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Dr. Rolf declares to Stefan that they are ready to begin and when he is done, Stefan will no longer love Gabi and it will be Chloe Lane.

Rachel tells Chloe that she heard what she said and complains that she’s trying to keep her away from her mom. Brady tries to explain and promises that she will get to see her mom. Rachel demands that Brady call Kristen right now then.

Belle comes home where Shawn is working out. Belle asks if he didn’t go to the gym this morning. Shawn responds that he felt like doing more. Belle decides she’ll go make dinner while he finishes then. Shawn stops her and informs her that EJ called for her about an urgent DiMera matter that he needs her input on, so she’ll have to call him back. Belle stops and says she doesn’t want to talk to EJ, she wants to talk to Shawn.

EJ decides to start by announcing his request that Ava be removed from the meeting and disqualified from voting. Ava and Gabi question what he’s trying to pull. EJ responds that he’s trying to protect the future of the company. Wei Shin points out the laws of the situation and says that as Jake’s widow, she is entitled to his shares and a vote, so he questions why she should be disqualified from the vote. EJ responds that it’s because she sees dead people.

Brady tells Rachel that he’s not going to call Kristen right now. Rachel argues that he promised. Brady says he’ll never lie to her and the truth is that Kristen did something she shouldn’t have done. Brady knows it’s hard for Rachel to understand but in court, you have to take an oath and swear to tell the truth, so Chloe has to do that. Rachel complains about Kristen possibly getting sent away again and asks Brady not to let her do this.

Ava realizes this emergency meeting was all orchestrated by EJ. EJ tells Ava that he’s sorry but he had no choice as everyone at the meeting needs to know what’s been going on. EJ announces to everyone that Ava has been hallucinating and seeing her dead husband. Ava calls him a bastard. EJ argues that Ava needs help as she’s not in control. EJ says that none of this is her fault as she is traumatized, so they as a family will do everything they can to help her find her way back, but they can’t in good conscience allow her to make decisions on the future of the company. EJ tells Mr. Shin that he needs to make the determination to disqualify her from the board as they can’t have a hallucinating, emotionally unstable woman, voting her dead husband’s shares. Tony wonders if someone here can take Ava’s place.

Dr. Rolf says he’s taking Stefan on a journey back in time and at the end of the journey, he will loathe Gabi. Dr. Rolf tells Stefan to remember the last time he saw her and he was deeply in love. Stefan flashes back to his last night with Gabi. Dr. Rolf then presses a button to erase that memory.

Gabi asks if EJ is enjoying this. EJ calls it his duty but a sad one. Kristen says this is too much. Tony calls that rich coming from her. Kristen argues that Ava just lost her husband, so she’s grieving but that doesn’t make her incompetent. EJ argues that Ava is seeing people that aren’t there so he asks what if she starts investing in companies that aren’t there. Kristen says unless EJ has a psychiatrist to back up his assertions, it seems to be a power play based on totally unsubstantiated accusations. Wei Shin asks what EJ has to say to that and if he has any evidence to back up his claim. Ava responds that there isn’t any because EJ is lying through his teeth. EJ says they will see about that.

Brady assures Rachel that Kristen is not going anywhere. Chloe tries to explain that she doesn’t want to hurt her and she doesn’t have to go to court. Rachel then suddenly screams that she hates Chloe and tells Brady to make her go away now.

Shawn thought Belle was going to start dinner. Belle knows that EJ never calls the landline and just did that to goad him. Shawn argues that he’s fine but Belle tells him to stop it. Belle says it means the world to her that he let her move back in and they are having dinner together, but she hates tip toeing around each other and making small talk when there’s so much they aren’t saying. Belle complains about sleeping in separate bedrooms and tells Shawn to scream at her or throw her out instead of this. Belle admits that she can’t take back that she slept with EJ and she can only imagine how EJ calling the house made him feel. Belle adds that she did not move back in to be his roommate. Belle says that Shawn thought he could get past what happened, but maybe he can’t and it was just too much to ask.

Ava doesn’t think anyone in the room would be surprised to hear that EJ is a liar. Ava says they can ask Kristen that EJ would say anything to get what he wants which Kristen calls a family trait. Ava argues that EJ only called this meeting to take away her vote because she made it clear to him that she would not be his rubber stamp which EJ calls a lie. Ava insists that she never hallucinated and she lives with the knowledge that Jake is dead and not coming back. Ava says that EJ made up this ghost story but doesn’t have one shred of evidence. EJ suggests another eye witness and calls upon Li and Gabi.

Dr. Rolf takes Stefan back to the moment that he first decided he was in love with Gabi. Dr. Rolf declares that it will be a pleasure to annihilate that particular memory as he presses the button again.

EJ tells Wei that his son Li and Gabi were both there when it happened and saw everything, so he doesn’t need to take his word for it. Wei asks if it’s true that Gabi was there when Ava thought she saw Jake. Gabi doesn’t know how to answer that. EJ suggests the truth. Gabi calls it a loaded question and says she was there last night, but she didn’t see Ava hallucinate. Gabi suggests EJ came up with this to force her out as CEO. Wei asks Li if he was there last night and if he saw anything. Li thinks back to stabbing Stefan with the syringe and dragging him out after Ava had fainted. Wei tells Li that he needs an answer now. Wei asks again for an answer. Li then confirms that he was there and can state that EJ is lying. EJ argues that he’s just backing up Gabi but they are both lying. Wei points out that three major shareholders are insisting that EJ’s allegations are false. He adds that they all understand EJ’s ambitions because it’s no secret he wants to be CEO again. EJ then pulls out his phone and reveals a recording which he plays of the conversation he had with Johnny, where Johnny told him about Ava telling him that she saw Jake and how it felt real. EJ then declares that as they can hear, Ava admitted it herself to his son Johnny. Johnny questions EJ recording him. EJ says he had a feeling that Ava might deny what happened so he apologizes to them both but feels he didn’t have a choice.

Brady assures Rachel that everything is going to be okay and that everyone just wants what’s best for her, including Chloe. Brady knows she’s upset and sends her back to her play date. Brady apologizes to Chloe. Chloe tells him it’s fine. Brady says he’s going to have to talk to Belle and says he’ll be back as soon as he can as he goes back to Rachel.

Shawn tells Belle that he doesn’t know what to say as he heard EJ’s voice and couldn’t stop thinking about his hands on her. Belle says she’s so sorry. Shawn says even if EJ didn’t call, he can’t just get over this. Shawn knows this isn’t what Belle wants to hear but he needs more time. Belle says no as she doesn’t think that’s true. Belle then grabs Shawn and kisses him.

Dr. Rolf declares that it’s time to adjust Stefan’s emotional makeup a bit, so instead of lusting for Gabi, he will be repulsed by her. Stefan has more flashbacks as Dr. Rolf continues erasing his memories while Stefan starts shaking uncontrollably.

Wei accuses Lei of lying to him. EJ blames him spending a lot of time with Gabi. Wei declares that he’s said enough and he’s heard enough to make a decision. He adds that it’s clear after hearing the recording that what EJ said is true, but removing Ava from the meeting would be too disruptive. He declares that he will be prohibiting Ava from voting her shares until a determination can be made of her mental state. Tony calls that check mate.

Shawn pulls away from Belle and questions what she’s doing. Belle says no matter when it happens, it’s going to be awkward and she doesn’t think they should just sit around and wait for the perfect time. Belle suggests they go upstairs and make love. Shawn argues that’s Belle’s solution to everything. Belle calls that unfair. Shawn warns her about using the word fair since it wasn’t fair when she crawled into bed with EJ. Brady walks in and apologizes since they didn’t hear him knock. Brady tells Belle to call him when she gets the chance. Shawn tells Brady not to go as he was just trying to work out, but he’s going for a run instead, so Shawn then exits.

Dr. Rolf complains that Stefan and Gabi’s marriage wasn’t a love match in the beginning but it grew in to one. Dr. Rolf declares that today is the last day of that love story as he erases the memory of their wedding.

EJ votes to remove Gabi as CEO and install him in her place. Kristen calls those two separate and distinct motions. EJ asks why waste time since everyone knows the vote would be just a formality. EJ points out that the last vote as a 6-6 tie which allowed Gabi to remain as CEO, but her side just lost a vote which means the majority is no longer in her favor, so she will have to step down and they need to install her replacement as quickly as possible. EJ declares that they need to vote immediately but Johnny interrupts and says EJ might not want to do that because the vote might not go the way he planned it.

Shawn goes for a run until he comes across Chloe in the park. Chloe asks if he knows if Belle is at home because Brady went to go talk to her. Shawn confirms that Brady is there talking to her now. Chloe adds that she knows Shawn and Belle are trying to work things out, so Brady wouldn’t interrupt unless it was really important. Shawn assures that he did not interrupt. Shawn then remarks that the truth is, they aren’t working anything out.

Belle guesses she was naïve to think she could just move back in and things would fall back in to place. Brady hoped it would. Belle thinks the marriage is a lost cause as Shawn can’t get over that she slept with EJ. Belle says Brady didn’t come to talk about her problems, so she asks what’s up. Brady informs her that Kristen has filed for full custody and reveals he just got served.

Kristen thinks Johnny has something to say, which he confirms. Johnny says that EJ just said it was a given that the vote would be 6-5 in his favor and asks how he knows without taking the vote which Kristen laughs at. Johnny then announces that he is switching his vote and voting for Gabi which shocks EJ. Johnny states that what EJ just did to Ava was disgusting as she’s suffering in real pain but he saw that as a liability and a means to an end, just like EJ recording him confiding in him. Johnny states for the record that he votes against the motion so that’s Gabi, Kristen, Li, their two proxies, and himself, six votes to EJ’s five, so Gabi stays. Gabi thanks Johnny and tells EJ that last time it was a tie, but this time it’s the majority so she won and he lost after wasting a great deal of all of their time. EJ warns that he won’t forget this and walks out of the office.

Brady shows Belle that Kristen hired Sloan Peterson as her attorney, who Belle identifies as a shark. Belle adds that they can’t use any of Kristen’s past crimes against her because she was pardoned. Brady then informs Belle that it just so happens that Kristen threatened to stab Chloe with a letter opener just a couple days ago. Belle says that will make a compelling testimony but Brady adds there’s a problem with that because Rachel overheard them talking about it and it made her very upset, so now Chloe is nervous that if she testifies against Kristen, then Rachel will hate her. Belle guesses that Kristen is just trying to cause tension and make Chloe the bad guy. Belle adds that just because Kristen filed for full custody does not mean she’s going to get it. Belle says worst case scenario, they will share custody. Brady says as long as it means he doesn’t lose Rachel altogether. Belle encourages that no judge would ever give Kristen full custody and tells him not to worry as everything will work out for him. Brady responds that everything will work out for her and Shawn too.

Chloe tells Shawn that she’s been on both sides of this kind of situation and it sucks but he has to ask if he’s really trying to work things out with Belle or is he just trying to punish her. Chloe asks if he doesn’t think he’s capable of forgiving her, then was it a good idea to ask her to move back in. Shawn agrees that she’s right. Chloe says that Belle has done everything she can, so the ball is in Shawn’s court and he has to make a decision one way or the other.

EJ and Tony return home and have drinks. Tony tells EJ that he tried. EJ responds that he’s not done and this isn’t over. Ava walks in and complains that it’s her fault for forgetting that EJ isn’t human, that he can never be trusted, and that he’ll use the worst thing to happen to someone to bring them to their knees. EJ then orders Ava to pack up her things and get the hell out of his house because she’s no longer of any use to him. Johnny walks in and announces that if Ava goes, he goes too.

Gabi thanks Kristen for her support. Kristen reminds her that she’s only one vote away from EJ taking over again. Gabi assures that EJ won’t let her forget that. Gabi says she has to go do damage control and goes over to Wei and Li Shin. Wei warns Li that he’ll never forget that he lied to him. Li argues that EJ was using Ava’s grief to seize power and asks if that’s the kind of person he wants running the company. Wei reminds Li of who founded this company and says a high moral character was never a requirement. He warns that Gabi is not above reproach while Li argues that she’s doing an incredible job. Wei responds that he’ll make up his own mind about that. He reminds Gabi that she didn’t get her shares or position as CEO because of merit, but because her husband died. He warns her not to forget that as he then exits the office.

Dr. Rolf tells Stefan that it’s time to go deeper into his past and remember Chloe Lane, causing him to have flashbacks to his relationship with Chloe. Stefan then smiles while remaining unconscious.

EJ asks Johnny if what he did at the meeting wasn’t enough. Johnny asks if EJ questioning Ava’s mental state in public wasn’t enough for him. EJ argues that there is no reason for Ava to be here when it’s their family home. Johnny points out that Ava is his brother’s widow so she’s family. EJ accuses Ava of poisoning his own son against him. Johnny clarifies that he didn’t say that he has to let Ava stay, just that if she goes, so does he, but it’s completely up to him. Tony argues that EJ doesn’t want to lose his son over this. EJ reluctantly allows Ava to stay then. Ava and Johnny then exit the room. Tony tells EJ that he did the right thing, repeating that he doesn’t want to lose his son over this, and encourages him to let it go. EJ smashes his glass against the wall and screams in frustration.

Johnny walks Ava to her room. Ava thanks him for standing up for her as she doesn’t think she could handle having to look for another place to live. Johnny says now she doesn’t have to. Ava points out that was quite a risk he took because he could’ve ended up out on his ass too. Johnny admits it wasn’t completely unselfish because he likes having her around.

Li apologizes to Gabi and says his father shouldn’t speak to her like that. Gabi says it’s okay as she has a tough skin when it comes to business, but she doesn’t want him to be angry with Li. Li assures that it will blow over. Gabi thanks Li for backing her up as she knows it wasn’t easy to lie to his father. Li assures that he would do anything for her as they hug.

Kristen returns to Dr. Rolf’s lab and asks how it went. Dr. Rolf responds that it’s working and declares that when Stefan comes to, he’ll never want anything to do with Gabi ever again and will only have eyes for Chloe.

Brady returns to Chloe in the park and informs her that according to Belle, they don’t need Chloe to testify. Chloe hates that he’s going through this. Brady figures the worst case scenario is sharing custody with Kristen and he guesses he can live with that as it’s probably the best thing for Rachel anyway. Chloe hopes he’s right. Brady encourages that there’s no reason to worry as there is nothing that Kristen can do to come between them as he hugs her.

Shawn returns home. Belle is glad he came back and apologizes for trying to force the issue and pushing too hard. Shawn tells her not to apologize as she was right that this isn’t working with them living together like this again. Shawn doesn’t know how to say this. Belle asks if he thinks it was a bad idea. Shawn questions why he’s having so much trouble finding the words. Belle suggests he go shower, they’ll have dinner, and in the morning, she will go pack her stuff. Shawn doesn’t want to have dinner and he doesn’t want her to leave, but he doesn’t want things to stay like this. Shawn then admits he does need to take a shower and asks Belle if she wants to join him. Belle asks if he’s sure. Shawn says he is and Belle admits she would love that as they then kiss. Shawn takes her hand and they head for the shower.

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