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Recap written by Christine

Michael was in the lounge at The Grand Phoenix. He thanked someone on the phone for their help with the situation in NY. He said he’d set up the meeting with Victor Newman in return for their help, as this person had requested. Lauren arrived, and Michael ended the call. Lauren noticed that Michael had used his slick voice on the caller, and she said that usually meant he was doing something squirrelly for Victor. Michael texted Victor – “All systems go.” He said he was just doing his job, and well. She just had an issue with the nature of his job. He assured her that he wasn’t doing anything dangerous or illegal. She still felt nervous, since he was working for Victor. He shifted gears and suggested a romantic weekend somewhere tropical. She was tempted, but she needed to be in town, because there was so much going on at Jabot and Fenmore’s. He wanted to squeeze in some romance now and suggested lunch at their place. She didn’t have time to go back home, so she suggested they go upstairs instead. In their suite, Lauren and Michael danced, then she took off his shirt, and he nuzzled her neck. Later, they came downstairs and shared a kiss before she left for work.

Chelsea ran into Billy at Crimson Lights and thanked him for being kind in the park the other day. She said she got a chance to listen to his podcast, and she didn’t enjoy it at all. She wasn’t trying to be harsh – she admired what he was trying to do. He said she was in the minority, because most people liked it. He wanted to know why she found his inner thoughts and dreams were so off-putting to her. She felt the first few episodes were too mired in self recrimination and the past. She said she liked to laugh and listen to something uplifting and entertaining. She felt that was what people really needed right now. She said she had a hard year, and she needed to be pulled out of that. She said he was one of the funniest people she knew, and when she listened to the podcast, she felt like she was missing out on the levity and humor. He said she made it sound like he didn’t enjoy life whatsoever, and he did. She thought he was getting defensive, which was a sign he knew she was right. He said he could see where she was coming from. He’d forgotten how well she used to know him.

Billy said maybe Chelsea was right, and his podcast could use some lightness. Lily entered up and joined them. He told her about Chelsea’s not so glowing review. Lily predicted that Chelsea said the podcast could use a little lightness. Lily thought Billy was doing a great job with the podcast and that it was his way of working through all the stuff he was working through. He said it wasn’t really about him working through things, it was about him wanting to make a connection with people going through other things. Lily just thought things could stand to be a little less dour and that the medicine would go down better with a little sugar. Chelsea said Billy was one of the funniest people she knew – he’d make people laugh and teach them a few things. Billy thought that if two smart savvy women were saying this, he should listen. Lauren arrived for a meeting with Chelsea, after a quick chat with everyone, she and Chelsea headed to the patio. Billy asked Lily why she didn’t tell him his podcast was miserable. She thought his tone was a refreshing contrast to all the chipper podcasts out there. She said his podcast was real. He said that translated into dour for her. He wondered if he was morose. She told him not to let a little constructive criticism send him down the rabbit hole.

Out on the patio, Lauren blamed her husband for her lateness. She said it was a much needed respite. Chelsea understood Lauren had a little love in the afternoon. Lauren said she was married to the love of her life. She was ready to talk fashion. Chelsea said she heard about Gloria’s trip to London, and she was curious about the fashion scene over there. Lauren promised to get Chelsea and Gloria together. Gloria had told Lauren that she’d been concerned there was some tension between Chelsea and Chloe. Chelsea thought it was natural for herself and Chloe to have disagreements once in awhile, but they’d get through it. Lauren was relieved to hear that. She asked if Chelsea heard from Summer. Chelsea was meeting Summer later today, but she wasn’t sure what about. Lauren decided not to say anything, because she didn’t want to step on Summer’s toes. Chelsea showed off some of her sketches, and Lauren loved them. While Lauren was looking at the tablet, Chelsea craned her neck to watch Billy and Lily.

Sally visited Adam in his office. She read him some quotes from several glowing stories about the press conference. One writer called him Newman’s secret weapon and praised his bold and confident performance. He wondered if things went too well. She said there was no such thing. He just couldn’t help feeling like there might be another shoe waiting to drop. She said he was on top of the world, and he could handle any crisis that cropped up. He wasn’t concerned about things regarding the company itself, but he had to be on his toes when it came to Victor. Adam said Victoria could call and say she wanted to come home as long as she got her job back, and Victor would kick Adam to the curb, since that had been Victor’s plan all along. Sally didn’t discount that, but she didn’t envision Victoria doing a 180 and coming back home. She said if Victoria really loved Ashland the way Sally and Adam thought she did, it wouldn’t make sense for her to throw all that away. Adam said his sister was more complicated than Sally knew. Sally said Victoria must be complicated – why else would she be involved with a man like Ashland, twice. Adam said Victoria’s need for power and their dad’s approval might prove to be stronger than her love for Ashland. Sally said she was betting on love, and in the meantime, she thought he should enjoy his time in the big chair. She was sure he’d prove he was the best person for his job.

Nick arrived at Society, having been summoned by his father. Looking pleased with himself, Victor said he’d made sure whatever venture Ashland and Victoria were about to embark on would hit a brick wall. Victor told all the potential investors not to invest in Ashland and Victoria’s new start up. He’d also had Michael approach some potential investors and warn them not to invest either. Nick thought that was cutthroat. Victor said he didn’t play games. He felt he had no choice. Nick had been wondering if Victoria told him about her plans as a test to see if he would share them with Victor. He theorized that Victoria wanted to find out if the family actually believed in her for once or if they’d undermine her yet again.

Victor knew Nick had been reluctant to share this information with him. Victor told Nick that he’d made the right decision. Nick said he’d heard that before and lived to regret it. He wondered what Victor did to keep people from investing in the company. Victor said he let people know that Ashland had small cell lung carcinoma. He reasoned that they wouldn’t want to invest in the company of a man who was about to die. Nick thought that was pretty clever. Victor said the beauty of it was he and Michael didn’t say anything that wasn’t true – only Ashland lied, and now the lie was coming back to bite him. Victor noted that Nick always complained about being left out of the loop. Victor asked if Nick wasn’t happy to be included this time. Nick appreciated Victor bringing him into this, but he felt guilty because Victoria would know he betrayed her, and he was nervous about the blow-back. Victor wasn’t nervous – he said they had to save Victoria and Newman Enterprises, and he’d do whatever it took to do so.

Nick said Victoria was adamant about having her independence. He was afraid Victor’s move would set her off even more. Nick had tried reaching out to Victoria again, and she wasn’t responding. Victor said there was nothing left for Nick to do but sit back and give Victoria some time. Nick knew Victor hoped putting Adam in the CEO’s seat would force Victoria to come home and take the reins of the company, but when he talked to Victoria, she knew about the press conference, and she was unfazed. Victor didn’t buy that, because Victoria had Newman blood running through her veins. Victor just wondered why Victoria would tell Nick that she and Ashalnd went to NY to start a new venture. “Do you think she knew that I would tell you? I mean, are you already seven steps ahead?,” Nick asked. Victor smiled and said Nick would find out. Nick didn’t like all the deception and all the games being played. He didn’t think it was necessary, and he asked if Victor thought it would reunite the family. Adam and Sally arrived.

Adam and Sally walked up to the table, and Adam asked what was going on. Adam wanted himself and Sally to be in the loop if Nick and Victor were discussing Newman. Nick congratulated them on their promotions. Adam said it was unexpected. He said he always thought the company was Victoria’s top priority, but he guessed not. He added that Sally thought Victoria running off with Ashland was romantic. Sally said Victoria obviously loved Ashland, and that was the most important thing. Adam said he knew Nick only cared about Victoria’s well being and he didn’t give a damn who was running the company. Adam added that Nick made it clear he wasn’t invested in the family business. Nick said that might change. Adam said he looked forward to hearing more about that, and he excused himself and Sally. Victor wanted to know what Nick meant by that remark. He claimed he didn’t mean anything by it and that he just said it as a knee-jerk response to Adam. Victor was skeptical, since he’d noticed an increased interest from Nick about the business. Nick said he was just trying to get under Adam’s skin. Nick felt he and Victor both knew Adam didn’t give a damn about Victoria and that he only cared about running Newman. Nick just wanted to give Adam something to worry about.

Ashland walked into the NY hotel suite with takeout and told Victoria he had bad news. She said she did too. His bad news was that they weren’t able to poach a great employee at Newman. Dan, the employee, didn’t want to join a new company. Her bad news was that all the investors turned them down. It was hard for him to believe every single investor said no. He said something wasn’t right. She told him she was surprised too. He theorized that Victor found out they were trying to start a company, and he reached out to dissuade the investors.

Victoria hated to admit it, but that made sense. She said her father always amazed her with his ability to find out the most private things about people. It was like a superpower he had. She griped about Victor ensuring that she couldn’t make a clean break. Ashland wasn’t sure how Victoria put up with her family’s interference as long as she did. She said it took him coming into her life to finally see the issue with her family and try to push back. He asked if she’d told anyone about their plans, even by accident – did she mention to anyone that they were going to NYC? She lied and said no. She said she was so angry and frustrated that she needed time and space before she could speak to her family and Billy again. He asked her again if she was ready to start a whole new life with him and leave her family behind.

Victoria said she wasn’t going back on her decision. She couldn’t stand letting herself be controlled and coddled by her family one more second. She needed them to see her as a person who couldn’t be manipulated. She said she knew what she wanted, and she was doing the right thing. Ashland knew Victoria didn’t need his approval, but he agreed. He thought it was time for her to stand up for herself, and he wanted to be by her side when she did. He hoped he was there to witness the moment when the Newman family witnessed defeat.

Ashland started unpacking the food, and the camera focused on Victoria’s inscrutable expression. Later, they sat down to eat, and she said her father’s influence exceeded theirs. He ranted that most fathers wanted to support their daughters, not sabotage them. He said he wasn’t going to let Victor thwart their dream of starting a new company. She suggested they give more thought to funding the venture, themselves. He seemed reluctant. She knew it was a big risk, but she said they’d be betting on themselves, and she knew they’d be successful. She said they’d also spare themselves the humiliation of having more doors slammed in their faces. He said once people found out they were having trouble raising money, that would cast a shadow over everything they were trying to do. He didn’t want more rejection. He said maybe it would be a bigger thrill and give more satisfaction of starting something entirely on their own. He said that doing this with her would mean the world to her. He added that if all the initial investment was theirs, all the profit would be theirs too. “Let’s do this,” he said, and she grinned at him.

Victoria said this was so exciting. She said the first thing she was going to do was open a corporate bank account for their newly formed company. She told him to call the real estate company and look for a property. She wanted an entire building. He asked if she didn’t think a floor would be enough. She said they were going to expanding at a rapid rate, so they shouldn’t waste time on a lease. He just loved how they both looked at the world in the same way – as something to be devoured. He felt like they were so close to capturing the magic they had when they first met.

Ashland made the call about buying a building. While he was busy with that, Victoria secretly texted someone. “Everything’s coming together,” she wrote.

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