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Xander comes out of the shower in his room at the Salem Inn where Sarah informs him that she has decided to make an appointment with her former department head at the hospital as she is hoping to be reinstated there. Xander says she should be since she didn’t do anything wrong. Sarah hopes the board feels that way as she has to convince them that everything she went through didn’t change the kind of doctor she is. Sarah wants to start getting her old life back. Xander suggests they could finally get married then. Sarah tells him to just let her know the day, so Xander asks how today sounds.

Jennifer returns home and retrieves the bottle of painkillers from the trash can. Jack then walks in and startles her. Jack asks if something is wrong as she hides the bottle behind her.

Chad goes to the police station and questions what Melinda thinks she’s doing. Melinda responds that she is looking through paper work. Chad complains that the man who killed his wife and stabbed his best friend is walking around free. Melinda assures that she shares his frustration, but Rafe is on the case personally which surprises Chad. Melinda adds that she just found out that Rafe knows where Leo is hiding out, so he should be putting him in handcuffs as they speak.

Rafe informs Sloan that he checked the parking lot and the entire building, so Leo was gone long before they got there. Sloan doesn’t understand since Leo promised he would wait for her. Rafe guesses Leo knew he was coming and that’s why he left in such a hurry. Sloan assures she didn’t tip him off. Rafe tells her to stop lying because she was the only one who knew. Rafe accuses Sloan of double crossing him. Sloan insists that she didn’t but Rafe tells her to stop lying and asks where the hell Leo is.

Leo sneaks into the ICU dressed as a nurse in a blonde wig. Sonny then wakes up looking confused. Sonny questions why Leo is dressed like a nurse. Leo responds that it was the only way he could get in to see him. Sonny asks what he’s doing here and what happened. Leo questions him not remembering somebody stabbing him in the back. Leo urges Sonny to tell him who did this to him. Sonny then responds that it was Leo. Leo argues that Sonny is confused and encourages him to think hard. Sonny insists that Leo snuck in here to finish him off. Leo shouts that he didn’t stab him and is not here to hurt him. Sonny recalls Leo being there. Leo confirms that he was at his office to declare a truce between them and he only came back to validate his parking ticket. Sonny continues to accuse him of trying to kill him. Leo states that somebody came in after he left and stabbed him. Leo questions Sonny not remembering who it was.

Melinda assures Chad that there is no doubt in her mind that Leo Stark murdered Abigail and then made an attempt on Sonny’s life too, so he can be confident that Leo’s prosecution begins the moment Rafe brings him in here in handcuffs. Chad asks if he can hang around as he’d like to see it with his own eyes which Melinda allows. Chad asks if it’s not Leo, what happens to Gwen. Melinda assures that Gwen is still in custody. Gwen then enters and declares that she’s not anymore.

Xander jokes with Sarah that they’d be an old married couple by now if it wasn’t for Gwen. Sarah still can’t believe that Gwen tried to make it seem like she killed Abigail and tells Xander that Gwen is still obsessed with him. Xander wants to prove to the world that Gwen can’t keep them apart anymore as he doesn’t want to wait another minute. Xander declares that Gwen can’t get in their way now since she’s locked up. Xander offers to call Maggie. Sarah suggests they put it off a little longer to get a jump on their wedding night as they kiss.

Jennifer tells Jack that a lot of things are wrong. Jack responds that he’s talking about the pills in her hand. Jennifer thinks back to lying to Maggie about it being for Doug. Jennifer then claims to Jack that she’s having headaches and that Kayla gave her prescription strength ibuprofen. Jack notes that she didn’t tell him about headaches. Jennifer says he’s had a lot going on. Jack offers to get her water to take one but Jennifer says he doesn’t have to and that just seeing him makes her better as they hug. Jack then says there’s something he has to tell her. Jennifer guesses it’s not good and asks what now. Jack reveals that he hired a lawyer to represent Gwen.

Melinda doesn’t know how Gwen managed this and makes a call, arguing that a prisoner escaped. Chad questions how she got here. Gwen points out that she was locked up last night while Sonny was stabbed, so her lawyer argued that there was evidence of a connection between Abigail’s murder and Sonny’s stabbing and that Leo just framed her for what he did. Gwen mocks Melinda for letting Leo go after Sonny. Gwen suggests the Kiriakis family should sue her office. Melinda warns Gwen that Leo’s guilt does not prove her innocence and tells her not to leave town. Chad asks where Melinda is going. Melinda declares that she’s going to get answers from a more reliable source than Gwen and then she’s going to fire whoever blew the hearing this morning as she storms out of the station. Chad remarks that Gwen must be very pleased with herself. Gwen argues that she’s free because she’s innocent and when Leo is arrested, Chad will see that Leo was lying about her.

Rafe questions if Sloan signaled to Leo that he was coming with her. Sloan argues that Rafe heard her phone call and that she didn’t say a word about him, so Leo must have figured it out on his own. Rafe searches the room but Sloan says he’s wasting his time. Rafe remembers threatening to arrest her as an accessory. Sloan calls it a bogus charge that will never stick. Rafe warns that she’s about to find out how sticky he can make things for her.

Sonny questions why Leo is still holding the call button if he’s not trying to kill him. Leo says he’s just very cautious. Leo knew what he was risking by coming here but he can’t trust anyone including his lawyer. Leo says Sonny is the only one who can get him out of this jam. Sonny argues that Leo can’t make him say what he wants to hear. Leo reminds him of his truce offer and to concentrate on what he said. Sonny recalls saying they would never be friends but they could leave each other alone and then Leo left. Leo urges him to keep remembering. Sonny states that he sat down at his desk and then went to get something from his file cabinet with his back to the door, then he heard a noise. Sonny says he went to turn around but something hit him in the back and then it just goes black. Leo questions him not getting a look. Sonny assures that he can’t clear him since it could’ve been him. Leo argues that it was the person trying to frame him and asks if he would’ve left his list behind for the cops to find. Sonny questions what list. Leo admits he made an enemies list of everyone who busted up he and Craig. Leo argues that somebody found the list, brought it to Sonny’s office and then stabbed him, left it on his desk and crossed off Sonny and Abigail’s name. Leo then admits he did cross off Abigail’s name but only because she was dead so she was no longer a threat. Sonny questions what his point is. Leo shouts that someone is trying to make him look like a serial killer.

Jennifer questions Jack hiring Gwen a lawyer without talking to her first. Jack apologizes and calls it a knee jerk reaction, but points out that Gwen couldn’t have stabbed Sonny so maybe she’s not lying when she says she didn’t kill Abigail. Jack adds that he couldn’t let Gwen go back to prison for something she didn’t do. Jack admits that he made Gwen part of their lives by asking Jennifer and Abigail to accept her which they both did. Jack notes that when he believed Gwen killed Abigail, he didn’t know how to face Jennifer but she was understanding, so he’s asking her to be understanding now. Jennifer asks if he feels that Leo only pointed the finger at Gwen to divert attention from himself. Jack says Leo set Gwen up and everybody bought it. Jack acknowledges that Gwen is no saint, but she deserves a lot better than she’s gotten from him and he did what he did to make up for it. Jack asks Jennifer if it’s okay because he doesn’t want to make this harder for her than it already is.

Gwen guesses Chad wishes that Jack left her in jail. Gwen insists that she told him the truth when he came to see her, that she didn’t kill Abigail and that Leo set her up. Chad tells her not to play the martyr. Chad wouldn’t put it past her and Leo to point the finger at each other to muddy the case against them. Gwen reminds Chad that she told him that Leo made a list of all of his enemies and now Abigail is dead while Sonny is ICU and they were both on the list along with Chad. Gwen argues that Melinda put Leo on the streets at her expense. Gwen asks what if Leo decides to come after Chad next.

Leo tells Sonny that he’s cutting him slack because of his condition but he doesn’t have time. Leo asks if Sonny is going to tell the cops that he did this to him. Leo gets a call from Sloan but ignores it. Leo tells Sonny that he’s laid this out in a very logical way. Sonny asks how he knows Leo doesn’t have a weapon. Leo reminds Sonny that they kind of had a moment last night, complaining that Alex threatened to kill him and he was scared, so he begged Sonny to tell Alex that they were okay. Leo asks why he would put himself through that and then stabbed him instead of saving himself from the humiliation. Leo asks if Sonny gets what he’s saying. A nurse then enters and is happy to see that Sonny is awake. She says she’ll have to let his doctor know that he’s making such good progress. Leo then claims there’s no need as he’s already done that and the doctor is on his way.

Sloan tells Rafe that her call went straight to voicemail and asks if there’s anything else she can do to prove that she and Leo aren’t in cahoots. Rafe acknowledges that maybe Leo got spooked like she said, but maybe she set him up. Rafe declares that he was wrong to trust her because now Leo is back on the streets and his investigation is back to square one. Rafe makes a call for an update on his APB, revealing that he lost Leo. Rafe orders a search to be setup and says he will alert Melinda.

Melinda brings Gwen a bag of her personal effects minus the Sarah mask. Gwen argues that she has to let her go because she took the word of a born liar. Gwen tells Melinda to do a decent job this time and get justice for Chad and his children because nobody should have to suffer the way that they did. Melinda then walks out of the station. Gwen is thankful that this nightmare is finally over for her now. Chad remarks that she got a get out of jail free card. Gwen sees it as a sign to take hold of a new lease on life and right now there is somebody that she needs to thank, so she then exits the station.

Jennifer guesses she understands why Jack did this for Gwen and admits she’d probably do the same in his shoes. Jack thanks her. The doorbell then rings so Jack rushes to answer it and it’s Sarah and Xander, dressed for their wedding with a bottle of champagne. Jack invites them in. Sarah hopes they are not intruding. Jennifer says of course they are not. Xander knows how bad things are for them now but that’s kind of why they are here, to pick up their day a bit. Jennifer says that would be wonderful. Jack asks what’s up. Xander announces they are finally getting married today and hoped Jack and Jennifer might be their witnesses. They agree they would be honored as they hug Sarah and Xander. Jennifer says it’s wonderful to see people get their lives back on track. Jack asks when and where they are getting married. Sarah says Maggie is meeting them at City Hall. Xander adds that they didn’t feel right using the Kiriakis Mansion after what happened to Sonny. Jennifer then suggests they get married, noting that it’s Sarah’s family home. Xander doesn’t want to put them out but they assure they aren’t as Jennifer declares it would be a blessing to have a cause for celebration again. Sarah then agrees to do it as they hug.

Sonny goes along with Leo’s story that he called the doctor and he’s on his way so that the nurse leaves. Leo asks if this means Sonny believes him. Sonny warns that he better not regret this. Leo declares that if Sonny believes he didn’t do this to him, then he also believes he’s being framed. Sonny confirms that he does.

Sloan asks Rafe if Melinda chewed him out. Rafe confirms that she did. Rafe notes that Leo took off about 45 minutes ago and then realizes that the hospital is nearby where Sonny is in the ICU. Rafe rushes out of the room while Sloan points out that he still has her keys.

Maggie arrives at the Horton House and hopes the third time is the charm since this wedding is long overdue. They talk about Sarah going to freshen up and make a grand entrance. Jennifer brings in flowers to Maggie goes to help her decorate. Jack comments that it’s been a long time since he’s seen Jennifer smile and thanks Xander for making them a part of this day. Xander says it wouldn’t be right without him and talks about wanting him there the last time they tried. Jack brings up that the only reason Sarah was arrested was because of Gwen and he’s so sorry about that. Xander assures it wasn’t any of Jack’s doing. Jack starts to bring up Gwen but decides it can wait. Jennifer and Maggie come back in with the flowers. Maggie says she wasn’t expecting to see Jennifer again today and asks how she’s doing. Jennifer claims she’s much better and thanks Maggie for talking to her. Maggie states that Jennifer is the one who had the strength to throw away the pills, calling that a very big deal. Maggie asks what Jack said when she told him. Jennifer claims that she hasn’t had the chance to talk to him about it yet because there’s been so much going on. Maggie questions what has been going on. Sarah then enters the room. Maggie tells her they are so happy. Sarah talks about not thinking this kind of happiness was possible for her anymore. Sarah confirms she’s ready and asks Xander if he wants to get married. Xander says yes and they kiss. Outside, Gwen arrives to the door cracked open and hears everyone celebrating inside. Gwen wonders what’s going on and if she should just go. Maggie then begins the wedding of Sarah and Xander. Xander asks Maggie to just skip to the good bits and avoid the whole anyone objecting part. Maggie brings up that they prepared their vows a year ago and now get a chance to say them. Maggie calls on Xander to start but he can’t remember his speech. Xander says he went over it but his mind has gone blank. Maggie suggests he just say what’s in his heart right now then. Xander calls Sarah the best thing to ever happen to him and more than he ever dreamed of. Xander talks about when he thought he lost her and then a miracle happened because of Abigail. Xander declares that Sarah came back to him and now he’s going to spend the rest of his life taking care of her and being grateful for that miracle. Sarah says she knows the real Xander and talks about thinking she got everything that she wanted until she thought she lost him forever, but here they are. Sarah declares that she gets to spend the rest of her life with the love of her life. Maggie then asks if Xander takes Sarah to be his wife and he says I do. Maggie asks Sarah if she takes Xander to be her husband and she says I do. Xander pulls out the rings and they put them on their fingers. Maggie then finally pronounces Xander and Sarah as husband and wife. They kiss as Jack and Jennifer applaud. Gwen then walks in to the room.

Sonny hopes he’s not making a huge mistake by trusting Leo. Leo questions him still thinking that he’s lying. Sonny points out that Gwen’s in jail and asks who else would do this to him. Leo gets a call from Sloan and says he has to take this. Sonny argues that Leo knows more than he’s letting on. Leo answers his call and Sloan complains that she’s stuck at the motel and he’s not there. Leo responds that he’s sorry but he can’t trust anyone anymore and he thought it was a trap. Sloan confirms that it was because Rafe threatened to arrest her if she didn’t bring him along. Leo calls her a traitor. Sloan tells him to shut up and listen, arguing that she better not disbarred for this. Sloan asks where Leo is. Leo questions why he would give her anything about his location. Sloan then reveals that Rafe thinks Leo is at the hospital to finish off Sonny. Sloan warns Leo not to go anywhere near the hospital because Rafe is heading there now and should be there any minute. Leo then hangs up in a panic.

Xander turns around and questions what the bloody hell Gwen is doing there. Gwen apologizes as she didn’t mean to intrude. Xander asks what she did mean to do and questions why she’s not in jail. Gwen reveals that her new lawyer convinced the judge to release her and they are looking for Leo now. Gwen apologizes as she didn’t mean to ruin their wedding as she can see now that they are meant to be together. Xander says it’s no thanks to her. Gwen just wanted to come thank Jack for having her back again even though she’s done nothing to deserve it. Gwen decides she will leave now and tells them to go back to their celebration. Gwen adds that she had no intention of hurting Jack that night and admits it was just her desperate attempt to get Sarah away from Xander. Gwen then admits that she didn’t kill Laura, her death really was an accident and she told Abigail that and she believed her. Gwen hopes Jennifer will believe her too. Jennifer agrees to think about it. Gwen wishes them a world of happiness and then exits the house. Sarah remarks that at least Gwen didn’t show up in time to object to the wedding. Xander responds that she’s gone now, hopefully for good.

Gwen returns to her motel room which is where Leo was hiding out and sees it a mess from being searched and questions what the hell happened here. Gwen pulls a box from under the bed and says thank God it’s still there as she takes out a photo of her and Xander, holding it with tears in her eyes.

Xander tells Sarah that he intends to enjoy this moment as it’s the first day of his life with Sarah and wants to celebrate which Jack, Jennifer, and Maggie agree with. Jack pours them glasses of champagne and toasts to Mr. and Mrs. Xander Cook.

Gwen lays in bed with the photo of her and Xander as she breaks down crying.

Rafe arrives at the hospital and asks the nurse for an update on Sonny. She informs him that Sonny has regained consciousness. Rafe is relieved and asks when someone last checked on him. She reveals that another nurse is in with him now, who Sonny called “Leona”, and notes that she’s never seen her before. Rafe then rushes to the ICU but finds Sonny alone. Rafe asks if Leo was there. Sonny confirms that he just missed him.

Leo escapes from the hospital through the elevator despite the other nurse trying to tell him that Rafe wants to see him.

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