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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Nick that she saw Victor and Adam’s press conference. Sharon asked Nick if he knew in advance that it was going to happen. He said he was kept in the loop this time. She was surprised when he told her that Victoria was already gone. She hoped he got a chance to tell Victoria he’d always be there for her. He did, and he was grateful, although he completely disagreed with Victoria’s decision. He felt frustrated with the whole family, though. He didn’t like that Victor put Adam in the CEO’s seat after what happened last time, and he thought it was foolish to shove Adam into Victoria’s seat before it even got cold.

Sharon thought this Newman family drama sounded ominous. Nick felt like Adam and Victor were only thinking about themselves, and not the company. Nick conceded that Adam had the capacity to do a great job, but his desire to ascend came from a selfish place. Sharon wasn’t trying to defend Adam, but she suggested Nick was being too hard on his brother. Nick said Adam didn’t give a damn what happened to Victoria – he’d just patiently waited to swoop in and take her job. Sharon suggested Adam was concerned the company would suffer. Nick said that Adam’s motives didn’t matter, since this was Victor’s call. He stated that Victor could’ve let Nikki run the company, or even temporarily run the company again himself.

Nick and Sharon acknowledged the fact that Victor and Nikki hoped Victoria would run back to town because Adam was CEO. Sharon asked where that would leave Adam. Nick said that Adam was no dummy, and he surely had his eyes wide open and was planning to prove he was the right man for the job. Nick didn’t see that happening. Nick said Nikki, Victor, Victoria and Adam were all working an angle and acting on emotion, and he thought they all needed to take a step back and figure out the next best move to make. Nick lamented that he didn’t have an official role at Newman other than his board seat, which meant he didn’t have more influence over crises when they popped up. He wanted that to change. Sharon asked if Nick was considering going back to Newman.

Nick wasn’t seriously considering throwing his hat back in the ring at Newman. He just wanted to be more than some voice offering up his thoughts from the outside. Sharon thought Nick wanted nothing to do with Newman. Nick thought that too, but this situation had him rethinking some stuff. For awhile, everything was going great – Victoria was running Newman, with Nikki as her right hand man, and Victor in an advisory role, and Adam had been at Newman Media. He was nervous about how this was going to play out in his family and in the eyes of the business world.

Mariah and Tessa were at their place. Tessa decided not to play her guitar, since Mariah was working remotely, but Mariah loved working with a private concert in the background, just like she loved calling Tessa her wife. Tessa was curiuos what Mariah was working on. Mariah said the marketing team was getting up to speed on the fashion industry, because Jabot acquired Marchetti. Mariah was glad Kyle and Harrison were staying. She was even happy Summer was staying too. Tessa commented on how far Mariah had come. Mariah said that also meant Kyle’s mom Diane would be sticking around, and that was complicated for a lot of people in Genoa City.

Mariah and Tessa wanted to be there for Kyle if he needed them. Mariah knew what it was like to have your mother come into your life after you were an adult. Tessa wanted tea and honey, but they were all out. Mariah was surprised since they had quite a lot the other day. Tessa’s throat was still sore, and she’d drank all of it. Concerned, Mariah asked if it hurt to sing. Tessa said not really. She said she’d just been resting her voice, because she’d been singing a lot. She figured it was probably just allergies. Mariah noted that Tessa’s throat had been sore since their honeymoon. She thought Tessa should see a doctor, but Tessa was sure it was nothing.

Tessa and Mariah went downstairs and talked to Nick and Sharon. When Sharon heard Tessa’s throat was still sore, she recommended visiting a doctor. Mariah was pleased because she knew someone would agree with her. Sharon said that Tessa was her daughter in law, so she was going to give her some motherly advice – get this checked out. Sharon said there was no harm in making an appointment. Nick teased that if Tessa made the appointment, she’d get Mariah to stop bugging her about this. Sharon said that love was the most important part of marriage, but compromise was right up there. Mariah said that one day, Tessa would need her to compromise on something, and she’d do it gladly, for their relationship. Tessa said she’d hold Mariah to that, since they had witnesses. Sighing, Tessa agreed to call the doctor.

Mariah was glad Tessa was able to get an appointment today. She thanked Sharon and Nick for encouraging Tessa to get a check up. Mariah saw the look between them earlier and wondered if something was wrong. Nick was sure Mariah saw the press conference. She was surprised Victoria was out and Adam was in. he said his family liked to keep people on their toes. She surmised that he didn’t want to discuss this, so she wished him luck with whatever he was going through. Her job called, and she left to answer. Sharon never thought she and Nick would be having this conversation about him and Newman again. He was shocked to be having the discussion again too, but he had a long history at Newman. She said he’d left Newman a lot over the years. She’d been proud when he left and extricated himself from the drama, for what she thought was the last time. She said he embraced becoming his own man and flourished at New Hope, and now Noah was there. He wasn’t making any decisions yet.

Nick said, hypothetically, if he’d stayed at Newman, he would’ve been in a better position to protect his sister’s CEO seat. He would’ve also been able to do more to prevent Victor from pitting Victoria against Adam, while also supporting his mother. She said he was the voice of reason in the family. He admitted he’d made a lot of mistakes, but he thought everyone in the family thought he meant well. He thought it was ironic that he was neutral because he’d been able to keep his distance from the company for so long. She asked if he’d feel more satisfied taking a larger role at Newman or if he’d prefer maintaining the distance that served him so well until now. Sharon encouraged Nick to trust his instincts. She believed in and supported him. Nick got a call from Victor, summoning him to a meeting. Victor wouldn’t say what it was about, but only that it couldn’t wait.

Mariah and Tessa met at home after the appointment. Tessa was upset, because she’d received a preliminary diagnosis of vocal cord nodules. She had to go to a specialist for confirmation, and she might need surgery. Tessa was near tears. She might have to drop out of the summer tour, and what would happen to her career? What would happen to her voice long term? Mariah was there with comfort and support. Mariah believed with all her heart that Tessa would be singing and selling out venues for years to come.

Jack and Diane were at his house. He got a text from Phyllis asking to meet and talk. Jack told Diane he had something to do. She asked if she could take Harrison to the park, and he said that was fine, since Kyle and Summer were busy. She went upstairs to get their grandson. Jack texted Phyllis asking what else was left to say. Phyllis was in her suite when she got the text. She immediately called him, and he answered. She asked if they were going to let this thing with Diane ruin the progress they made. He said this thing was between the two of them, not Diane. She admitted he was right, but she still wanted to talk. He agreed to meet her.

Allie invited Noah for a run in the park. He came, and they went on their jog. Afterward, Noah told Allie that he considered himself a decent athlete, but she was really fast. She said she ran almost every day – it was one of her things. He wished he had a routine, but he’d always needed to be inspired to get stuff done. She suggested he could find inspiration in the way she just kicked his butt. Diane showed up and approached Allie and Noah, while Harrison was on the playground.

Diane was pleased Allie found a young person to hang out with. She was sure that Noah could introduce Allie to more people their age. Noah didn’t think that was Diane’s business. Allie said Diane was just being friendly. Diane said that she’d thought Noah was okay with her since he was fine the last time they met. Noah said Diane did some seriously messed up stuff to people he cared about, and he wasn’t getting over it any time soon. Diane understood. Allie couldn’t speak to Diane’s past, but thanks to Diane, she had a big beautiful family instead of being alone in the world. Noah thought the way Diane went about it was sketchy. Allie agreed, but she also thought Diane had changed. Diane was grateful and touched, but she said she had to face these attacks because she did some terrible things, and she could take it, because spending time with her son and grandson was worth it. Diane went to get Harrison.

Jack went to Phyllis’s place. He warned her in advance that things weren’t going to change between them. She said okay. She offered him wine. He thought it was a little early for that. She poured a glass and asked him not to make her drink alone. “This isn’t gonna work, Red” he told her. She thought he knew better than to count her out. Phyllis had done a lot of thinking in Savannah about how she flaunted their relationship to stick it to Diane. She hated that he thought she used him. She had no justification for her actions, but old wounds and insecurities were getting the better of her. He said she talked a great game, but he’d heard this before. He’d recently been reminded she was a master at faking sincerity. She said she was wearing her heart on her sleeve, and she was losing it right now. She regretted her actions. She couldn’t believe she blew things up when they were getting so close. Jack said they just had a couple of passionate encounters, prompted by the return of the woman she hated; they weren’t beginning a relationship. He said they’d a moment to imagine what could’ve been. That’s what it had been for him, but he thought that for her, it was a calculated move to one-up Diane.

You only regret what you did because it backfired,” Jack contended. He thought that Phyllis had changed, but as soon as Diane returned, so did the Phyllis of years ago. He wasn’t going to make that mistake again. He told her she’d have to accept that what they had was over. She insisted that she had changed, and she vowed to prove it to him. Phyllis said she was flawed, like everyone else, but she went and extended an olive branch to that woman, because it was best for everyone. Jack heard the real reason for that meeting was Summer. He assumed Summer had to drag Phyllis there, kicking and screaming. Phyllis said she went of her own volition. Jack doubted the veracity of this truce. She said it was very difficult to say all that to Diane, but she did it for the greater good of everyone. He let her know that didn’t make him change his mind about being with her. She brought up their time in California and asked if he didn’t see the deeper connection in their relationship. He said that they connected as friends. He said he should’ve settled for that, but he let his desire get in the way, and now he may have destroyed the friendship. She quickly said they were still friends. She was adamant that this wasn’t how the story ended for them.

Phyllis said Jack knew her better than anyone. She implored him to look in her eyes. “Don’t you see the truth?,” she asked. He replied that he did see the truth, but that wasn’t the point. She asked what she was missing. He said she was missing the root of all this. He told her to look back at the last few years – her relationships with men had been a disaster. She thought that was low. He was talking about things with Billy, Nick and himself. He said that things were going great with Nick, and just as it went south, she turned to Jack. He said just as it seemed like they’d be together, she sabotaged things. She said it was because of Diane. She swore she’d let the feud with Diane go. He said she’d tried to break the pattern in the past, but maybe this was just part of who she was. He felt like no matter who she was with, it was never enough. She didn’t think he meant that, but he said he did. He asked why she kept getting in her own way and why she couldn’t fully embrace happiness and fulfillment. He said that for her, it was about the chase, and never about actually having something. He left. She picked up her wine glass.

Noah and Allie went to Crimson Lights on the patio. He apologized for making her uncomfortable earlier with Diane. He’d thought he had gotten over what Diane did, but today, all the stuff she put his family through came flooding back. He said that Diane was causing strife just by showing her face around here again. Allie didn’t think that last part was Diane’s fault. Noah asked what made Allie think Diane deserved a second chance, when she didn’t even know what Diane did. Allie said Diane admitted she’d made the town very mad. Allie understood why he felt so strongly about her. He said he couldn’t pretend nothing happened. She said she’d never do that, but she believed forgiveness was important. She said that so much would’ve changed if her dad had found a way to forgive Jack. Her whole family would’ve been in her life from the beginning, and when her dad died, he would’ve had more people than her by his bedside. She thought life could be really lonely without forgiveness and trust. He thought that was a healthy way to look at things.

Back at the park, Diane watched Harrison play, and she had a flashback to talking with Allie in LA. Allie asked what Diane hoped for if she saw Kyle. Diane had hoped to be Kyle’s mother again in every way. She wanted to dote on his child and have Sunday breakfasts at the Abbott house. She told Allie that the Abbotts were a big and loving family, and there was no bigger place in the world. In the present, Diane looked content.

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