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Recap written by Christine

Lily went to her office and was touched to find a card and gift box from Billy to welcome her home. She called and left him a message saying thanks. Devon dropped in. she asked about Amanda and Dom. Amanda was in Virginia, and Dom spent the night with Devon last night. PR told Lily about the double-booked act, and she asked about it. Devon said it had been fixed. Lily wanted details. Devon said Nate went ahead and made a decision without getting it approved first, and he got sensitive when Devon called him out. Devon thought Nate was struggling with not being the head guy, like he was at Memorial. He said Nate was angry and offended when Devon suggested he needed a mentor. Nate had accused Devon of being threatened by him.

Lily said they had to resolve this tension because they were family. Devon agreed, but he didn’t think Nate would be reacting this way if his boss wasn’t his cousin. Lily wondered if Devon was overstating things, because a double booking could be a simple mistake. Devon said this was the second time Nate made a move without getting Devon’s approval. Lily surmised that Devon didn’t think Nate was showing him enough respect. Devon didn’t think Nate was respecting him, the company or their artists. Lily sensed this was mainly about Devon. Devon asked if Lily thought he was threatened by Nate. She didn’t. He said this wasn’t about him. He thought Nate had great ideas, but very little business experience. He wished he’d considered that before he went along with her idea to hire Nate and hand him all this responsibility. She said they’d figure it out. He said they had to because things couldn’t go on this way.

Billy and Chelsea were in the studio. Their shared desk was getting a little messy, thanks to Chelsea. When he started cleaning, she teased him about becoming so fastidious. He said he kept it neat on purpose, so it’d be free of distraction. She purposely tossed a handful of popcorn at him and said he was the buttoned down guy you bring home to mom. He didn’t see anything wrong with maintaining professional atmosphere. She called him grandpa. He said he usually crossed the line and got into trouble. She said that was kind of how got tricky with Victoria back in the day. He had his regrets about that. She thought he was a little uptight these days. He wondered if she was saying he’d become boring and predictable since he started dating Lily. She didn’t blame Lily for this.

Billy asked why Chelsea wanted to work with him if he was so uptight. She said podcast-Billy was witty, charming, thoughtful and irreverent. She was relieved he hadn’t lost that side of himself. He said it was all about balance, because problems happened when he went too far in one direction. She said he didn’t have to monitor himself. She thought he needed to relax and breathe a little. He was ready to change the subject to her and her issues. She said she’d had plenty of therapy, so bring it on.

Sally ran into Chance at Crimson Lights and asked if he believed in serendipity, because she was the man he wanted to see. He said last time they spoke, she helped Abby pick out a wedding dress. He congratulated her on her promotion. She asked when they could expect an official update on the Ashland investigation. Sally said she wasn’t offended by Chance’s refusal to discuss Locke’s death, because she knew he understood the position she was in. He understood she ran a media company and Ashland’s death was noteworthy, and since she was new at this, she might feel like she had something to prove. She said he really knew how to read people, and he was polite not to bring Adam into the discussion. She said Adam was another reason she felt the need to prove she was up to the job – he elevated her to CEO, told her he believed in her, then he broke up and walked away. Chance thought Sally was better off. She said she told herself they were a good fit, due to their checkered pasts, and that she’d be the one to make Adam feel accepted, safe and loved. Chance said Adam was good at letting people down. Sally said at least she didn’t have to take a bullet for Adam before she found out what he was all about.

Sally said she and Chance both tried to reach out to Adam and help him change his life, and they both got burned. Chance asked what Adam told her about their relationship. She knew that he and Adam were buddies in Vegas, while Chance was undercover, and when they returned to Genoa City, Chance couldn’t deal with the crap Adam pulled, so the bromance ended, but Chance still took a bullet for Adam. Sally felt like she also took metaphorically took a bullet when she temporarily lost her self respect and begged Adam to say he still wanted her. Chance guessed he and Sally did have some things in common. Sally said Adam kept approaching her and asking her to validate the rumor that Victor was involved in Ashland’s death. She thought that was ridiculous. Chance didn’t think it was fully ridiculous, since she worked at Newman, and people talked. Sally said she’d like to keep her job, so she wasn’t going to go around questioning the Newmans about Ashland. She didn’t want to believe there was truth to the gossip, unlike Adam, because the Newmans had already been through so much. She thought Chance’s silence spoke volumes, and she wondered if that was his way of saying things were going to get more difficult. He said that he was thinking he needed to leave. After Chance was gone, Adam popped out from around the patio door and said he overheard Sally trying to wheedle information out of Chance.

Sally questioned why Adam was complaining that she was doing the job he got her and helped her keep. He said she was a CEO, not a reporter, and that was good since she had no luck getting Chance to open up. She asked if he was enjoying giving her a hard time. He didn’t. He’d actually decided to take her deal and share her his true feelings about the break up in exchange for learning what she knew about the night Ashland died. After seeing her with Chance, he realized she didn’t actually know anything about it. She told him he was wrong. She said she wouldn’t share what Nick told her with the detective investigating her. He smirked and said if they were going to trade secrets, she’d have to go first.

Sally thanked Adam for reminding her it was better that they were apart. He asked what he did wrong. She accused him of treating this like a game. She said talking about how he made her feel and their break up was funny to him, apparently. He reminded her she set the terms of the deal. She said she was looking for a scrap of validation, but she shouldn’t have to beg and barter to get him to treat her with basic human decency. She said he was right – Nick didn’t tell her anything about the night Ashland died, and she didn’t know anything. She was sure he was relieved, since that meant he wouldn’t have to eke out a few kind words for her. She was starting not to give a damn about this anymore anyway. She left, and he looked troubled.

Adam saw Chance at Society. Chance said he still wasn’t going to join forces with Adam to investigate Victor. Adam said that Chance couldn’t stop him from going solo. Chance told Adam to let it go. Chance heard Adam was badgering people and trying to implicate Victor. Adam said he saw Chance with Sally earlier. He said he knew what made Sally tick, and he could help Chance win her trust so he could find out if she knew anything. Chance called Adam a piece of work. Adam said he’d been called worse. Chance said they wouldn’t be collaborating on this or any investigation. He also thought it was pretty lousy of Adam to break up with Sally then try to manipulate her for information. Adam didn’t realize Chance knew Sally. Chance said they didn’t. Adam guessed Sally must’ve made quite the impression. Chance wasn’t naive – he knew Sally was working him for information, but it was clear to him that everything she said about Adam was sincere. Adam said relationships ended – they couldn’t all have what Chance and Abby had. Adam said he was probably not cut out ofr a lifetime commitment. Chance accused Adam of wallowing in his character flaws. Adam said he was being realistic about who he was. Chance told Adam to get a life, find a new path, a better direction. Chance was pissed off that Adam was falling into old habits, because he had it in him to be better than this. Chance thought if Adam wouldn’t do it for himself, he’d at least do it for his son. Adam said this was as good as he got.

At the ranch, Victor told Victoria, Nikki and Nick that Chance’s team recovered some video footage from the gas station where Ashland parked his car. They asked what was on the tape. He said that a man got into the car and drove away. The video was grainy, so they couldn’t tell who it was, but it clearly wasn’t Ashland, because this guy had a cigarette, and Ashland didn’t smoke. Nick said all they had to do was run a DNA test on the cigarette. Nikki said that would connect the dots back to all of them. “Back to me,” Victor corrected. Nikki was appalled someone on Victor’s staff could be so careless. This was just what Nick was afraid of. He challenged Victor to tell him what the plan was now.

Nikki knew it would be a nightmare once the media found out they were involved. Nick thought they needed to get out in front of this and hire a crisis PR firm. He thought they should also get Michael on this. Victor said Michael was busy. Victor thought they should just observe things for now. Victor said he went to Sally this morning and asked her to tamp down news about Ashland’s death. Nick took that to mean Victor intimidated Sally. Nick told Victor that he was just making things worse. Victor didn’t understand why Nick had a problem with him talking to Sally. Victor pointed out that Nick had also asked Sally to tamp down on the news about Ashland. Nick said he didn’t use coercion; he told her they’d respect the firewall between the owners of Newman Media and the people making editorial decisions. Nick said Sally promised him she’d wait until she had more information about that night. Nick asked them to think about how it would look if all the other outlets ran stories about the night Ashland died, and Newman Media didn’t cover it. Nikki and Victoria realized it’d look like they had something to hide. Nick said it could damage Newman Media’s reputation for journalistic integrity. Victor didn’t care. Victoria started to feel stressed, so she went outside to check on her kids. Victor snapped that this discussion was over, and he left.

Nikki made Nick drink tea, because she thought they all needed to calm themselves. He knew he was adding to her stress, but he said the family hadn’t faced anything this big in a long time, and Victor though they could tough it out, but… Nikki knew Victor could go to prison. Nick, confident that his father would listen to his mother, implored Nikki to have Victor meet with Michael to go over his legal options. Nick also maintained that it would be bad for the company if they prevented Newman Media from running the company. Nikki thought Newman Media should practice some editorial discretion.

Nikki got the impression that Nick wanted to publish the details before another outlet got hold of them. She didn’t think Newman Media needed to break the story. He said she wanted to wait and see, like Victor did. She thought that was the sensible option. She felt that Newman Media could be truthful in reporting without crossing the line into self incrimination. He thought she was saying the family intended to exert influence over the nature of the coverage. “Well yes, of course,” she replied. She didn’t think anyone would be surprised or offended if Newman Media’s coverage of the Newman family was respectful. He sighed as he realized no one supported his belief that the family needed to get out in front of this. He gave up and said he’d go tell Sally that she needed to curtail their coverage.

Victor ended up at Society, where he ran into Noah. Noah asked why Victor didn’t mention Ashland’s death the other day, when he and Noah met to talk about the club. Noah thought that would’ve come up, unless there was a reason for it not to. Victor said Noah was very intuitive, and his instincts were right. Noah sensed something was coming, and he dreaded it, but Victor said it’d be okay. Victor said he’d do anything to protect his family and that Noah could come to him any time. Noah was worried about Victor. Victor asked if Noah trusted him. “With my life,” Noah said.

Victoria bumped into Nate at the park. She thanked him for the voice mail he left after the news broke about Ashland. She was sorry she didn’t respond – she wasn’t sure what to say. He understood. He told her he was there if she wanted to rant about what a bastard Victoria was. She didn’t plan to vent, because she’d decided to move on from that chapter of her life. She asked how things were going at Chancellor Winters. He said they were really good; it had its challenges, but nothing without a challenge was worth doing. She knew Ashland had his own selfish reasons for wanting to recruit Nate for Newman, but she’d always think of him as the one who got away.

Victoria was sure Nate was happy working with his cousins. He said there was a challenge to working with family. Victoria could relate – her mother, the co-CEO nagged her for not resting. Nate said that was exactly it – family treated you differently than they would any other colleague. Victoria said there were growing pains in new situations, and they’d adapt. She thought Nate had a bright mind and a lot to offer, and she was sure Devon and Lily realized how lucky they were to have Nate on board.

Victoria was at work when Victor dropped in to check on her. She told him Newman beat revenue predictions. He wanted to see how she was doing. She said she felt calmer after seeing the kids. She thought that since the family survived Ashland, they could get through anything. He was glad to hear her say that. He hoped her brother felt the same. She was worried about Nick. Victoria said Nick didn’t get a chance to process what he did for her, and now he was worried about what would happen to Victor and Nikki if Victor got arrested. Victor said it wouldn’t happen. Victoria said Nick inherited Victor’s protective nature, and he wanted to fix things but there was nothing he could do. Victor said sometimes it was best to be patient and do nothing. Victoria said that had never been Nick’s strength.

When Sally went to her office, Nick was waiting for her. He said they had to talk about how Newman Media was going to handle Ashland’s death, because more information was likely to come out soon. She assumed this was making him sick. He said he didn’t want to get into details, but his entire family could get dragged through the mud. He knew he’d told her it was up to her how she handled this story. “Let me ease your mind. Newman Media is not touching this story,” she said.

Nick assumed Sally was backing away because of his father’s visit. He heard Victor visited her, or more accurately, pressured her. She said Victor lacked subtlety, but that wasn’t why she was backing away from the story. He said she didn’t strike him as someone easily intimidated. She said she wasn’t doing the story because she was fed up with people who pried into everyone’s personal lives to exploit them for personal gain. It was disgusting, sensationalist, and she wanted no part of it. He appreciated her attitude, but sometimes she’d have to publish stories that people considered an invasion of privacy. She said if this news was as monumental as he claimed, they’d have to cover it, but she assured him it wouldn’t be in the headlines day after day – they’d publish the facts and move on. He asked if she was prepared for criticism for that approach. She teased that this would be a totally new experience for her. He smiled and said this conversation didn’t go the way he’d expected it to. He’d been expecting some push-back, but she was on the same page as the family, and that was cool. She said they were all on the same team. She wanted to make a name for herself, but not at his family’s expense. She said Ashland had taken so much from them, and enough was enough.

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