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Eli gives Lani a foot massage at home. They talk about Lani being on her feet and chasing perps. Eli assures Lani that she will be off her feet for the rest of the day as he will take care of her and the kids. Eli and Lani kiss until there’s a knock at the door. Eli says he will tell them it’s a bad time. Eli gets up to answer the door and it’s Paulina, who says she hopes this isn’t a bad time.

Anna and Tony enter the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Anna sees the decorations and assumes they are throwing them a party to welcome them home from Europe. Tony points out that the decorations say “Congratulations” so it’s not for them. They talk about their flight back. EJ walks in and welcomes them back. Anna asks about the party. EJ reveals it’s a wedding reception for his son and his wife. Tony is surprised Johnny got married and asks who the lucky girl is. EJ responds that she’s a gold digger and he predicts Johnny will have to pay a small fortune to get rid of this one.

Chanel lays in bed in Johnny’s room. She grabs her phone and calls Allie to inform her that Paulina is throwing her and Johnny a wedding reception at the DiMera Mansion in a couple hours, so she hoped Allie and Tripp could come. Allie jokes about it being last minute. Johnny comes out of the shower and asks Chanel if she’s ready for another round.

Marlena sits at home on the phone with John. Marlena tells him that he doesn’t have to keep calling and assures that she’s fine. Marlena encourages John to enjoy his poker game with Abe and Roman while she is just going to finish her tea and relax. Marlena tells John that she loves him and hangs up. Susan Banks then shows up at the door with a cross, believing that Marlena is still possessed by the Devil.

Paulina asks if it’s okay if she comes in. Lani responds that they were just settling in for a quiet evening. Paulina says she just wanted to come by in person to tell Lani that she’s throwing a wedding reception for Chanel tonight. Paulina adds that it would mean the world to her and Chanel if she could attend. Lani thanks her for including them but says she only gets a few hours a day with the twins. Paulina encourages Lani to just come for a few hours but Lani says no. Eli appreciates the invite but says Lani had a tough day so they are going to sit this one out. Paulina suggests they get the family together soon for a celebratory dinner. Eli says that sounds great and sends Chanel their love. Paulina tells them to have a nice evening as she exits. Lani questions Eli saying it sounds great. Eli says he’s just trying to be nice. Lani argues that he can’t say things like that to Paulina because if you give her an inch, she’ll take a mile.

Anna tells EJ that this is happy news, so he needs to stop being so cynical. Tony agrees and says Johnny must love Chanel. Tony encourages EJ to be happy and support their union by giving his blessing. EJ remarks that he thinks it’s a match made in Hell.

Chanel hangs up her phone as Johnny suggests they make love again. Chanel points out that just this morning, he was completely wiped out and now it’s like he’s unstoppable. Johnny thinks back to becoming possessed by the Devil. Chanel notes that he suddenly seems so far away and asks if everything is okay. Johnny says he was just trying to figure out how he went from being so out of it this morning to feeling like he can take over the world. Johnny guesses it’s because he’s crazy in love with his wife. Chanel reminds him that a bunch of people will be there soon to celebrate their love so they need to get ready. Johnny and Chanel then kiss.

Allie informs Tripp about the party and says it’s last minute but Chanel really wants them both there. Tripp says it sounds fun but he is on call tonight. Tripp agrees to still go to the party even though he might get called back to the hospital. Allie hopes they get lucky because she really wants him there with her. Tripp asks if she wants him there for moral support because she’s still on the fence about the marriage or to celebrate because she’s really on board with it now. Allie assures that she’s celebrating and feels really bad about the way she reacted at first. Tripp reminds her that Johnny and Chanel accepted her apology. Allie says that they claimed to but she said some really hurtful things. Tripp understands she was caught off guard and had reason to be worried. Allie remarks that Johnny may have been a serious player back in the day but she thinks he might be really in love for the first time, just like she is in love with Tripp. Allie suggests they go shower so they’re not late.

Marlena assures Susan that The Devil is gone. Susan wants to believe her but remains uncertain so she throws holy water on Marlena. Marlena pleads with her to stop and promises that it really is her. Susan decides she believes her so Marlena thanks her. Susan says she can keep the holy water just in case. Marlena understands her being afraid after all she’s been through. Susan thanks her for understanding. Marlena mentions that John told her what she did to her and says she’s so sorry. Susan assures that she doesn’t blame her because it wasn’t her. Susan jokes that being a cat wasn’t too bad but being Kristen was another story. Marlena points out how the Devil wanted her to seduce John. Susan assures that was never going to happen. Marlena says even in her darkest hour, she never stopped believing in John and their love.

Eli knows how Lani feels about Paulina but he doesn’t see the harm in going to the family dinner or the party. Lani argues that’s not how Paulina operates as if they say yes to her once then it will be every week. Lani complains about how Paulina barged in with no respect for boundaries or care for what they want as it’s all about what Paulina wants. Eli points out that right now it’s all about Chanel. Lani wants to do something nice for Chanel but remarks that Paulina bought her entire registry. Eli feels the best gift that she can give Chanel is to be there for her. Lani says she wants to be with the kids. Eli points out that they just put them down so they are out for the rest of the night. Lani questions where they will find a babysitter this late. Eli suggests himself while Lani goes to the party by herself but Lani says hell no. Eli knows she’s angry with Paulina but Chanel didn’t do anything wrong and she’d be very hurt if Lani is not there. Lani accepts that Eli is always right. Eli encourages her to go get dressed and be there for Chanel. Lani thanks him as they kiss and she then goes to get ready.

Allie and Tripp get dressed and ready to go to the party. They kiss until Tripp gets a call from the hospital. Tripp says he’s on his way. Tripp hopes it won’t take too long and says as soon as he’s done, he will meet her at the party. Tripp kisses her and then exits.

Johnny and Chanel continue kissing in bed. Johnny tells her that he loves her so much and that’s why he’s so excited for the party, so both of their families can see that. Chanel brings up that they think they moved way too fast. Johnny says they know that they made the right decision. Johnny declares that their rings mean they belong to each other because they’re in love and they want the whole world to see that which is what tonight’s about. Johnny says they will show everybody that they are proud of their decision and that they couldn’t be more excited about their incredible life together as husband and wife. Chanel says they should get ready to go see their families. Johnny declares they will torch any doubts in their minds.

Tony questions EJ calling Johnny and Chanel a match made in Hell. EJ insists that Johnny is being taken for a ride by a con artist. Anna argues that Tony has met Chanel and thinks she’s lovely. Tony adds that Johnny is obviously in love with her, so he’s willing to give her a chance. EJ asks what if that chance costs them millions of dollars. Anna tells him to stop being suspicious as not everyone is after the DiMera fortune. EJ brings up Chanel marrying Xander when she thought he was wealthy but then found out he wasn’t and it lasted one day. Tony argues that they don’t know the whole story and that was some time ago. Tony adds that Chanel has her own successful business and she’s already an heiress as Paulina is very wealthy. EJ complains about Paulina’s taste in decorations for the party. Paulina then walks in and questions him.

Susan talks about how much she admires Marlena. Susan brings up the party at the DiMera Mansion to celebrate Johnny getting married. Susan explains that Paulina put it together real last minute. Susan suggests Marlena come as Johnny’s grandmother but Marlena says she can’t do that. Susan questions why not. Marlena informs her that she’s not the only person she hurt when she wasn’t herself. Marlena reveals that she destroyed Paulina’s wedding, so she doesn’t think she would want her there to celebrate her daughter’s wedding.

Paulina asks what EJ was saying about her taste. EJ calls it festive. Anna introduces herself and Tony to Paulina. Paulina says it’s a pleasure to meet them both. Anna says they are over the moon that Chanel and Johnny found each other. Anna adds that she can’t wait to meet Chanel as she’s heard such nice things about her. EJ then calls Tony to help him with the champagne. Anna encourages Paulina to ignore EJ as he’s in a bad mood most of the time. Paulina points out that EJ isn’t as enthusiastic about Chanel becoming a DiMera like she is. Anna doesn’t think EJ is upset about Chanel but more because he just got booted out of the family company and might go to prison. Anna praises Paulina’s decorations and assures that she’s staying for the party as she loves celebrating love.

Chanel comes downstairs and prepares to head in to the living room when Allie arrives at the front door. Chanel tells her that she looks beautiful while Allie says she takes her breath away as they hug.

Devil Johnny gets dressed in his room. The Devil urges Johnny to stop fighting him so they can set the whole town on fire.

Chanel asks Allie about Tripp. Allie explains that he’s on call tonight but said he might come over later if it’s not too late when he’s done. Chanel tells Allie that she’s really glad she’s there.

Tony asks EJ when Chad and Abigail are arriving. EJ responds that they aren’t coming as he didn’t invite them. EJ complains that it’s bad enough that his home is being turned in to a Vegas wedding chapel, but if he also had to look at Chad’s smug face all evening, he might give the authorities a real reason to lock him up. Tony argues that this is a party but EJ says it’s not one that he wanted to have. Paulina tells Anna about the catering she got. Chanel and Allie come in and greet them. Paulina introduces Chanel to Anna. Anna tells Allie and Chanel that they both look gorgeous and calls them adorable. Anna continues by saying they look like they have something special going on and they just look so right together. Paulina says they are best friends, business associates, and now sisters in law. Paulina says they can’t get the party started without the groom, so she asks where Johnny is.

Johnny tells himself that this can’t be happening. The Devil says it is and he knows Johnny can feel his power coursing through his veins. The Devil urges him to stop fighting and just give in to it.

A loud crack of thunder startles Susan, who then begins shaking. Marlena notes that she’s pale as a ghost and asks if she’s alright. Susan then vomits onto Marlena’s shoes. Marlena offers to take Susan to the hospital but Susan is worried about the party. Marlena tells her she can’t go but Susan insists that she has to. Marlena says the only place she’s going is the hospital. Marlena wants to call EJ to let him know but Susan asks her not to scare EJ. Marlena says she won’t as she then calls EJ to tell him that Susan has an upset stomach and won’t be able to make it to the party. EJ asks if there’s anything he can do. Marlena says she will keep an eye on her. EJ sends his love as they hang up. Marlena tells Susan that they are now going to the hospital.

Chanel wants to go see what’s keeping Johnny. Paulina steps aside with Chanel and informs her that she invited Lani but she can’t make it. Chanel asks if Lani can’t or doesn’t want to. Paulina explains that Lani doesn’t want to be around her and it has nothing to do with Chanel. Lani then arrives and says she’s sorry that she’s late as she hugs Chanel, surprising Paulina. Lani says they couldn’t find a babysitter so Eli is staying with the kids. Lani congratulates Chanel and says she’s just happy to be here for her. Chanel says she’s so happy that she is there. EJ then announces he just got word that Susan won’t be able to make it, so everyone’s there except Johnny. EJ asks if there’s any idea where he is. Johnny then appears in the doorway, proclaiming “here’s Johnny”. Johnny joins Paulina and Chanel and then Allie as they talk about his entrance. Chanel thinks he freaked everyone out while Johnny says it was just a joke. Chanel talks about Johnny going from zero energy this morning to this. Chanel worries about Johnny running on fumes. Johnny assures that he’s fine and feels like a million bucks. Paulina calls to get this party started. Johnny apologizes for being late and says it’s going to be a great party. Paulina has Johnny call her mama and says they are family now. Anna calls for everyone’s attention as EJ has some words to say. EJ thanks everyone for joining them to celebrate the marriage of Johnny and Chanel. EJ talks about relationships between fathers and sons in the DiMera family. EJ acknowledges that he and Johnny don’t always see eye to eye and he doesn’t always agree with his choices, but Johnny is a grown man now fully capable of making his own decisions. EJ declares that he will always love him with all his heart and he wants nothing more than for him to be happy. EJ adds that it’s very clear that Chanel makes Johnny very happy. EJ welcomes Chanel to the family to end his toast. EJ introduces Paulina to speak next. Paulina talks about seeing her baby get married. Paulina says she’s proud of her career accomplishments but she’s most proud of her family. Paulina adds that all she ever wanted in life is for her daughters to be happy and it looks like they are now. Paulina talks about having confidence in Chanel. Paulina tells Johnny to keep Chanel happy or else he’ll have to answer to her. Paulina asks if Chanel and Johnny would like to speak next but Allie says there is something she’d like to say first. Allie admits she wasn’t exactly supportive when Chanel and Johnny first announced their marriage and says she apologized but she knows it hurt badly. Allie says she’s here to apologize again in public and let them all know how overjoyed she is that her brother and her best friend have found true love with each other. Allie says she’s so lucky to have both of them in her life. Allie hopes they are happy together forever. Lani speaks next and wishes Chanel and Johnny a wonderful life together. Lani says she couldn’t be happier to have Chanel as a sister.

Eli tries to sit down to watch TV but the babies wake up crying, so he goes to check on them.

Lani adds that she’s very happy to have Johnny as a brother in law. Johnny jokes that he’s lucky to have such a hot sister in law. Chanel thanks Lani and everyone for being there and for their beautiful words. Chanel appreciates EJ letting them know that he respects their decision even though he doesn’t agree with it. Chanel thanks Paulina for the amazing party and for her love and support. Chanel tells Allie that she’s already the best friend she could ever ask for and now they are sisters. Chanel thanks the whole DiMera family for opening up their home and hearts to her. Chanel says she’s so grateful and can’t wait to know them all better. Chanel toasts to Johnny, who she is head over heels in love with. Anna tells Johnny to go on and kiss the bride, so he kisses Chanel.

Marlena has Tripp check on Susan in the hospital. Susan talks about feeling fine earlier but reveals she did have one of her visions this morning. Marlena says that’s why she contacted her. Tripp asks if having a vision is unusual. Susan says she has them all the time but this one was completely different and she’s never experienced anything like it in her life. Susan has no idea what it was but it literally made her sick.

Johnny declares that it’s now his turn and he wants to start by paying homage to Stefano DiMera, who he loved, revered, and misses to this day. Johnny talks about Stefano giving him everything a kid could want and that he taught him nothing was more important than family. Johnny says that Stefano let him know without question that he was his favorite. Johnny thought Stefano was the greatest but when he got older, he realized some people thought Stefano was a terrible person or evil but he never saw it that way. Johnny saw Stefano as a man who knew what he wanted and didn’t let anything stand in his way. Johnny doesn’t consider that evil, he thinks it’s smart and something to be admired. Johnny says it’s taken him awhile to figure out what he wants but he finally has. Johnny then tells Chanel that he’s come to realize it’s not her. Johnny announces he’s sorry but he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore, leaving everyone in the room in shock.

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