leo have a drink and toast to Jake. Xander walks by, so Gwen calls out to him. Xander asks what she wants. Gwen says she can’t stop thinking about yesterday when Sarah attacked her. Xander argues that it wasn’t Sarah’s fault. Gwen says she just wanted to say she’s sorry and tells him not to give up hope since her hallucinations doesn’t necessarily mean she killed Abigail. Gwen adds that she still thinks it was Lucas. Xander informs her that it’s looking more and more like Lucas is innocent.

Chad tells Thomas that he’s sorry as he knows how much he misses his mom. Thomas questions where Chad was. Chad responds that he had to go see someone. Thomas complains that all Chad does now is go and see people. Chad tells him that he’s here now and suggests they go play soccer in the backyard. Thomas says he doesn’t want to. Chad points out that it’s a nice day and they could go to the park. Thomas screams that he said no. Chad argues that he can’t stay cooped up all day, playing video games as it’s not good for him. Thomas screams that he doesn’t care, he doesn’t like it here, and he wants to go home. Chad tells him that’s not an option. Chad suggests they go outside and play Horse, then he can do whatever he wants. Thomas doesn’t want to play with him, complaining that Chad always lets him win. Thomas screams that he just wants his mom back. Chad shouts that he would do anything to bring her back but he can’t as she’s gone and there is nothing they can do about it. Chad apologizes and tries to hug him but Thomas runs away and goes upstairs. Chad shouts that he’s sorry. Chad then picks up Thomas’s tablet that he left behind and sees it was open on a photo of Abigail which makes him cry.

Gwen asks Xander about Lucas’s story checking out. Xander confirms that the police say the paring knife is not the knife that killed Abigail due to the depth of her wounds. Gwen asks if the police foudn the knife yet. Xander says no, but they know what they are looking for as it was a steak knife. Leo then thinks back to the knife he had with his breakfast in the DiMera Tunnels that day as he finishes his drink.

Shawn returns to Evan and informs him that the DNA test results are in. Evan asks what he’s waiting for, so Shawn opens the results. Shawn then shows it to Evan, who excitedly tells Shawn that he told him so.

John tells Steve that he can’t help him on this one, so he’s on his own. Orpheus then walks in to the Pub and tells John that he was just chatting with his lovely wife, but he’s sure Marlena will fill him in later. Orpheus tells them to have a good day and walks away to the bar. Steve then asks John if he still wants to play by the book.

Marlena sits with Sarah and asks if she remembers anything at all about the night that Abigail was killed. Sarah says just that she had it in mind to go see her. Marlena remembers suggesting that to her. Sarah brings up Abigail once telling her that she felt guilty because she was the reason that Kristen got a hold of the drug she gave her. Sarah asks what if she did go see Abigail and hallucinated that she was Kristen. Marlena asks how she can help. Sarah then asks Marlena to hypnotize her like she did Lucas. Marlena agrees to do it if that’s what she wants. Sarah declares that she has to know the truth, even if the truth is that she killed Abigail.

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