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Bonnie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Justin to have a late dinner but finds him in the living room with a picnic setup on the floor for them. She calls it perfect as she joins him and they toast to each other. Bonnie comments on Justin dialing up the romance. Justin admits he may have been influenced by Alex, remarking that his son really knows how to impress the ladies…

Stephanie tells Alex that she should get going since she has her first day on the new job tomorrow. Alex says she can be late and offers to write her a note. Stephanie tells him to give up since she’s not just going to fall in to his arms because he’s handsome, noting that might work on other women but not her as she then exits. Alex remarks that she thinks he’s handsome and declares he’s still in the game.

Chloe sits in her room at the Salem Inn until Nicole shows up. Nicole complains to Chloe that Eric and Jada are sleeping together.

Rafe goes to the police station and tells Jada that he thought her shift ended hours ago. Jada says it did but she’s just taking another look at the suspects in the Abigail DiMera case. Rafe mentions that they now have Gwen in custody since Leo told them that she confessed to him. Jada says she knows, but she doesn’t trust that guy.

Leo returns to Sonny’s office to ask him about the parking rates but he doesn’t see him. Leo then finds his hit list of enemies with Brady, Chloe, Chad, Sonny, and Abigail’s names on it and questions how it got there. Leo then notes there is blood on it. Leo then looks over and finds Sonny on the ground bleeding with a knife in his back! Leo rushes to Sonny’s side and asks if he can hear him, then declares that he is dead.

Nicole tells Chloe about how she knocked on Eric’s door and Jada answered in a towel. Nicole talks about how she was relieved when Jada said she was just using the shower. Chloe feels that’s inappropriate and can’t believe Nicole said that to a woman she hardly knows. Chloe says whoever Jada sleeps with is none of her concern. Nicole argues that it is her concern if she cares about that person. Chloe calls it a private matter. Nicole informs her that Jada confirmed that they slept together. Chloe says good for them which Nicole questions. Chloe mocks Nicole obsessing over this. Nicole argues that she’s not and that this is important to her. Chloe says she’s worried that Nicole is so freaked out that Eric is with someone that isn’t her. Nicole tells her to forget it and she will leave but Chloe stops her. Chloe feels Nicole shouldn’t care if Jada and Eric had sex since she is a married woman.

Rafe tells Jada that she is right to not trust Leo since he would do anything to get himself out of trouble including pointing the finger at his best friend. Rafe brings up how Leo turned on Gwen last time by giving them the Sarah mask and he’s sure Leo thought that would be enough to get himself off the hook but when Melinda tried to charge them both with murder, Leo suddenly swears that Gwen told him that she murdered Abigail. Jada asks if Rafe agrees in thinking that Leo is making up this confession. Rafe calls it certainly possible which Jada says would mean Gwen is innocent. Rafe notes that he took Gwen’s statement himself and his gut tells him that Gwen was telling the truth that when she left Abigail’s room, Abigail was still alive. Jada brings up Gwen saying she threatened Abigail with a syringe, not a knife, and they know Abigail was stabbed to death. Jada wonders if Gwen is telling the truth then what happened to this knife which Rafe calls a good question.

Sonny make a noise so Leo is relieved that he is alive. Leo worries about what to do and declares that he is going to help him but realizes that he can’t remove the knife in Sonny’s back because then he will think that he did it, but if he leaves him here, he will bleed to death. Leo decides to call an ambulance but Chad walks in and questions what the hell he did.

Justin suggests he and Bonnie take their little party outside to the hot tub. Justin says he’ll go change in to his trunks, but Bonnie points out that no one is home so she feels it’s a perfect opportunity to skinny dip. Alex then comes home and interrupts them.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub where Eric is working and is surprised to see her as he didn’t know she was in town. Eric hugs her and says it’s been forever. Stephanie feels like she’s playing catch up with everyone and mentions that she was really sorry to hear that he and Nicole split up.

Nicole tells Chloe that she knows that she’s married but that doesn’t mean she can’t be concerned about Eric. Chloe feels it kind of does. Nicole argues that they are good friends with a long history together. Chloe warns that this is dangerous territory as she’s wondering about her ex-husband’s sex life. Nicole says it’s because Eric is in a very vulnerable place right now, having just left the priesthood so he’s not ready for anything serious. Chloe asks what it this is not serious and it’s just sex. Nicole argues that it’s never just sex with someone like Eric. Nicole brings up that even Chloe said Eric wouldn’t just jump in to bed with someone unless feelings are involved and that’s why she’s worried. Chloe argues that Nicole is not being rational about this and reminds her that Eric is a grown man and Nicole is a married woman. Nicole is annoyed by that being constantly pointed out to her and says it has nothing to do with her being married or Eric being a grown man. Nicole declares that this is about a friend who has made a huge and disorienting change in his life and is involved with a virtual stranger. Chloe remarks that she’s not a stranger to Eric if he’s having sex with her. Nicole thinks they should hire someone to do a background check on Jada. Chloe tells Nicole that she has lost her mind.

Jada tells Rafe that finding the murder weapon would answer a lot of questions. Rafe agrees and notes that forensics thinks it was a steak knife that went missing from the DiMera Mansion on the night that Abigail was murdered. Jada feels that Melinda will have a very tough time getting a conviction if it’s not found. Rafe points out that Melinda already thinks she will be able to get the conviction, especially with Leo’s testimony in her pocket. Jada worries that all the evidence surrounding Gwen is circumstantial. Rafe adds that he told Melinda that he believes Gwen but it doesn’t matter as she’s on the warpath and wants a conviction, even if it’s the wrong person. Rafe believes they won’t get justice by rushing through this and convicting the wrong person. Jada suggests they keep digging. Rafe confirms they will and they have to do it carefully, meaning they need Melinda to believe that they are gathering evidence to convict Gwen. Jada remarks that meanwhile, Leo Stark is running around free doing God knows what…

Chad questions if Leo killed Sonny as he runs over to him. Leo shouts that Sonny is still alive. Chad asks what the hell happened. Leo says he doesn’t know as he walked in and found him like this. Chad confirms that Sonny has a pulse and urges him to stay with him.

Rafe tells Jada that he’s going to take off and he appreciates her dedication but he doesn’t want her to burn out, so he suggests she call it a night too. Jada mentions that she did have dinner plans with Eric. Rafe notes that Nicole said that they were dating. Jada feels it’s kind of weird that she’s dating his wife’s ex-husband and asks if that doesn’t seem incestuous. Rafe jokes that in this town, you kind of get used to it. Jada jokes that like underground tunnels and secret rooms, it’s all normal in Salem. Rafe confirms that it is and tells her that Nicole was once married to a guy twice, who was married to a girl twice, who he was married to once. Jada asks if he doesn’t see any potential problems here. Rafe questions why there would be. Jada thinks back to Nicole confronting her about sleeping with Eric. Rafe insists that Nicole is not interested in Eric’s love life and asks why she would be. Rafe admits they have a history, but questions what Jada isn’t telling him. Jada says she’s going to go ahead and call it a night but Rafe notes that she looked worried for a second. Rafe asks if Eric said something to her but Jada says it’s all good and tells him to enjoy his evening as she then exits the station.

Chloe questions Nicole wanting to do a background check on the woman that her ex-husband is dating. Nicole asks why that’s so weird and argues that nobody knows anything about Jada. Chloe argues that they know plenty, bringing up that Jada’s dad was a respected doctor in Salem and one of Steve’s oldest friends. Nicole asks what about her and who knows what Jada could be hiding. Nicole brings up how many people have showed up in this town over the years and lied about who they really are and had a dark side they didn’t want anyone to know about. Chloe is pretty sure Rafe probably did a background check to make sure Jada doesn’t have a secret past as a serial killer. Nicole shouts that she doesn’t know what she is saying.

Stephanie repeats to Eric that she’s really sorry it didn’t work out for him and Nicole as they sit together. Eric admits it was rough at first but they’ve moved on and she’s with Rafe now while he is dating which Stephanie is glad to hear. Eric asks if Stephanie has anyone special. Stephanie says there was last summer, but he ghosted her. Eric encourages her to get back out there. Stephanie says she’s mostly been focused on work right now and adds that the only guy who has shown any real interest in her lately is a total jackass.

Alex joins Justin and Bonnie’s picnic and tells Justin all about Stephanie, calling her everything he’s ever looked for in a woman. Alex knows she is the one which surprises Justin as he’s never talked like that about anyone. Alex says the one problem is that Sonny won’t let him near her since he hired Stephanie to do PR for Titan, so he’s insisting they keep it strictly business. Alex says he’s head over heels in love with Stephanie while Sonny is telling him to back off.

Chad yells at Leo to not just stand there and call an ambulance, so he does. Leo asks if Sonny is going to be okay. Chad warns that he better hope so, because if Sonny dies, Leo dies. Chad keeps pressure on Sonny and urges him to hold on. Chad questions where the ambulance is and if Leo really even called one. Chad accuses Leo of wanting Sonny to bleed out on the floor. Leo yells that he didn’t do this and that he just showed up and he was like this. Chad calls Leo a liar and says he made it very clear that he wanted revenge after he lost Craig. Chad brings up that Gwen told him that he was going to pick them off one by one and he’s done it by murdering Abigail and stabbing Sonny. Chad shouts that Leo is going to spend the rest of his life in a cage or he’ll get the death penalty and go straight to hell. Chad screams about the ambulance so Leo goes to check on it.

Justin tells Alex that Sonny is being a smart CEO since it’s his job to protect Titan. Alex thinks Sonny should support him and want to see him with the woman of his dreams. Justin brings up that Alex wasn’t around when Leo served Sonny with a bogus sexual harassment lawsuit. Alex says he heard all about that. Justin says Sonny was obviously innocent and ultimately cleared, but the experience was devastating, so he just wants to keep Alex from going through the same Hell that he did. Alex questions thinking Stephanie would sue him. Justin would rather not find out and says as long as she’s an employee of the company, the wisest course of action would be to not get involved with her. Alex tries to argue against it but Justin advises him to stay clear of Stephanie. Bonnie intervenes to say that she thinks that’s a load of crap.

Eric asks Stephanie about the guy that’s interested her. Stephanie complains that he won’t take no for an answer as she completely blows him off. Stephanie says it’s not worth talking about and she wants to hear about the woman that Eric is dating. Eric calls it a getting to know you kind of thing so far and it’s been good. Jada then enters the Pub, so Eric says she’s right there. Eric then introduces Jada to his cousin, Stephanie. Stephanie recognizes Jada as Marcus Hunter’s daughter, then reveals that she is Steve and Kayla’s daughter and that she was at Jada’s 8th birthday party. Jada can’t believe it as they hug and says she didn’t know Stephanie lived in Salem. Stephanie says she hasn’t for a long time but just moved back to town. Stephanie says it’s great to see her and hopes they can get together soon. Jada says she’d like that. Stephanie says goodbye to Eric and Jada as she exits the Pub. Eric calls it a small world. Eric informs Jada that her air conditioner is fixed so she thanks him. Eric asks if everything is okay. Jada says they didn’t really get a chance to talk this morning since it was obvious that he needed to have a private conversation with his ex-wife.

Chloe promises Nicole that she’s not trying to be hard on her, but she just thinks that she’s overreacting but it’s not registering with her. Chloe goes over all of Nicole’s concerns about Eric. Nicole brings up her sex dream about Eric. Chloe mentions Nicole wanting to share that with Eric despite her telling her not to. Nicole admits to Chloe that she chickened out about it being a sex dream and just told Eric that she had a dream that he came over to make Sloppy Joe’s and then Eric mentioned that he had a dream about her delivering a singing telegram. Nicole then realizes that if she lied about her dream, what if Eric lied about his and he had a sex dream too. Nicole asks what if Eric did what she did and lied about having a sex dream. Chloe guesses it’s possible but says it would be a huge coincidence. Nicole says they already dreamt about each other in the same morning. Chloe says she dreams about the people in her life all the time. Nicole feels it makes sense. Chloe guesses the only way to settle this is to call Eric right now.

Eric tells Jada that he’s sorry about this morning as he had no idea that Nicole was going to stop by. Jada asks what she was doing there anyway. Eric says she stopped by to pick up some takeout and said she just wanted to see how he was doing. Eric calls it just a friendly visit. Jada asks if he’s sure about that. Eric says he is, but obviously she’s not. Jada admits she’s not, then decides it’s none of her business so she suggests dropping it. Eric tells Jada that if there’s something she needs to tell him, to just say it. Jada tells Eric that she told Nicole that they slept together and she seemed just a little too interested in that fact, especially since she is married to someone else.

Stephanie runs in to Rafe in the town square and they hug. Stephanie jokes about her past time with the fake Rafe years ago.

Bonnie tells Justin that she’s sorry but he’s dead wrong on this one. Justin argues that he’s trying to save Titan from a lawsuit. Bonnie argues you can’t live your life fearing what might happen. Justin says it’s not fear, it’s common sense. Bonnie argues that people these days are so afraid to take a chance that they are losing that one chance at real love, even if someone sues for sexual harassment. Justin questions how she can say that after what happened with Harrison. Bonnie calls that a completely different situation and so is what happened to Sonny. Bonnie says that Alex isn’t a creep or a con, but a good man with a good heart and he thinks he’s found the person he belongs with. Bonnie says if you find that person you belong with, you can’t let them go and you have to hang on. Bonnie compares it to her taking that chance with Justin. Justin argues that they don’t work together and there’s a big difference between taking a chance and ignoring what Stephanie wants. Bonnie says if it’s a no go then Alex backs off. Bonnie states that she left it all on the line and got the best thing to ever happen to her, so who are they to say that Alex shouldn’t do the same. Alex hugs her and jokes that he loves having her as a stepmom. Justin gets a call from Chad, who informs him that he has bad news.

Rafe asks Stephanie how long she’s in town for but Rafe gets a call and says he’ll be right there. Stephanie asks if it’s bad news. Rafe then informs her that her cousin Sonny has been stabbed.

Justin thanks Chad and says they’ll be right there. Bonnie asks what’s wrong. Justin reveals that Sonny has been stabbed. Alex asks if he’s okay. Justin says he doesn’t know as Chad found him in the office and paramedics are taking him to the hospital now. Alex goes to get the car while Bonnie hugs Justin.

Paramedics stretcher Sonny out of the office as Chad watches on in shock.

Nicole tells Chloe that she’s not going to call Eric. Chloe says she was just making a point and tells Nicole to get a grip. Nicole mocks Chloe’s understanding and support. Chloe argues that Nicole is acting like a crazy person. Nicole says maybe she shouldn’t have come. Chloe apologizes and knows that having Jada in the picture has been really difficult for her, but she has to see what she’s doing. Chloe asks if she’s thought of what could happen if Jada goes to Rafe to tell him how overly interested she is in Eric. Nicole says that won’t happen. Chloe asks how she knows that since Jada is clearly very direct. Chloe loves Nicole as her best friend but says she has to be honest with her. Chloe tells Nicole that Rafe is her husband, so either she ends her marriage or she works on it. Chloe declares that she must decide and she can’t keep obsessing about Eric.

Eric asks Jada what Nicole said. Jada says it was nothing and it was just a little awkward. Eric points out that they didn’t get to have breakfast, so he’d like to make up for that with dinner which Jada accepts. Jada then gets a call and says she’ll be right there. Jada tells Eric that they’ll have to take a rain check on dinner because she has to get back to work.

Chad remains in the Titan office as Rafe arrives and asks how Sonny is. Chad says they just took him to the hospital and he should probably get there. Rafe says he has a few questions and promises it will just take a minute. Rafe asks if Sonny was in the office when he found him. Chad confirms he walked in and Sonny was lying there with a knife in his back. Rafe asks if anyone else was there. Chad informs Rafe that Leo Stark was standing over him.

Leo rushes in to his motel room, questioning how this could have happened again. Leo thinks back to finding Sonny and then realizes it was the same knife as the one used to kill Abigail.

Chad goes to the hospital and finds Stephanie, who said she heard about Sonny and asks if he’s okay. Stephanie hugs Chad as he cries. Alex then arrives at the hospital and sees them.

Sonny is taken in to the emergency room. Justin and Bonnie stand by. Justin shouts that they are here and they love him so much. Sonny’s monitors start beeping so Justin demands to know what is happening. Bonnie encourages that Sonny is going to be okay.

Rafe investigates the crime scene with his team as Jada arrives and asks what they’ve got. Rafe informs Jada that it looks like she was right about Leo Stark as Chad found Leo standing here over Sonny Kiriakis, who had a knife in his back. Rafe reveals they have bagged the knife and declares that it looks like they might have found the murder weapon in the Abigail DiMera case.

Leo sits in his room, repeating that it was the same knife. Leo thinks back to finding his hit list and wonders how that got there as well.

Rafe shows Leo’s hit list to Jada and mentions that Gwen said Leo kept a list of everyone he wanted to get back at and it looks like he just checked off another one.

Leo argues that this doesn’t make any sense because he never crossed off Sonny’s name. Leo then declares that he’s being framed.

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