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Update written by Barbara

After finding Jeremy Stark with Diane at Jabot, he wonders aloud how much it’ll cost for Stark to leave Diane alone. He asks Stark how much it will take to get him to leave town. Stark turns down Jack’s monetary offer and leaves after Jack threatens to call security to remove him from the building.

Once Stark is gone, Jack tells Diane that by turning down his money, Stark apparently has a score to settle and that he’s worried for her safety.

They discuss some options, with Jack suggesting that she enter witness protection. She refuses to do that, as it means she’ll have to get a whole new identity and live a life of loneliness.

Diane comes up with an idea, which involves fooling Stark into thinking that she has fled Genoa City. Off camera, she suggests to Jack that she could lay low at the Abbott’s cabin.

Back at the house, Jack agrees to Diane’s plan. They make an arrangement that Kyle will take her to the cabin and help her acquainted with it.

At Society, Tucker rattles Ashley when he says that he thinks she’s in over her head with Stark. He goes one step further and tells her that he thinks her anger at Diane should be redirected at him for sleeping with Diane while he and Ashley were engaged.

He also suggests that Ashley distance herself from Phyllis and Nikki and tells her that Stark is trouble. Tucker makes another case for him and Ashley to get back together and she turns him down but not without letting him know about his persistence and getting a laugh about it.

When Ashley returns home, she finds Diane in Jack arms as he’s comforting her. Jack sees Ashley over Diane’s shoulder, with a look of anger as she gives Jack a questioning look.

Jack privately lets Diane know that he has arranged for security to take her to the hotel to pack up her things so she’ll be ready to leave for the cabin. For Ashley’s benefit, DIane raises her voice and tells Jack goodbye.  She also mentions that she can’t put the family in danger.

Once Diane is gone from the Abbott house, Jack has a heated discussion with Ashley about Diane (supposedly) leaving Genoa City and how Ashley with her cohorts went too far.

At Society, Lily is sitting on the couch looking very sad and pensive while waiting on Devon for a business meeting. Nate comes by and tries unsuccessfully to make peace with her. She is reluctant. Nate goes so far as to mention that he heard about Amanda resigning and going back to Virginia.  Lily shuts him down and tells him this is a family issue that does not concern him.

When Devon arrives at Society and Nate tries to engage him about Amanda’s departure, Devon also shuts him down and says it’s none of Nate’s business.

After Devon and Lily sit down at a table, she tells him that Jill wants to move forward with the IPO. Devon says he needs more time to find out what’s going on in Tucker’s head about the company but doesn’t know how much more time it might take.

When Devon asks Lily what she was talking about with Nate, she tells him that Nate wants forgiveness. She raises a question to Devon about how Nate’s betrayal is any different than Devon betraying Amanda. Devon is annoyed and says that these are they’re completely different situations.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance watchs Abby play with Dominic before coming into the living room and telling her that he moved the last of his stuff out. He holds his arms out so he can hold Dominic.  Abby walks to a corner of the room, crying. She says that they can arrange a visitation schedule and that Chance can come over whenever he wants to see Dom.

As Chance turns to leave, Abby calls out to him, and says she’s sorry. Chance says he’s sorry also, and describes how their relationship was broken before it really started. He says that what happened with Devon was just the breaking point. He tells Abby that he and Abby got married too fast and had a child before they even got to know each other. Then he went away on a mission and brought back major issues with him when he returned home.

Abby tells him she doesn’t want him to discount the love they had and still have, but he tells her that he’s disconnected from those feelings, he accepts that their marriage is over and he hopes they can both move on.

After leaving the Chancellor house, Chance goes to Crimson Lights and gets a coffee, black. Sharon comes in from the patio and he tells her that he moved out of the house. He’s downcast yet also feels relieved. When he tells Sharon that he’s not ready to open up anymore than that, she lets him know that she’s around if he wants to talk more.

Seeing Abby enter Society and head for the kitchen, Devon immediately excuses himself from the table with Lily and goes over to see Abby. She tearfully tells him that Chance has moved out and their marriage is definitely over. Devon takes her into his arms to comfort her.

Right as Diane’s ready to enter her hotel suite, she runs into Tucker.  When he offers to give her money for a fresh start, she slaps him. She predicts that whatever Tucker’s plans are they will “fail epically”.

Inside her suite, Diane packs up her belongings and looks sadly at an old family photo with Jack and Kyle when he was very little. Over at the Abbott house, Jack has a drink and looks somber and deep in thought.

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