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Allie and Chanel question Alex meeting the woman of his dreams. Alex tells them that it happened right here in the town square and that Sonny had told him he would meet someone one day who would knock him off his feet which is exactly what happened. Chanel asks what her name is. Alex responds that it’s Stephanie Johnson and calls her the woman who has changed the direction of his life.

Sonny tells Stephanie that he’s taken aback as he thought she would’ve jumped at the chance to work for her. Stephanie responds that she’d love to do PR for him but she’d have to report to Alex. Sonny promises that won’t happen but Stephanie asks how he knows since Alex won’t take no for an answer.

Steve meets John in the park and informs him that he interviewed everyone within 10 miles of his house and no one saw or heard anything last night. John questions what the hell is going on and says he checked out all of Orpheus’ old hideouts but he hasn’t used any of them. Steve worries about Orpheus having their wives for a full day now and admits it scares the hell out of him to think of what they could be going through.

Marlena and Kayla wake up tied to chairs in a warehouse. They complain of having headaches. Marlena notes that usually Orpheus would hang around to enjoy his handy work, so she wonders why he’s not here.

At the Brady Pub, Roman says Abe told him that Paulina talked him in to running for Governor. Kate says this has turned in to a great day in all ways. They toast to Roman’s birthday, Abe being the next Governor, and the four of them all having a great year. Paulina declares that nothing can stop them now. Orpheus then enters the Pub and declares that it looks like he’s just in time for the celebration.

Allie reveals that Stephanie is her cousin. Chanel jokes that it seems everyone in town is her cousin. Allie says they are a complicated family. Alex exclaims that this is great since Allie can put in a good word for him since Stephanie turned him down which caught him off guard. Alex calls getting turned down a new experience for him. They point out that they and Gabi did too. Alex calls that different since it was before Stephanie. Alex says his whole world changed when he saw Stephanie. Alex insists that he’s not letting Stephanie get away. Allie jokes that it sounds like she already did. Alex assures that Stephanie will see that they are meant to be together and they are soulmates.

Stephanie tells Sonny that she can’t work with a guy like Alex because he’ll be hitting on her all the time and he’ll never be her type. Sonny questions her turning him down because of Alex. Stephanie says there is another reason as she came to Salem to take on a big job with a new client and they just had their first meeting where she found out just how demanding she is. Sonny says that if she can deal with Alex, she can deal with her. Stephanie responds that he doesn’t know this lady and she could be more than she can handle.

Paulina tells Orpheus that she got grabbed John yesterday because of him. Orpheus mocks John and Steve. Roman questions what the hell he did now. Orpheus explains that Steve got it in his head that he was going after his daughter Stephanie. Orpheus thought Steve would know after all these years that his interests have always laid elsewhere…

Kayla tries screaming for help but Marlena tells her that Orpheus has made sure no one can hear them. Kayla encourages that Steve and John have to know they are missing so they will find them. Marlena says until they do, they have to take care of themselves since Orpheus will be back and they need to figure out what to do.

Steve reminds John that Orpheus’ note said they can’t contact the police or tell anybody. Steve thinks they should get a hold of Shane Donovan on the down low since nobody knows Orpheus better than Shane. John worries that Orpheus worked in the ISA for so many years, so he’d still have spies on the inside. John declares that this is up to them, they have to save Kayla and Marlena, and they are going to do it on their own.

Sonny tells Stephanie that she has a full staff and can have more than just one big client. Stephanie suggests other firms but Sonny only wants her. Stephanie feels that Kiriakis men don’t take well to the word no. Sonny asks if it is about Alex then. Stephanie responds that Alex is not her type and never will be, so she doesn’t want him cornering her at every turn. Sonny promises her again that won’t happen. Stephanie asks how he knows. Sonny responds that he’s been observing his brother for a very long time and when it comes to women, he has a very small attention span.

Alex declares that from now on, his whole focus is going to be Stephanie as he has never felt like this about anybody. Alex says they are meant to be together. Chanel asks how he knows that. Alex says they ran in to each other twice in the same day and questions that not meaning something. Allie asks if Stephane is even in to him. Alex asks why he’s even talking to them about this and decides he needs to get back to the office because she might still be there. Allie reminds him that no means no. Alex assures that he’s not going to pressure Stephanie in to anything and he’s going to play it cool. Alex declares that he’s waited his entire life to meet a woman like this, so he’s not going to blow it by coming on too strong. After Alex walks away, Chanel and Allie joke to each other that he’s definitely going to blow it.

Steve tells John that he got a text from Stephanie this morning that she and Kayla were supposed to have breakfast this morning and asks if he knew where Kayla was. John asks if he came up with a story to tell Stephanie. Steve says not yet and that he hates lying to her. Steve questions if he’s supposed to tell her that Orpheus was able to kidnap Kayla and Marlena because he was stupid enough to walk right in to his trap. Steve feels he at least should’ve followed Stephanie alone and left John with Kayla and Marlena. John assures he wouldn’t have come if he didn’t think he was doing the right thing. Steve blames himself for making a stupid mistake by leaving Marlena and Kayla like sitting ducks. Steve wishes he neutralized Orpheus as soon as he showed up and threatened his kids.

Abe warns Orpheus that he was lucky enough to get a pardon, so he should take up golf or fishing and leave decent people alone. Orpheus claims he’s here in Salem to make a fresh start. Orpheus guesses John and Steve got to them. Roman asks if he can blame them for being suspicious of his every move. Orpheus responds that Roman needs to come down from his high horse because if anyone has a right to be angry about what was done to his loved ones, it would be him. Orpheus informs Paulina that Roman shot and killed his wife and mother of their two small children. Roman argues that Orpheus used her death as a license to live out his sadistic fantasies on Salem. Orpheus suggests not dredging up the past. Roman points out that he started it. Orpheus claims he is just at the Pub for the chowder. Abe declares that this is a private party, so he wants him out of here. Abe warns Orpheus to get out or the place will be surrounded by cops. Paulina argues that she doesn’t need to wait for the cops and can kick his ass to the curb, herself. Orpheus says it’s all good as he is leaving. Orpheus remarks that he’s sure he’ll be seeing all of them around town in the near future as he exits the Pub.

Kayla agrees with Marlena that they just have to keep it together and stay on the offensive. Kayla asks her how to do that. Marlena responds that they don’t know what Orpheus has in mind for them. They talk about how they got kidnapped, blindfolded, and thrown in his car. They go over how he drove them around for hours and made a U-turn so he must want them to think they are farther from Salem than they are. Marlena recalls hearing bells while Kayla recalls hearing a power saw, so they wonder if it’s a construction area or if the bells could’ve been church bells since they are restoring St. Luke’s. Marlena remembers that the docks are near St. Luke’s and warehouses are on the docks which Kayla notes is right up Orpheus’ alley. Marlena thinks they can do more than sit around and wait to be rescued. Kayla suggests they make a plan. They maneuver themselves from sitting across from each other to sitting back to back. They try to untie each other. Marlena points out that Orpheus won’t kill them right away as this is to torture John and Steve. Kayla jokes that at least this beats being sealed up in a burning coffin. Marlena wonders what game Orpheus is playing this time since he gets such a kick out of seeing them go through all the steps. Kayla says it’d be great if Orpheus came back and they were gone. Kayla assures Marlena that she’s going to get her free from being tied up.

John encourages Steve that Kayla and Marlena are smart and tough. Steve worries that Orpheus still got them. John declares that they know they won’t give up.

Roman jokes about how he should’ve thrown Orpheus out. Kate encourages him not to let Orpheus ruin his birthday celebration. Paulina agrees and calls Orpheus creepy. Roman asks her about her getting scared yesterday. Paulina explains that she arranged a meeting with Stephanie and asked her not to tell anyone about it. Abe clarifies that Steve thought Orpheus set up the meeting and that Stephanie was walking in to a trap. Paulina adds that the room was dark and Stephanie came in, then John lunged at her, thinking she was Orpheus but they got it all straightened out. Roman questions why this meeting was so secret. Abe explains that it was politics because Paulina hired Stephanie’s firm to work on her campaign. Kate is so glad Abe decided to run. Roman agrees that the state could use a guy like Abe in the Governor’s mansion. Abe promises that guys like Orpheus will be locked up and they will stay locked up. Kate pleads for them to stop talking about Orpheus and start talking about cake since this is Roman’s birthday celebration. Paulina offers to go get a cake from the Sweet Bits Bakery but Kate decides it’s on her, so she will get it.

Sonny tells Stephanie about how earlier today, he walked in on Alex half naked on the couch with some woman and he just wondered what Adrienne would’ve said. Stephanie jokes that she can hear Adrienne now. Stephanie says she misses Adrienne and can only imagine how Sonny feels. Sonny says he wants them to work together because they love the same people and have the same history. Sonny bets money that Alex has already moved onto someone else. Sonny asks Stephanie not to make him beg. Stephanie then agrees to take on Titan as a client on the condition that Sonny makes sure Alex understands boundaries. Alex then arrives with flowers for Stephanie. Stephanie says she will let them talk and quickly exits the office. Alex remarks to Sonny that he thinks she’s really warming up to him and asks if Sonny got her to accept the job. Sonny confirms that he did so Alex excitedly starts talking about all the ideas he had. Sonny tells Alex that there were conditions. Alex wants to go find Stephanie so they can start brainstorming but Sonny gets in his way and says he’s stopping him from making a huge mistake.

Allie tells Chanel that if Alex is in love, maybe he’ll give up on that threesome idea. Allie admits it was sweet to see Alex like that. Kate approaches and apologizes for interrupting but asks if they have a cake for Roman’s birthday celebration. Allie responds that they already sold all the cakes. Chanel says she’s sure they can find something for Roman’s party and goes to the bakery. Allie questions Kate celebrating Roman’s birthday with him, which she confirms. Allie thought Roman was done with her. Kate responds that he was, but he forgave her and she’s hoping that Allie will forgive her as well.

Paulina tells Roman that she’s glad he took Kate back because she likes her. Abe decides it’s picture time and tells Roman to smile.

John comments on Steve being quiet and asks what he’s thinking about. Steve thinks he should go back home to make sure they didn’t miss anything that could tell them where Orpheus took Marlena and Kayla. John suggests he shower and eat while he’s there because they are going to need clear heads to find him. Steve then heads home. John gets a phone call from Abe, who says he just called Marlena and Kayla but neither one of them answered. John claims they are at a medical conference in Chicago and asks what’s up. Abe informs him that they are having a birthday party for Roman at the Pub. John says he’d like to make it but he’s tied up right now. Abe states that they could really use some friendly faces because Orpheus showed up and it got nasty, so Roman’s not in a party mood anymore. John then decides he’ll be right there and hangs up.

Kayla manages to get one of Marlena’s hands free but Orpheus returns and remarks that it looks like he stayed away a bit too long as he asks if they missed him. Orpheus then handcuffs Marlena and Kayla to their chairs instead of tying them. He remarks that he expected them to try to escape. Kayla asks if this is all part of his game. Orpheus asks if she’s not having fun. Orpheus says he tried to get takeout from the Pub but complains about the service and staff, so he went by the drive thru. Marlena questions how to eat while in handcuffs. Orpheus guesses they will just have to watch him eat.

John arrives at the Brady Pub and wishes Roman a happy birthday. Roman thanks him coming. John says he wouldn’t miss it and brings up hearing that Orpheus paid them a visit, questioning what the hell that was about.

Marlena asks what Orpheus plans to do with them. Orpheus tells her to have patience because all of her questions will be answered in due time, but right now, there’s something he needs to attend to. Orpheus tells them to sit back and enjoy the evening because the party is just getting started as he then exits. Kayla wonders what that means.

Allie thinks it’s nice that Kate is having a birthday party for Roman, but she doesn’t think her and Kate have anything to say to each other. Kate informs Allie that she plead guilty to being an accessory after the fact in the kidnapping of Sami. Allie asks what’s going to happen to her. Kate responds that she got lucky and got probation, a really big fine, and 200 hours of community service. Allie admits that’s something. Kate knows what happened to Sami was hideous and unfair. Allie argues that Sami was a wreck when Lucas brought her back. Kate admits all she could think about was protecting Lucas and she didn’t think about Sami, Allie, Will, or Roman. Kate adds that she will regret that for the rest of her life. Kate tells Allie that she’s so sorry for her part in this whole thing. Allie then hugs her. Kate asks if she can see Henry now, which Allie allows. Kate then tells Allie that she will take her shopping afterwards. Allie decides to go see what is taking Chanel so long with the cake and heads to teh bakery.

Alex tells Sonny that whatever he’s trying to do is not going to work and that he has no idea what’s going on. Sonny informs Alex that he’s been watching him for a very long time and that Stephanie is his type because she is young, beautiful, and has a pulse. Alex argues that he doesn’t have a type anymore because Stephanie happened. Sonny argues that he just bumped in to her in the square. Alex says that’s all it took and it was exactly like Sonny said this morning when he said he would meet a special woman. Alex declares that Stephanie is the one for him.

Steve goes home and looks at a photo of he and Kayla. Steve can’t believe he let Orpheus take Kayla and wonders where she is. Stephanie then comes home and startles him.

Sonny knows he told Alex that he would meet that special someone but he didn’t mean today. Sonny asks if he’s sure he didn’t just put the idea in his head. Alex argues that Sonny wasn’t there so he doesn’t know what it was like. Alex says he can’t explain it. Alex admits he’s attracted to a lot of women, but says this is different. Sonny informs Alex that he just hired Stephanie and she works Titan, which has a very strict no dating policy which means Alex can’t date her or even take her out for coffee. Alex questions what he’s talking about. Sonny reminds him that he found out the hard way. Alex argues that Leo was Sonny’s assistant while Stephanie is a consultant, so she’s not even an employee. Sonny asks if he really thinks dating the head of the PR division is good for the company. Alex threatens to quit then, arguing that what he does on his own time is none of the company’s business. Sonny complains that he’d be putting himself out of a job for no reason. Alex says he’ll have plenty of reason since he’ll have Stephanie but Sonny says he won’t. Sonny knows Alex fell for Stephanie, but she doesn’t feel the same way about him at all.

Steve hopes Stephanie didn’t hear him talking to himself. Stephanie confirms she didn’t but asks if he knows where Kayla is since she didn’t meet her for breakfast and she wasn’t at the hospital either. Steve claims that he was supposed to tell her that Kayla forgot she was going to a medical conference today with Marlena. Stephanie guesses that’s why Marlena didn’t keep her appointment with Chad. Steve asks how Chad is doing. Stephanie says he’s hanging in for the kids, but she doesn’t think he’ll be over this for a long time, if ever. Steve questions how Chad’s supposed to get over losing the love of his life or how anyone does that.

Roman tells John that Orpheus just stopped by to give them a hard time. Paulina responds that they gave it right back to him. John asks if Orpheus touched anything while he was there. Abe remarks that Orpheus does have an annoying habit of leaving bombs behind. Roman assures that Orpheus didn’t take anything or leave anything behind. Abe points out that these games of his have always landed Orpheus back in a prison cell but he’s been out for awhile and hasn’t made a move against anybody, which makes him think that maybe the man has finally seen reality…

Marlena wonders how long they have before Orpheus comes back. Kayla questions why it matters if they can’t get out of the handcuffs. Marlena points out that they aren’t chained to the wall and suggests backing their chairs together again to try and figure a way out of the cuffs.

Alex doesn’t understand as he questions Sonny saying that Stephanie wants nothing to do with him. Sonny asks how he can be so crazy about a woman that he just met. Alex suggests Sonny help him but Sonny says he can’t because one of Stephanie’s main conditions when she said yes, was that Alex would back off. Alex argues that it’s only day one and Stephanie isn’t in to him yet. Sonny asks Alex as his brother and tells him as his boss, to respect Stephanie’s wishes. Alex insists that Stephanie will come around and like him. Alex then exits the office. Sonny remarks that Alex will see another woman and forget all about Stephanie.

Stephanie apologizes to Steve for being so hard on him last night. Steve admits that he overreacted and was wrong. Stephanie understands that he was looking out for her and he just wants to keep them all safe, adding that he does a really good job of it as she hugs him.

Abe steps aside with John and asks if there’s something he’s not telling them. John claims that everything is fine.

Chanel and Allie return to the town square with the cake from the Bakery to find Kate is gone, confusing them.

Paulina remarks that Kate must have decided to eat the cake all by herself while she wants to get the party started. Roman then gets a call from Kate’s phone, but it’s Orpheus. Orpheus remarks that he just realized he forgot to tell him happy birthday and that some of his guests won’t be able to make it. Orpheus tells him that Marlena, Kayla, and Kate all send their regrets and then hangs up as he now has Kate, Kayla, and Marlena all handcuffed and gagged in chairs.

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