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Jada joins Eric in his room and invites him to lunch. Eric says he’d love to but he has a photoshoot today. Jada thought he was still taking time off but Eric says that since Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are doing so much better because the serum is really working, he’s back at work. Eric then gets a text from Basic Black Corporate and then informs Jada that he just got fired.

Nicole sits at Basic Black and shuts her laptop. Chloe arrives and apologizes for being late. Nicole tells her it’s okay as she assumed Chloe and Brady would have a late night at the hospital but she’s glad to hear the good news about Marlena and the others. Chloe cries that she’s assuming Brady had a late night but it wasn’t with her because he dumped her.

John comes home to Brady and says he’s just picking up patient files for Marlena since she doesn’t want to take a day off work while recovering. John talks about being surprised that the serum showed up. Brady agrees that they got lucky. John asks him if everything is alright. Brady says the fact that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are seemingly cured is the best news ever. John questions why he’s trying to fool him then and what he’s not saying.

Kristen sits in her apartment, reading the article in the Spectator about Kate, Kayla, and Marlena being cured by a mystery serum. Kristen toasts a glass of champagne to their recovery and says they don’t know what it has given her. Stefan shows up and tells Kristen to be straight with him as he asks if she messed with his brain.

Brady informs John that he broke up with Chloe. John doesn’t understand. Brady explains that it’s not about Chloe but about Rachel. John understands that Rachel blames Chloe for not letting her see Kristen but argues that can’t be it. Brady claims that it is as he can’t put Rachel through much more. Brady knows it’s not fair to Chloe, but says Rachel comes first. John calls it so out of the blue since he was hopeful that Rachel would come around. John questions what the hell happened to make him stop all that and take such a drastic step. Brady thinks back to Kristen’s demands. Brady then tells John that it was only sudden to him because he’s been preoccupied. John argues that he hates to see Brady throw something so great away without thinking it through. Brady responds that he has thought it through and he doesn’t have a choice.

Stefan tells Kristen that he’s grateful to her for everything she did to bring him back but it’s his feelings for Gabi. Stefan says it’s almost as if something was done to his brain before he was revived and she was there, so she would know. Stefan asks Kristen why he hates Gabi so much.

Gabi visits Rafe in his office at the police station and asks him to spill the tea. Rafe informs Gabi that he and Nicole had a fight after he walked in on her comforting Eric with a hug. Rafe says it was understandable as they’ve always been close and Marlena was really sick. Rafe talks about how Nicole and Eric’s marriage didn’t end the way they imagined so it’s understandable that they still have unresolved feelings. Rafe admits he got more and more frustrated and exploded in a rant at Nicole, so he slept in his office. Gabi tells Rafe that he’s not where he’s supposed to be. Gabi tells him that he should be with Nicole, trying to fix this together.

Chloe cries to Nicole that Brady wants to be a good father so he’s put Rachel first and he is as upset as she is, but he keeps saying he doesn’t have a choice. Nicole can’t believe Kristen is using her daughter like this. Chloe says things were so good for her and Brady this time as it happened so quickly but it ended just as quickly. Nicole tells her that she’s so sorry but she knows what it’s like because she thinks she might be next and it’s her own damn fault.

Jada questions why Eric was fired. Eric reads the message which just says his services are no longer required. Jada argues that it doesn’t make any sense since they just hired him. Eric agrees but insists that EJ must have had something to do with it. Jada asks if the e-mail is from EJ. Eric sees that it is not and that it’s from Nicole.

Rafe tells Gabi that he thinks it’s a bad idea because if he goes home, he and Nicole could end up in round two and then they both end up losing. Rafe blames himself for letting this go too long. Gabi understands that Rafe was hoping it would go away and giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt like Li has been doing with her since Stefan came back. Gabi informs Rafe that Stefan served her divorce papers this morning, so it’s definitely long gone and she loves Li. Rafe is sorry as he knows that must have been tough. Gabi says she never expected to see Stefan alive again but she needs to get over it and accept that the person she loved with all her heart finds her repulsive and is disgusted by her. Rafe calls that crazy and insists that Gabi is beautiful, successful, and smart. Rafe argues that Stefan was lucky to have had Gabi. Gabi calls him a loyal brother and thanks him but says she’s accepted the fact that it will never work out for her and Stefan. Gabi adds that she can’t get rid of the feeling that Dr. Rolf did something to Stefan to make him feel this way but Rolf is hiding underground so she can’t track him down to confront him about it. Rafe reveals that he can tell her where to find Dr. Rolf.

Dr. Rolf cleans up his lab while complaining about the cops searching his lab. Li arrives and calls it quite the mess. Li informs Dr. Rolf that he may have a solution and suggests he leave the lab the way it is. Dr. Rolf asks if he lost his mind. Li responds that he needs a new lab with everything he could desire. Dr. Rolf would like to see it. Li says it’s a little more involved than just a drive. Dr. Rolf asks how far away they are talking. Li reveals it’s 10,000 miles away.

Nicole tells Chloe that she was shocked because she’s never seen Rafe so upset and angry. Chloe says she’s sorry. Nicole adds that Rafe hasn’t returned her calls and texts. Nicole can’t stop thinking about the day she had a sex dream about Eric and how she had to go see him, then Jada was there so she lied about why she was there. Nicole says her reaction to the dream and the feelings it stirred up is the sole reason that Eric ended up working at Basic Black. Nicole declares that it’s now taken care of.

Jada comments on Eric being fired by e-mail. Eric wonders if EJ forced Nicole or if he’s just not that good anymore. Jada thinks back to seeing Rafe and Nicole arguing about Eric working with Nicole. Eric then asks Jada what it is. Jada reveals that she thinks she knows why this happened. Eric questions what she means and how she could know. Jada reminds Eric that he asked her to go to the Pub to let Roman know about the serum last night. Jada informs him that when she got there, Rafe and Nicole were arguing outside and she didn’t mean to eavesdrop but she didn’t want to interrupt so she caught the end of their fight. Eric asks what they were arguing about. Jada responds that it was about Eric.

Gabi questions Rafe knowing where Dr. Rolf is. Rafe informs her that they raided his secret lab the other day, thinking they would find the serum. Rafe says they didn’t find it but they did find Dr. Rolf so he suggests starting there. Gabi decides she’s going. Rafe wants to send a cop with her but Gabi says she’s not afraid of Dr. Rolf and doesn’t need an escort. Gabi says she’s been wanting answers since the day that Stefan showed up and rejected her, so she’s kind of overwhelmed that she might get the truth.

Kristen tells Stefan that she’s not his enemy. Kristen says he’s her brother and she loves him, so if she could help him she would. Kristen questions why she would want to manipulate his feelings for Gabi even if she could. Kristen says that she and Gabi were allies against EJ at DiMera Enterprises and claims that she would love it if Stefan and Gabi were together. Stefan guesses that makes sense. Stefan says maybe he was thinking about it wrong since Kristen is obviously not anti-Gabi, so maybe she’s just pro-Chloe.

John questions Brady saying he had no choice but to break up with Chloe and argues that there’s always a choice. Brady claims he didn’t mean it to come out like that and says he’s doing what’s best for his child no matter what. Brady calls John a great dad so he gets it. John respects Brady’s decision and devotion to support his daughter, but he’s just sorry to see Chloe go.

Chloe questions Nicole firing Eric in an e-mail. Nicole admits that she took the easy way out and didn’t even give him a reason why. Nicole calls it the right thing to do since Rafe was so upset about Eric and brutally honest about it, so she didn’t have a choice. Chloe wonders why Nicole really fired Eric. Nicole says she just explained that. Chloe asks if it’s because she’s feeling guilty about lying to Rafe or if there’s more. Chloe questions if Nicole wants to get back on track with Rafe and for her marriage to work. Rafe then walks in and declares that he’d like to know the answer to that himself.

Eric asks Jada if this is all about something Rafe said. Jada confirms that Rafe was upset about Nicole hiring Eric and said that it was a terrible idea. Eric questions Rafe being jealous of him. Jada confirms that he’s jealous of Nicole’s feelings for him. Eric realizes that Nicole fired him to save her marriage.

Chloe decides to let Nicole and Rafe talk, so she exits the office. Nicole tells Rafe that she’s very glad he’s there. Nicole says this is so hard and she doesn’t know where to start. Rafe starts by apologizing for losing his temper and saying things he shouldn’t have said. Nicole feels she should be apologizing for pushing back on everything he said. Rafe says he just wanted to let her know where he was at emotionally. Rafe repeats that he said things he shouldn’t have said and that’s not how he wanted to handle it. Nicole tells him not to blame himself because she was unfair to him by being so close with Eric. Nicole acknowledges that it’s Jada’s place to console Eric and not hers. Nicole says that Eric doesn’t need her to employ him. Nicole wants Rafe to know that she heard him loud and clear last night when he said that Eric working here was a terrible idea, so she did something about it. Nicole informs Rafe that she fired Eric. Rafe responds that she shouldn’t have done that.

John apologizes to Brady for pushing him so hard about Chloe when it’s his business. John knows Brady doesn’t need him twisting his arm to do what he thinks is right. Brady asks if Marlena is doing good and getting better along with Kate and Kayla. John calls it a miracle and says there’s no other word for it. Brady calls that the best news ever. John declares that in reality, they both know the serum didn’t just drop from the heavens. John doesn’t have a clue where it came from but he just wants to be sure the serum will keep working. John says he will stay optimistic. Brady knows John feels skeptical about it, but his gut tells him that everything’s going to be just fine and the serum is working, so it doesn’t matter where it came from.

Dr. Rolf questions Li trying to get rid of him. Li says they both stand to gain from this but Dr. Rolf disagrees. Li reminds him that the police already suspect him to be linked to the disease that struck Kayla, Marlena, and Kate so Salem is not the place for him right now. Dr. Rolf reluctantly agrees with him and says he doesn’t have much to pack. Li tells Dr. Rolf that his private jet awaits. Dr. Rolf still feels like he’s running. Li says that he is but there’s no shame in that. Li adds that the police are not the only ones looking for him as Gabi is too. Li says that Gabi wants to know if he brainwashed Stefan in to hating her and warns that he doesn’t want that nor does Kristen.

Kristen questions Stefan thinking she did all these mind altering things to play matchmaker for Chloe. Stefan clarifies that it would be for Kristen and Brady. Stefan says it’s no secret that Kristen’s been obsessed with Brady and that Chloe was in her way while he then miraculously and coincidentally woke up from a four year long nap with this intense disgust for Gabi and an equally intense longing for Chloe. Stefan says that’s the only way he can explain it. Kristen admits it makes sense but points out the detail that Brady and Chloe broke up which she claims was no thanks to her. Kristen tells Stefan that means Chloe is free.

Brady tells John to call him from the hospital with any updates which he agrees to do. John goes to leave right as Chloe arrives. Chloe asks how everything is going at the hospital. John says Marlena is getting better by the minute and he doesn’t even want to think about what would’ve happened if the serum hadn’t dropped from the heavens. Chloe says she’s happy for him. John says it’s good to see her as he then exits.

Stefan questions how Kristen knows about Brady and Chloe. Kristen says good news travels fast and it proves her point that Brady and Chloe were a ticking time bomb. Kristen imagines Stefan still has lingering doubts about his feelings from before the four years he was gone until now. Kristen says he had four years to resolve his conflicting feelings and woke up with a new sense of purpose, having finally figured it all out. Kristen declares that Stefan is now finally going after what he truly wants. Kristen claims it’s just her opinion and suggests he trust his gut. Stefan apologizes for bursting in like this and decides to get going. Kristen says he has a lot to think about as Stefan then exits. Kristen remarks that she does feel a little bad for Stefan, but she doesn’t need him to come between Brady and Chloe anymore, though it’s better safe than sorry.

Li assures Dr. Rolf that leaving is the best option as it’s better to be safe than sorry. Dr. Rolf argues that he’s not intimidated by Gabi and he can handle her. Li calls him a genius and an idiot. Li argues that Gabi is a lioness and would get the truth out of him in two seconds. Li encourages Dr. Rolf to go, so he’ll also be out of Rafe’s jurisdiction. Dr. Rolf says he will need a little time to get his things in order. Li says he will send a car to take him to the airport and insists that he’s doing the right thing. Li then exits the lab.

Nicole doesn’t understand as she thought she did the right thing. Rafe says they are supposed to be partners and they aren’t in a good patch, but he doesn’t want her to fire Eric because of him. Nicole questions what he wants then and argues that she did it to fix them, but it hasn’t. Nicole questions what the next step is and where they stand. Nicole pleads with Rafe to tell her what she can do or what he wants. Rafe responds that he wants them to be okay. Nicole says she does too but questions if that’s possible after last night since Rafe didn’t even come home. Rafe apologizes and explains that he was worried that he would just make things worse if he did. Nicole suggests they could’ve worked things out and had incredible make up sex. Nicole tells Rafe that she missed him so much. Rafe says he missed her too and they kiss until Rafe gets paged back to the police station. Rafe tells Nicole that she will see him tonight and kisses her goodbye as he then exits the office. Nicole then sits back down looking frustrated.

Eric knows Jada feels bad for sharing what she overheard but he thanks her because he needed to know. Eric decides he’s not going to a photoshoot after all and his afternoon will be free, so they can have lunch here. Jada points out that her lunch break is over now. Eric apologizes for talking her ear off. Jada says she has to head back to the station but they agree on dinner as they hug.

Brady questions what Chloe is doing here. Chloe apologizes and says she won’t be long but she left some things in his bedroom. Brady tells her to go ahead. Brady then stops her and says he feels really terrible. Chloe cries that she knows why he did what he did. Chloe then heads to get her things. The doorbell rings and Kristen arrives with her bag packed.

Rafe returns to his office. Jada comes in after him and asks if he has a minute. Rafe asks what’s up. Jada says it’s kind of awkward but she accidentally heard some of the fight between he and Nicole last night. Rafe admits that wasn’t his best moment and he’s sorry she had to hear that. Jada assures that she didn’t mean to overhear but she felt that he should know that she told Eric what she heard. Rafe is surprised to hear her say that. Jada explains that she was with Eric when he got an e-mail from Nicole that he was fired and he was so confused and she didn’t know how to help him, so she felt he should know. Rafe tells her not to worry about it as everything will work out fine. Rafe tells Jada that he never told Nicole to fire Eric and actually told her it was a mistake and that she should rehire him. Rafe declares that he has to be able to trust his wife.

Nicole goes to Eric’s room and says she wanted to explain the e-mail from earlier. Eric says he knows she didn’t fire him over budget cuts and that it’s about her marriage.

Brady questions what Kristen is doing here. Kristen reminds him that they talked about this. Brady argues that he just broke up with Chloe last night and needs more time. Kristen argues that she helped him dodge a bullet. Chloe comes out with a box of her things and questions what is going on. Kristen guesses Brady didn’t have the chance to tell her that she’s moving in.

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