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Leo and Sonny go out to dinner. Sonny admits he’s having second thoughts but Leo promises it will be a fun and memorable night. Sonny jokes that he wants to make sure Leo actually brought his wallet for when the check comes. Leo tells Sonny to prepare to have his shallow misconceptions about him shattered because he got an advance on his pay check. Alex arrives which scares Leo, who questions if Sonny brought Alex as some sort of threat since Alex has had it in for him since the night Sonny was stabbed. Alex tells Leo to relax as he didn’t come for him, but for Stephanie.

Chad goes to the Brady Pub and finds Sloan, who asks where his partner in crime is. Chad asks if she means his partner in crime fighting. Chad tells Sloan that despite her best efforts, their client won and is out celebrating while Sloan is drowning her sorrows with a martini. Sloan informs Chad that she is the one celebrating. Chad points out that she lost, but Sloan responds that he is way behind the times.

Melinda Trask is at the police station, happily looking over the file on Paulina that Sloan had. Belle arrives looking for Shawn. Melinda informs her that he should be back soon as she just sent him out with an arrest warrant which he should be serving right about now.

Shawn then reveals that Chanel is under arrest for suspicion of murder and handcuffs her, shocking Paulina, Allie, and Abe. Allie argues that there must be some kind of mistake but Shawn assures there is not. Paulina encourages Chanel that it will be okay while Abe questions what this is all about. Shawn admits he doesn’t know as it was Melinda’s idea and she put her up to this. Shawn reads Chanel her rights as members of the media come over to question Paulina about if this is true and if she has any comments.

Chad tells Sloan that she can’t spin this defeat since she has nothing left to blackmail Paulina without the original file. Sloan comments on what Alex did with it and says she didn’t realize Alex was moonlighting for SJ PR. Chad responds that they are friends. Sloan states that Alex stole her file, so she stole it right back from him which Chad questions. Sloan reveals that thanks to Leo, she got access to Paulina’s safe and the information that rightly belonged to her.

Leo claims to Alex that he knows he’s not mad at him anymore. Alex responds that he doesn’t think about him at all, especially when he has much more pleasant things to dwell on as Stephanie joins him. Leo jokes that he would invite them to join them but he and Sonny have lots to talk about which Sonny disagrees with. Leo and Sonny then go to their table. Leo complains that Alex could show more respect since he’s a key member of their new Governor’s team and believes he’s made himself invaluable to her.

Melinda suggests Belle record the news tonight because Shawn is bound to be all over the coverage. Belle questions who Shawn went to arrest. Melinda is glad she asked because camera crews are going to be there documenting Paulina’s election win, but they are also going to witness her very first scandal. Belle questions this being about Paulina. Melinda guesses Paulina won’t make it to inauguration day before having to resign. Belle questions what she sent Shawn to arrest Paulina for. Melinda responds that Paulina is not the suspect, but she’s gone to great lengths to cover up the heinous crimes of her daughter…

Paulina demands the handcuffs be removed from Chanel and calls this an outrage. Chanel questions what is happening. Paulina tells her not to worry. Abe tells Paulina not to interfere. Allie argues that there’s no way. Paulina gets questions from the media about Chanel’s arrest. Paulina calls this a mistake and a travesty. Paulina promises Chanel that it will all be okay. Shawn escorts Chanel to the police station. Allie goes with them as media follows behind while Abe holds Paulina back.

Sonny toasts to Paulina winning the election and then questions Leo’s sudden lousy mood. Leo responds that Alex’s snarky comment hurt his feelings. Sonny jokingly questions Leo having feelings. Leo knows he screwed up in the past but says he’s doing his damndest to make it up to the people he’s hurt and become a productive citizen of Salem while Alex treats him like the gum on the bottom of his shoe. Sonny argues that he can’t blame Alex for being curious as to why Leo invited him out. Leo reminds Sonny that if he hadn’t identified Clyde as his attacker, he’d be in prison right now. Sonny is glad the right person was punished but says Leo didn’t have to take him out to dinner. Leo says he wanted to and brings up their history, pointing out that they used to be married and that’s a big deal. Sonny reminds him that he blackmailed him so saying they were married makes him queasy. Leo complains that he only blackmailed him after he and Will thought they killed him and rolled his body up in a rug to dispose of him. Sonny shouts that none of that would have happened if he wouldn’t have gone after he and Will in the first place. Stephanie asks Alex if things are getting intense over there. Alex says he’s not sure Sonny even knows why he’s here. Stephanie asks if it’s not a date. Alex assures it’s not and that Sonny and Will are solid. Alex suggests they ignore them and focus on their big night. Stephanie says hearing the election results felt even better than she thought it would. Alex encourages that she made that happen. Stephanie thanks Alex again for getting that file from Sloan as she knows he felt like he was betraying her. Alex responds that if that’s all it took to get a date with Stephanie, he’d do it all over again. Alex then apologizes and takes that back, saying he won’t come on too strong or push way too hard, noting that calling this a date would be presumptuous. Stephanie says maybe but asks what if it is a date.

Sloan asks if Chad still thinks she’s bluffing. Sloan tells Chad not to come crying to her when all hell breaks loose which should be any moment now. Chad sits with her and offers to buy the file back from her and tells her to name her price. Sloan can’t blame him for thinking Paulina could buy her way out of this but says they used someone she cared about to humiliate her, so she was forced to up the stakes. Chad questions what she is talking about. Sloan declares that Paulina is about to get what’s coming to her and she will have no one to blame but Chad and Stephanie.

Abe and Paulina go back to her office as Abe calls security to escort the media away from Paulina’s door. Paulina questions him dragging her in here when he knows Chanel needs her. Abe says he had to get her away from the reporters and says he’s as worried about Chanel as she is, but this story is about her as the new Governor and those reporters are going to ask questions that she doesn’t have the answers for or maybe she does.

Belle questions what Melinda is arresting Chanel for. Melinda doesn’t think she’s ever had an easier time getting a judge to sign off on a warrant. Shawn arrives with Chanel in handcuffs. Melinda tells him nice work and asks how it went. Shawn responds that she knows exactly how it went. Shawn adds that he has officers out front trying to keep the reporters at bay. Melinda jokes about hoping the cameras caught his good side and asks if Chanel knows why she is here. Belle advises Chanel that she doesn’t have to say anything. Melinda suggests taking Chanel to booking so they can start questioning her. Belle asks Shawn what’s going on. Shawn responds that he doesn’t know all the details but he will fill her in later as he then escorts Chanel away.

Leo asks Sonny if they can start over. Sonny suggests they just call for the check and leave. Leo stops him and says he didn’t want to fight. Leo is sure there are things they both regret but they also have had fun which Sonny disagrees with. Leo remarks that it’s never been boring which Sonny reluctantly agrees with. Leo just wants them to get along. Sonny argues that Leo always has an ulterior motive and an angle. Sonny adds that if Leo’s looking for another sugar daddy, his wedding ring means a lot to him. Leo questions Sonny thinking that he asked him out to seduce him and take his money. Sonny clarifies that he’s not thinking that. Leo says he’s beyond hurt and insulted. Leo adds that he doesn’t need a sugar daddy since he has a great job now and he just wants friendship which Sonny questions. Leo admits that he doesn’t have very many friends, specifically not one gay male friend. Sonny questions him wanting him to be the one. Leo calls him funny and popular, so he may not have any idea of what it’s like to be lonely but it sucks.

Abe questions what Paulina is not telling him. Paulina knows he’s thinking that she’s keeping yet another secret from him but she really believed that she had this under control. Abe wants to help her but he can’t unless he knows what this is and they have no time to waste if Chanel is going to be charged with murder. Paulina explains that she was being blackmailed for something Chanel did when she was younger and she had to pay up or the police would find out the truth, so she hired Stephanie to handle it. Paulina adds that the proof was in a file and Stephanie got it back for her so the blackmail was over and she thought Chanel was safe. Paulina notes that she put the file somewhere where no one could get it so she doesn’t understand how this got out of control. Abe questions who was blackmailing her. Paulina responds that it was Sloan Peterson.

Chad questions what Sloan did. Sloan says it was what she was threatening to do from the very beginning if she didn’t get what she asked for. Chad asks if she went to the cops. Sloan responds that she did even better as Melinda Trask was very interested in the contents of that file. Chad pulls out his phone and calls Stephanie.

Alex asks if Stephanie would be willing to date since up until now, everything she said has been pretty much the opposite. Stephanie says she had her reasons, but maybe it’s time to rethink those reasons. Alex calls that the best news he’s heard all year long. Stephanie then gets a call from Chad. Alex asks if she needs to take it and offers to give her some privacy but Stephanie decides no since she is here with him and silences her notifications. Stephanie declares that the election is over, so she deserves a night without alerts as work is done and right now, she has something more important to focus on when Alex toasts to.

Allie goes to the police station and asks Belle if she saw Chanel. Belle confirms that Shawn just brought her in. Allie says she tried to follow but had to fight through the reporters. Allie asks if Chanel is locked up already. Belle says she’s still in the station and just got taken down for booking. Allie worries that Chanel must be so scared and there’s nothing she can do to help. Belle asks if Allie knows what this is about. Allie says no as Paulina had just finished her victory speech and everything was great but then Shawn showed up and said Chanel was under arrest on charges of murder. Belle is shocked and asks how that can be.

Chanel has her mugshot taken.

Chad’s phone goes off as Sloan remarks that it sounds like he’s getting a lot of notifications and sarcastically asks if there’s something in the news. Chad tries calling Stephanie and wonders why she isn’t picking up. Sloan guesses Stephanie is busy. Chad remembers that he knows where she is and exits the Pub as Sloan wishes him luck because he’s going to need it.

Paulina checks her safe and finds out the file is gone. Paulina doesn’t know how Sloan did it but she somehow got in to her safe and stole back the evidence. Abe questions how Sloan got the evidence in the first place. Paulina explains that she was representing some mystery client but wouldn’t tell her who it was. Abe questions having the evidence just sitting in the safe. Paulina explains that she planned to shred everything but she hasn’t had a moment alone since getting her hands on it. Paulina realizes that Melinda Trask has the file now and she hates her ever since she strong-armed her in to giving Lani a plea deal. Paulina cries that Melinda is taking it out on Chanel and she needs to go see her daughter. Abe stops her and says until they have a plan, they need to keep their distance from the reporters. Paulina complains that they can’t just sit here and do nothing. Abe reminds her that they can’t do anything to help Chanel until they have a plan and until Paulina tells him what Chanel did.

Chad finds Stephanie and questions her ignoring his calls. Alex points out that they are in the middle of something here. Chad apologizes for interrupting but tells Stephanie that she needs to check her phone. Stephanie questions what’s going on and is then shocked when she looks at her phone. On the other side of the room, Sonny questions Leo being serious about wanting a friend. Leo asks why he would joke about that. Sonny responds that everything is a joke to him and that he enjoys nothing more than making someone look like an idiot. Leo asks if that’s how he sees him. Leo says being funny is his greatest talent and admits he scandalizes people by being outrageous because it keeps them at a distance but all it gets him is somebody thinking he’s pulling a prank when trying to reveal a piece of his heart. Sonny apologizes. Leo acknowledges that it’s his own fault for acting like a clown but he didn’t expect Sonny to be like everybody else. Stephanie asks Chad when this happened. Chad says it was right after Paulina gave her victory speech. Stephanie questions how it happened. Chad says he’s still trying to sort that out but he just ran in to Sloan, who was happy to tell him what she did as she got the documents back and used them. Alex questions how Sloan got the documents out of Paulina’s safe. Chad looks up and sees Leo across the room. Chad points at Leo and reveals that Sloan said he helped. Alex then gets up and goes over to grab Leo, questioning what he did.

Allie tells Belle that she wants to help Chanel so bad but she doesn’t know who to call and has never felt so helpless. Belle encourages that it will be okay and she’ll help in any way she can. Shawn returns and informs them that Melinda has Chanel in the interrogation room because she wants to do the initial questioning. Allie worries about Chanel being by herself. Belle says this is what Melinda does as she wants Chanel to be scared and desperate so that she will say whatever to get out. Allie pleads with Shawn to help Chanel.

Melinda sits in the interrogation room with Chanel and tells her that the truth is her only way through this. Belle interrupts. Melinda tells Belle that she’s not allowed to be in here. Belle asks Chanel if she wants her to be her lawyer. Chanel says yes, so Belle declares that this interrogation is over. Melinda warns Chanel to think twice about that and questions putting her fate in Belle’s hands. Melinda adds that it’s not too late to change her mind. Chanel confirms that Belle is her lawyer now. Belle asks for a few minutes to confer with her client, so Melinda angrily exits the room. Belle sits with Chanel and tells her that Allie was afraid of Chanel being in here alone, but assures that she’s not alone anymore.

Melinda tells Shawn to get to writing up the arrest report. Allie questions why Melinda is doing this. Melinda respond that she’s just doing her job and tells Allie that if she knows anything, she can help by giving a statement. Melinda claims she’s just trying to be helpful. Melinda adds that Chanel isn’t doing herself any favors by having Belle take over and claims that she’s just trying to get to the truth. Allie argues that she doesn’t know anything and even if she did, she wouldn’t tell her. Allie declares that her girlfriend is not a murderer. Melinda calls that misplaced loyalty and argues that Chanel has been keeping a very big secret from her and everyone, but that’s all going to come out now.

Sonny tries to tell Alex to take it easy but Alex demands Leo tell him what he did and who he is working for. Alex tells him to admit what he did but Leo says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Chad comes over and tells Alex to let him go as Stephanie adds that it’s okay, so Alex lets him go. Leo tells Sonny that he wasn’t being paranoid before. Stephanie asks Leo if Sloan came to Paulina’s office today. Leo admits that she did because he owes her some money but questions what his business with Sloan has to do with them. Chad responds that it doesn’t except when his business is stabbing their friends in the back.

Abe can’t believe Chanel has been carrying this burden around for so long and Paulina has too. Paulina apologizes for keeping this from him and asks him not to hate her for lying to him yet again. Abe assures that he could never hate her and he gets why she kept this hidden as it wasn’t her secret to tell. Paulina is surprised that he understands. Abe tells her that he will do everything he can to help her and Chanel. Paulina thanks him and hugs him.

Belle tells Chanel that Melinda is going to want to sit with her and ask a lot of tough questions, but she’ll be there with her to make sure she doesn’t say anything to hurt herself. Chanel thanks her. Belle brings up that Allie was surprised by her arrest and asks if it was a surprise to Chanel or if she saw it coming. Chanel responds that she thought it was all over and that Paulina was helping make it go away. Chanel explains that she had the file that Melinda now has. Belle questions what’s in the file. Chanel asks if she is supposed to tell her everything but Belle decides it’s probably better if she doesn’t give her the details since the police still have to show her what they have, so it’s probably better if she sees it without any preconceived notions. Chanel cries that if they have that file, then they have everything they need. Belle asks if Chanel has seen what’s in the file. Chanel confirms that Paulina showed her a copy. Belle reminds Chanel that in a court of law, it’s not always about the truth but about what they can prove is true.

Leo questions what documents and what it has to do with Chanel. Stephanie asks him to just tell them what happened when Sloan was in the office. Leo questions why this is important. Sonny tells Leo to just tell them everything. Leo argues that he already told them that Sloan showed up because she wanted money. Chad asks if he gave it to her. Leo says it wasn’t that simple and explains that he didn’t have any cash while Paulina promised him an advance and he wanted to get rid of Sloan. Stephanie and Alex question Leo opening Paulina’s safe in front of Sloan. Leo asks how else he was supposed to get the money out and notes that the combination was there, insisting that he closed it right back up but Alex says obviously not. Chad reveals that Sloan says Leo helped her which Leo denies. Chad asks if he turned his back for even a second but Leo says no. Leo then stops and comes to a realization, so Sonny tells him to answer the question. Leo then he admits he may have turned his back. Stephanie tells him to do better than that. Leo explains that he had to count the money and admits staying focused isn’t his strong suit. Alex then declares that Leo just destroyed his boss’s career and her daughter’s life.

Abe finishes a call and informs Paulina that most of the reporters have cleared out and advises her not to say anything for now. Paulina feels she needs to get to the police station. Abe suggests they call there and check in to see if Allie knows what’s going on. Paulina agrees that’s a good idea and calls Allie. Allie tells her that she’s at the police station and asks where she is. Paulina responds that she’s in her office, trying to avoid the press. Paulina asks how Chanel is and if she’s seen her. Allie says she hasn’t as she is in the interrogation room. Paulina worries about Chanel being all alone in there but Allie informs her that Belle is with her and taking the case which Paulina is thankful for. Paulina tells Allie to tell Chanel to hold on if she sees her, because she’s coming as she then hangs up.

Belle tells Chanel that for now, she just stays quiet and let her do all the talking. Belle gets a text from Allie, saying she’s outside the room and that Paulina is on her way. Chanel can’t believe this happened on her election night. Belle says they obviously planned it that way. Melinda returns to the room and reminds that she still has questions that need to be answered. Belle says that will have to wait as she still has to see the evidence. Melinda says if she wants to stall, that’s fine, but notes that it’s too late for arraignment and also too late for a bail hearing which means Chanel will be staying in lock up for the night. Shawn enters the room, so Melinda asks him to escort Chanel down to her quarters for the evening. Belle encourages that it will be okay as Shawn will keep her safe and she’ll have her out in the morning. Melinda reminds Shawn to handcuff Chanel before taking her out, since she is a murder suspect.

Leo questions that he really got Chanel in trouble. Sonny confirms that it looks bad. Leo complains that Alex seems to think he did it on purpose. Sonny asks if he did. Leo assures that he would never do anything to Paulina or Chanel and if Sloan stole something from the safe, she did it while he wasn’t looking. Leo asks if Sonny believes him. Sonny says God help him, but he does.

Paulina complains that she can’t stay here any longer and needs to be with her daughter. Abe agrees to do his best to shield her from the reporters and asks if she’s ready for this. Paulina responds that she has to be and they will get through this together. Abe opens the door to leave right as Sloan arrives.

Stephanie says now they know that Sloan used Leo to get the file. Alex questions if they are sure Leo isn’t working for Sloan. Chad admits they don’t know but should probably get started on this right away. Stephanie agrees and apologizes to Alex for having to go since her phone is going to explode if she doesn’t at least put out a statement and she needs to find Paulina. Alex understands. Stephanie assures they will do this again. Alex says he would like that a lot. Chad and Stephanie then exit.

Sloan congratulates Paulina and Abe on winning hard fought elections, but she wonders at what price. Paulina questions what she’s doing here. Abe asks if she came to gloat. Sloan tells Paulina that it would’ve been so much cheaper if Paulina just paid her what she asked, but now the whole world is going to know what Chanel did and how Paulina covered it up. Paulina calls Sloan a miserable, heartless cow and declares that she has to go see her daughter. Paulina and Abe then exit together.

Shawn brings Chanel out of the interrogation room followed by Belle and Melinda. Allie hugs Chanel and tells her she’s so sorry while Melinda orders Allie not to touch the prisoner. Belle argues that she’s not a prisoner. Melinda calls their contact inappropriate. Allie tells Chanel that she’s here for whatever she needs and she loves her. Melinda then orders Shawn to take her away. Allie hugs Belle as she cries.

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