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Johnny is starting to think Allie is jealous which Tripp questions. Johnny remarks that Allie wants his wife all to herself. Allie asks what he’s talking about. Johnny accuses Allie of still being in love with Chanel.

At the police station, Brady thanks Belle for getting the charges dropped. Belle says they shouldn’t have been filed in the first place. Brady says he spent Christmas in a jail cell, so he thanks her again. Belle tells him to also thank Chloe since she got Victor and Kate to drop the declaration of Philip’s death. Brady thinks that’s the first time Chloe has been successful in changing either of their minds. Belle says without the declaration, Melinda really didn’t have a case as everything was circumstantial so Brady is in the clear. Brady responds that all he wanted for Christmas was to get out of jail so he calls it a Christmas miracle. Belle hopes for another one in regards to Marlena. Belle says now that Marlena has been caught, John has been trying an exorcism. Brady points out that she had all this on her mind and she’s still here for his sake. Brady hugs her and says he’s sorry. Belle says at least here she can do something but admits she’s really scared.

John answers the door to see Eric Brady has returned to Salem. John hugs him and thanks God that he’s there. Eric says as soon as they hung up last night, he booked his flight. Eric asks how Marlena is. John says he honestly doesn’t know because they aren’t dealing with his mom, they are dealing with “it”. Eric asks if he’s alone. John informs him that Lucas and Sami are in there with her now, hopefully holding The Devil at bay.

Sami questions what Marlena is talking about in regards to Lucas lying to her. Lucas points out that it’s not Marlena, it’s the Devil trying to stir up trouble. The Devil says that’s true because that’s what he does, but the truth is that Lucas is keeping a secret and they both know it. Lucas thinks back to The Devil revealing that he knows about Lucas kidnapping Sami. The Devil then tells Lucas that Sami is going to find out one way or another, so he asks if Lucas wants to tell her or if he should.

Allie tells Johnny that’s ridiculous since she’s in love with Tripp. Johnny questions why she’s so against him marrying Chanel then. Allie argues that she knows Johnny’s history and Chanel is her best friend so she doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Chanel points out that she’s not Allie’s best friend anymore, she’s her sister in law, and she really hoped she would be happy for them. Chanel asks if Allie thinks she can do that.

Sami tells Lucas to just tell her as it can’t be that bad. The Devil says he wouldn’t count on that. Sami threatens the Devil with holy water. Sami pleads with Lucas to just tell her whatever it is. Lucas states that the truth is he’s been lying to her. The Devil urges that the truth will set him free. Lucas claims that he’s been lying about his feelings for her as he loves her so much. Sami says of course he does which The Devil laughs at. Sami says they’ve talked about that and she knows. Lucas says there is more and something she doesn’t know.

Eric tells John that he’s so sorry that he’s having to go through this for a second time. John says not to worry about him and just focus on casting the demon out to get Marlena back to them. Eric asks if there’s been any luck so far. John says he’s read scripture but the Devil has such a strong hold on Marlena and he doesn’t fight fair. Eric knows he must be exhausted. John says he just had to take a moment to try and recharge. Eric declares that he has backup now and he happens to be well suited for the job as he removes his scarf, revealing that he is wearing his clerical collar from when he was a priest.

Allie wishes she could be happy for Chanel but points out that she made this mistake before with Xander. Johnny questions her comparing him to Xander now. Allie says there are some striking resemblances. Chanel assures that she and Johnny are in love and he’s been there for her like no other guy has so they are in this for the long haul. Allie responds that she’s sorry but she’s wrong, insisting that Johnny will break her heart sooner than later.

Kayla and Steve talk at the hospital about Tripp being in the hospital bed instead of Jan. They are thankful that Tripp is alright. Steve mentions that Shawn is taking Jan back to prison where she belongs, so things are looking up. Kayla says not quite since they still have to get the Devil out of Marlena. Steve tells her that John is going to try an exorcism today. Kayla asks if they can help. Steve says all they can do is pray and have faith that John and the family can get Marlena back.

John says that when Eric told him last night that he went back to the priesthood, it seemed like God must have had a hand in giving them just what they need to get Marlena back just when they need it. Eric agrees that it was God’s will. John asks why now. Eric explains that when everything blew up with Nicole, something she said really hit home. Eric says that when he took the collar off a few years ago, it never really changed who he was, so when he went to the Congo, he inquired to the church but didn’t want to say anything until it was a done deal. John tells him that his timing couldn’t be better because he has the strongest faith of any man he’s ever known and he’s going to need it.

Lucas tells Sami that she doesn’t know how much he loves her. The Devil mocks him so Sami throws holy water on Devil Marlena. Sami tells Lucas to do this faster and asks what it is. Lucas states that he loves her so much that he would do anything for them to get back together. Eric and John then walk in to the room. The Devil says look what the cat dragged in. Sami sees that Eric is a priest again. Eric informs her that he and Nicole broke up. Sami says she’s so sorry. Eric says not now as they have more important things to do. Eric tells The Devil not to put God to the test. The Devil questions if he is God. Eric responds that he works for him. The Devil is surprised as he thought Eric was sharing his wondrous gifts with strangers and to hell with his own family. Eric responds that it will actually be to Hell with him. The Devil declares that his work here is not finished but Eric says he is finished and his mother is coming back to them. The Devil says it’s too late for that. Eric argues that Marlena is not giving up and is fighting with all she’s got, so he and God are going to make damn sure she wins.

Johnny tells Allie that he’s sick and tired of her trashing him when he is her twin and she’s supposed to be on his side no matter what. Allie argues that it doesn’t give him a free pass. Johnny calls her as bad as mom. Allie responds that he’s as bad as his dad which is really bad. Chanel suggests they just go. Allie clarifies that she’s not mad at Chanel. Chanel says it’s Christmas morning and this isn’t very merry. Johnny declares that Chanel is his wife and that’s not going to change as they exit together. Allie calls Johnny such a jerk. Tripp says maybe but asks if he was right. Tripp then asks Allie if she’s in love with Chanel.

Eric thinks it’s best if he does this alone. The Devil mocks Lucas and Sami. The Devil warns Lucas about a relationship built on lies. Sami tells Eric to get their mom back for them as she and Lucas exit the room. Eric thinks John should go too. John asks if he’s sure he can’t help. Eric tells John to pray, but for now he needs to do this alone. Eric adds that God will help him. John then exits the room. The Devil calls Eric arrogant for doing this alone. Eric says he’s not alone because he’s with God. The Devil questions him believing all that’s going to help him. The Devil warns Eric that if he tries to challenge his power, he will die.

Sami hopes Eric knows what he’s doing and what he’s up against. John prays that it will be alright and says if Eric needs them, he will let them know. Belle then brings Brady home. Sami and John rush up to hug Brady, who confirms that all the charges have been dropped. Brady tells Lucas that he doesn’t know what happened, but he swears he didn’t hurt Philip. Lucas responds that he believes him, so Brady thanks him. Brady asks about Marlena. John reveals that Eric is with her now. Brady questions him being alone. John then informs Brady that Eric went back to the priesthood so he’s not facing her alone..

The Devil asks if Eric’s priest outfit is a Halloween costume. Eric informs him that he’s been reinstated. The Devil brings up the video of Eric having sex with Kristen years ago. Eric reminds that Kristen had drugged him. The Devil questions that letting him off the hook. Eric brings up the cardinal giving him permission to return to the priesthood but he turned it down because he felt he had lost his calling, but now he has found it again. The Devil would’ve thought his true calling would have been the adult entertainment business. Eric says he can throw the video in his face all he wants. Devil Marlena then transforms in to Kristen, asking Eric if he wants to make a sequel.

Steve dresses up as Santa Claus at the hospital. Kayla takes a picture of him to send to their kids. Steve mentions missing them. Kayla says it was so nice having their son Joey here last year. Steve says it’s too bad he and Stephanie are stuck in Seattle but at least they are together. Kayla talks about how many years they’ve been doing the hospital Christmas party and the memories making her think of who can’t be there. Steve reminds her that the whole point was to brighten Christmas for the kids who can’t be home. Kayla agrees and they kiss.

Allie assures Tripp that she’s not in love with Chanel and that she’s just her best friend, so she wants to see her happy. Tripp thinks her reaction was a little more emphatic than that. Allie argues that it’s just because she knows it’s not going to work out and that worries her. Allie asks Tripp if he doesn’t know by now that he’s the one she loves. Allie kisses him and asks if he believes that.

Belle is surprised to learn that Eric went back to the priesthood. Brady notes that wasn’t long since he just got his divorced finalized a little while ago. Belle asks if Eric said why he did that. Sami remarks that if anyone could make a man swear off women, it’s Nicole. John thinks it was more a matter of faith. Belle says it’s good for Marlena and asks if he’s doing the exorcism. John confirms that he just started. Brady remains unsure as he doesn’t think Eric should be in there alone, fighting the Devil.

Eric is shocked as Devil Kristen talks about the Devil taking many forms. Eric says it’s just an illusion and tells her that he’s not interested. Devil Kristen brings up their past time. Eric repeats that he was drugged. Devil Kristen then makes their sex tape video appear on a laptop. Eric argues that he wasn’t himself. Devil Kristen thinks he was the real him and urges him to just give in, saying no one will ever know. Brady walks in and tells Eric not to listen to her as it’s just another one of the Devil’s tricks. Devil Kristen tells Brady that he doesn’t have to be jealous as she’ll always have a special place in her heart for him and offers to show him. Brady passes. Devil Kristen says that Brady could never resist him. Eric argues that the Devil is wasting his time and thanks Brady for bringing him back to reality as he was starting to fall. Brady assures that he has Eric’s back. The Devil transforms back in to Marlena and declares that they are no match for him, so they won’t win. Eric responds that The Devil is absolutely right. Brady argues that they aren’t giving up. Eric declares that they are going to take a whole new approach to this.

Belle tells Sami and Lucas about finding Shawn in bed with Jan Spears, who the Devil made look exactly like Belle. Sami jokes that she should’ve used that with EJ. Belle argues that it’s not funny and blames Sami for bringing Jan Spears back in to their lives in the first place. Sami tells her to blame Nicole for trying to steal her grandchild. John stops them and says they are not going to have a house divided as they are fighting Satan, not themselves, so they have to maintain a united front. Eric and Brady come back out. Eric declares that John is right as none of them are strong enough to beat the Devil so they need to set aside their differences to work together as a family since that’s the only hope they have of saving Marlena’s soul.

Allie asks Tripp if he knows that she loves him. Tripp confirms that he does and he loves her too. They kiss until Allie gets a call from John. Allie answer and asks if there’s any news on Marlena.

The Devil says to Marlena that her loved ones are circling the wagons and the fight for her soul is about to begin. The Devil declares that he is going to win it forever.

Steve as Santa has Kayla sit on his lap. Steve surprises her with a bracelet pendant and says he thought it would go nice with the necklace he got her on their honeymoon as they flashback to their honeymoon years ago. Steve says all these years later, she’s still his anchor. Kayla says she loves it and she loves him as they kiss.

Tripp walks through the town square with Henry in his stroller and runs in to Chanel. Tripp tells Chanel that he wanted to say sorry about before and hopes they can still be friends. Chanel says they will remain neutral. Tripp asks if Johnny got a call from John like Allie did. Chanel confirms that he did and she hopes Marlena will be okay. Tripp mentions taking Henry to the hospital for the kids Christmas party and invites Chanel to come along since Johnny is otherwise engaged. Chanel accepts his invite and walks off with Tripp and Henry.

Johnny and Allie arrive at John and Marlena’s. Johnny guesses they both got the same call. Johnny says today is about Marlena and everything else can wait. Allie knocks on the door. Sami answers and hugs them, saying she’s so glad they could all be together but wishes it was under different circumstances. Sami sends Johnny inside so she can talk to Allie for a second. Sami knows it’s not the right time for this conversation but she tells Allie that Paulina told her something that she wanted to verify with her. Allie agrees that this is not the time at all. Sami says of course and takes her inside. Allie hugs Eric and says she didn’t know he was back. Eric says he’ll explain later but right now they need to focus on saving Marlena. Lucas decides he’s going to go since this is definitely a family situation. Lucas says he’ll be praying for everybody. Lucas tells Allie to call him later and tells Sami he will see her soon. Sami thanks Lucas as he exits. Sami starts to talk to Johnny about things between them but Johnny says today is about Marlena. Johnny asks what they are doing. Eric responds that it’s an exorcism and it’s going to be very emotionally and physically exhausting and very dangerous, so if anyone doesn’t want to be a part of it then they can say no now. Allie talks about everything Marlena has done for them and says she’s not leaving. Johnny says if Allie can take it, so can he. Eric thinks it’s a good sign that they are doing this on Christmas day. Eric knows Allie is not alone in thinking of all the good things Marlena has done for them so now it’s time for them all to come together in her hour of need.

Eric leads Sami, John, Brady, Belle, Allie, and Johnny to the bedroom where they surround Devil Marlena in the bed. The Devil remarks on the gang being all here and suggests Johnny’s here to do some research for his movie. Johnny responds that he’s here for his grandmother. John tells Johnny not to engage her. Eric calls to begin the exorcism as he gives everyone the sign of the cross while Sami prays the rosary. Eric has everyone join hands to say the Our Father prayer. The wind begins to blow in the room. The Devil shouts that they can pray all they’d like but nothing is going to bring back Marlena as she is his for eternity as the Devil laughs maniacally. Eric continues the exorcism until Devil Marlena suddenly stops moving. They show relief but The Devil laughs again and asks if that’s all they’ve got. Belle cries that this is so much worse than she thought it was going to be. The Devil says he figured Belle would be the first to fold as she was the first to give up on Marlena when she was in a coma. The Devil asks about Belle’s marriage and how many times she’s betrayed her husband. The Devil calls Belle nothing but a cheap slut. Sami yells at The Devil not to talk to her like that. The Devil then calls Sami a professional slut defending the junior slut. Eric orders them not to engage and to focus. Eric tells them to talk to Marlena and pray to God that she will hear them.

Tripp and Chanel arrive at the hospital with Henry as Kayla is reading the Christmas story to the kids with Steve as Santa Claus.

Lucas goes to the Horton house and drops off gifts under the Christmas tree. Lucas looks up at the angel on the tree and prays for God to forgive him for what he did to Sami and to watch over Sami and the rest of Marlena’s family.

Eric continues the exorcism as everyone prays. Eric says The Devil is getting weaker but the Devil disagrees and calls their family a sham, always at war with each other. John argues that they always pull together when it counts and what counts most right now is their love for Marlena. John says this is now or never and they need Marlena to fight back to them. The Devil says it’s too late. John urges Marlena to look around at all of her family members and remember how much she loves them. Eric shouts to give way to Christ. John prays to remind Marlena what is at stake and that they need her and love her. Marlena then begins having individual flashbacks of times with Brady, Belle, Allie, Johnny, Sami, and John. The Devil screams no but then passes out. Everyone looks around at each other in shock. John reaches out to touch Marlena’s face. Marlena then wakes up and is herself again. John asks if it’s really her. Marlena confirms that it is. Marlena cries that they all saved her. John thanks God as they untie Marlena and rejoice around her in the room.

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