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Recap written by Christine

Outside Society, Sally tried to convince Adam to come to NY with her. She promised it’d be fun. He was tempted, but there was a lot going on at work right now. She said NYC was the media capital of the world, so half the people he had to meet with were probably based there, and the other half had phones. She said they could paint the town after work. She used to live in New York City, so she could show him around. Chelsea came out and said Sally must be freezing, since she was a California girl. Sally told Adam they could discuss it later. Adam had an answer now – he appreciated the offer, but the timing wasn’t great. Sally gave Adam his jacket, and he left. Chelsea wanted to know what Sally offered Adam. Sally tried to go inside. Chelsea wanted to know why Sally wouldn’t be up front with her. Chelsea wanted to believe Sally was being truthful when she said things with Adam were strictly professional. Sally pretended she was just discussing the few business ideas that Chelsea approved. Sally claimed that Adam didn’t seem interested in the details. Chelsea said she and Adam had plans tonight, and she’d fill him in for Sally. Chelsea and Sally spoke to each other in fake cheerful tones. Chloe came out, and Chelsea wished Sally a productive trip to NY. Sally went back inside to get her stuff.

Chloe asked Chelsea if everything was okay. Chelsea got the impression that Sally made another move on Adam. Chelsea was in good spirits because Adam shot Sally down right in front of Chelsea. Chelsea thought Sally must be humiliated. Chelsea went back to work, and Chloe went back inside. Chloe questioned Sally about flirting with Adam outside. Sally said it was a work talk, and she pointed out that Adam was the one who called her outside to talk. Chloe thought Sally was lucky to be going to NY. Sally hoped this was a real trip and not something Chloe and Chelsea cooked up to get rid of her. Chloe said that nobody wanted to get rid of Sally. Chloe hoped Sally and Chelsea could work through their tension once they had some space. Sally thought Chelsea convinced herself that Sally was standing in the way of Chelsea reuniting with Adam. Sally thought once she was out of town, Chelsea might have to face the sad reality that Adam wasn’t interested in her, whether Sally was around or not.

Ashland and Lily continued their conversation at Crimson Lights. Ashland wasn’t sure Billy was sincere about wanting to make peace. In Tuscany, when Billy erased the video Gaines sent, Ashland and Victoria thought they could trust Billy. Then the next thing they knew, Billy was trying to blackmail Ashland. Lily wasn’t interested in rehashing what happened with Gaines. She said Ashland knew Billy had no intention of releasing that article, and Billy even acknowledged it was wrong to threaten to do so. She stated that Billy paid the price. Lily asked Ashland to accept he won and leave Billy alone. Ashland was mystified about why strong intelligent women felt compelled to rush to Billy’s defense. Lily said when Victor put a target on your back, you needed all the support you could get. She warned Ashland that he might not always be on Victor’s good side. Ashland didn’t feel sorry for Billy, because he’d been warned not to disrupt the wedding, and he flew Gaines to Tuscany anyway. Lily said that Victor didn’t go after Billy because of the wedding or out of loyalty to Ashland. Lily said Victor hated Billy for years. Ashland was aware that the bad blood between Billy and Victor went back a long way and that Tuscany was the final straw. Lily said there was no final straw where Victor was concerned.

Ashland knew Lily had a daughter. He asked how charitable she’d feel if someone repeatedly broke Matilda’s heart the way Billy did with Victoria. Lily didn’t think that justified continuing this war into infinity. Lily asked what it was about hounding Billy that gave Ashland so much satisfaction. Ashland said not much, now that Billy didn’t have much to lose – he’d already trashed his career. Lily said that Billy was coming to work for her as her COO, and he’d redeem himself as long as Ashland, Victor and Adam didn’t interfere. Ashland thought Lily was riled up because she wanted to know how this would affect Chancellor. He thought she was smart to keep Billy close so she could keep an eye on him, otherwise Billy would create his own drama. Lily wasn’t interested in management advice. Ashland said he wasn’t interested in feuding with Billy. He shared that his cancer treatment was going well. Lily was happy to hear that. He thought she’d appreciate what he was going through, since she was a cancer survivor. Ashland had a new lease on life, and he didn’t want to expend it on Billy. As long as Billy stuck to his word and moved on, Ashland wouldn’t bother him. Lily was happy and she wished Ashland well. He wished the same to her and Billy, then he left.

Lily went home and called the Chancellor receptionist in Chicago. After they discussed some work issues, Lily asked if Billy was in with Jill. He was, and it appeared to be going well. Lily ended the call. Later, a courier dropped off flowers from Billy. The note said he was proud of her and that he’d be home before her first day.

At the main house, Victor stated that Adam told him Billy came after Newman Media, but Billy failed. Victoria asked if Adam told Victor why. All Victor knew was that Billy dropped the plan for some reason. Victoria said she was the reason. She said that she found out Billy was planning to sue Newman Media and force them to admit the story about Ashland was true. “I demanded that [Billy] back down or else I would come straight to you and Adam,” Victoria lied. “If it weren’t for me, Newman Media would be in a huge mess right now,” Victoria stated. Victor thought that meant Victoria and Adam were even now. Victoria said she didn’t do this to protect Adam. She thought Adam should’ve been protecting Newman Media. Victor didn’t want Victoria using this to go after Adam.

Victoria said she wasn’t attacking Adam. Victoria wasn’t falling for Billy’s claim that he’d dropped the feud with Adam. Victor thought Victoria was right to be skeptical of Billy Victoria contended that Victor should admit he’d given Adam too much responsibility. Victoria knew Victor gave Adam the company to run out of love. Victor refused to rip that out from under Adam by selling Newman Media to Victoria. Victoria said that if Victor felt Adam needed propping, he could use the proceeds of Newman Media to buy Adam a new company. She also thought he should supervise Adam more. She asked him to imagine ChancComm combined with Newman Media and Newman/Locke – they’d be the dominant force in the industry. She asked how he could pass on that.

Victor asked that it wasn’t enough that Victoria beat Newman Media at getting ChancComm. She reminded him that he’d just said she was his daughter. He said she just had a major triumph. She wanted Newman Media too, and she thought it’d be a breeze. He warned her about overconfidence. She pointed out that Cyaxares used to be Ashland’s, so it’d be simple to reintegrate it into Newman/Locke. He asked if Ashland regretted selling Newman Media to him and Adam. Victoria said Ashland was focused on his health, but they had discussed what it would mean to combine the companies. Victoria said Ashland liked her ambition the most. Victor liked Victoria’s ambition too, but he didn’t want to sell her his company. He wanted to give her brother more time to prove himself as CEO. He wasn’t going to yank the company out from under Adam just because Victoria saw through Billy’s scheme before Adam did. Victoria took it in stride. She said that it wouldn’t be long before Adam ran the company into the ground and she could pick it up cheap. Victor didn’t see that happening.

Victoria went to work and talked to Nikki. Nikki was glad that Jill accepted their bid for ChancComm, and she was was pleased Billy didn’t have a media company to weaponize against the Newmans anymore. She said they never could trust his judgment, even when Victoria was with Billy. Victoria agreed. Nikki was also glad that Victor was just fine with Victoria besting Adam. Victoria said she just saw Victor, and he congratulated her. Nikki was delighted that a business issue didn’t cause any family strife. Nikki gave Victoria a gift. Red bottomed shoes to celebrate her victory. Traditionally, people celebrated business deals with champagne, but Nikki didn’t drink, or cigars, but Victoria didn’t like those. Nikki assumed Ashland would get Victoria flowers. Victoria wished she’d been wearing the shoes when she met Victor, since one of her business moves didn’t go over well.

Ashland walked in as Nikki learned that Victoria wanted Newman Media. Nikki thought it sounded like Victoria wanted to own the world. Ashland said Nikki said it like it was a bad thing. Victoria didn’t want to own the world. She said ChancComm used to belong to Newman Enterprises and Newman Media used to belong to Locke Communications group. She just wanted to bring everything back under the same umbrella where it belonged. Nikki wondered if Victoria just wanted to stick it to Adam. Victoria had far more important things to do in her life. She asked when Nikki became so invested in Adam’s welfare. Nikki wasn’t concerned about Adam; she just wanted the family to be peaceful. Victoria said Victor felt the same way because he turned down her offer to keep Adam employed and protect his delicate feelings. Victoria thought that Nikki should look for more shoes, in case Victor came around. Victoria told Ashland about the new tradition. Ashland joked to Nikki that he wore a size 11. Nikki thought Victoria should get rid of the idea of a turf war with Adam. Victoria suggested that Victor could buy Adam another company to play with. Victoria was bugged by the idea of a company with her name on it that wasn’t part of her empire. Nikki looked at Ashland, who smiled.

Victoria was in her office alone. She laid down the law with someone on the phone. Ashland returned and said he liked that she was steering the company with a firm hand. He gave her some coffee, and they took a break. She was happy because he was full of energy. He was surprised Nikki didn’t get behind the idea of Victoria pursuing Newman Media. Victoria didn’t hold that against her mom. She knew Nikki’s instinct was to reduce family tension. Ashland said that Victoria was spot on about Victor’s reaction – it was like Victor was proud Victoria had the guts to snake ChancComm out from under him. Victoria didn’t always understand her father the way she did now. She used to think he favored his sons over his daughters, especially Adam, because he was ruthless. Now she realized Victor just liked winners. It played to her advantage, since she’d been on a roll, coincidentally ever since she fell in love with Ashland. Ashland didn’t want to bring down the mood, but he noted that Victor broke Victoria’s winning streak when he refused to sell Newman Media. Victoria said Victor left the door open.

Victoria said Victor wanted to know what Ashland thought of her wanting to buy Newman Media. Ashland hoped Victoria said he supported her 100%. She did. She sensed that Victor thought Ashland was the one who wanted Cyaxares back and that Victoria offered to buy it for him, though. “Just when I thought he was done underestimating you,” Ashland said. Victoria added that Victor was overestimating Adam. Ashland asked if there was any truth to what Nikki said – was any part of Victoria trying to punish Adam for his past crimes. Victoria said it wasn’t a punishment – she wasn’t vindictive. She said it was about acknowledging Adam never earned his position. She knew people assumed she was where she was out of nepotism, and she fought that assumption every day. Which made it all the more frustrating that Adam was handed a company by their father. “What Victor giveth, he can taketh away,” Ashland said. Victoria vowed to make sure that happened, and Ashland raised his coffee cup to toast to that.

Victor went to Adam’s office and said he wanted to discuss Billy’s scheme. Adam said Billy realized the plan wasn’t going to work, so he waved the white flag. Victor said Victoria found out about Billy’s plan, and she put a stop to it. Adam said that Billy’s plan never would’ve worked anyway. He asked how Victoria found out, but Victor didn’t think that mattered. Adam said the last time he saw Victoria, she made a point of telling him how upset she was about Billy’s behavior, so Billy had her fooled too for awhile. “Victoria saw the whole picture and you didn’t. And you should have,” Victor stated. Adam stated that, as the mother of Billy’s children, Victoria had more opportunities to catch him in a lie than Adam did. Adam asked why Victoria waited for Billy to confess before she went to Victor. Victor said Adam was quibbling with Victoria’s timing instead of acknowledging what almost happened to the company. “Nothing almost happened,” Adam said. He was adamant that he would’ve figured out what Billy was up to, with or without Victoria’s help. Adam said he wasn’t ever going to use the videos of Billy drinking and gambling. Victor thought that was tantamount to Billy saying he wasn’t going to use the dirt on Ashland. Adam disagreed, and he said he was nothing like Billy. “I was only gonna use the videos if we needed to challenge [Billy’s] credibility,” Adam said. Victor thought that Billy would’ve pushed Adam to use them. Victor wanted to know what was up with Sally recording the videos. He asked if she was in on Billy’s scheme. Adam said of course Sally wasn’t involved; she was shocked Billy was faking. Adam understood why Victoria was so worked up – she wanted to protect her husband and business reputation, but he promised Newman Media was never in peril. Adam was more than willing to wash his hands on Billy and focus on the job. Victor decided to take a more active role around here. Adam said that wasn’t necessary, but Victor said this wasn’t up for debate. Victor left.

Adam paced around. He flashed back to a moment with Victor that took place in that very office. Victor said he’d always had faith Adam would overcome his tough past and become the sort of man he was today. Victor said he’d made it clear to everyone in the family that he’d never turn his back on Adam. Adam had promised to prove Victor was right to believe in him. Chelsea arrived, pulling Adam out of his memory. She wanted to set up a time and place for their meeting later. He said he had to cancel. She offered to just bring him takeout later. Adam was short with Chelsea as he asked what she wanted to say. She called him a jerk. He said he was annoyed with someone else, and he shouldn’t take it out on her. He apologized, and she accepted. She asked what happened. He said he was just reminded that when you were a Newman, there was no such thing as independence. Chelsea surmised that Victor was back to being Victor again. She was sure Adam had to see this coming. He said it didn’t make it less irritating. Chelsea lost count of how many times Victor pushed Adam aside or patronized him. She said Adam always came out ahead in the end. He didn’t know why he let Victor get to him. Chelsea said it was because Adam loved Victor, and Victor loved him too. Adam thanked Chelsea. It helped having someone around who knew his history. She said it was her history too. She was there if he ever needed to talk. She suggested they go for drinks and talk now. He agreed, and they left the office.

Nikki went home and found Victor at his chess board. Nikki knew what dilemma Victor was wrestling with. She just heard Victoria had her sights set on Newman Media. Victor asked if Victoria consulted Nikki on that. “Why would she? I’m only her COO,” Nikki sighed. Victor asked what Nikki thought of Victoria’s idea. Nikki thought Victor should discuss it with Victoria. Nikki said she was sure Victoria would have a compelling offer, should Victor be willing to entertain it. Victor noted that Nikki wasn’t willing to give him her opinion. She asked if he told Adam about Victoria’s offer.

Nikki sat with Victor at the chess board. He said this was an unforgiving game, and if you took your eyes off the board for a second, it all fell apart. Nikki wasn’t sure who this analogy was about. She asked who was in danger of making a mistake like that – Victor, Victoria or Adam? Victor had been happy with how things were going with the Newmans – Abby had her family, Nick was talking to him, and Adam had turned his life around. Nikki added that Ashland’s health was improving, and Victoria was optimistic about their life. Victor said he and Nikki had never been stronger. She said that the equilibrium seemed precarious. He agreed that he was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and he thought it might cause a major shift in the family. She said the fact that he was so worried made her worry. He told her not to. He said he adored her.

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