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Update written by Joseph

Ben and Ciara sit together at home. Ciara comments on them having some alone time until Clyde comes home with balloons for the baby, feeling he had to do something to celebrate them having a baby boy. Clyde then gives his suggestion for a baby name and asks what they think about Clyde Benjamin Weston Jr.

Lani sits at Eli’s side in his hospital room. Lani cries about the kids missing Eli and pleads with him to wake up because she doesn’t know how to go on without him. Tripp then appears in the room and offers her a tissue.

Paulina sits at home with Eli and Lani’s twins, trying to get them to sleep and to stop crying. Paulina tries calling T.R. but it goes to voicemail. Paulina says it’s her again and asks where the hell he is since he said he would help out with the twins tonight.

TR is unconscious in his bed in the Salem Inn with a syringe on the floor nearby.

Beth goes to the DiMera Mansion where EJ answers the door. Beth explains that she’s looking for Johnny as she is in his movie but hasn’t heard from him in awhile. EJ informs Beth that he’s sorry to tell her but Johnny has left town and he doesn’t know if he will ever be back.

Johnny remains chained up in the DiMera Crypt, pleading for someone to help him. He then imagines Chanel coming to save him.

Ciara and Ben convince Clyde against his name suggestion. Clyde decides it doesn’t matter as he will love the boy regardless and he will give him everything that he should’ve given Ben. Ciara hopes they didn’t hurt his feelings. Clyde says not at all as he met a nice lady and they are going out on a date. Ciara asks if they are going tonight. Clyde realizes that Ciara and Ben wanted some alone time, so he tells them not to worry about him as he will find something to do. Clyde then exits.

EJ informs Beth that Johnny left a letter, saying he needed to go back to Italy to do some soul searching. Beth questions Johnny taking off and not letting anyone know. EJ assures that if he does contact him, he will tell him to give her a call. Beth thanks him as EJ shuts the door.

Tripp checks on Eli and informs Lani that there is no change. Lani says she wasn’t expecting Tripp to be so generous and attentive with his time because she knows how bad Chanel and Allie hurt him.

Johnny believes that he is reconciling and catching up with Chanel but she morphs back in to Devil Allie, who reveals it was just a trick.

Abe arrives at Paulina’s, surprising her as she was expecting Ray. Paulina explains that she needed help with the kids and TR volunteered. Abe says he came by because he found the baby’s pacifier under the table in his living room which relieves Paulina. Abe sits down to help with the kids.

Beth goes to TR’s hotel room and knocks on the door, saying she needs to talk to him. TR wakes up and hides his syringe in a drawer. TR answers the door and asks what the hell has gotten in to her. Beth asks if he knew Johnny DiMera left town. TR asks what she’s talking about. Beth reveals that Johnny is gone and his father doesn’t know if he’ll ever be back. Beth asks why he didn’t tell her. TR responds that he didn’t know anything about it. Beth recognizes that TR is high on drugs.

Lani assures Tripp that Chanel feels terrible that he got hurt in all of this. Tripp admits he feels bad too since he said mean things to Chanel when what happened was not her fault. Tripp asks if there’s anything else he can do for Lani. Lani says just bring her husband back. Tripp encourages that Eli is stable so he’s not deteriorating. Tripp urges her not to give up. Lani promises not to and thanks him for giving her hope.

The Devil asks Johnny if he really thought Chanel would come to his rescue after what she did to her. Johnny argues that he didn’t do any of that, the Devil did, and when she finds out the truth, they will get back together. The Devil warns him to face reality. Devil Allie puts a gag over Johnny’s mouth and then calls Chanel while transforming in to Johnny’s voice. Chanel arrives at the hospital and answers the phone to hear “Johnny” say he has news for her. Chanel complains that her brother in law is in a coma, so she doesn’t care what he has to say. “Johnny” responds that he thinks she’ll care about this a lot.

Clyde goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers the door and tells him that he wasted his time because he’s not welcome here. Clyde comes in anyway and remarks that it’s not a very warm welcome for his old cellmate. Clyde asks if EJ has anything to drink as he walks in to the living room. Clyde pours a drink and toasts to life on the outside. EJ comments on Clyde trying to make Ben believe he’s changed. Clyde brings up having a new grandson soon. EJ stops Clyde and asks what he’s really doing here.

The Devil as Johnny tells Chanel that he’s back in Italy and that he signed her divorce papers but his lawyer says he doesn’t have to pay a penny of alimony. He brings up Allie dumping Chanel too and says nobody seems to want her. Chanel asks if twisting the knife is the only fun he gets out of life. Chanel can’t believe she ever loved him and hangs up. The Devil assures Johnny that no one is coming to his rescue.

Tripp finds Chanel at the hospital and asks what’s wrong. Chanel questions him caring and calls him a jerk. Tripp apologizes for going off on her and says he had time to think and cool off, so he will accept she and Allie being together. Chanel responds that they are not together and never will be because Allie dumped her even faster than her brother did.

TR tells Beth to relax as they don’t need Johnny and he can direct the movie himself. Beth argues that Johnny wrote the movie so she worries that the investors could pull out when they find out he’s no longer involved. TR says he’s not worried about money as he can get everything he needs from Paulina. TR declares that he will get his hands on Paulina’s money once he marries her. Beth argues that women like Paulina don’t get to where they are by being fools, so she might have a problem with him pumping all of her money into a movie. TR responds that he can make that problem go away, just like he did with his daughter’s cop husband. Beth questions what the hell that means.

Paulina credits Abe for getting Jules to sleep. Paulina talks about being exhausted and not sure she has what it takes to be a grandma. Paulina adds that she’s a wreck about Eli and her heart breaks for Lani. Paulina tells Abe that she’s glad he came by as it means the world to her. Abe and Paulina hug and then end up kissing.

Beth realizes TR shot Eli and says she knew he was lying. TR warns her to stop sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. TR tells her to keep her mouth shut, learn her lines, and leave the rest to him. TR says he will get control of Paulina, then realizes he was supposed to be at her place two hours ago so he has to get cleaned up. Beth warns him to clean his act up or both of their plans will go up in smoke. Beth then exits his room.

Abe and Paulina kiss until Abe pulls away and apologizes, saying that part of him will always love her, but he doesn’t want his heart to get broken again. Paulina understands she was pushing too hard just now and was telling herself that they might be able to get past what happened but it looks like she was wrong. Abe says that doesn’t mean she can’t call him if the kids get too much for her, as he will drop whatever he’s doing and come. Paulina thanks him. Abe then tells her goodnight and exits.

Devil Allie removes the gag from Johnny and says he should’ve believed him when he told him that Chanel was done with him. The Devil points out that the last time Johnny broke Chanel’s heart, she had sex with Allie, so he wonders what she’s going to do this time. The Devil remarks that it’s not his problem as he has bigger irons in the fire as he has to go check on ‘his’ baby, Ciara’s baby, as he has big plans for that boy. Johnny tells him not to do anything to that baby. The Devil asks why he would hurt the baby. The Devil notes that Ciara’s due date is coming up, so it might be time to get rid of Ben as he’s getting in his way. Johnny asks if the Devil is going to kill Ben.

Ben reminds Ciara of when they first started talking about having a baby. Ben admits he was scared back then but wishes he was on board from the beginning. Ben says having the baby is one of the two best things to ever happen to him. Ben reminds Ciara of the dream they had about naming their kid Bo. Ciara admits she would really like to name the baby after her father but asks what Clyde would think. Ben assures that it doesn’t matter. Ciara asks if he’s okay with Bo Weston. Ben assures that he is as they kiss and hug.

The Devil tells Johnny to forget about Ben as he should be worried about Chanel. Johnny yells at him to leave her alone. The Devil brings up Chanel going to the hospital, so he gives Johnny something to keep him entertained by creating a screen for Johnny to see what Chanel is up to. Chanel tells Tripp about how Allie looked at her like she wasn’t human and Johnny just called to rub it in. Tripp talks about how he couldn’t stand Johnny and doesn’t see what she saw in him. Chanel remarks that she wishes she never met Johnny or Allie. Tripp agrees with that and invites Chanel to go get a drink. Chanel says she’s here to see Lani, so Tripp says maybe another time. Chanel decides she’s no good to Lani like this, so she accepts Tripp’s offer. The Devil feels Johnny won’t like the next part but jokes that it’s worth watching. The Devil tells Johnny to stay tuned and then exits the Crypt.

TR shows up at Paulina’s. Paulina comments on him being two hours late and tells him the twins are already asleep. TR apologizes, claiming that he got stuck on a conference call. Paulina blows him off. TR says he can tell something happened and asks if it’s Eli. Paulina tells him that Eli is the same. TR comments that she looks down. Paulina responds that Abe stopped by and she made a damn fool of herself.

Abe goes to the hospital and brings Lani a vanilla milkshake with a sandwich. Lani thanks him and talks about how it’s so hard to keep seeing Eli like this. Abe points out that she doesn’t have to be here all the time. Lani talks about spending as much time as she can with the kids and then when they are asleep, she feels this is where she has to be. Lani breaks down crying as Abe hugs her.

Clyde reminds EJ that they made a lot of money when they did business together a few years ago so he’s thinking they could do that again but EJ has no interest in a partnership with him. Clyde is getting tired of working for minimum wage at the Brady Pub and says if they could make a deal, it could work out very well for EJ too. Clyde says he’ll do all the work if EJ just bankrolls the operation as a silent partner, so no one will know he’s involved. EJ brings up getting shot the last time. Clyde insists those days are over. Clyde remarks that EJ can’t be picky since he doesn’t even have a job. EJ asks what business Clyde was thinking of. Clyde brings up the window of opportunity because the local drug dealer has overdosed. EJ shuts him down and declares he has no interest in getting involved with drugs.

Ben wishes he could’ve met Ciara’s dad, Bo. Ciara says she misses him more every day but it’s like she can feel him rooting for them like a guardian angel. Devil Allie shows up at the door and asks if it’s too late. Ben says no and invites her in. Ciara says it’s so good to see her. Allie says she still feels bad about their party cake, so she hoped that she could make it up to them. Ciara assures it was the cake was not Allie’s fault. Allie knows it can be hard to sleep during the last trimester and gives Ciara a tea that worked with her when she was pregnant. Allie offers to make a cup right now which Ciara says would be great…

EJ thinks Clyde is just trying to get him involved in something illegal, so he will have enough leverage to stop him from telling the authorities that he ordered a hit on him. Clyde claims he’s an open book and not that devious. EJ remarks that he’s losing his edge and his charm isn’t working. Clyde says their deal still stands, if EJ doesn’t tell anyone about his part in what happened to him, then he will watch his back. EJ agrees to keep quiet for now but tells him to forget getting involved in any business together.

Beth goes to Eli’s hospital room with flowers. Lani introduces Beth to Abe. Beth mentions playing the role of Celeste in the movie which Abe calls a big part. Abe says he better get going. Lani thanks him for being there. Abe reminds her that she knows where he is if she needs anything. They hug and Abe then exits. Beth comments that Abe seems nice. Lani says Beth’s flowers are beautiful but points out that they barely know each other, so she questions what Beth is doing here.

Paulina complains to TR about feeling hopeless with Abe as she thought there might be a chance that Abe could get past what she did, but she has to face that he’s never going to trust her again. TR says he knows what that feels like, relating to wanting a second chance so badly. Paulina asks what he’s getting at. TR knows it will be hard to ever earn her trust again, but he hopes it’s not impossible as he would do anything to prove himself to her.

Johnny continues watching Chanel and Tripp, now together at the Bistro. They toast to the evil twins deserving each other and decide to order another round of shots. They toast to having fun. Chanel asks why Allie and Johnny should have all the fun which Tripp agrees with.

Ciara drinks the tea that Allie made and thanks her, saying it’s really delicious as she’s already getting sleepy. Ciara decides she will go to bed now so she and Ben head to their bedroom. Devil Allie remarks that it’s time to get down to business, as once she gets rid of Ben, she’ll have Ciara all to herself.

Beth says she just can’t stop thinking about Eli and how she met with him at the police station on the day he got shot. Beth adds that Eli seemed like such a nice guy and she can’t stop thinking about Lani. Beth thinks back to figuring out that TR shot Eli and his warnings. Beth informs Lani that there is something that she needs to tell her.

Paulina asks what TR wants to prove to her. TR says he’s not the man he was back then and he’ll never hurt her again. TR asks Paulina for another chance and then they kiss.

Chanel and Tripp finish taking shots. Chanel says she’s now drunk. Tripp tells her that she looks amazing. Johnny is forced to watch on as Tripp and Chanel kiss.

EJ tells Clyde that it’s time for him to leave. Clyde says he can’t because he promised Ciara and Ben a night alone. Clyde then takes a seat on the couch, annoying EJ.

Devil Allie drugs a cup of tea. Ben comes out and says Ciara is sleeping like a baby. Allie hands Ben the drugged cup of tea and says he will love the way it makes him feel…

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