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At DiMera Enterprises, Stefan kisses Chloe until she pulls away and says maybe they shouldn’t do this, bringing up that she knows she’s not over Brady so she feels it’s unfair to Stefan. Stefan asks what about being fair to herself. Stefan reminds Chloe that Brady has already moved on with his life and is back together with Kristen. Chloe argues that he’s not back with Kristen. Stefan points out that Brady chose to move Kristen back in to his home and declares that Brady isn’t wasting any time going after what he wants, so he questions why Chloe should.

Wendy tells Johnny that she still can’t wrap her head around how Dr. Rolf could brainwash Stefan in to being in love with Chloe and just forgetting about Gabi. Johnny says it’s what Dr. Rolf does as a mad scientist. Wendy says she’s big on science and guesses she’s also a hopeless romantic so she finds it crazy that someone could manipulate someone’s feelings like that. Johnny calls it no more crazy than Stefan rising from the dead after four years. Wendy declares that if they can find Ned Granger, maybe he can lead them to Dr. Rolf. Johnny adds that then Dr. Rolf can tell them if EJ and Li messed with Stefan’s head. Wendy responds that if they did, Johnny would have his payback for what EJ did to Ava.

In the DiMera Crypt Ava’s vision of Charlie encourages her to keep her eye on the prize and that she’s going to get revenge on EJ DiMera. Ava agrees that EJ deserves to pay for thinking he could banish her from Salem. Ava declares that if all goes according to plan, Xander should be grabbing EJ’s mother right now.

Anna and Tony return home to the DiMera Mansion from Zurick. Anna complains about the flight and orders Tony to fire the pilot. They decide they need a drink and head in to the living room where Anna is shocked to find the crystal heart trinket that Tony got her for her birthday is smashed on the floor. Tony says he will replace it but Anna calls it a one of a kind item so there can never be another.

Xander drags Susan out of the DiMera Mansion.

Ava and her vision of Charlie joke in the Crypt about how EJ is going to be freaking out when he can’t find his mom. Charlie remarks that he can’t wait until EJ finds out that Ava was behind the kidnapping. Ava then immediately stops laughing and questions what the hell he’s talking about. Ava states that EJ can never find out it was her. Charlie asks why the hell not.

Stefan apologizes to Chloe and says he doesn’t mean to push. Chloe says it’s okay as he asked a valid question. Chloe asks what she is doing since she and Brady are over and he’s clearly moved on. Chloe declares that she thinks she is ready to move on as well. Chloe then reminds Stefan that they worked together and she just got a promotion. Stefan points out that he didn’t promote her and he’s not her boss so they are two employees of equal stature and if they start dating, they just have to let HR know first. Stefan declares that he’s ready to go public with how he feels and asks if Chloe is.

Wendy asks Johnny how they can find Ned Granger. Johnny brings up that Tony used to fly with him all the time, so he thinks Tony could point them in the right direction. Wendy questions calling Tony and worries that he could tell EJ what they are up to. Johnny admits that Tony did vote for EJ to become CEO again and that if EJ did something to Stefan, Tony could already know about it or even be in on it. Wendy asks if Tony flew with Ned alone. Johnny brings up Anna being with him, so Wendy points out that Anna would definitely know Ned too. Johnny acknowledges that Anna also has a soft spot for him.

Anna cries to Tony that the gift meant so much to her. Tony offers to call the artist to see if he can do anything about it. EJ walks in and announces that dinner will be ready shortly. Anna informs him that she lost her appetite after the horrible flight and then coming home to find her crystal heart shattered. Tony encourages that they will find a way to get it fixed. Tony asks what is for dinner. EJ informs him that Susan asked cook to prepare catfish nuggets. Tony asks if Susan is joining them. EJ says he thought so but she seems to have disappeared. EJ asks if Anna or Tony know where Susan has gone.

Ava gets a text from Xander that it’s done. Charlie tells Ava that now she can call EJ to make him beg to get his mother back. Ava repeats that EJ can never find out that she’s behind this because if he does, she will be on the run for the rest of her life and she will never see Tripp again. Charlie gets upset and asks so what. Ava asks what he means because she needs Tripp in her life. Ava calls Tripp her son who is alive and he needs her close to him which is why he asked her to move to Seattle. Charlie argues that Tripp did that out of pity and that the Johnsons are Tripp’s family now. Charlie declares that Ava has nothing and no one, except him. Ava asks what about her grandson, Henry. Ava doesn’t think she could handle never seeing Henry again. Charlie tells her that she won’t have to then because they’ll take his son with them.

Sarah goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and returns Maggie’s check to her, saying that she and Xander can not accept her money. Maggie didn’t think Sarah was going to tell Xander about it. Sarah explains that it fell out of her planner when Xander used it to kill a roach. Maggie offers cash instead but Sarah says she can’t because Xander was really hurt when he found out she accepted the money because he thought it meant she didn’t believe in him. Sarah insists they will be fine. Maggie argues that Xander is struggling and there is no shame in accepting help. Maggie asks Sarah to let her take some of the weight off Xander’s shoulders…

Xander brings Susan’s unconscious body in to the Kiriakis summer shed and confirms that she’s still alive.

EJ mentions going to check on dinner and he can’t imagine where Susan went off to. Tony praises the catfish nuggets. Anna then gets a call from Johnny, who says he needs her help with something but Tony and EJ can’t know about it. Anna questions why. Johnny informs her that he’s at Allie’s place and asks her to come now because he really needs her and he knows his favorite aunt will come through for him. Anna says she’ll be there as soon as she can and hangs up. Tony asks who was on the phone. Anna claims it was the artist who made the sculpture as she texted him and he called her right away. Tony asks if he can fix it. Anna says he doesn’t know as he’ll have to see it and told her to come over. Anna asks if he minds. Tony says not at all since he knows how important it is to her. EJ asks if he should put a hold on dinner then. Anna tells them to just eat without her as she’s still a little queasy from the flight so she will wait to eat. Anna adds that she hopes EJ’s mother shows up soon as she exits.

Xander talks about bad memories of working as Victor’s gardener in the shed and now he’s ended up back here to try to change his fortunes. Xander says he’s sorry Susan had to get mixed up in this and when she wakes up, it will all seem like a bad dream. Susan then begins to wake up.

Sarah informs Maggie that Xander is at a second interview for a job that he says could be very lucrative. Maggie says that’s wonderful and asks what the job is. Sarah admits that he didn’t say. Maggie says she adores Xander but given his history, she asks if Sarah is concerned that he left her in the dark.

Xander ties Susan up to a chair as she wakes up. Xander then puts a sack over her head. Susan wakes up and begins to panic about being blind and paralyzed as she can’t see or move. Susan complains that she can’t breathe and needs the sack off of her head.

EJ calls Susan but it goes to voicemail. Tony encourages EJ not to worry since Susan hasn’t been gone that long and maybe she just went for a walk. EJ supposes it’s possible and suggests they take the time to talk to get his mind off Susan. EJ adds that there is something important he wants to talk to him about regarding their brother, Stefan.

Ava questions Charlie wanting her to take Henry and rip him away from his mother. Charlie reminds her that he is Henry’s father and he would be safe, loved, and cherished. He urges Ava not to lose her edge and reminds her how good it feels to be bad. Charlie asks when the world has been fair to Ava. Charlie states that everyone is always getting what they want while Ava is always left in the dust. Charlie brings up EJ threatening to throw her in prison if she didn’t disappear and questions her wanting to show mercy by giving him Susan back right away or letting someone anonymous take credit. Charlie insists that Ava needs to show EJ the hurt that happens when she is messed with. Ava then decides Charlie is right and declares that EJ needs to pay and he will know that she was behind it. Charlie urges her to unleash the hate so that EJ gets what he deserves and in the end, she will get revenge and enough money that they can take Henry and disappear where they will never find them. Charlie tells Ava that he and Henry are the only family she needs.

Anna goes to see Johnny, who introduces her to Wendy. Anna asks what the big secret that he is keeping from Tony and EJ. Johnny explains that they think that EJ and Li may have ordered Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan to make him think he hates Gabi and loves Chloe which Anna questions.

Chloe tells Stefan that she’s not afraid to go public and isn’t afraid of being judged as she doesn’t care what people think. Chloe questions if this is how Stefan really feels as she’s been wondering if these feelings for her are genuine or if someone else put them there. Stefan questions her hearing the rumors. Chloe responds that she knows that Gabi thought Dr. Rolf brainwashed her and that what he’s feeling now is something Rolf programmed in to his head. Stefan admits the possibility crossed his mind but Gabi went to ask Dr. Rolf if he did anything to his brain and he said no. Stefan adds that Gabi believes that Dr. Rolf’s hands are clean and so does he.

Tony questions EJ having Dr. Rolf brainwash Stefan. EJ clarifies that Li Shin did it and Kristen went along for the ride. Tony notes that EJ apparently did too and questions him expecting him to support him in this. Tony understands he has to be ruthless and calculating to get ahead in business. EJ argues that they both know Stefan is better off without Gabi. Tony argues that it’s not his call to make. EJ notes Tony’s disapproval but declares that what’s done is done. EJ stops Tony and tells him that he can’t tell anyone about this including Anna.

Anna questions Johnny thinking EJ did this to take back control of the family business. Wendy adds that Li would also benefit from Stefan not having feelings for Gabi. Johnny notes that it’s possibly Tony is involved too since he’s tight with EJ but Anna assures that Tony could never keep a secret from her. Anna asks why she’s here since Johnny said he needed something. Wendy explains that Dr. Rolf is missing and they think Li used a former DiMera pilot to fly him to an undisclosed location. Johnny adds that if they can find the pilot, they can find Dr. Rolf to confront him and they think it might be Ned Granger. Anna remembers Ned being the lowlife that helped Gwen and Ava kidnap Abigail. Johnny says that’s why it makes sense that he’d be involved and they just need help finding him. Anna brings up Stefano going to great lengths to keep her and Tony apart, so if his sons are doing the same, it needs to be stopped. Anna then agrees to reach out to Ned. Wendy wonders if Ned will talk. Anna assures that she can count on it.

Sarah tells Maggie not to insinuate that Xander’s job must be something shady because he didn’t give her the specifics. Maggie brings up that Sarah said herself that Xander brought up diamond smuggling as a possibility. Sarah admits that she thought it was strange that Xander wouldn’t give her the details so she asked if she should be worried, but he said he’s a changed man. Maggie relates it to Victor and responds that old ways are really tough to shake. Sarah says that’s where they come in and remind their men of everything they’d have to lose. Maggie says she loves Xander and believes he wants to stay on the right path but proving he can provide for them and getting them out of the motel is a lot of pressure. Sarah asks Maggie not to worry and promises that Xander is only interested in honest work. Maggie suggests Sarah call Xander then and ask him how his second interview went.

Xander removes the sack from Susan’s head and she says she feels much better. She then looks up to see Xander is wearing her clown mask from Halloween and declares that she’s been abducted by an evil clown.

Anna calls Ned and says she understands his clients rely on his discretion but this is a matter of utmost urgency as she needs to locate Dr. Rolf right away. Ned asks why it’s so urgent. Anna claims that it’s for Tony as he was sick and now he’s dead, so if anyone can bring him back, she knows it’s Dr. Rolf but they are running out of time. Anna mentions still being upset with Ned over what he did to Abigail but she understands that he eventually did the right thing by telling Tony and Chad where she was, so now she needs him to do the right thing by telling her where he flew Dr. Rolf. Anna thanks him and says she’s so grateful as she hangs up. Anna then reveals to Johnny and Wendy that Dr. Rolf is in Jakarta.

Stefan asks if Chloe is still worried that Dr. Rolf put these feelings in his head. Chloe knows it’s a buzzkill but says she just doesn’t know what to think right now. Stefan acknowledges being confused about a lot of things since coming back but one thing he hasn’t been confused about is her. Stefan knows he hurt her when he cheated on her with Gabi and he’s sorry, but he’s over her and they just filed for divorce. Stefan says that Gabi is moving ahead with Li while he has a second chance at life and love, so he wants Chloe to take that chance with him. Stefan wants to make Chloe forget about Brady and suggests they leave town tonight and go anywhere she wants to go. Chloe admits that sounds exciting but reminds him that she just started a new job and can’t just take off. Stefan argues that they can make it a business trip since they have offices all over the world. Stefan assures they won’t put anybody’s job at risk. Stefan pleads with Chloe to follow her heart and say yes. Chloe then says yes which excites Stefan. Stefan tells her to pack her bags and he will prepare the DiMera Jet then they will be on their way.

EJ encourages Tony that it’s possible Stefan already had doubts about Gabi and feelings for Chloe and that Dr. Rolf just intensified them. Tony argues that it doesn’t give anyone the right to decide who should love whom. EJ argues that it’s not just about love but about legacy. EJ says that Gabi was destroying Stefano’s company when they have an obligation to protect it and if a few peoples’ feelings get hurt along the way, so be it. EJ asks if he’s right or wrong. Tony responds that he’s conflicted which EJ calls progress.

Susan thought she loved clowns but decides they are scary. Xander explains that he’s not a real clown and he found the mask in her bag. Susan calls him a thief and says she doesn’t want it back because as soon as she put it on, she had a premonition that someone was out to get EJ. Susan asks if that’s what this is about. Susan’s phone rings so she tells him that he can answer it if he wants but Xander ignores the call. She questions why he didn’t answer. Xander responds that he’s busy. Susan threatens to scream if he touches her. Xander responds that no one will hear her because she’s in a very special soundproof room. Xander says he’s going to step out for a moment and warns her to behave herself. After Xander exits, Susan remarks that it looks like a regular old summer garden shed.

Ava talks to Jake’s plaque in the DiMera Crypt about opening her heart to him and how maybe things would be different if he were here, but he’s gone. Ava declares that now she has to do what she has to do. Ava then gets a call from Xander and asks if he has Susan. Xander confirms that he does and asks when they get the ransom money. Ava responds that they will get it when she decides. Xander declares that he’s done babysitting Susan and demands that Ava call EJ and get their money now.

After Anna leaves, Johnny tells Wendy that it looks like they are headed to Jakarta and finds out that the first flight out isn’t until tomorrow at noon. Wendy looks on her laptop and points out that the DiMera Jet is available. Johnny worries that if someone tries to use it while they’re gone, then they will know where they are. Wendy reveals that she just switched the plane’s status to unavailable so Johnny declares they are heading to Jakarta.

Stefan makes a call and is told that the DiMera Jet is being serviced so he decides he can just book them two first class plane tickets but Chloe takes it as a sign they should slow things down. Chloe knows she said she wanted to go and she feels bad for suddenly changing her mind but she couldn’t help but feel ambivalent about moving so quickly. Chloe apologizes and hopes he understands. Stefan assures that they will go as fast or as slow as she wants.

Xander puts the clown mask back on and returns to the shed. Susan demands to be let go but Xander says he can’t do that. Susan questions what he wants and who he is. Xander responds that he’s just an evil clown doing his job.

Sarah tries calling Xander but he doesn’t answer which she takes as a good sign. Maggie invites Sarah to stay for dinner and if Xander gets the job, they can celebrate. Sarah points out that Xander won’t be breaking bread with Victor anytime soon but soon they will be able to show everyone that they are doing great back on their feet as Xander will get this job and be making the big bucks soon..

Susan calls Xander a sad clown instead of an evil clown because she can read people and she can just tell that he doesn’t want to be doing this. Xander responds that all that matters is that her son cooperates. Xander declares that as long as EJ does what he’s told, nobody is going to get hurt.

EJ searches the DiMera Mansion for Susan, wondering where she could have gone. EJ then gets a call from Ava, who asks if he’s wondering where his mother is. EJ questions what she did to her. Ava tells him to relax as she’s fine and being well taken care of for the moment. EJ warns Ava not to hurt Susan. Ava responds that she is calling the shots now because she has his mother and if he does exactly what she tells him, then maybe she will return her to him in one piece.

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