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Recap written by Christine

In the hallway of Newman Locke, Victoria asked Nick what Victor was supposed to be saying to her. Nick was confused. “Dad talked to you. You already know,” he said. Victoria was gettinfg upset because she thought Nick was lying to her. She said she’d always been able to count on him to be honest with her, even if they were disagreeing. She asked what was going on. He wouldn’t respond, so she went back into the office to confront their parents. Nick joined her. Victoria accused everyone in the room of conspiring about her behind her back. “Please tell me what’s going on,” she said. Victor said that Victoria already knew what was going on – he asked her and Ashland to hold off on signing the paper making him a co-CEO until they knew how Ashland’s health was doing. Victoria knew all that, but she also knew everyone was keeping something from her.

Nicholas assumed that dad had told me something, but when I asked what that something might be, he wasn’t very forthcoming,” Victoria said. “I was just trying too…” Nick started. Victoria replied that she thought he was trying to cover something up. She asked Victor what was going on, given that he seemed to be spying on her and Ashland. Victor said he didn’t need to spy – his name was on the building. Nick pretended that he’d just wanted to ask Victoria about signing the co-CEO contract. She told Nick that he didn’t work here, so he had no business knowing about that. He said that, as her brother, he cared about things that affected her. Nikki said Nick was looking out for Victoria. Victor said he cared too, and he didn’t think Ashland should become co-CEO. Victor said that Victoria had done a damn good job running the company by herself. Victoria knew something else was going on here, but she decided to go check on her husband. “Stay out of my business and leave me and Ashland alone!,” she spat, then she left.

Nick digested the news that Victoria wanted to make Ashland co-CEO. Victor said it was Ashland’s idea – Ashland was inching closer to wanting to take over the company. Nikki was still giving Ashland the benefit of the doubt, and Nick didn’t think she should. Nikki thought there might be more to the story than they knew, but she admitted things weren’t looking good for Ashland. Which was why she’d advised Victoria not to sign the contract. Victor wasn’t going to tell Victoria that Ashland faked his cancer, unless he had no choice. Nick wasn’t comfortable hiding things from Victoria while Victor figured out how to deal with Ashland. Nick said Victoria was furious with them. Victor said that was too bad – it beat the alternative of Ashland taking over the family business. This was why Nick had wanted to stay out of this, but now he couldn’t because he couldn’t turn his back on Victoria, and he had to make sure Ashland paid. Victor said he’d take care of everything. Nick hoped so. He left.

Nikki thought Nick was right to be concerned. She said when Victor confronted Ashland, he didn’t even blink or show any remorse. Victor said Ashland would be gone soon enough. Nikki said Ashland was trapped in a corner, and that was when men like that were dangerous. Nikki said Ashland wouldn’t back down from a fight, the same as Victor. She worried that Victor didn’t have as much of a handle on the situation as he thought he did. Victor said that if Ashland tried anything, Victor would show him no mercy.

Ashland finished his drink and was leaving Society when Nate walked in. Nate had been thinking about Ashland’s job offer, and though they’d need to discuss terms before he could make a decision, he was leaning toward accepting it. Ashland was friendly, but he kind of blew Nate off and kept walking. Nate asked what was going on. Ashland apologized and said not to read anything into his mood. Ashland was late for a meeting, but he wanted to have a discussion with Nate later, maybe over dinner. Concerned, Nate said Ashland seemed frazzled, and he didn’t look well. Ashland said he was fine. Nate said he didn’t mean to pry. Ashland said that his old symptoms had returned, and he was feeling a little nervous.

Nate and Ashland sat down at the bar and Nate asked Ashland about his symptoms. Ashland said that he felt fatigued or had trouble breathing a couple times a week, but it was manageable. It might just be a bug. Nate said that Ashland needed to see his oncologist. Ashland said that was the appointment he’d been on his way to when Nate stopped him. Nate offered to accompany Ashland, for support. Ashland appreciated the offer, but he declined and said he’d call Nate afterward and tell him what the doctor said. Ashland got a text from Victoria saying to call her. She mentioned she was at Crimson Lights. After Ashland left, Nikki and Victor ran into Nate at Society. they started talking about Nate possibly coming to work for Newman Locke. Victor and Nikki’s interest was piqued when Nate mentioned that he just saw Ashland. Nikki asked if Ashland’s health seemed okay. Nate remembered Victor asking about Ashland’s health the last time they talked. Victor said Ashland was family, and they were concerned because the last time they saw him, he had a hard time breathing.

Nate didn’t want to disclose medical information. Victor said he wasn’t asking for test results, just asking if Ashland seemed healthy. Nate admitted Ashland seemed under the weather, but that could be stress or a common cold. Nate left. Victor asked what Nikki thought. Nikki wasn’t ready to condemn Ashland for going to Society when he was supposedly sick. She suggested that he’d come to get some takeout on the way home. “Maybe he wasn’t acting acting at all. Maybe he just isn’t feeling well,” she said. Victor didn’t buy it. Nikki was still struggling with the idea that Ashland lied about his health. Victor knew Nikki didn’t want to believe Ashland had deceived Victoria. Nikki suggested that the doctors lied to Michael and said what they thought Victor wanted to hear in hopes of a big payout. Victor trusted Michael. Nikki thought they needed to be certain before Victor did anything.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria called Ashland. She said she went home to check on him, and he wasn’t there. She was worried. Sharon overheard the call. As Sharon got Victoria’s drink, Victoria asked if Ashland had stopped in. She explained that he’d been feeling sick, and now she didn’t know where he was. Sharon said if she saw Ashland, she’d tell him Victoria was looking for him. Nick showed up and asked Victoria to talk. She was on her way out, but agreed to give him a minute. He didn’t like how they left things at the office. They rehashed the conversation from earlier. He said things hadn’t been the same between them since the wedding, and he hated that. He didn’t want her to shut him out.

Victoria didn’t want to lose the progress she and Nick made, but after today, it was hard for her to believe he was on her side. She knew he didn’t like or respect Ashland. He said he was trying, and she said that was all she wanted. Ashland came in and overheard Victoria say she wanted her family to accept Ashland and stop trying to undermine her happiness. Ashland walked up and put his arm around Victoria. Ashland said he and Victoria wanted Nick to see that Ashland loved and cared about Victoria and would do anything to make her happy. Ashland said there was no need to worry about Victoria where he was concerned, and she didn’t need protecting. Nick said that was good to know. Ashland thought it’d help if Victoria knew Nick was on her side. Nick said he always was. Victoria wanted to believe that. Ashland wanted Victoria to have anything her heart desired. He asked if they could all just work together. Sharon walked up and told Nick that she needed to talk to him about Mariah and Tessa. She took him out to the patio.

Nick asked what was going on with Mariah and Tessa. Sharon just said that to get Nick away from Ashland. Sharon knew Nick well enough to know he was a split second from doing something he’d regret. Nick admitted he was two minutes from losing it on Ashland and confronting him. It would’ve been disastrous because Ashland would’ve denied everything and Victoria would’ve sided with him. Nick said he went to see Victoria earlier and accidentally created a minefield. He said his dad had a plan to get Ashland out of their lives without Victoria ever knowing the truth. He appreciated Sharon pulling him away from Ashland, and he was glad she was always there for him. She said anytime.

Ashland hoped they got through to Nick. Victoria was more concerned about Ashland’s health. She thought he should be home in bed. He was feeling better. She hoped her father’s interference didn’t’ contribute to how he was feeling. He said it was a momentary thing, and he was fine. She was planning to move ahead with their agreement. She asked if he signed the contract. He said not yet. He got a text. “Found another doctor who gave info to Baldwin. Took care of all three of them” it said. Ashland told Victoria that there was something he needed to tell her about Victor.

Phyllis and Jack went to the house in LA that he’d learned about through the mysterious texts. “This is Keemo’s house,” Jack said. He felt nervous, because he didn’t know who or what was at the other side of the door. He knocked and nobody answered, so he was going to leave, but she tried the door, and it was unlocked. They debated whether or not it’d be okay to just walk in. Phyllis figured that the texter left the door unlocked on purpose for Jack. He didn’t agree. Phyllis reasoned that since Keemo’s obituary didn’t mention a wife, Jack was probably next of kin, so he had a right to go into the house. Jack noted that the obituary didn’t mention Keemo’s half-sister either. The half sister had been out of the country for decades. Entering the house didn’t feel right to Jack, but Phyllis said they didn’t come all this way to leave without answers. She opened the door, and he hesitantly went inside and called out asking if anyone was home. Most of Keemo’s personal effects had been moved out, and the furniture was covered, so the walls could be repainted. Jack wondered who packed up the house. He hoped Keemo had someone close in his life.

Jack wondered why someone wanted him to come to this empty house. He felt like he was trespassing. “I feel like Keemo wouldn’t want me here,” he said. Phyllis suggested that Jack see this as a way to reconnect with his son. Jack said Keemo died not wanting anything to do with him. Phyllis told Jack she was here for him, but she wasn’t going to let him second-guess himself. She told him that he chose not to blow off the texts. She thought that this was a way to reconnect with his son. He thought it was too late, but she believed he could at least find out who Keemo became. She added that they could find out who was sending him the texts. He did want to know who the texter was, and he wanted to find out something about Keemo’s life. He wanted to know Keemo built a happy life, even if Jack wasn’t included in it.

They checked the house, and it was all as empty as the living room. Jack wondered if this living room was the place Keemo spent the most of his time – did he enjoy the sunrise here? Sit on this couch and read? It was hard trying to piece together the life of someone you didn’t know well, but who was very important to you. Jack went through a box and found a stack of envelopes addressed to him. Letters written by Keemo, but never sent. Phyllis noted that this was the only box in the house, so it was clear that it was left here for Jack. She was going to leave Jack alone with the letters, but he asked her to stay. Jack noted that Keemo signed all his letters with his birth name, Keemo, not Hao.

In the letters, Keemo was clearly working through his feelings about Jack. Jack didn’t know if Keemo ever planned to mail them or if writing them was a therapeutic exercise. In one letter, Keemo said he tried to let his anger with Jack go, but after he left Genoa City, something inside him wouldn’t be at peace. In another, Keemo apologized for the angry emails he’d sent Jack. Keemo explained that he’d been angry about all the time he’d lost with his mother, because he didn’t know she was dying. Jack said Laun didn’t want anyone to know she was ill. “She didn’t tell me. I found out by accident. Kept it to myself,” Jack told Phyllis. Phyllis said it must’ve been difficult for Jack to keep that from everyone, including Luan. Jack didn’t say anything to Keemo, because he thought he was honoring Luan’s wishes.

I finally found some peace. I changed my name to Hao Nguyen,” Keemo wrote. Keemo/Hao explained that he was honoring his mother’s memory by taking his maternal grandfather’s the name, and freeing himself from the conflict of being Jack Abbott’s son. “I feel like I’m on a new path,” the letter said, and Jack’s voice broke as he read it. Phyllis assured Jack that he was a great man and an incredible father. Jack said it seemed that Keemo found a way to move on. “I’m no longer angry, but I can’t look back for fear that rage will return. So while I’ve forgiven you, I can’t ever have a relationship with you. It’s better for everyone. I hope that you can understand that and forgive me. Your son, Keemo.”

Phyllis thought Jack was being selfless. She said Keemo chose something that was good for him, but bad for Jack. Jack agreed that it wasn’t good for him. He hated that Keemo never felt comfortable enough to reach out for him, but he was glad Keemo found some forgiveness in his heart at the end. All the letters were written in the last twelve months, as if Keemo knew he didn’t have much longer to live. Phyllis pointed out that the obituary said it was a heart attack. Jack knew that heart attacks were usually sudden, but he wondered if Keemo had received a diagnosis that made him decide to work through these issues. Jack sighed about all the questions, and Phyllis promised they’d get answers.

Phyllis went to the backyard. She returned and reported that it was gorgeous, filled with flowers, and there was an orange tree. She asked if Jack wanted to see it. He wanted to leave, as he was feeling overwhelmed. Phyllis said there were more letters to go through, so he couldn’t stop now. She picked up the letters and found a picture of Keemo, two women and a young girl. She showed it to Jack. On the back, it said Vietnam, June 2012.

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