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Steve goes home and bursts in with his gun raised, only to be shocked to find his daughter Stephanie inside, who drops a glass and tells him not to shoot. Stephanie tells Steve to put the gun away and give his daughter a hug.

Kayla checks Chad out in a hospital room and asks what happened. Chad informs her that he broke a glass in his hand after finding out that Leo Stark killed his wife.

Sloan joins Leo in the interrogation room. Leo asks if there’s a problem. Sloan says she convinced the cops to give her a moment alone with her client after his outburst. Sloan reminds Leo that she’s only taking his case for the publicity and any possible profits of his book sales from his sordid story. Sloan warns that if he wants her to defend him against these very serious charges, he can’t go off making promises to the police that he can’t deliver on. Leo asks who says he can’t deliver since he said he knows who killed Abigail and he does.

Xander comes out of the shower and tells Sarah that he’s figured out how they are going to force Ava to admit that she helped break Gwen out of prison so that she could kill Abigail.

Ava comes out of her room and runs in to EJ in the hall. Ava jokes about EJ being shirtless in just a towel. EJ informs her that he just finished an invigorating fencing workout and spent 20 minutes in the sauna. EJ calls it quite refreshing and suggests next time, Ava should join him. Ava questions if he’s seriously coming on to his late brother’s grieving widow. EJ claims that he was merely promoting the well documented health benefits of a sauna bath. Ava thanks him for the health lesson. EJ apologizes as he knows how much her short but sweet marriage to Jake still means to her. EJ then walks away.

Xander tells Sarah about how they will sneak in to the DiMera Mansion, dressed as plumbers, and then they will infiltrate Ava’s bedroom where he will plant a bug under her humidifier. Xander says that escaping will be difficult but he believes they can get through the air ducts. Sarah says that may work if Gwen was the one who did kill Abigail, but not if it was someone else, as Sarah then shows Xander the article on Leo’s arrest.

Sloan questions if Leo is telling her that he’s known this whole time who killed Abigail and he’s just now coming forward with the information. Sloan argues that even if she manages to prevent him from going away for murder, Melinda will have a damn good case against him for obstruction of justice. Leo points out that he didn’t say he knew the whole time. Sloan bets that Melinda will argue that he should’ve offered the information the second he knew the identity of this person. Leo asks what if he was just trying to protect someone he cares about. Sloan reminds him that he’s facing a first degree murder charge. Sloan tells him that she needs him to tell her now who killed Abigail DiMera.

Kayla asks Chad how Leo got in to the tunnels in the first place. Chad tells her it was Gwen as it just never ends with her. Chad says Gwen and Leo go way back. Kayla asks if he really thinks she was involved. Chad comments that Gwen has been obsessed with Abigail since she came to Salem because she blamed Abigail for her upbringing as if Abigail had it all. Chad remarks that from what he’s heard, Jack wouldn’t have won any father of the year awards when Abigail and JJ were brought up. Kayla feels that’s a bit harsh and asks if he thinks Jack deserves that after he just lost his daughter. Chad responds that he does and more. Chad informs Kayla that Jack was at the hotel when he confronted Gwen and stood by her the whole time. Chad complains that Gwen said she knew nothing and Jack backed her all the way. Kayla knows it must have been hard to hear. Chad argues that the daughter Jack knew and loved his whole life was cut down in her prime, yet he still defends the bad seed. Kayla reminds Chad that he’s a father so he can understand Jack not wanting to believe that Gwen had anything to do with Abigail’s death. Kayla states that it’s bad enough to lose one daughter without thinking that another child is responsible.

Stephanie complains that Steve scared the hell out of her. Steve says she did to him too but he’s happy to see her as he’s missed her so much. Stephanie questions why he came in gun blazing. Steve says he got an alert that the security alarm went off and he wondered how that happened. Stephanie admits it took her a minute to remember the code but she thought Kayla stopped setting the alarm because of a glitch. Steve confirms that she did but he asked her to start using it again. Stephanie asks why. Steve responds that he’s sorry to have to tell her this, but Orpheus is back and he’s targeting their family again.

Xander complains about Leo after reading the article. Sarah guesses their theory about Gwen and Ava being involved goes out the window now but Xander says not so fast as he wouldn’t grant them get out of jail free cards just yet.

Ava answers the door at the DiMera Mansion to see Gwen and questions what the hell she’s doing here. Gwen questions that being how she greets a friend and comes in to the living room. Ava states that she wasn’t expecting a visit from her. Gwen mocks her being a DiMera wife living the high life in the grand mansion so she’s too posh for a visit from a lowly peon like her. Ava jokes that they do prefer a call ahead but she’ll still consort with a select few peons. Gwen mocks the idea of wasting her precious time. Gwen just wanted to come put her mind at ease now that the news is out that Leo Stark is in custody as they think he killed Abigail.

Leo tells Sloan that this isn’t easy for him since he and this friend go way back. Sloan asks if the friend is going to be by his side if the state decides to give him the death penalty. Sloan asks about the proof that Leo says he has that his friend killed Abigail and if it really exists. Leo assures that it does.

Kayla wraps Chad’s hand and comments that he did quite a number on himself. Chad calls it no big deal but Kayla says she’s not so sure about that.

Stephanie hates to see Steve so shook up. Steve calls it a travesty that Orpheus is out of prison. Stephanie points out that Orpheus did send Kayla flowers and that the Steve she knows wouldn’t have blinked an eye at that and would’ve already found a way to neutralize the threat. Steve informs her that he’s already found a way to neutralize Orpheus. Stephanie asks what he’s waiting for then and what the problem is. Steve responds that the problem is that Kayla won’t let him eliminate Orpheus.

Kayla tells Chad that she’s not worried about his injury as it’s luckily not serious, but she’s worried about him hurting himself again. Chad calls it an accident and says he just lost his temper, he’s not acting out. Chad declares that his problem is not that he’s suicidal, but that he’s homicidal. Kayla tells him not to say that but Chad says it’s true. Chad wishes Rafe would leave him alone with Leo and turn a blind eye for five minutes with no cameras, guards, or lawyers. Kayla asks if he really thinks killing Leo will end his pain. Chad asks what makes her think he wants his pain to stop because it’s all he has. Chad declares that if his pain goes away, then he has nothing, so he can’t do that because he will not let Abigail go.

Sloan tells Leo that she thinks they can work with that and asks if he really has this evidence. Leo confirms that it’s right where he told her. Rafe then enters the room. Sloan tells him that it’s been a long time. Rafe says not long enough. Sloan guesses that Shawn and Jada decided to call in the big gun. Rafe responds that they got called in on another case, so he’s just stepping in, but they did warn him that Sloan was representing Leo. Rafe calls her Salem’s most prolific ambulance chaser. Sloan calls Rafe the most bumbling police commissioner in the history of Salem. Sloan then brings up Rafe’s girlfriend successfully framed him for being a dirty cop after she found out he was cheating on her. Rafe clarifies that he was exonerated and that was his ex-girlfriend as he’s now happily married. Leo jokes about watching them argue. Rafe declares that’s enough nonsense as Shawn and Jada already told him about Leo’s bogus claims. Sloan assures there is nothing bogus about them as Leo knows who killed Abigail DiMera and he has proof. Rafe says out with it then. Sloan tells Rafe that Leo will tell him everything as soon as he gets immunity.

Sarah and Xander go over Ava using her mob connections to break Gwen out of prison and then Leo helped Gwen sneak in to the DiMera Mansion where she finally got her ultimate revenge by violently murdering her half-sister and then Leo took off with Abigail’s priceless jewelry. Sarah guesses it’s possible they were all in cahoots.

EJ comes downstairs and listens in on Gwen and Ava talking in the living room about the police thinking Leo killed Abigail. Ava is not sure she buys it. Ava points out that Gwen knew Leo best and asks if she thinks he’s capable of murder. Gwen states that Leo was furious with Chad and Abigail for their part in ruining his happiness. Ava knows they broke up his marriage to Craig but feels stabbing someone doesn’t seem like Leo’s style. Gwen remarks that they both know vengeance can drive one to do unspeakable things. EJ continues listening in from behind the door as Ava tells Gwen that it’s kind of like when she asked her to break her out of prison on the same night that Abigail died. Ava asks if Gwen was being driven by vengeance that night. Gwen thought Leo’s arrest would’ve put Ava’s suspicion to bed. Ava says she can’t blame her for being curious since she did break her out of prison on the night that Abigail met her maker and they both know how much Gwen hated Abigail which she imagines was much more than Leo. Gwen argues that she didn’t hate Abigail and was only very jealous of the life that she lived. Gwen states that deep down, she cared for Abigail and her children so she could never live with the responsibility of having taken the children’s mother from them. Ava says whatever helps her sleep at night. EJ then walks in and calls it deja vu to once again find them in his living room with their heads together. EJ hopes Gwen is feeling better since she was under the weather and missed dinner with them. Gwen claims she’s still not quite herself and just received some rather disturbing news that her friend Leo is in jail, being questioned about Abigail’s murder. EJ mentions hearing all about that while getting dressed. EJ states that he and Chad are not on the best of terms but Abigail was a cherished member of the family and she died in this house under his roof. EJ calls it unspeakable. EJ hopes the authorities nail Leo Stark and anyone else responsible for Abigail’s death to the wall.

Sloan tells Rafe to go to Melinda’s office and get Leo that immunity deal, and then Leo will sing like a canary. Rafe says no deal because he already has a suspect in custody who had means, motive, and opportunity. Sloan calls those facts flimsy but Rafe doubts a jury of his peers will see it that way. Sloan mocks Thomas and Clyde as star witnesses. Rafe responds that they arleady know Leo accessed the DiMera Mansion since they found his fingerprints on the silverware in the wine cellar where he was squatting. Sloan says they are negotiating but Rafe says they aren’t because she has nothing to negotiate with and he’s losing his patience. Rafe tells Leo that he can either come up with the proof that he claims to have or he will request that Melinda indict him for the murder of Abigail DiMera.

Kayla tells Chad that she cannot presume to know what he’s feeling because everybody grieves differently and she knows it’s not a fair comparison because she got Steve back, so she’s sorry if what she says seems insensitive but she knows almost better than anybody the rage that goes with losing someone you love to violence. Kayla recalls being consumed with wanting revenge on Lawrence Alamain because she was led to believe he was responsible for Steve’s death and it took her a really long time to let go of her desire for revenge because her daughter needed her, just like Thomas and Charlotte need Chad. Chad gets that but agrees it’s not the same since Steve came home to her. Kayla thanks God for that every day and knows his loss is an unspeakable tragedy that’s painful for him and his children, but he has to find a way to deal with the anger about how it happened or who he thinks might be responsible for it and figure out how to try to let it go.

Stephanie tells Steve that wanting him to quickly neutralize Orpheus didn’t mean permanently as he can’t just kill a man for no reason. Steve argues that Orpheus has been terrorizing the people he loves since Ronald Reagan was President and thinks that’s reason enough. Stephanie realizes that he really is worried. Steve doesn’t know what he would do if anything happened to her, Kayla, or her brothers and he doesn’t intend to find out. Stephanie bets what’s going on with Jennifer and Jack doesn’t help. Stephanie still can’t believe Abigail is gone. Steve says his heart goes out to everyone who lost Abigail, especially Chad and the kids. Stephanie says she should go see them but Steve tells her to go back to Seattle because he needs her and her brothers to lie low there until Orpheus can be dealt with. Stephanie argues that he may be willing to put his entire life on hold for Orpheus but she’s not. Steve says he’s not asking her to put her life on hold but Stephanie says he is as she reveals that a prospective client is considering hiring her for some big project and this could be huge for her which is why she’s here. Steve asks who the client is. Stephanie responds that they haven’t revealed their name yet as it’s top secret and they want to wait until they meet in person tonight. Steve warns her that there is no client and that it’s Orpheus. Stephanie questions thinking that but Steve insists that it’s a trap and asks why else they would keep their identity a secret. Stephanie suggests they could be a celebrity or a politician. Steve continues to worry it could be Orpheus. Stephanie tells him to stop with the paranoia and assures that her meeting was set up by a trusted colleague that she’s worked with countless times. Stephanie reminds Steve that he taught her how to take care of herself. Steve knows she can handle herself but pepper spray won’t protect her from a madman like Orpheus. Steve wishes Stephanie and Kayla would realize what a threat Orpheus is to them. Stephanie asks where Kayla is. Steve informs her that she’s at the hospital, so Stephanie suggests they go see her as she has just enough time to surprise her before her meeting. Steve agrees to go, but says he will accompany her to her secret meeting. Steve decides that if she’s going to the meeting, he’s going to have her back. Steve reminds her that he can be just as stubborn as her and Kayla. Steve and Stephanie then exit the house.

Kayla asks if Chad has considered therapy. Chad says Sonny mentioned that too. Kayla is sure that Marlena could find him a grief support group. Chad doesn’t want to sit around feeling sorry for himself. Kayla encourages that he would learn how to deal with his anger and maybe not let it eat away at him, so he’d stop hurting himself, getting drunk, or yelling at his kids. Chad questions who told her about that. Kayla tells him that Jennifer is concerned because she loves him like they all do. Kayla brings up that Chad went to marriage counseling. Chad says that was different. Kayla points out that it helped heal his marriage. Kayla doesn’t know how long it will take to heal his heart but maybe he can learn to be kinder to himself and more present for his children.

Sarah asks if Xander has given any thought on how to prove that Ava and Gwen are in cahoots with Leo. Xander wants to stick to his original brilliant plan of breaking in to Ava’s room at the DiMera Mansion and planting a bug. Sarah suggests they just go to the police with everything they know. Xander supposes that will work too.

Gwen tells EJ to take care and tells Ava that she’ll talk to her soon as she quickly exits. EJ notes that Gwen seemed upset. Ava points out that Gwen just found out her best friend may have killed her little sister. EJ would imagine that would make Gwen feel quite relieved since now that Leo is the #1 suspect and currently in custody, the police are that much further from realizing that Gwen is just as likely to have done the deed with Ava’s help.

Gwen walks through the town square right as Sarah and Xander are coming out of the Salem Inn. Sarah calls it a coincidence as they were just talking about her. Xander mentions reading The Intruder article about her good friend Leo being arrested for murder. Gwen says that she’s quite devastated. Sarah asks if Gwen thinks Leo is guilty then. Gwen responds that the police seem to think so or else they wouldn’t have brought him in for questioning. Xander says that works out really well for Gwen since losing her best friend is a small price to pay for getting away with murder.

Leo tells Rafe that he’ll give up the killer and the proof. Sloan argues that handing over crucial evidence and the culprit has to get them something. Rafe says once he sees who and what Leo has to offer, then he will talk to Melinda and consider what it’s worth. Rafe calls that the best he has to offer. Sloan believes it’s Leo’s best bet. Leo jokes about holding out so Rafe goes to leave but Leo stops him and asks when they are going to get the evidence. Rafe tells Leo that he’s not going anywhere and that Sloan will take him to the evidence.

Kayla tells Chad that she called in a prescription for him at the pharmacy and he can change his bandage later today, then come back to see her in a week so she can make sure it’s healing properly. Chad thanks her. Kayla adds that when he goes to the pharmacy, he could stop in Marlena’s office and he could always cancel the appointment if he changes his mind. Chad agrees that she wins and thanks her. Chad walks away as Steve then arrives with Stephanie to surprise Kayla.

Ava tells EJ that he must be loopy if he thinks she helped Gwen do anything to Abigail. EJ then reveals that he heard her admit to breaking Gwen out of prison on the night that Abigail was killed. Ava questions him eavesdropping. EJ says he happens to live here and asks how he would know that one of his guests would be openly discussing her latest criminal exploits. Ava isn’t sure what EJ thinks he heard, but warns that he’s barking up the wrong tree. EJ argues that they both know it’s her M.O. since Ava helped Kristen break out of police custody before, which he kept to himself. EJ doesn’t know if he can cloak her sins a second time.

Kayla can’t believe Stephanie is here and asks why she didn’t call to let them know she was coming. Stephanie says it was a surprise and she will fill her in later. Stephanie then spots Chad and goes over to greet him. Chad didn’t know she was home. Stephanie says she just got in to town and that she’s so sorry about Abigail. Chad thanks her for the flowers. Stephanie tells him to let her know if there’s anything she can do for he or the kids. Kayla asks Steve what’s the matter and if he isn’t happy that Stephanie is home. Steve responds that they will talk about it at lunch.

Ava warns EJ about snitching but EJ says it’s falling on deaf ears since she’s no longer connected to the Vitali crime family. EJ says that’s why she’s so desperate to hang on to Jake’s stake in DiMera. EJ tells Ava to give him one good reason why he shouldn’t tell Rafe what he knows about her and Gwen.

Sloan returns to Leo in the interrogation room and confirms the evidence was where he said it would be and now that Rafe has the evidence, he should be dropping in on Abigail’s real killer as they speak. Leo remarks that she’s probably going to kill him too…

Gwen questions what Sarah and Xander are saying. Sarah tells her to drop the act as they know that she was at the DiMera Mansion on the night that Abigail died. Gwen calls that ludicrous as she was locked away in prison that night and it’s a matter of public record. Sarah tells her to save it as they know Lucas claimed he saw her there because it was Gwen in the mask. Rafe then appears with the mask in hand and asks if they mean this mask. Rafe tells Gwen that she’s going to have to come with him because he has a few questions for her about her sister’s murder.

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