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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Locke, Victoria had just told Nikki, Victor and Nick that she was going to tell Ashland nothing had changed and that she still loved him. They didn’t understand how Victoria could say this. She said her decision wasn’t open for discussion, so they needed to back off and let her handle this in her own way. Nick asked why they should let Victoria spend one more minute with Ashland. “It’s the only way to save the company,” she stated. Victor said Ashland came here to take over Newman Enterprises. Victoria told Victor to trust her. He was not sold on trusting her with the fate of the company that he built. She asked if he was blaming her. He wanted to know her plan, so he could take over if he didn’t approve. She asked what more he could do to control the situation – she noted that he was already having her followed. Victor said that Victoria was his daughter, and he was having her followed to ensure her security, since she was married to a BS artist who cheated her and lied about cancer. Victoria didn’t believe Victor was having her followed for her own safety. She didn’t think he trusted her, and she thought he felt that she was going to put the company at risk. He was adamant that he was protecting her. Victoria didn’t want to be treated like a little girl. She snapped that she was the CEO of Newman Locke. Victor yelled that the family wasn’t going to back off. “This is my company!,” he exclaimed. Victoria vowed to protect the company and the family name. Victor wanted to know how. Nick wanted confirmation that Victoria didn’t actually still love Ashland. Victoria didn’t reply, and Victor told her to answer her brother.

Nick, do you think that maybe you could be a little less patronizing, just for one minute?,” Victoria asked. Nick just wanted Victoria to explain her plan. She didn’t think she owed them an explanation, especially since, once again, they went behind her back to uncover information that affected her life without involving her. She thought it was clear they didn’t trust her judgment. Victor said they were looking out for Victoria. Victoria said they didn’t ask for their help. Nikki said they had to act before it was too late. Victoria asked if they were afraid Ashland would take total control of the company. Nikki cared about the business, but she cared about Victoria more. Nikki wouldn’t let Victoria sacrifice herself for the company. Victor said they were Victoria’s family, and no one loved her more than they did. He asked her to stop being stubborn and listen to them. He thought they should formulate a plan to deal with Ashland as a family.

Victoria implored her family to trust her. She knew she’d made mistakes in love, but she didn’t make mistakes in business. Victor wasn’t convinced. Victoria stated that they were standing in what used to be Victor’s office, where he handed her the reins of Newman. She asked if he did that because he felt confidence in her or did he do it for empathy. She asked if he’d take that back because of a bump in the road. Nick said this was more than a bump. Victor said he’d told Victoria many times that he admired what she’d done for the company. Victoria said that she’d handle this like a business move. Victor stated that he’d trust Victoria if she could get Ashland out of the of the family and the company,. Victoria was confident that she could handle it. She thanked them all for their support, and she left. Nick didn’t like this at all, and he didn’t feel good about not knowing what Victoria was doing. “If she doesn’t have a plan, I do” Victor said.

Ashland was at Society. He was caught off guard when Abby greeted him warmly. He asked if she’d spoken to Victoria recently, and she said no. Abby had been busy, and she assumed Victoria and Ashland had been as well. Abby suggested that she, Victoria, Ashland and Chance have dinner sometime, and he said he’d love to. Abby asked if Victoria was meeting Ashland. She decided to stay and wait for her sister. Ashland tried to subtly dissuade Abby. He got a text that said “Michael Baldwin got away from us.” Abby asked if the text was from Victoria. Ashland said it was business, and he had to make a call. Abby went to the kitchen to handle some business of her own.

Ashland called someone and ordered him to find Michael. “[Michael] cannot leave Peru. Do you understand me?” Ashland said. Ashland called Victoria and left a message asking if she was still coming. When Abby returned, Ashland had his head in his hands. Abby asked if there was a problem at work. She knew how tense her dad was when there was a big deal on the table at work. Ashland said there was something major happening at work, but it’d be fine. Abby asked if Ashland’s health was okay. He said he was healthy as can be, and she called it a miracle. He asked how Dominique was. She said it was Dominic, and she showed off a picture, which Ashland admired. He asked about Chance. She said he was doing great, and he was thinking about going back to work. Ashland said work was good for the soul. Abby explained that Chance thought going to work would help with his trauma, so she supported him 100%. “Hey, it worked for you,” Abby added. Ashland didn’t know what Abby was talking about. She said going to work helped him recover, along with Victoria’s love. Abby thought she and Chance should look to him and Victoria as shining examples.

Abby noticed the time. She needed to head home, so she couldn’t stay and wait for Victoria. She was happy Ashland was feeling better, and she reminded him that they needed to go on that double date. Unbeknownst to Abby and Ashland, Victoria was standing outside watching them through the window. Abby walked away, and Ashland made a phone call. After Ashland finished his call, Victoria went inside. He told her she just missed Abby. She said she was glad, because she couldn’t deal with any more Newmans right now. He said Abby had been very friendly. He guessed it meant Abby hadn’t heard the smear campaign against him. Ashland noticed Victoria seemed tense, and he guessed Victor filled her head with more lies about him. She asked if there was more to know. He said no, he was just afraid that her family was getting to her again. She said she felt pulled in different directions. He lamented that her family had put her under all this stress. He asked what her family said about him. She said her family was on the warpath. He took her hand and asked about the status of their relationship. She told him that she knew their love was real, and she knew he wouldn’t deceive her in the way her family said. She said she was right by his side.

Ashland knew the love he and Victoria shared could withstand all attacks against them. She said they could face this together. He said he needed her love and trust to get through this. She promised he had it, but they had to be smart, because it wasn’t going to be easy to fight her family. Victoria said her father was going to use everything in his arsenal to get Ashland out of her life and out of Newman. Ashland was prepared. He hoped that she’d come home with him, so they could talk. She thought he was right earlier when he suggested they leave Genoa City so they could get away from her family. She wanted to go to Tuscany. Ashland was surprised because Victoria was against going to Tuscany a couple of days ago. She said things had changed. She thought he wanted to go. He used to, but now that things had escalated, he wasn’t sure it was a good idea. He said stepping out of the line of fire might look like an admission of guilt to Victor. She pointed out that Victor already thought he was guilty. He said it might look like an admission of defeat, which was even worse. She said that if Victor thought they were running scared, he might be more likely to show his hand. She told him to trust that this was the smart move. He loved the way she was always one step ahead of everyone, and he thought it’d be nice to be alone with her. She said he could spend time with Harrison too. He loved the idea of seeing his boy. He said he’d make the arrangements, but she assured him that she’d already handled everything. He said that was fantastic.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tried to distract Lauren with work, but it was unsuccessful. At an earlier point in time, Kevin got news on Michael and he’d hopped on a plane to San Diego. Nobody knew what Kevin found out or why it took him to San Diego. Chloe hadn’t heard from him since last night. Lauren started crying because she assumed Kevin wasn’t calling because he had bad news that he wanted to deliver in person, instead of over the phone. Kevin arrived, and Lauren asked if he’d heard from Michael. Michael walked in after Kevin. Lauren and Michael had a happy reunion. Lauren had never been happier to see Michael. She told him not to ever leave her again, and he promised he wouldn’t. Lauren was eager to get Michael home so he could eat, shower and rest. Kevin teased that Michael definitely needed to shower. Chloe and Kevin hugged, and she said she missed him.

Michael needed to see Victor. Lauren refused to let Michael out of her sight until she got answers. She knew his going back to work for Victor was a mistake, but she didn’t think it would be this bad. She wanted to know what happened to him and who was responsible. Michael didn’t want to get into the details. Things got rough, but he was home now, and he was grateful for Kevin’s help. Lauren asked why Kevin didn’t call when he knew Michael was safe. Kevin didn’t expect to find Michael in San Diego. Lauren thought he could’ve called once he knew, instead of letting her worry all those extra hours. Chloe thought Lauren was taking out her frustration on the wrong people. Michael said Kevin only followed his instruction. This was an urgent situation, and Michael had to see Victor. Lauren didn’t understand why Michael felt obligated to Victor, when he was the one who got him into this situation. Michael said this wasn’t Victor’s fault, it was Ashland’s. Michael had to see Victor. He pinky swore to Lauren that he’d be home within an hour. He left. Lauren asked if Michael was still in danger. Kevin didn’t think so. Lauren wanted to know how Michael got to San Diego. Kevin said it was Michael’s story to tell. Kevin didn’t know the details on Peru, because Michael had been quiet. Chloe asked if Michael had been quiet like he was keeping a secret, or like he was traumatized. “Quiet like it never came up,” he replied. Lauren thanked Kevin and apologized for snapping at him earlier. She regretted letting Michael leave, and she went after him.

Chloe was angry with Kevin. He’d called her from work last night and said he had to go to San Diego, then she didn’t hear from him until he sauntered into the coffeehouse. Kevin was sorry, but he was following Michael’s instructions. Chloe knew that Kevin had information that he didn’t want to mention in front of Lauren. Kevin got a call from an unknown number claiming to be Michael. It said to get to San Diego immediately. Michael had said not to tell Chloe or Lauren. As a test, Kevin asked if he could tell Gloria. Michael had replied “sure, she won’t care.” Kevin knew it was really Michael, because only someone who knew their mother would respond that way. When Kevin got off the plane, there was another text, this one with an address of a park near the airport. Michael was there, frazzled and scared. Kevin had wanted to check into a hotel so Michael could rest, but Michael wanted to go home.

According to Kevin, Michael was on edge the whole flight, and he didn’t calm down until he saw Lauren. Chloe knew they’d been talking about wanting more excitement, like they had in their younger years, but she didn’t want anything like this. She was glad nothing happened to Kevin. He said he’d been scared, and he didn’t want to worry Chloe, but he had to help Michael. She understood. Kevin said he owed Michael, because Michael had come to his rescue so often. Kevin found it unnerving that Michael was driven to get home ASAP, to run and see Victor. Kevin said Michael wasn’t talkative on the plane, because he’d been afraid someone was listening, but he made it clear that Ashland had him detained in Peru. Chloe asked why. Kevin didn’t know, but he wasn’t going to forgive Locke any time soon.

Victor was was alone in Victoria’s office when Michael showed up. They hugged, and Victor thanked God. Michael said Victor should also thank a couple of helpful dock workers at the port of Lima. Lauren walked in and said she wanted to hear what Michael had to say to Victor. The Peruvian police had arrested Michael on trumped up cross-border espionage charges. Lauren asked if Michael wasn’t given a phone call. Michael said there was no due process, because the charges weren’t real. He was picked up by local, not federal agents. His phone and ID were taken. Victor asked how Michael got away. Michael used his charm to befriend a guard. That guard happened to have a legal issue, and Michael helped him sort it out. In return, the guard gave Michael back his passport and the name of a helpful person at the dock, then he let Michael leave the jail. Lauren asked why Michael didn’t call. For one, Michael didn’t have his phone, and he was sure Ashland was behind his arrest. He didn’t have proof though. Michael had also been concerned Ashland had tapped Lauren and Victor’s phones. Michael finagled his way onto a boat going to San Diego, then he called Kevin.

Lauren hoped the information Michael gathered was worth him being in jail and worrying her day and night. He did too. Victor said it was invaluable. Lauren was angry Michael didn’t call the minute he got to San Diego. He said if he had, she would’ve insisted on going with Kevin. He couldn’t have risked her being in danger. She asked if he really thought that was still an issue once he was back in the US. Michael said he’d learned how ruthless Ashland was. What mattered was he was home and safe with her, he said. Victor and Michael toasted to that. Michael told Lauren not to blame Victor, because Michael knew the risks when he took the job. Lauren told Victor she still blamed him. Michael asked how things were going with Locke. Victor stated that things had blown wide open, and Victoria was in the middle. Victor said they had to figure out a way to get Ashland out of the company and family.

Nick and Nikki went to Crimson Lights and talked about Victoria. Nikki was trying hard to have faith that Victoria had a good plan. Nick thought Victoria was deluded, because she was either going to put herself in a position to let Ashland worm his way back into her heart, or she would be playing with fire trying to outwit him. Nikki was worried about Victoria’s emotional well being. Victoria had doubted herself after JT, and Nikki was concerned that would happen this time. Nick didn’t understand how Victoria could make Ashland co-CEO after all the evidence they had against him. Nikki thought it showed how vulnerable Victoria must’ve been. Nick said Victoria confided in Billy about Ashland. Nick thought that was a sign that Victoria didn’t trust her family to have her back. He was also concerned that Victoria still wanted to be with Ashland and that all this stuff she said about a plan was just her way of getting her family off her back. Nikki said Victoria knew the fate of the company was in her hands, and she’d do whatever it took to save it. That was what had Nikki worried. Nick wasn’t convinced Victoria would leave Ashland. He noted that Victoria had been betrayed by so many men in her life, so maybe she was so vulnerable that she couldn’t admit yet another relationship had failed. Nick vowed to get rid of Ashland if Victoria decided to stay with him.

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